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2020, Vol.6, No.

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    A Case Study of Mentoring Program for Multicultural Understanding Education Instructors

    Kim Namhee | Kim Hyebin | 2020, 6() | pp.1~23 | number of Cited : 4
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    Based on the case of mentoring programs for multicultural understanding education instructors, this study seeks to find out the grievances of multicultural understanding education instructors and suggest improvements accordingly. In fact, we participated in the mentoring program and conducted the research based on the reports we prepared while working as mentors. As a result of the study, the difficulties that instructors felt in the process of multicultural understanding education were as follows. First, difficulty in producing teaching materials such as PPT, second, difficulty in pronunciation and word choice, third, lack of understanding of multicultural understanding education, fourth, lack of technical parts used in actual classes. To solve these problems, a systematic training process is required, and the promotion of mentoring programs for multicultural understanding education instructors is proposed.
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    A proposal of music art education plan to prevent deviation of multicultural youth

    Kim Hyun Jin | 2020, 6() | pp.25~45 | number of Cited : 0
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    Multi-cultural Society and Education Studies 6, 25-45. Multi-cultural youth are exposed to deviations and misconduct due to various negative stimuli, including experiences of social discrimination, and have many possibilities to be led to crime. Our society must watch this situation with interest and take various measures. This study described how to use music and art education to prevent multi-cultural youths from deviating. Music and art education allows multi-cultural youth to be emotionally stable and to naturally embrace and adapt to other cultures by participating and working together. In Korea, a multi-cultural society, we need to pay much attention to multi-cultural youth to communicate and contribute to future development as a member of our society. In order to prevent deviations and crimes of multi-cultural youth, it is necessary not only to study as an academic, but also to develop a music arts education program at the national level and establish support policies. In addition, efforts should be made to continuously change and develop by regularly checking and evaluating whether the program is being operated properly. This study is based on data research and theoretical analysis, so there is a shortcoming in presenting practical plans. In the future, empirical analysis studies should be conducted according to the practical operation of music arts education to prevent multicultural youth's deviation and crime.
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    The implications of french policies to Korean society

    Kim Hyun Jin | 2020, 6() | pp.47~72 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study is to consider the implications of French multicultural policies to Korean society. France has the longest history of immigration in Europe therefore this country has not only abundant experiences of success but also failure. The immigration policies of France has been strictly controlled and closed against other cultures due to French people's unity. The result is that especially muslim immigrants including their second and third generations have not adapted well to French society. On the other hand, anti-immigration has spread to the French due to the economic crisis and the fear of terrorism. This problem has caused serious social conflict between French and immigrants. In spite of this the French people have implemented multicultural policies that are very generous and inclusive to foreign minors who are noun adults. This paper suggests to apply these policies after analyzing French society's problems and causes to ensure these will have a positive future for our society's multicultural policies.
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    Analysis of Prior Studies on Disabled Children in Multicultural Families

    Song Soon Im | 2020, 6() | pp.73~96 | number of Cited : 0
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    Analysis of Prior Studies on Disabled Children in Multicultural Families. As Korea changed to multiculturalism, the number of students from multicultural families increased significantly at the educational site. And it is predicted that there will be a considerable number of students with disabilities from multicultural families. In response, the study searched for 'multicultural', 'disability' and 'special education' and analyzed 64 papers related to children with disabilities from multicultural families published from 2010 to 2019 by year, subject, research method, and research subject. And presented the difficulties of teachers and parents who educate and nurture children with disabilities from multicultural families. As a result, research papers on disabled children in multicultural families have been very insufficient in quantity and quality over the past decade.The subjects of this study were 15 children with disabilities, 16 parents, and 15 teachers. By research method, there were 20 qualitative studies, 13 survey studies, 5 observation and comparative research studies, 12 literature studies, and 9 experimental studies. By research topic, 23 related to education and childcare, 11 related to multicultural awareness, and 9 related to characteristics of children with disabilities in multicultural families were in order. In addition, the difficulties in education for children with disabilities in multicultural families that teachers feel are communication, selection of children with disabilities that do not reflect multiculturalism, educational activities, and lack of multicultural awareness. Marriage migrant women had difficulties in early screening and diagnosis of disabilities, difficulties in communication, unilateral support that did not reflect the specificity of children with disabilities from multicultural families, parenting stress and psychological problems. Therefore, this researcher suggested the necessity of various and active studies on children with disabilities in multicultural families, the survey of children with disabilities in multicultural families, and the establishment of support system for related specialized institutions for appropriate support for children with disabilities in multicultural families.
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    A study on the career support plan for multicultural middle school students in rural area.

    Han Chae Un | 2020, 6() | pp.97~125 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to find ways to provide better career support by operating various careerrelated programs to enhance career development capabilities of multicultural middle school students in rural areas by identifying the current status of career development and career support for multicultural youths, individual character-ristics, and career support requirements of multicultural youths.
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    A meta study on the attitude of multicultural acceptance of Korean teachers

    Hwang Kyong Deug | 2020, 6() | pp.127~158 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of the research is to analyze the overall trend of the multicultural acceptability and multicultural sensitivity-related studies and the characteristics of the study to draw implications for subsequent studies. Prior studies were searched for the main terms such as 'teacher, multicultural acceptance,' and 'teacher, multicultural sensitivity', and analyzed for academic research papers published during the period from 2008 to 2020. As a result of the study, the most researches were conducted in the metropolitan area for researchers related to individual multicultural competencies, and for preschool teachers in terms of research subjects. In terms of research methods, it has been revealed that quantitative research methods have been led. As a starting point for these findings, research topics and research methods, the expansion and segmentation of research subjects, the need to establish long-term multicultural policies, and the development of a teacher multicultural acceptance attitude improvement program are required.