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Information for Authors

The Japanese Institute of Chung-Ang University's regulations on the publication of papers are as follows.

◎ Contents

It should be original contents that have not been published in domestic and foreign academic journals.

◎ Language used

In principle, manuscripts shall be written in Korean or Japanese.


1) Submission manuscript

① In case of initial posting, submit a manuscript file to the online posting system using 'Hangul'(97 or higher).

    The addressee's address (including his university), postal code, telephone number, and the address to which he/she shall receive the 'Japanese research' are specified in the attached Form.

② When notification of the decision to publish is received, upload the final copy of the original document file.

2) Closing date: 30th June and 31st December every year

3) Date of issue: 20th February and 20th August every year

4) Submitted by

    Submit it to cajjso.jams.or.kr after signing up for members.

5) Postage fee

The posting fee shall be deposited online upon receipt of the notice of the decision to publish by the editorial committee.

6) Uploading homepage data

After the final calibration, the manuscript shall be uploaded to the data room on the Japanese research website so that members can share the data.

7) a separate edition

Two copies of fififi and 20 separate copies will be presented to the author whose paper is published.

8) Other

① The composition of the text shall be introduced and concluded, and a paper in the form of serial numbers shall be published.

I don't.

② A certificate (scheduled) can be issued only after the committee decides to publish it.