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2014, Vol.38, No.7

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    The Relationship between Campers' Specialization and Pro-Environmental Behaviour

    Kim Hyun Jung , Yoo, Kwang-Min , Kim, Nam Jo | 2014, 38(7) | pp.13~33 | number of Cited : 13
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    The aim of this article is to classify campers’ characteristics according to their recreation specialization level and to identify differences in pro-environmental behavior (PEB) amongst the sub-groups. The results show that there is a specialization stage of domestic campers, and respondents were divided into categories of high, medium, and low specialization according to their single specialization Index. There were significant differences in several factors of PEB among three groups. The high specialization group uses more environmentally friendly products, separates waste, and prepares for camping in advance, compared to the low specialization group. This study proposes that recreation specialization can be a useful theoretical background for understanding a recreationist’s PEB, and that providing differentiated marketing and educate programs, according to the level of specialization, is needed for efficient management and planning of a camping ground.
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    The Study on the Effect of Walking Travel as an Aspect of the Psychoanalysis

    Song Young-Min , Kang, Jun-soo | 2014, 38(7) | pp.35~55 | number of Cited : 11
    The purpose of this paper was to research the effect of walking in travel as a healing power. People experience various symptoms of psychosis, neurosis, and perversion through the continuous lack of desire. Contemporary travel becomes more important in value for its creative and therapeutic aspects. This paper deals with Freudian theories that are composed of individual unconscious desire and 'Oedipus Complex', and Lacan's theories that are composed of 'the Imaginary-the Symbolic-the Real' and 'Mirror Stage' for examining the therapeutic effect of walking in travel. The neuroses can be divided into ‘the Subject’ and ‘the Other’, by supposing nature as a hierachy, 'the Name of Father', and erupt their inner repression through the effect of walking in travel. It means that travelers may receive the power of healing through walking during travel. This study examined (1) hysteria and (2) obsessive compulsive disorder at the Symbolic stage. The perversions who remove the Other's desire and recognize themselves as the perfect subject can face up to the reality while recognizing nature as hierarchy without denying it. From this point of view, the travel industry can play an important role in many fields to improve the quality of life by studying travel behaviors for therapeutic functions based on psychoanalysis.
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    A Study on Exploring Farm-Inn Selection Attributes Using AHP

    CHOO SEUNG WOO | 2014, 38(7) | pp.57~72 | number of Cited : 10
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    The ‘farm-inn’ accommodation sector is becoming increasingly popular in many rural destinations. Identifying the most prominent attributes that affect the ‘farm-inn’ selection by the visitor, may help to develop rural tourism destinations. Hence, the present study attempts to utilize the analytical hierarchy process (AHP), based on pair-wise comparisons between criteria. This may permit construction of an evaluation structure, with criteria and associated weights, in favor of ‘farm-inn’ selection in rural destinations. A case study with a three-level evaluation structure is constructed and tested. Given the high degree of consistency and accuracy with respect to pair-wise comparisons using computed weights and priorities in this study, the evaluation of the ‘farm-inn’ selection system can be utilized as a marketing tool for DMOs in rural destinations.
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    The Relationships of Goal Conflicts, Strategis of Conflict Resolution and Contract Termination Intentions in Foodservice Franchise Organizations: Moderating Effects of Franchisee's Performance

    Kim, Young-Gook , Rhee, Kyung-Eun | 2014, 38(7) | pp.73~95 | number of Cited : 3
    This study investigated the relationship between goal conflicts, strategies of conflict resolution, and contract termination intentions, in foodservice franchises. Specifically, this study explores how goal conflicts and strategies of conflict resolution are related to a contract’s termination intentions across different levels of a franchisee's performance. The data from 413 foodservice franchisees are analyzed using a multi-group structural equation modeling. The results reveal that the effects of goal conflict on competition and avoidance vary depending upon high/low levels of franchisee's performance while the effects of goal conflict on cooperation are invariant across levels of a franchisee's performance. In addition, the effects of cooperation, competition and avoidance on contract termination intention vary depending upon high/low levels of performance. Implications of the results, and limitations of the study, are discussed.
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    The Effects of Experiential Sport Events: Focused on 'Nike Training Runs'-

    Kim, Ji-Sun , Shin, Hak-Seung , Chul Jeong and 1 other persons | 2014, 38(7) | pp.97~121 | number of Cited : 4
    In this study, the marketing effects of the ‘Nike Training Run’ are analyzed. Specifically, the conceptual relationships among event service quality, event satisfaction, event participation intention, brand attitude and purchasing intention are examined. The study shows that through mediation of event satisfaction, brand attitude is positively influenced by event service quality, which has no direct relationship with brand attitude. Second, event service quality has a positive influence upon participation intention by mediating event satisfaction. Third, event satisfaction has a positive influence upon event participation intention by partially mediating brand attitude. Fourth, event satisfaction has a positive influence upon purchasing intention by mediating brand attitude. This study discovered a difference of marketing effects between participatory sport events and sponsorship events, and identified behavior intention from brand attitudes.
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    Exploratory Study on the Relationship between Attitude on Climate Change and Tourist' Satisfaction and Behavior Intention : The Case of Tourists at Natural Tourist Attractions in Jeju Island

    Lee, Min-Jae , Hwang YunSeop , seo wonseok | 2014, 38(7) | pp.123~142 | number of Cited : 10
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    This study examines the relationship between climate change perception, and tourists' satisfaction and behavioral intention, in order to explore the effect of climate change perception on tourists, focusing on implications for natural tourist attractions in Cheju Island. According to survey analysis at World Natural Heritage sites on Cheju Island, there is a high score group on climate change perception, having a significantly higher average point than the low group in tourists' behavioral intention and environmentally responsible behavior. Meanwhile, climate change perception does not have significant mediating effects on tourists' satisfaction, revisit and recommendation intentions, or environmentally responsible behavior, except in the case of overall satisfaction. However climate change perception as an independent variable has significant effects on revisit and recommendation intentions, and environmentally responsible behavior. It especially has a strong effect on environmentally responsible behavior, as much as tourists' satisfaction. Some implications are also provided.
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    The Effects of Other Customer Perceptions on Brand Prestige in the Context of Convention Center: The Moderating Role of Face Consciousness

    HYUN SUNGHYUP , 이광호 , Hwang, Jinsoo | 2014, 38(7) | pp.143~169 | number of Cited : 11
    The purpose of this research was to examine the role of three types of other-customers’ perceptions in the context of the convention centers with regards to brand prestige. It was hypothesized that brand prestige can result in two managerial outcomes: brand identification and brand loyalty. During the theory-building process, face-consciousness was assumed to moderate the relationship between other-customer perceptions, and brand prestige. To access the research hypotheses, data were collected from 279 visitors to BEXCO, a convention center. The results showed that three types of other- customer perceptions positively affected brand prestige, and can thus aid to enhance brand identification and brand loyalty. Lastly, it was found that face-consciousness played an important moderating role in the relationship between other-customer perceptions and brand prestige. These results reveal that operators need to focus on brand prestige as a key for operational strategies in the context of convention centers.
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    Preferences for Travel Products of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games and Recreation Specialization: An Approach of Choice Experiment

    LYU Seong Ok | 2014, 38(7) | pp.171~191 | number of Cited : 7
    The majority of mega sporting event organizers tend to show a substantial interest in the economic impacts of the expenditures by international tourists. However the successful implementation of the events is heavily dependent upon the enthusiastic and supportive participation of domestic tourists. The intent of this study is to provide useful marketing strategies that can assist the organizers of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games to attract more domestic tourists. With a study sample of Korean skiers and snowboaders, this study also aims to examine their heterogeneous preferences for travel products associated with the Olympic Games. The choice experiment results suggested that the two potential domestic tourist groups segmented based on their levels of recreation specialization revealed different preferences for several travel product attributes. The highly specialized participants showed a higher preference for diverse travel opportunities to sightsee various tourist attractions near the host region; the casual participants placed a greater importance on more skiing and snowboading experiences. This study proposes several marketing strategies.
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    The Relationship between Service Quality, Customer Value, Customer Satisfaction: With Focus on Roaster Specialty Coffee Houses

    Min, Seung-Kyoung , 김준호 | 2014, 38(7) | pp.193~214 | number of Cited : 31
    This research attempted to explore what are the factors for raising service quality specifically for roaster coffee houses. For this end, measurement tools were formed based on conceptual research results from the existing specialty coffee houses and former empirical research, with factors suitable for the purpose of this research categorized, so that the effects of service quality on customer value and customer satisfaction could be analyzed. A questionnaire survey was conducted from March 21, 2014 to April 4, 2014 on 248 customers, all of whom more than once visited a total of 17 roaster coffee houses, located in the Seoul, Gyeonggi, and/or Busan regions. The analysis was conducted on the questionnaires collected from this survey. The results of the analysis showed that two factors – personal customized service and diverse information about roasting – had significantly positive (+) effects on customer value, and three factors – personal customized service, provision of diverse information about roasting, and coffee roasting and hand drip – had positive (+) effects on customer satisfaction. Based on the above-mentioned research results, this research presents realistic implications that can promote sales and the degree of loyalty, with differentiated service strategies, for roaster specialty coffee houses.
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    An Exploratory Study on the Sustainability of Korean Wave and Successful Process of Korean Cultural Wave Contents: A case of PSY’s GangNam Style

    An, JiHyun , Chul Jeong | 2014, 38(7) | pp.215~238 | number of Cited : 20
    The Korean Wave plays an important role in terms of improving the image, and boosting the loyalty of Tourists to visit the country nowadays. However, it has been suggested that the Korean Wave is a temporary trend, based on star-marketing, an overvaluation of Korean soap operas, and K-POP as a specific pop culture music phenomenon. With concern that the Korean Wave has met its limit in creative and interesting content, many are looking elsewhere for the sustainability of its growth. As such, there is a real need to overemphasize significance of cultural contents such as K-pop icon, Psy‘s ‘GangNam Style’ at this point of time. This study looks into the significance of the cultural contents of the song ‘GangNam Style’. Causality analysis of the song’s success factors and multipurpose application of cultural contents, ‘One Source Multi Use’, are used in analysis. Results show that the successful factors of the song ‘GangNam Style’ were represented by the significance of original source. The research also shows that PSY’s success started with social media and crowdsourcing. Specially, it the importance of original source in order to expand secondary industry, is the strength of the SNS generation.
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    Impacts of Psychological Distance for Medical Tourism Destination on Perceived Risk and Purchase Intentions: A sample of Potential Medical Tourists from Japan and China

    Yu Sook Hee , Kwon Yoo Hong | 2014, 38(7) | pp.239~260 | number of Cited : 11
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of psychological distance for medical tourism destination on perceived risk and purchase intentions when consumers consider the medical services abroad. For this aim, the survey was administered to 453 potential medical customers from Japan and China. The data was analyzed with structural equation model (SEM). The results are as follows: First, cultural environmental differences in the psychological distance of consumers impacted on physical, financial, temporal, and socio-psychological risks, while politico-economic differences affected physical, performance, financial, and socio-psychological risks. Second, physical and temporal risk had a significant influence on purchase intentions The psychological distance is a relative and subjective feeling of consumers, not an objective and accurate appraisal. However, it clearly exists in the decision-making process of medical tourists while working as the antecedent which increases perceived risk and reduces purchase intentions.
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    The Influence of Social Capital on Valuing Public Tourism Development in a Local Government

    Ju Deok , Lee, Hee-chan | 2014, 38(7) | pp.261~278 | number of Cited : 8
    Social capital, an intangible asset that creates productive interaction for the common interests of society, is praised for its usefulness in explaining the developmental logic and phenomenon of a region. This study investigated whether Social Capital theory could be applicable as a solution in gaining local residents support for public tourism development. To achieve the purpose of this study, a dichotomous choice form of contingent valuation was developed to explain the role of Social Capital on the Green Tourism Belt Project in Daecheong Lake, Daejeon. The results showed that the willingness to pay for the project was significantly affected by ‘participation’, ‘reciprocity’, and ‘trust’ as measured variables for Social Capital. The total economic value of the project was estimated at 16.3 billion won, averaging about 28,820 Won per household. The results indicate that Social Capital forms a new and strong argument for local government funding in public tourism development.