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2005, Vol., No.6

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    A Study on the Origin of Wu Yan Shi

    신주석 | 2005, (6) | pp.109~124 | number of Cited : 1
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    Study on Mothers of Wei Chin Nan-Bei dynasty appeared in ≪Shi-shuo Shin-yu≫

    Youngsuk Lee | 2005, (6) | pp.153~180 | number of Cited : 0
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    Wei-Chin Nan-Bei dynasty(魏晉南北朝) is a political terrorism period, but in the literaryideologyphilosophy field that era can be called as a period of social revolution which created new social system and advanced culture so on. 《Shin-shuo Hsin-yu(世說新語)》is the representative literary works of gathering anecdotages about famous people who lived in Wei-Chin Nan-Bei dynasty(魏晉南北朝). Some people described Wei-Chin Nan-Bei dynasty(魏晉南北朝) as the age of 《Shi-shuo Shin-yu(世說新語)》, because it contains literature, ideology and philosophy of those days. That is the reason why this paper takes 《Shi-shuo Shin-yu(世說新語)》 as a basic material for study of mothers who lived in Wei-Chin Nan-Bei dynasty(魏晉南北朝). This paper would study and analyze mothers lives and a sense of values through 《Shin-shuo Hsin-yu(世說新語)》 which describes vividly the life of Wei-Chin Nan-Bei dynasty(魏晉南北朝). Through all of this reviewing for 《Shin-shuo Hsin-yu(世說新語)》, we can understand the mothers of Wei-Chin Nan-Bei dynasty(魏晉南北朝) in which Confucianism and Taoism coexist, Xian-xue(玄學) and Qing-tan(淸談) are prevalent, and Confucian ideas are still requested by the aristocracy. This paper could show how maternal and filial affection was solidified under social and political atmosphere, mothers who were influenced from noble lineage play an important part, and the mothers' status were changed. And we can also consider the sense of values of Wei-Chin Nan-Bei dynasty(魏晉南北朝) women who were mothers and their true value itself.
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    The Study of an aesthetics on novel of ≪Red Ink stone≫Commentary

    Yoo Hee June | 2005, (6) | pp.193~224 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this thesis, based on the reader 'Aesthetics of Reception Theory' of the western literary criticism and 'the emotion centered theory of Chinese literary criticism, Zhi yanzhai's idea and his thought of art could be considered in "Red inkstone" commemtary. In the criticism of Zhi yanzhai, considering 《Dream of the Red Chamber》 to be appreciated in the view of 'realism' and 'emotionalism' succeeding to Li zhuowu's theory in the aspect of 'Aesthetics of Reception', I advanced the theory of aesthetic on it with his thought. He stated that novel can afford the readers the emptiness for imagination which can be felt in paintings and poetry such as including the author's feeling of entire life and philosophical reason and drawing with spirit. Thus, although it is not set up systematically, his theory reflecting creativity, deviated from former novel system, should be estimated highly.
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    A Study on Representation Feature in the Reformation of Chinese Opera Before ≪XinShiQi≫ New Epoch

    Deuk-Chang Cho | 2005, (6) | pp.239~254 | number of Cited : 3
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    20세기초엽부터 시작된 중국의 전통극 개혁은 新時期까지 네 차례 중요한 단계를 거쳐 진행된다. 첫 번째 단계는 내우외환을 겪던 淸末民初시기이며, 두 번째 단계는 중일전쟁시기이며, 세 번째 단계는 중화인민공화국 수립 이후이며, 네 번째 단계는 江靑 등이 전통극 개혁을 자신의 정치적 목적의 달성을 위한 수단으로 간주하기 시작한 “全國京劇現代戱觀摩演出大會”가 열린 1964년부터 문화대혁명 종결 전까지 이다.20세기 이래 시작된 이러한 전통극 개혁은 사실상 서구 리얼리즘 연극의 영향을 받고 시작되었다. 서구 리얼리즘 연극이 표방하고 있는 재현적 특징이 이 전통극 개혁으로 만들어진 극 속에 자리 잡고 있는데, 주로 연기와 무대도구 및 배경의 쓰임에서 찾아볼 수 있다.중국 전통극의 연기는 모방을 통해 현실을 재현하는 서구 리얼리즘 연극과는 달리 상징화되고 정형화된 歌舞的 연기로써 그 나름대로의 미학체계를 가지고 있다. 청말 민초에 개혁된 전통극 중 현실을 제재로 한 극에서는 일상동작을 모방한 연기가 진행이 되어, 중국 전통극이 가진 미학체계를 파괴하고 서구 리얼리즘 연극의 연기를 추수한다. 하지만, 이후에 진행된 개혁에서는 중국 전통극의 연기미학의 체계에 근거하여 지나친 격식은 없애고 사실적 연기를 조화롭게 결합하려고 노력하게 된다. 중국 전통극의 무대도구는 탁자 하나 의자 두개(一二椅)이며, 배경은 사실적인 배경이 아니라 무대 뒤에 휘장이 걸려 있는 정도였다. 마찬가지로 淸末民初부터 무대도구가 다양화되고, 사실적 배경이 두루 사용된다. 처음에는 중국 전통극의 상징화되고 정형화된 연기와 부조화하여 중국 전통극의 미학을 파괴하기도 하였지만, 50년대에 들어와서는 어느 정도 그 것의 모순이 해결되었으며, 문화대혁명시기의 ‘樣板戱’에 와서는 비록 문제점이 발견되기도 하지만, 나름대로의 체계를 형성하여 조화로운 양태를 보였으며, 신시기 이후의 전통극 개혁에 상당한 도움을 시사하게 된다. 서구 리얼리즘의 재현적 특성을 그대로 중국 전통극에 받아들였다는 사실은 중국 전통극의 미학체계에 대한 충격이었고, 중국 전통극은 이때부터 여러 가지 어려움에 봉착된다. 예를 들어 사실적인 연기와 음악간의 충돌, 상징화되고 정형화된 연기와 사실적 배경과의 충돌 등이다. 이러한 어려움 속에서도 중국 전통극 개혁은 여러 가지로 의미있는 성과를 거두었다. 비록 그 성과가 부정적인 이미지를 내포한 양판희에서 많이 찾아 볼 수 있지만, 그것은 신시기 이후 중국 전통극 개혁에 일정한 의미로서 작용했음을 부인할 수는 없다.
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    The Moment the Daily Life is Blockade : Another Way of Reading Eileen Chang's Novels

    Park Ja-Young | 2005, (6) | pp.255~274 | number of Cited : 2
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    My article is focussing on the non-routine domain in Eileeng Chang's novels, comparing with the daily life/routine of that. Before I analyse Chang's novels, I examine the tendency of study and divide it into three classes--narration mode, daily life(routine), and non-routine. As I agree partly with this existing study tendency, I observe how the non-routine domain is involved in the daily life. I analyse that the non-routine domain investigates the real and life constantly and keep from falling into the fantasy domain. In doing so, the non-routine is endowed with the feeling of reality and build up the tension related to the real world. The inside of blockade trolly car in Blockade(Fengsuo) is an allegory about the split of daily life that has no way out. And I point out the way non-routine world is not exist without regarding to the everyday life. Meanwhile, the Hongkong narrative of Love in a Fallen City(QingChengzhiLian) and so on translates the secular and real space into the non-real space and segregate from the real by itself. At this moment, female characters in her novels recognize the split and contradiction of daily life and the advent of non-routine. The female characters project her life to the non-routine space positively and revision the way of her life and resuscitate from the unreal to the world of reality. Therefore, the non-routine space in Eileen Chang's novels redispose the logic of daily life and reconstruct the world itself in this situation. The non-routine domain is filled with the routine but is not transformed into the daily life. It becomes the important moment of organization of another possible world. The Hongkong narrative describes the world that the non-routine life is daily continued. Eileen Chang's texts newly settle the "normal" boundary of routine/non-routine and disturb the whole real world.
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