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2021, Vol.6, No.2

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    Qualitative Analysis of the Performance of Innovative Schools in Chungcheongbuk-do

    Lee, Eun-Joo , Yeum, Eun-Yeul , Kim Nam Gyun and 1 other persons | 2021, 6(2) | pp.1~30 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study aims to analyze the performance of ‘Happy Seed Schools, which are innovative schools in Chungcheongbuk-do. The subjects are 40 kindergartens and elementary, middle, and high schools, which were designated as Happy Seed Schools from 2016 to 2019 by the Chungcheongbuk-do Office of Education. Research data included 6 reports of the interim and comprehensive evaluation of Happy Seed School from 2018-2020, as well as documents, interviews, and observations collected for them. A rubric for evaluation was developed to analyze and evaluate the vast amount of collected data, which consists of four signs and indices for the evaluation of Happy Seed Schools. By applying the rubric to evaluate individual schools and synthesize the results from them, the study investigated the overall performance of Chungbuk Innovation Schools. The result leads to the following observations. First, democratic school managements were achieved and the democratic communication culture was established in Happy Seed Schools. Second, the growth of students was facilitated in those schools through supporting their potential developments with various methods. Third, various endeavors were tested to integrate local communities and connect with the life of students within the curriculum of Happy Seed Schools. Lastly, Happy Seed Schools are experimenting with various types of teaching and learning, including student-centered participatory approaches. The results can provide implications for the operation of innovative and future schools in Chungcheongbuk-do and beyond.
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    A Qualitative Case Study on the Experience of Parental School Participation in the Innovation School

    Kim, Minji , Lee Jae-yong | 2021, 6(2) | pp.31~73 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to in-depth analysis and exploration of how parents of S Elementary School, a Chungbuk-type innovative school, members of the school through school participation experiences and what experiences they have in the process. To this end, a total of 11 research participants were selected and the study was conducted in a qualitative case study method by dividing the participating parents into participating parents, parents the parent association executive department, and parents the association. Parents of S Elementary School both positiveand negative perceptions and emotions through school participation, which had an impact on future school participation activities. When parents of S Elementary School themselves as and they felt more negative emotions such as anger and sadness. It was found that the identity is not fixed and changes fluidly depending on the interaction or situation among members. Therefore, for in schools to move in a more desirable direction, additional research should be conducted on their perception of educational subjecttheir experience participating parents' identity as educational subject, andanalysis of school parents' feelings.
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    What Do Teachers Notice in the Teacher’s Learning Community in School?

    Ko, MiRyeung , Kim, EunSeo , Jeong, Jiwon and 3 other persons | 2021, 6(2) | pp.75~98 | number of Cited : 0
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    Teachers plan and execute lessons. As teachers, improving teaching expertise is meaningful and important. Recently, group efforts have been made to improve teachers' teaching expertise at the school level, and an example of this initiative is the teacher learning community. In H Elementary School, the teacher learning community in the school sought to student-centered instruction direction through curriculum and class research. They implemented a teacher learning community that focused on classes with fellow teachers and external experts. The purpose of this study was to analyze what teachers who participated in the teacher learning community in schools noticed in class activities and reported the experiences of cooperation among teachers in the process. We analyzed the fact that teachers paid attention to the class in the process of cooperation through the data of the workshop of the teacher learning community workshop. The study found that H elementary school teachers was confirmed that the noticing to the largest share in lesson planning and execution, and they shared the purpose of commonness aimed at class and the purpose of class centered on students despite the difference in teachers' opinions and the obstacle of individual difference. In addition, it was found that teachers were noticing the necessity of a class-centered teacher learning community by cooperating with teachers and external collaborators for student-centered classes. Through this study, We expect concrete research for teaching expertise through the attempts and attention learning of the teacher learning community that sees classes on an objective basis.
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    A Study on the History of Classroom Research in the Good Teacher Movement

    Jin, yong seong , Ji, Jeonghwa , SEO MIRA and 2 other persons | 2021, 6(2) | pp.99~125 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study analyzes the trend of the study on ‘classroom research’ conducted under the ‘Good Teacher Movement’ and suggests implications for understanding the history of classroom research in Korea. To understand the research trends, the study employed the content analysis method and analyzed 113 monthly issues of Good Teacher Magazines. The main analysis was conducted on the ‘Good Teacher, Good Encounter’ section, which was serialized in the Journal of Good Teachers. This section contained the contents of a teacher’s class life history. To supplement this discussion, in-depth interviews were conducted with two teachers. The study yielded three main results. First, the study of teaching in the Good Teacher Movement was discussed while showing similar points to the history of teaching in Korea(Lee Hyuk-gyu, 2019). Through the life history of teachers, we confirmed the intents of ‘Open Education and Innovative Education, the growth of educational voluntary classroom research groups, and practical and qualitative research for classroom research. Second, the characteristics of classroom research in the Good Teacher Movement were discussed. Conferences as a public forum were conducted to explore alternative education, the development of classroom research as an educational policy movement, and the development of professional activities, such as ‘the Good Teachers’ Instructional Coaching Institute,’ which conducts classroom research from the perspective of fellow teachers. Third, through in-depth interviews with two teachers who led a part of the teaching research history in Korea and the Good Teacher Movement as the main body, the above mentioned aspects could be confirmed once again through the life history of teachers.
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    A study on teachers' practical knowledge and passion –Focusing on elementary school teacher's whole work reading class-

    Shim, Young-Taek | 2021, 6(2) | pp.127~147 | number of Cited : 0
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    This thesis is a study on the practical knowledge and passion of elementary school teachers. Elementary school teachers experienced whole-work reading classes in the teacher-learning communities inside and outside school. The results of the study are as follows. Teacher’s social body is a body that is embodied and formed by designing, implementing, and reflecting on the lessons ‘together’ with fellow teachers in the context of the classroom situation using the whole-work reading classes. The factors that changed the social body of elementary school teachers during the whole work reading class were heuristic and persuasive passion. The result of changing the body is the acquisition of practical knowledge. The educational meaning of the change of the body is the acquisition of practical wisdom. Although the knowledge is difficult to fully explain in everyday language or fully verify with logic. However, that knowledge has the character of ‘tacit knowledge’. In the field of educational practice, teachers' practical knowledge is working relatively well. And it was concluded ‘provisionally’ that the functional state was also good. On the other hand, ‘proprietary reading’ is the traditional way of reading. There is also ‘existential reading’ in the way of reading whole works. It suggested that the problem of the gap between the two viewpoints can be solved with ‘heuristic passion’. The heuristic passion is to stay in the teacher's own educational philosophy and interpretation framework(indwelling). In addition, there is a problem of a logical gap with a teacher who has no experience in reading whole works. The problem can be solved by staying in a state of psychological co-dwelling; in other words the problem can be solved by exploring each other's psychological inner topography with ‘persuasive passion’.
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    The Impact of Curriculum Support on the Importance of Perception about Teaching and Evaluation Method of Secondary Social Studies Teachers in the Gyeong-in Region

    Koo Jeong Hwa , PAK SAE ROM | 2021, 6(2) | pp.149~174 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of perception such as support for the curriculum on secondary social studies teachers; perception of the importance of teaching and evaluation methods. To this end, a survey on their perception of the importance of each teaching and evaluation method was conducted and materials were collected for secondary social studies teachers in the Gyeongin region in 2019. The data were analyzed by applying t-test and multiple regression analyses. The results are as follows. First, compared to middle school teachers in the Gyeongin region in other major fields, the importance of “collaboration-based group-oriented learning among students,”“real-life linked projects or problem-solving learning,” “digital environment-utilization classes,” “process-centric evaluation for learning promotion,” and “competency-oriented descriptive or essay evaluation” was perceived to be low for the social studies teachers. Second, an analysis of factors that affect the importance perception of each teaching and evaluation method of social studies teachers in Gyeongin region showed that the degree of support for the curriculum is more influential than the personal personalities of the teachers. In particular, support for the element denoted as a “Curriculum emphasizing integration and convergence classes” and a “Curriculum emphasizing extension of subject choice for students” were found to have an important impact. Considering the results of the study, it is necessary to seek ways to enhance relevant understanding through guidance on the characteristics of the curriculum that emphasizes teaching and evaluation methods like that rather than just emphasizing teaching and evaluation methods per se in training for social studies teachers.
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    Relevance and Effects of Online International Programs Perceived by Pre-service Elementary School Teachers

    Lee, Young-A , Yoon, OkKyong | 2021, 6(2) | pp.175~203 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study aimed to assess the relevance and effects of online international programs implemented by C National University of Education in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic and to explore ways to sustain and improve international programs through online methods in the future. To this end, we conducted an online survey of the 33 program participants, and the survey included questions regarding the relevance of program content and organization to the needs of the participants; the level of participant satisfaction and participation; the effects of the programs; program limitations and elements requiring improvement. Looking into the survey results, we found that overall, the participants considered the content and organization of the programs to be relevant to their needs; the majority of the participants responded positively to the questions of whether the programs were appropriate in terms of duration, schedule, content, and assignments. The participants also appeared to be actively engaged in online classes and activities and to be satisfied with the overall quality of the programs. As for the effects of the programs, more than half of the participants perceived the programs to be effective in developing their English communication skills. They also reported positive gains in their understanding of the culture and education of the host country. Their experiences with online learning were also promising in that they had little difficulty understanding the content of online classes and participating in discussions, and online platforms such as a learning management system and an online archive were effectively used along with the classes. Nevertheless, the participants pointed out some limitations of the programs such as the optimal class size for an online program and some technical issues with observing local classrooms online. Drawing implications from the findings, we then suggested future directions to improve online overseas programs.
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    Korean University Students' Perceptions of Emergency Remote Teaching

    John Burrell , Jee Eun Lee | 2021, 6(2) | pp.205~224 | number of Cited : 0
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    The COVID-19 pandemic has put unprecedented stress on educational institutions worldwide. This study was carried out to determine students’ perceptions of Emergency Remote Teaching(ERT) at a Korean university. Eight hundred eighty-nine students were surveyed to determine their perceptions of the impact the ERT classes had on their learning. The participants were also asked what they liked least and most about their classes. The results were a broadly positive perception of the classes by the students. Convenience was the most and least liked about their classes. Technology problems were the least liked aspect of the courses. There were significant differences in responses between first-and second-year participants and male and female participants. The program's relative success can be attributed to the suitability of the planned curriculum adapting to online learning, small class sizes, technological infrastructure, and the digital literacy of the students. The implications of the experience of delivering ERT during the pandemic are that institutions must continue to perfect the delivery of the courses. The full impact of the worldwide move to ERT is not yet fully known and institutions will have to evaluate the effectiveness of their responses and the innovations put in place may have a lasting effect on education. One effect may be a shift to more individualized and independent learning. The uneven distribution of technological infrastructure worldwide is another area that was highlighted by the pandemic and must be addressed.
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    Experiences and practices of elementary teachers in distance education

    Cho Yong Hoon , No, MiRan , Sung, Hyunju and 2 other persons | 2021, 6(2) | pp.225~273 | number of Cited : 0
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    The coronavirus has altered the long-standing educational environment. Fully implemented remote classes have raised the essential question of the perception of the nature of education. The ongoing pandemic has provided fundamental challenges on setting and pursuing future education. In this regard, the study aims to propose directions for remote classes based on online education, determine their educational significance, and to suggest directions and goals for future education. Toward this end, O Elementary School analyzed and presented a process of preparing and practicing remote classes according to their educational orientation and purpose in the field. The study closely examined the strategies of teachers for developing and designing various contents in terms of quality. Moreover, we listened to their concerns and their methods for overcoming them. Various subjects are taught in elementary school classes; thus, the burden on teachers is tremendous. To overcome this scenario, teachers effectively respond by developing and utilizing learning contents for online teaching based on the teacher learning community. Through e-learning centers, co-production of content, data sharing, interactive classes using Zoom, and online platforms, we provided evidence that teachers can lead future education as well as prepare for the upcoming educational environment. In addition, managers and parents lent active support to overcome these difficult situations. This study aimed to contribute to the design of the goals and directions of future education in Korea by examining and analyzing actual experiences.
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    A Case Study on Blended Learning in Maker Education

    Dasol Kim | 2021, 6(2) | pp.269~290 | number of Cited : 0
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    Due to Corona 19, there have been various confusion in the educational field due to the combination of remote classes and teaching, but Teachers, students, parents are overcoming it well with the efforts of education subjects. However, the maker education, which is most effective in conducting in maker space, has faced a particular crisis. However, if maker education is not just about making it, but about empathizing with the spirit of maker movement and developing competency, we expect that blended learning can be applied, so we would like to develop maker education programs with blended learning and find out its effect. To achieve the goal of the study, a 51 hour of maker training program was designed according to the PDIE model. The developed program was applied to 20 first-year middle school students for three hours a week for 17 weeks from September 2 to December 28, 2021, and its effect was confirmed through a single group pre- and post-examination. As a result of the research, the 51 hour of Blended Learning Maker Training Program was developed, and a modular education program was developed to change depending on the school situation. Second, as a result of applying the maker training program using blended learning, student’s awareness of maker education has increased significantly (t=-10.579, p=.000), vocational awareness of maker education (t=-2.263, p=).036), Curiosity (t=-2.203, p=.040), spirit of challenge (t=-3.317, p=.004) was also found to have increased.
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    Development and Application of Parsons Puzzle Contents to Improve Algorithmic Thinking

    Cho, HyunChul , Si-Hoon Lee | 2021, 6(2) | pp.291~306 | number of Cited : 0
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    The study aims to propose puzzle game content for algorithmic thinking enhancement. The Korean 2015 Revised Curriculum presents learning understanding of algorithms through SW education. Puzzle take the form of games, which are suitable for attracting students' interest and participation, and are effective in understanding the underlying algorithms. In this work we develop and apply content based on Parsons puzzle. The puzzle game operates by Drag & Drop method, which is also easy to use on tablets. The content is composed of text programming contents, but the class was organized to look at the structure of the algorithm with the teacher to prevent excessive grammar-oriented education, and the puzzle game allowed students to check the meaning of the code on the screen. As a result of applying the developed program to elementary school students with sufficient SW education experience, it was shown that puzzle games could be effectively used to understand text programming algorithms, showing high interest in classes and understanding algorithms. On the other hand, the contents of text programming have been found to be difficult, and it is necessary to expand it to middle school students in the future to conduct follow-up research.
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    Influence of Adaptive Perfectionism on Happiness of Early Childhood Teachers: Mediation Effect of Counseling Difficulties and Burnout

    An, Yukyung , , Cheon Seong-Moon | 2021, 6(2) | pp.307~324 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study aims to examine the mediating effect of burnout and difficulty of counseling in the relationship between the propensity toward adaptive perfectionism among childhood teachers and happiness. Toward this end, the study recruited 382 teachers working at daycare centers in four cities, namely, B, G, J, and Y. A total of 346 copies of online questionnaires were used. Correlation analysis was conducted to examine the relevance between variables using SPSS 25.0 and Amos 20.0. The mediated effects were then verified in accordance with the procedures of the two-stage approach of the structural equation. First, adaptive perfection demonstrated a negative relationship between counseling difficulties and exhaustion, whereas happiness was shown as a negative relationship. Moreover, counseling difficulties pointed to a static relationship with burnout, and happiness was a negative relationship. Second, counseling difficulties and exhaustion were found to sequentially mediate the impact of adaptive perfection of early childhood teachers on happiness. These findings reveal the sequential mediating effects of counseling difficulties and exhaustion in the relationship between adaptive perfection and happiness. In other words, adaptive perfection directly influences happiness. However, high levels of adaptive perfection lower counseling difficulties. Therefore, the study infers that it will have a positive impact on happiness by preventing exhaustion through interventions, such as counseling skills and training, to reduce counseling difficulties for early childhood teachers. This study aims to help establish effective measures and provide practical information to enhance the well-being of early childhood teachers with adaptive perfection. Finally, we discussed suggestions and implications for future research based on this research result.