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Article Processing Charge

Draft Contribution Method

1. The draft is contributed to online homepage; Article Contribution Management System of the Society of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. It may be entered at the homepage of JSCM. (https://acoms.kisti.re.kr/JSCM)

2. After contributing the draft, the writer should submit the writer checksheet, statement of copyright transfer, the article examination fee (Korean Won 60,000), and deposit confirmation sheet to editing committee. The writer checksheet and statement of copyright transfer may be downloaded at the homepage of JSCM(https://acoms.kisti.re.kr/JSCM)

3. If the manuscript is approved, the writer may contribute the final version, and pay the publication fee(Korean Won 150,000 per paper).

4. The manuscript which is not based on this instructions can not be submitted to our paper.


*. Contact to Editing Committee

Tel) +82-2-958-9233

Fax) +82-2-958-9234

E-mail) easysasang@gmail.com

Address) Dept. of Sasang Constitutional Medicine, Kyung-Hee Univ Korean medical center, 1 Heogi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea