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Mapping the Supply of Local Forest Ecosystem Services: Based on Delphi and Land Use Scoring Method

Journal of the Association of Korean Geographers
Abbr : JAKG
2020, 9(2), pp.295-312
Publisher : Association of Korean Geographers
Research Area : Geography

JO JANG HWAN 1 Moon-Ki Choi 2 Kim, Oh Seok 3 Kyeong-hak Lee 4 LEE CHANG BAE 5

1Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford
2국민대학교 산림환경시스템학과
3고려대학교 지리교육과
4국민대학교 산림환경시스템학과
5국민대학교 산림환경시스템학과



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