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2013, Vol., No.23

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    Wang Yuanheng “Seclusion”Sanqu image research

    朱鐵梅 | 2013, (23) | pp.85~108 | number of Cited : 0
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    There are a large number of seclusion works of Yuan Sanqu, among them, WangYuanheng 60 short poem in 100 short poem to " seclusion " as the topic, his works with its extremely bold style, pure neat refined in the late Yuan Sanqu to become one, in the form of the used image of the genre, and its combination with him there is a close relationship. This artical consists of two parts, the first part through to Wang Yuanheng, Ma Zhiyuan, Zhang Kejiu the subject in "cloud", "mountain", "wine", "fishers and woodsmen", the four common image study of similarities and differences between three people, in-depth understanding of Wang Yuanheng "Seclusion" image in Yuan Sanqu the special significance of Yuan Sanqu seclusion. The second part conducts the research to the Wang Yuanheng personality image, this artical conducts the research on the humanities class number of images used in short poem, and the parallel and contrast combination analysis, in-depth study of personality characteristics of Wang Yuanheng "Seclusion" Sanqu image. Finally, summarize the style of Wang Yuanheng.
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    Talented women ’ diehards’ mentality and literary consciousness in the early Qing Dynasty

    송청수 | 2013, (23) | pp.109~124 | number of Cited : 0
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    Talented women showed family country mood, literature’consciousness and serious attitude, created a large number of outstanding literary works, but also to the selected works, the compilation of comments women Anthology of poetry to construct the feminist literary theory.the feminist literary criticism has certain academic. In the interactive literature creation and theory construction, Talented women more literary consciousness, feminist literary criticism more academic, literary creation is more rich, for the development of female literature in the Qing dynasty laid a solid literature and theoretical foundation, formed the first climax of feminine literature in the Qing dynasty.
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    A Study of the Eileen Chang’s Narrative: Focusing on Her Fiction

    강승미 | 2013, (23) | pp.191~213 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study was to illustrate the narrative features of Eileen Chang(Zhang Ailing)’s fictions, especially focusing on four fictions such as 〈牛〉, 〈沉香屑第一炉香〉, 〈傾城之戀〉, 〈金锁记〉, 〈连环套〉. Eileen Chang played an important role in the history of Modern Chinese fiction that her fictions reflect not only cosmopolitan modernity but also traditional human relationship under the society of modern China. Because Chinese people was facing the challenge in the change of social system under the ‘New Nation’ catch phrase since the Opium War(1840-1842), modern Chinese fiction corresponded to a large-scale socio-political, cultural reformation of traditional Chinese civilization. But collision of tradition and modernity brought an unexpected problems that the Chinese fictions were utilized as a political tools. As these trends damaged the artistry of Chinese modern fiction, Eileen Chang’s fictions have been recognized as excellent and special breakthrough aesthetic achievements that reflected the spirit of the modern Chinese people on the basis of the realities of life. First, Eileen Chang’s unique writing style was defined as “Uneven contrast 參差的對照” which linked a story with objective reality. Spatial and temporal juxtaposition of different cultures and temporalities maximized the aesthetic value of Eileen Chang’s fiction. Second, her writing forms which accommodated both traditional folk forms and the modern commercial forms appealed to the various layers of her target readers, “shanghairen上海人”. Last, Elieen Chang’s narrative dimension was a third-dimension mixed with first-person intimacy. It provided her readers the intimacy to each characters with the detailed description in real modern life. Chang completely erased sentimentalism in her description of her characters. Characters in her fictions were visualized and vitalized in the real life. Chang’s characteristic narratives provided the foundation to obtain the artistry, popularity and objectivity for her fictions to show the complexity of human nature.
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