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2002, Vol.25, No.4

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    Scales Development for the Affectional Images on a Destination : Pure-affectional Image and Semi-affectional Image

    Park,Suk-Hee , 고동우 | 2002, 25(4) | pp.13~32 | number of Cited : 154
    This study develops two kinds of scales measuring the affectional image that the tourists might have on a destination. The two types of affectional images for a destination were suggested in different level from the both of cognitive image and overall image. The two scales have been constructed and examined for the validity through the whole procedure of the collecting, selecting and analyzing the items. The results reveal that the two scales have the reliability and the validity as the measurements of tourist's image. Finally utility and academic values of the suggested image concepts and the matched scales were discussed in terms of tourism image study.
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    Application of Renewal Strategy to Backward Tourists Regions

    Choi, Seung-Dam , 신정미 | 2002, 25(4) | pp.33~47 | number of Cited : 7
    This study investigates ways how to apply renewal policy to declining tourist areas in regional planning context. The author conducted an in-depth interview of specialists and surveys on civil servants involved in tourism administration. Based on survey result reflecting opinions of specialists on the tourist areas development, several strategic policies are incorporated and suggested; partnership between public and private sectors with emphasis on public sectors leadership, selection of appropriate renewal type considering internal and external factors associated with tourist areas, formulation of regular monitoring and evaluation system for tourist areas, and finally establishment of legal system and supporting measures in fiance.
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    Push and the Full Factors of Japanese Female Tourists to Korea

    Cho Myung-hwan | 2002, 25(4) | pp.49~66 | number of Cited : 13
    Recently, there has been growing trend of visiting Korea by Japanese female tourists. Unlike previous researches mostly focusing on the pattern of Korea-bound Japanese tourists, auhtor in this study divided the tour motivations of them into push factors and full factors, and grouping these with factor analysis, tests the significance level of the involved variables. The result of this analysis was that there were significant differences in motivations such as ‘escape’, ‘relaxation’, and ‘belongings’ in the push factors and demographic characteristics, on entertainment and sports in the pull factors and demographic characteristics, and on safety in the pull factors and the general characteristics by ANOVA.
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    The Relationship Between Influence Strategies and Conflict in Fast Food Franchise System

    Kim, Hong-bumm , 이상건 | 2002, 25(4) | pp.67~86 | number of Cited : 27
    This paper analyzes fast-food franchise management in their relationship with the franchisees and franchisors. Contrary to the results suggested by Schul & Babakus, and Brown, et. al., authors indicated that direct or indirect strategies did not show any impact on managerial conflict. Conclusion is that franchisors’ influence strategies do not have any impact on franchisees’ conflict when it is in uncompetitive environment where brand power is dominated. As time goes by and when franchisees achieve more choices and the competing power, franchisors learn how to deal with franchisees by using of direct and indirect influence strategies, building a successful franchise system by managing the conflict.
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    Planning of Resort Facilities: Present Status and Developmental Characteristics of Resort Facilities

    Um Sang Kwon | 2002, 25(4) | pp.87~108 | number of Cited : 16
    The demand for resort facilities has been tremendously increased by the growth of the public interests to the leisure activities. However, it has been causing some problems that may be from the lack of the knowledges and researches related with architectural design and planning of the involved facilities. Author first provides basic informations of Korean resort facilities in planning and design through archival and case studies. From this, he examines present status and characteristics of Korean resorts, according to which eight types of resorts are classified. Through investigation of 112 samples, developmental characteristics of these resort-types are examined.
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    Economic Impact of International Convention Sector : An Interindustry Analysis

    Seongseop Kim , Kangwook Lee | 2002, 25(4) | pp.109~126 | number of Cited : 40
    Using Korean input-output table data, this article assesses economic impact of the convention sector activities indirectly. Various criteria such as output, employment, income, value-added, and import level of the convention sector were compared with those of other industrial sector. Though low in output multiplier, employment multiplier and value added ratio were found relatively higher than those of existing industrial sectors. Import multiplier was also found lower. During the year of 2000, the estimation is that income effect worths 2.9 billion won while employment effect amounts to over seven thousand and two hundred regular-tentamount workers in convention sector alone.
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    Valuing the Nightheron Resource : The Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation Method Approach

    이희찬 | 2002, 25(4) | pp.127~142 | number of Cited : 49
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    This article estimates benefits from preserving wildlife resources. Contingent valuation method of dichotomous choice form was applied to the nightheron resource of Mt. Eourdeung in Gwangju, Korea. Author used Krinsky-Robb procedure to construct confidence intervals around benefit estimates derived from the logit models to determine whether there is a significant difference in willingness to pay estimates. While consumers’ sociodemographic characteristics except for income were not important determinants of the WTP for preserving the nightheron, the WTP itself was found significantly affected by respondents’ value system, environmental and economic concerns, and knowledge on the wildlife. Total preservation value of the nightheron is an estimated 9.6 billion Won, averaging about 23,500 Won per household.
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    The Multi-regional Input-Output Analysis of Tourism Industries Using Tourism Ratios and Multi-regional Transaction Tables

    최승묵 , Kim, Nam Jo | 2002, 25(4) | pp.143~160 | number of Cited : 37
    Using results of multi-regional input-output transaction tables, this study compares among main tourism industries. To aggregate four kind of tourism industries, authors applied tourism ratio criterion that already has been publicized. When compared the output multipliers among regions, that of restaurants has the largest in metropolitan region, whereas lodgings and transportations multipliers in Jeon-nam region and other industries in Kyeong-buk region. As for income multipliers, those of restaurants and lodgings were found largest in Je-ju region; transportations in Chung-nam region; and other tourism industries in metropolitan and Chung-nam region. Forward and backward linkage effects did not exhibit much role in promoting regional economic development.
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    On the Characteristics of the Strategic Alliance of Japanese Travel Industry

    Misook Oh | 2002, 25(4) | pp.161~178 | number of Cited : 3
    This paper deals with strategic alliance problems among Japanese travel industry. Author investigated and classified types, fields of alliances, and purposes, characteristics of the alliances. The results showed that a major type of alliance among travel companies was a sort of marketing-related alliance. With regard to the purpose of alliance, companies show an inclination to pursue economies of scale rather than economies of scope. Regarding the characteristics of companies in alliance, it seems that vertical alliances are existing between travel industry and its related industry, whereas horizontal alliance within travel industries.
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    Comparative Analysis of Demographic Characteristics and Travel Pattern of Chinese Casino and Noncasino Vacationers to South Korea

    정광석 , Kim Woo-Gon | 2002, 25(4) | pp.179~194 | number of Cited : 13
    This study explores demographic characteristics and travel patterns of two different groups of Chinese tourists, casino and non-casino visitors to South Korea. The homogeneity analysis shows that significantly differentiated characteristics are found between the above groups. That is, casino visitors are characterized by those with low education but with high income carrying much travel budget themselves, with much experiences in overseas travel, and accompanied by family or relatives. The other party showed the profile of high education, relatively little overseas travel experience, low income, low travel budget, and traveling with peer groups. The result may help casino marketers establish effective marketing strategies to the target groups.
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    The Impact of Air Service Ranking on the Performances of International Airlines

    Kyungsook Kim | 2002, 25(4) | pp.195~208 | number of Cited : 1
    Airlines service in one’s carriers is very important way of overcoming rapid environmental changes of air transportation market. Author investigates the impact of consumer's air service ranking on the performance of airlines in the world market. Collecting worlds top 50 airlines data on service ranking and running regression models, author examined the causal relationship with performance variables such as revenue, net profit, and number of passengers transported. Service ranking unexpectedly was found not related to these airlines performances. However, magnitude of airlines size, i.e. number of employees, fleet size, was revealed positively related to other performance variables such as number of passengers and magnitudes of turnover and revenue.
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    Behavioral Space Cognition for Tourism Attractions among Peoples from Kyongsang and Cholla Provinces.

    WonIl Jeong | 2002, 25(4) | pp.209~225 | number of Cited : 0
    This study investigates the differences of cognition and tourism behaviour for the selected attractive sites among residents of Kyongsang and Cholla provinces in South Korea. Dividing the name of places into 84 meshes, each of which had an area of 30㎞×30㎞ respectively, authors through questionnaires asked the 404 sampled residents whether they cognizes those meshes well. Trends surface analysis and t-test were used for the analysis. Most cognitions of the people were found confined to the locality he or she belongs, signifying that the spatial closure to the different locality tends to be serious and remain prevalent both in Kyongsang & Cholla provinces. Author finally states that this spatial closure could be somewhat relieved by activation of tourism activities
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    Comparative Analysis of Image of International Carriers flying to Korea

    lee dong hui , Kim, Sung Hyuk | 2002, 25(4) | pp.227~251 | number of Cited : 13
    Author analyzes seven airlines that fly to and out of Korea. The survey data were collected from 700 boarding passengers, out of which 377 were used for statistical analysis. Factor analysis and multiple regression method were used to identify the dominant images of each airline. As for domestic lines, Korean Air was revealed having strong image in conveniency in scheduling and frequency in flights while Asiana Airlines showed rather strong appeal in cabin service quality, safety, and on-time operation. Also found were that JAL has strong merit in reputation and timeliness, United Air in freight schedule and reputation and Thai Air in economic airfare. Finally these images were found positively correlated with .embarkation preferences
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