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2015, Vol.39, No.4

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    Senior Citizens' Preference and Attitudes toward Korea's Oriental Medical Tourism: Collaboration between Tourism and Oriental Medical Industries

    Ick-Keun Oh | 2015, 39(4) | pp.11~25 | number of Cited : 7
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    The most important customer of oriental medical tourism is local senior citizens, However, this market has received little attention, whereas more emphasis has been given to international tourists. The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationships among senior citizens' preference to oriental medical service, their attitudes toward the service, and their satisfaction with them. The survey is conducted with senior citizens aged 60 and over who have experienced oriental medical services. The data is collected typical oriental medical tourism destinations such as Daegu, Yeungchun, and Gyeungju in Korea. The findings provide some implications for the further expansion of tourism sector into the oriental medical field and the development of oriental tourism products.
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    Exploratory Study on Corporate CSV: Semantic Network on Newspapers Text, Focusing on Healing and Culture Marketing

    Yang, Soung Hoon , Kim, Byeong Yong | 2015, 39(4) | pp.27~38 | number of Cited : 10
    This study is aim to explore corporate’s CSV(creating shared value) strategy. Healing as trend and market opportunity and culture marketing as implementation tool are considered at concrete level. To verify structure CSV, the semantic network of healing, culture and marketing in newspaper text are analyzed using Netminer, the SNA software. Research findings suggest the CSV's orientation. First, Defining social and economic values in healing trend and business modeling are needed. Secondly, Integrating culture program with marketing mix are essential. Third, Corporate need to build HVC(hybrid value chain) with culture and art organization. Fourth, by deploying culture marketing, the culture and art audiences and BOP(bottom of pyramid) should be converted into customers. The significance and limitation of research are provided.
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    The Impact of In-flight Physical Environments on Behavioral Intentions: Focusing on the Luxury Flight

    Ryu, Ki Sang , Son, Yong-Hyun , Woo Jong Kim | 2015, 39(4) | pp.39~57 | number of Cited : 21
    This study explored the dimensions of the physical environment of the luxury flight A380 and examined its influences on pleasure, arousal, and subsequently customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions by using the expanded Mehrabian-Russell model. Data were collected on the luxury flight A380 while in-flight. Exploratory factor analysis found six dimensions of the physical environment of A380: (1) ambience & cleanliness, (2) flight attendants, (3) entertainments & seating comfort, (4) design & signs, (5) layout, and (6) amenities. Results derived from a structural model verified that entertainments & seating comfort and layout positively induced both pleasure and arousal. Design & signs significantly produced favorable pleasure, and flight attendants significantly generated favorable arousal. In addition, both pleasure and arousal had significant effects on customer satisfaction. Finally, behavioral intentions were influenced by pleasure and customer satisfaction. The findings provide meaningful implications for both theoretical and practical aspects in the luxury flight perspective.
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    Differences in Perception of Evaluation Attributes between Local Residents and International Tourists in Clan Festival: A Case on a International Clan Gathering

    Hwang Soo Young , Kim, Sung Hyuk | 2015, 39(4) | pp.59~76 | number of Cited : 2
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    International Local communities are increasingly exerting their efforts to attract many international tourists through events such as a clan event festival. There has yet to be development of a model that can be implemented to evaluate the distinct results of each international or local festival from the overall point of view of local residents and the international tourists that participate and enjoy the benefits of the festivals. Therefore, this study aims to identify the differences in perceptions of the attribute evaluation between local residents and international tourists participating in clan event festival. A total of 220 copies of the questionnaire are distributed to local residents and international tourists participating in the clan event festival, and 212(96%) were used as the data for the final mixed method approach. The results are international tourists(China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Republic of Korea and America) and local residents(Malaysia) had significantly differences in their perception of the evaluation attributes of the clan event festival.
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    The Effect of Leisure Activities of Adolescent School Students on School Bullying Prevention by Using Oral History Method

    Joungkoo Park | 2015, 39(4) | pp.77~93 | number of Cited : 3
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    The study investigated preventive effects of leisure activities on adolescents' school bullying behaviors. Data were analyzed with 11 middle and high schoolers who harassed their classmates, by oral history method using transcriptions of planned interviews. The respondents believed there were some or little effect of leisure activities on prevention of school violence. However, adolescent participation in leisure activities would help the students develop social skills, improve mental health, and reduce redundant stress. Especially participation of interpersonal activities was associated with substantial benefits to adolescents, in areas including physical health and dissolution of conflict between the friendship relation.
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    Family Ideology in the Culture of Camping as Family Leisure

    Park, Jeong-Eun , Lee, Hoon | 2015, 39(4) | pp.95~112 | number of Cited : 5
    Over several years, participation and interest in camping has undergone significant growth in Korean society, with increasing emphasis placed on family leisure as one of the most beneficial activities for family cohesion. As a result of this growth, media text dealing with camping has dramatically increased in a variety of forms. The purpose of this study is to understand how family ideology is reflected in the leisure discourse of camping activity. Feature articles about camping from major daily newspapers were analyzed by applying Fairclough's Critical Discourse Analysis philosophy and its method. In these articles, the contemporary family was found to have serious problems such as a lack of communication because of a lifestyle that is too busy, and lack of care in family relations compared to computer or game addiction. The articles suggest camping as a good activity to improve family relationships. At the same time, the discourses that were analyzed signified the presence of men, in particular the father, as being dominant in camping activities. Therefore, such a discourse could bolster normal family ideology, middle-class family ideology, and gender role stereotypes. It is necessary to interpret media discourse in further studies in terms of the sociocultural aspects of leisure.
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    The Impact of Voluntourism on Voluntourists’ Psychological Well-being: The Application of In-depth Interview

    Yoon Jung Lee | 2015, 39(4) | pp.113~127 | number of Cited : 11
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    This study aims to understand the effect of voluntourism experiences on voluntourists’ psychological well-being. This study used a qualitative research. 24 voluntourists who visited other countries were recruited for pre- or post-interviews or both interviews. The findings indicated that voluntourism experiences provided voluntourists with healing and psychological satisfaction through self-reflection from their relationships with other team members and locals. It is found that voluntourism led to the improvement of a psychological well-being in travelers. It is suggested that a better understanding of the impact of voluntourism on its travelers’ psychological well-being will lead organizations to offer support and services for the trips in terms of management of the relationships between travelers and locals.
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    Exploration of Place Attachment and Responsible Tourism behaviorson Fair Trade in Tourism

    Ko, Dong-Wan , LEE, Sang-Hoon , Oh, Su-Jin | 2015, 39(4) | pp.129~148 | number of Cited : 15
    This paper conducted participant observation, focus group interview and in-depth interview to investigate the process that Fair Trade Tourists get cooperate behavior to local community because of the place attachment. According to analysis result, Fair Trade Tourists have shown that they were attracted by emotional attachment to place more than physical attachment because of the communication with local residents. Also they had cooperative behavior to local community's social, economical and environmental aspects. This paper has significance that studied deep into a psychological aspects of Fair Trade Tourists and suggested desirable direction of local development. But this paper collected data by participate in Fair-tourism program only once. so it would be debatable that the data of this paper are not sufficient. Thus, follow-up studies should supplement this defect and expected to enhance scientific objectivity by quantitative research.
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    The Effect of Social-Face Sensitivity on Conspicuous Consumption: Focusing on a Comparative Study of Korea and China Tourists

    Lee, Hyung-ryong , Lee duk won , Kang, Jaewan | 2015, 39(4) | pp.149~164 | number of Cited : 19
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of social-face sensitivity on conspicuous consumption. It particularly tested the comparative study of Korea and China tourists on those relationships. By doing so, this study provides implication regarding effective tourism marketing. For empirical survey, total 400 customers, each 200 customers of each Korean and Chinese nationality, were selected as a target, and total 354 questionnaire sheet were used for the survey after deleting 10 insincere or defected sheet from total 344 questionnaire sheet collected. The results were summarized as follows. First it showed that other consciousness and shame consciousness of social-face sensitivity had positive effects on conspicuous consumption. Second Formality consciousness had negative effects on conspicuous consumption. Third, nationality(comparative of Korea and China tourists) played moderating roles in the relationship between all aspects of social-face sensitivity excepting formality consciousness, and conspicuous consumption. Overall findings provide new insights into consumers' psychology behavior and suggest several implications for tourism marketing.
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    A Study for the Effect about Intention of Participation in Medical Tourism to Korea by Using Theory of Planned Behavior(TPB): Focusing on the Potential Medical Tourist in Japan

    Bae, Seong-Hwa , Noh, Jeonghee , Kang, Hye-Jeong | 2015, 39(4) | pp.165~183 | number of Cited : 31
    The aim of this study is to investigate participation intention of Japanese medical tourists by using extended theory of planned behavior, added perceived value. In another words, this study oriented to exploring the effect of attitude(AT), subjective norm(SN), perceived behavior control(PBC) and perceived value on participation intentions of Japanese medical tourists. The results of the study reveal that perceived value, attitude and subjective norm have significant relationship with participation intention. The result of this investigation provides important implications for strategic medical tourism ; it will aid in designing and implementing marketing programs for creating and enhancing the medical tourism and increasing perceived value.