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2021, Vol.7, No.

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    A study of Actual Conditions on Cambodia Immigrants wives in Korea

    Young-eun Kwon | 2021, 7() | pp.1~28 | number of Cited : 0
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    Multi-cultural Society and Education Studies 07, 1-27. This study aimed to identify various adaptation problems of marriage immigrant women and suggest social integration policy and practical implications for them. First, this study identified life conditions of marriage immigrant women across individual, familial, and social level aspects. Second, it described challenges and problems they face based on data. Finally, Various efforts to solve related issues and problems were discussed. This study was used research on conditions of multicultural family and previous research findings and focused marriage immigrant women from Cambodian.
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    A Study on the Improvement Plan for Multicultural Understanding Eduacation

    Kim, Hyebin | Nam Hee Kim | 2021, 7() | pp.29~50 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to propose an improvement plan based on the satisfaction survey for teachers of multicultural understanding education visiting Busan. Data collection was conducted through a questionnaire survey by the homeroom teacher after conducting multicultural understanding education to be visited in 2019. The improvement plan accordingly is as follows. First, a systematic curriculum that considers grade level is necessary. Second, continuous multicultural understanding education is needed from a long-term perspective. Third, it is necessary to improve teachers' multicultural capabilities.
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    A phenomenological Study of Married Chinese Female Doctoral Students’ Academic Experienc and Long-Distance Parenting Challenges

    An Qi | ZHU HUIQIN | So Hyejin | 2021, 7() | pp.51~74 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study was to examine the experiences of married female Chines doctoral students in South Korea who are engaged in long-distance parenting and suffering from academic stress. The first author conducted in-depth interviews with three Chinese doctoral students in South Korea and explored their experiences of doctoral study and long distance parenting. The researchers used phenomenological research methods to analyze verbatim interview transcriptions. The data analysis showed that three themes and eight categories were emerged: Experiences of studying in Korea (including the motivation to study in Korea, positive and stressful experiences, and the release of stress), long-distance parenting experiences (including children’s negative experiences, concerns about relationships with children, dual stresses of parenting, and mother as role model), and family support. Therefore, the results of this study provide important information about the psychological experiences of female Chinese doctoral students who need to parent a child left behind in China. It is hoped that this study can be a resource to create a support system for them.
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    Application and Significance of Corpus-based Programs for Korean Vocabulary Education

    Ahn Jihyun | 2021, 7() | pp.75~98 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study is to investigate corpus-based programs for Korean language education. In regards to second and foreign language learning, corpus as a data-driven learning tool has been positively regarded for many years. It is an important medium to learn about Korean vocabulary education. However, there is a lack of empirical studies on corpus and its program utilization in Korean vocabulary education. This study explores the corpus-based programs, such as Word Cloud, Concordancer and Ngram Viewer utilized in language education, then examines strategic factors that can be applied to Korean language education. This study provides new perspectives on teaching and learning strategies for Korean vocabulary education.
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    Application and Significance of Corpus-based Programs for Korean Vocabulary Education

    이수자 | 2021, 7() | pp.99~124 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to critically examine multicultural education for immigrant children from the perspective of intercultural education and to suggest ways to improve it. Although multicultural education in Korea has continued to develop quantitatively and qualitatively since the 2000s, it is true that it still faces many challenges. This study began with the recognition that it can contribute to the improvement of multicultural education for immigrant children through the perspective of intercultural education, and developed in a way to organize the characteristics of intercultural education and proceeded in a way that specifically reviews the status and problems of educational support in Korea. From the perspective of intercultural education, it was possible to propose multilingual education for all, including immigrant children, expanding opportunities for independent participation in the curriculum, and improving educational institutions as a site for intercultural dialog.
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    A Study on the Diaspora and Ethnic Identity in Lee Chang-rae’s “Native Speaker”

    Chang, Min-Hee | 2021, 7() | pp.125~150 | number of Cited : 0
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    Immigrants truly form their own identity by improving upon stereotypical norms Henry, the protagonist of “Native Speaker”, is a native English speaker. However, he impersonates White people. Personifying the average White American is based off of cultural self-denial. This is why Henry`s identity is unstable. For that reason, he`s unable to reach his goal. Through this process, Henry realizes the importance of Korean culture. Henry, Who ran from the fact he was Korean-American, recovers his identity by admitting his Korean heritage. For immigrants living as diaspora, establishing the means for them to understand their ethnic identity is important. This paper emphasizes the importance of ethnic identity.
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    Topic-based Analysis of Current Research on Korean Vocabulary and its Applications to Korean Classrooms in Korea

    Jo Mun-gun | 2021, 7() | pp.151~174 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study aims to review current research on Korean vocabulary and to synthesize the findings based on main points of vocabulary research. With this purpose, this study selected various articles from four major journals published in Korea. A total of 30 vocabulary-related articles in the journals published after 2000 were reviewed and analyzed in terms of the following three perspectives, teaching and learning; assessment and the relationship between other language skill. And this study show that the majority of the research has been conducted on vocabulary teaching and learning among these domains. There were conflicting results of the effects of using implicit and explicit approaches to vocabulary teaching and learning. There is also a dire need for teachers to develop students vocabulary learning strategies. Various factors affecting students' vocabulary competence are examined for effective vocabulary teaching and learning. Considering the current trend of various views in language teaching more balanced vocabulary research in terms of topics should be conducted in the future. Several implications and applications are discussed based on the findings of the study.
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    A Case Study on the Integrated Korean Language Class Using Traditional Fairy Tale

    Han Chae Un | 2021, 7() | pp.175~206 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study was conducted for 16 weeks in the next three stages to find ways to improve Korean language skills for For Vietnamese middle school student who entered Korea using various traditional fairy tales. As a result of reviewing the prior study, the first stage selected traditional fairy tales that learners were interested in. In the second phase, 10 traditional fairy tales were composed as supplementary materials and used for Korean language classes. As a way to produce the results of the study, the changes of learners in the class are written in the teacher's observation log. After the class, the learning effectiveness of the four areas of Korean was verified in various angles by observing the changes of learners with a survey and a Korean language proficiency diagnosis-calibration system. In conclusion, the study not only improved Korean language skills through various traditional fairy tales for middle school students who entered Korean schools, but also showed that customized Korean language education for each target is possible in general schools.
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    Practical Exploration of International Education Exchange

    Tianyuan Zhe | De Zeng | Raolu Cui | 2021, 7() | pp.207~242 | number of Cited : 0
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    Nowadays, the trend of globalization in the world is deepening, the exchanges between countries and nationalities in education is getting closer and closer. With the improvement of China's education quality and emphasis on education, the degree of internationalization of China's education is further deepened. China is constantly exploring the road of high-level international education in practice. Yunnan, as an important hub connecting Southeast Asia and a key development province under "the belt and road initiative", bears the heavy responsibility of training applied talents in non-common languages. The educational cooperation between universities in Yunnan Province and Southeast Asian countries has been put into practice and made some achievements, but there are still some unsolved problems. This paper studies the cooperation between Chinese and Vietnamese universities in Yunnan Province, and focuses on analyzing the existing modes and existing problems of Sino-Vietnamese cooperation in Yunnan universities, so as to put forward feasible solutions, explore the practical way of international education exchange in China, and make China's education develop towards a higher level and better quality internationalization.