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2018, Vol.3, No.1

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    The Cognitive Load of Communicative Activities and the Level of Learners Influence on Elementary English Learning

    Seung-Min Lee | 2018, 3(1) | pp.1~19 | number of Cited : 0
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    In order to enhance communication competence, it is necessary to apply various communicative activities and promote interaction to exchange meaning by means of English. In general, communicative activities can enhance communicative competence by increasing the needs for communication and facilitating interaction with appropriate cognitive load for English use. However, the cognitive load caused by the communicative activities may vary depending on the characteristics of individual activities and the English level of learners. From this point of view, this study summarizes the suggestions based on communicative activities, cognitive load, and learner characteristics in English education field. Based on this, practical examples are presented to provide the theoretical basis for further studies. The cognitive load caused by linguistic, functional, and interactive characteristics needed to perform communicative activities can have a significant impact on interaction and English learning results. Even if the same communication activities are performed, interaction and English learning results may vary depending on the characteristics of learners, especially their English level. In order to verify the effect of communicative activities on English learning, further studies are needed to verify the effect of communicative activities and learner characteristics on cognitive load, interaction, and English language results.
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    Analysis of Characteristics of Excellent Instruction in Contest of Creative Instruction of Teachers - Based on Korean Language, Mathematics, English

    Cho Yong Hoon | Han, DaeHee | Seung-Min Lee and 1other persons | 2018, 3(1) | pp.21~55 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze the characteristics of the best practice cases presented in the case study contest sponsored jointly by Cheongju National University of Education and the Korea National University of Education. The subjects were analyzed based on the teaching methods, content, reflection/ diffusion of each subject, focusing on middle and high school, Korean language, English, and mathematics subjects. As a result of the analysis, it was shown that the method of teaching Korean language was diversified and the rate of student - centered problem - solving learning was increased. The English needed proper reconstruction in terms of goals and contents, The need to improve communication skills. In the mathematics department, there were diverse and creative attempts methods of teaching. However, the contents of the class seemed to have limitations such as understanding of basic contents and mastery of exercises. Teachers are responsible for class innovation. Teachers are required to design and experiment with new methods of teaching by demonstrating creativity. So we should be able to discuss and solidify these efforts. It seems that the contest for the case study should play such a role.
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    An Exploratory Study of the Reconstruction of Elementary English Textbooks Using Language Experience Approach and Whole Language Approach

    Kim, Hyun Jin | 2018, 3(1) | pp.57~83 | number of Cited : 0
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    The present study aims to explore some suggestions for the reconstruction of reading activities in the elementary English textbooks using language experience approach (LEA) and whole language approach (WLA) and to investigate pre-service elementary teachers’ perceptions of the textbook reconstruction using LEA and WLA. For the purposes of the study, possible application of applying LEA and WLA to reconstruction of the textbook reading activities was discussed concerning the reading skill achievement criteria specified in the national elementary school English curriculum. Next, methods and procedures for the reconstruction of reading activities presented in the fourth- and fifth-grade English textbooks were suggested in details with sample lesson plans. Third, the findings from the analysis of pre-service elementary teachers’ discussions about the textbook reconstruction using both approaches were presented. Based on the findings, it was proposed that pre-service elementary teachers perceive LEA and WLA as possible positive solutions for the reconstruction of decontextualized reading activities in the textbooks by contextualizing reading materials to satisfy the achievement criteria and methodology specified in the national English curriculum.