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2023, Vol.36, No.1

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    Study on Concept Mapping of Death Preparation in Old Age

    InJa Choi ORD ID , MinHee Kim | 2023, 36(1) | pp.1~23 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study aims to verify and visualize the conceptual structure, dimension, and importance of death preparation by utilizing concept mapping regarding experiences with and content of death preparation as recognized, by older adults. For this purpose, 12 older adults who were interested in death preparation were selected as study participants. Subsequently, 52 final statements were generated from interviews with research participants. Using multidimensional scale analysis, hierarchical cluster analysis, and the K-means method on the derived statements, confirmed that the concept of death preparation comprises two dimensions and four clusters. The two dimensions were named the “realistic-existential” dimension and “future oriented-present oriented” dimension, while the four clusters were named “Concentration on the rest of life”, “Organizing daily life”, “Wish for the final process” and “Pursuit of meaning and creation”. Participants rated all four clusters as important in death preparation; however, they rated “Organizing daily life” the highest and “Wish for the final process” the lowest. This is the first study to confirm how the concept of death preparation is recognized by older adults from their own perspectives, and contributes to promoting future research related to death preparation in old age.
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    Exploring the effect of Korean caregiver speech quality on sustaining the child’s attention and vocabulary acquisition

    Yoonsung Kim ORD ID , Youngon Choi | 2023, 36(1) | pp.25~45 | number of Cited : 0
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    The Input language provided to young learners play important roles in their language acquisition. Caregiver speech draws and sustains learners’ attention, and this sustained attention may facilitate word acquisition. The role of caregivers’ speech quality in sustaining learners’ attention and facilitating word acquisition has not been investigated in Korean. Twenty-four Korean mothers’ speeches provided for their 15-20-month-olds were analyzed to examine how the relationships between speech quality and sustained attention relate to concurrent and later vocabulary acquisition. Unlike English findings, syntax predicted later vocabulary acquisition, instead of the referential nature or communicative intent. Specifically, declarative use elicited sustained attention and positively predicted vocabulary growth, whereas sentence fragments were less likely to sustain attention and negatively predicted word growth. Interestingly, however, a similar proportion of overall referential speech was observed to that of English, raising the possibility that Korean caregivers may be less likely to omit referent mentions in infant-directed speech.
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    The Mediation Effect of Loneliness on the Relationship between the Different Purposes of SNS Use and Successful aging in Older Adults

    Hogyung Gwak ORD ID , Sujin Yang | 2023, 36(1) | pp.47~67 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study investigated whether the relationship between SNS use purpose (relationship pursuit, information pursuit, entertainment pursuit) and successful aging is mediated by loneliness. The mediating model is examined using PROCESS Macro v3.5. The mediating model was examined for 328 domestic older adults aged 65-79 years(M=67.77, SD=2.95) using SNS. The results indicated that the mediating effects of loneliness were significant in the relationship between the three types of SNS use and successful aging but in different ways. In other words, it was found that SNS use for relationship pursuit and SNS use for information pursuit in older adults not only directly affects successful aging, but also indirectly affects successful aging by lowering loneliness. On the other hand, the indirect effect of loneliness was positive for SNS use in the pursuit of relationships and information but negative for entertainment. These findings suggest that, contrary to the other two types of SNS use, the use of SNS for entertainment reduces successful aging by increasing loneliness. This study revealed a mechanism by which the purpose of SNS use in older adults affects successful aging through loneliness, and confirmed that the relationship between these mechanisms may vary depending on the purpose of SNS use.
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    Development of Questioning Behaviors in Two to Three-year-old Korean Children

    Sung Min Kyeung , Oh Seong Hwan , Hyun Joo SONG | 2023, 36(1) | pp.69~86 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study is an attempt to explore types of questions produced by Korean preschoolers. Corpora from three children in The Child Language Data Exchange System(CHILDES - MacWhinney, 2000) were analyzed to understand the types of questions asked by 2.5- to 3-year-old children and the answers given by adults. Questions were divided into information seeking and non-information seeking questions. Furthermore, answers of adult caregivers were classified into explanatory and non-explanatory answers. The results show that children ask questions to receive information, and the percentage of explanatory questions increases as they grow older. Adult caregivers provide explanatory answers more often than non-explanatory answers. These results are similar to those obtained from children in the West, suggesting that Korean children use questions as a means of obtaining information, and asking questions is an efficient way of gaining information from adults who can be informants.
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    Moderated mediating effect of parenting style that provides structure in the relationship between shyness, teamwork, and difficulties in peer relationships

    Sangwon Ki ORD ID , Hyesook Lee ORD ID , Donghyun Nam ORD ID | 2023, 36(1) | pp.87~103 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study examines whether a parenting method that provides structure has a moderated mediating effect in the pathway from children’s shyness to difficulties in peer relationships through teamwork. The responses of 2,607 4th graders from the 1st to 3rd Wave of the Korean Child and Youth Panel Survey were analyzed. Shyness was found to have a positive influence on difficulties in peer relationships, and teamwork had a negative effect on difficulties in peer relationships. The effect of shyness on teamwork differed according to the level of parenting that provides structure. Finally, the pathway of shyness on the difficulties in peer relationships through teamwork was found to vary depending on the degree of the aforementioned parenting method, indicating a moderated mediating effect of the method. The discussion covers the significance of this study, directions for follow-up studies, and practical implications.
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    The Study of Fraud Vulnerability: Focusing on Age, Personality Traits and Mind Reading Ability

    Yeaeun Shim , Eunsil Choi | 2023, 36(1) | pp.105~131 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study aimed to analyze the psychosocial variables related to fraud, which is rapidly increasing in recent years, by examining the differences in fraud vulnerability by age group, and investigating the relationship between psychosocial variables such as personality traits, fraud vulnerability, and mind reading ability. The difference between major variables of fraud vulnerability were verified according to age group. Early adulthood showed significantly higher compliance than old age; early adulthood and middle age showed significantly higher vigilance and impulsivity than old age; and belief in justice showed a significantly higher score in old age than in early adulthood. Correlations among most major variables were significant, particularly, compliance, vigilance, impulsivity, and decision time of fraud vulnerability were significantly correlated with personality neurosis. In addition, the personality latent profile was classified into five latent classes: “active-stable”, “introvert-unstable”, “normal”, “active-unstable”, and “passion-cold”. These results indicate that there is a difference in fraud vulnerability according to the personality latent class, and the foundation of the basic research for the preventive intervention to discern fraud or social deception can be established by confirming the relationship with psychosocial variables.
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    Relationships between moral evaluations of whistle-blowing and fairness-loyalty tradeoff in emerging adulthood

    Eunhye Choung ORD ID , Kyong-sun Jin | 2023, 36(1) | pp.133~151 | number of Cited : 0
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    When a group engages in moral transgressions, its members face the whistleblower's dilemma: the conflict between remaining loyal to the group or standing up for justice and fairness. The present study investigates the relationships between moral evaluations of whistle-blowing behaviors and the fairness-loyalty tradeoff in emerging adults. The participants read scenarios in which a person blows the whistle on another person's moral transgression and evaluated the whistle-blowing behaviors. The scenarios differ in the levels of relationship closeness between the violator and whistle-blower, and the severity levels of the violations. The results suggest that a fairness-loyalty tradeoff predicts individuals' evaluations of whistle-blowing. Moreover, women evaluated whistle-blowing behaviors more positively than men. There were also significant effects of relationship closeness between the violator and whistle-blower on the severity of violations. These results reveal the psychological and contextual factors that affect individuals’ moral evaluations of whistle-blowing behavior.