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Review Process

1. The editorial committee selects three scholars specializing in the relevant fields as reviewers and commissions evaluation of the submitted manuscript.

2. The reviewers evaluate the content and level of the paper and notify the editorial committee, in writing, whether the paper should be published or not.

3. Evaluation is conducted in four specific areas: suitability of the system (20%), creativity of the thesis (30%), clarity of logic (30%), and academic contribution (20%).  

             Based on the average score given by the reviewers, evaluation is done as follows:

             80+ points: suitable for publication

             70-79 points: revise and publish in the upcoming issue

             69 points: not suitable for publication


4. Even if the average score is 70 or higher, if the gap between the reviewers’ scores is significant, the editorial committee may re-elect one or three more reviewers to re-evaluate the paper.

5. Even if the average score is 70 or more, if the paper was scored below 69 by two reviewers, it may not be published in the upcoming issue.

6. The editorial committee may request the author to revise/supplement the paper based on the results of the reviewers’ evaluation.

7. Reviewers from the same affiliated institution as the authors are excluded from the evaluation.

8. Objections to the evaluation results are received by the editorial department ( and reviewed by the editorial committee.


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