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2018, Vol.62, No.

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    Analyzing Trends and Styles of KakaoTalk's Popular Emoticons in 2017

    Eun Seok O , WON JONG WOOK | 2018, 62() | pp.7~18 | number of Cited : 7
    It is the research purpose to analyze trends of KakaoTalk emoticons in 2017 after searching (scan), acculmulating (clip) and reviewing (review) popular emoticons from the 1st to 100th place in rankings of KakaoTalk's 'emoticon store' once a month. KakaoTalk provided only 'All' rankings in the section of 'Popular' at the emoticon store. The store has serviced the ranking of '10-20' and '30-40' as age group since July, so it has been possible to analyze emoticons by age group. As a result of comparing and analyzing popular emoticons of the overall ranking ('All') and the age group ranking ('10-20' and '30-40'), '10-20' and '30-40' have remarkably different preferences for the style of KakaoTalk emoticons. In the 10-20s, they pursue differentiation and newness and love 'Pyung-mat/Gag (Comics)' tastes. This teenagers and twenties prefer emoticons made with simply free line drawing styles and few colors. In the 30-40s, they favor 'Cute/Character' style and their popular emoticons are well designed with shape and color like classic or existing characters' design. In conclusion, it is important to set up the target group and establish the design strategy for the age group.
  • 2.

    Analysis of the User Attitude toward Brand Personality of Kakaofriends Emoticon Character

    Kim Ji-Ye , KIM JONG MOO I | 2018, 62() | pp.19~30 | number of Cited : 13
    The purpose of this study was analyze what the customer’s attitude toward brand personalty of ‘Kakaofriends,’ which is representative character of Kakaotalk focused on brand preference, brand loyalty, and purchase intension. For analysis, the question paper used in preceding study was revised & supplemented to be proper to this study. On-line experiment was carried on for 110 people from October 20 to 30, 2017 and 107 error-free papers were used for final analysis. As a result, first, brand personality of Kakaofriends emoticon character showed activity, initiative and sophistication. Second, sub factors of brand personality of Kakaofriends emoticon character; activity and initiative had a positive effect on brand preference but it had no effect on sophistication. Third, all three factors of brand personality of Kakaofriends emoticon character had no effect on brand loyalty. Forth, brand preference of Kakaofriends emoticon character had a positive effect on purchase intension. but it had no effect on brand loyalty. The result have shown that the factors of Kakaofriends emoticon character’s brand personality and correlation between brand preference, brand loyalty, and purchase intension. It is expected that this study be basic materials for designers to create a new emoticon to understand user attitude later.
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    The Analysis on the Creativity of Contest Award-winning Advertisements - Focusing on Advertising Posters of 'Korea Design Exhibition' -

    Kakhyun Cho | 2018, 62() | pp.31~42 | number of Cited : 1
    This study aims to understand the characteristics and tendency of advertising creative expressions of winning works through the classification of expression types of winning advertising posters in design contest. Targeting winners in the sector of advertising posters out of winners in the sector of printed advertisements in 'Korea Design Exhibition' invited by Korea Institute of Design Promotion(KIDP) from 2012 to 2016, the characteristics of creative expressions of winning advertisements were understood, and then the winning frequency of each expression type was drawn/analyzed. Through the consideration of preceding researches, the definition, tendency of expression, and classification method of advertising creative were understood, and then the analysis items/table were completed for the analysis of creative cases. For the analysis of the characteristics of creative expression, the representative expression cases were selected/presented from winning advertising poster works by classifying them into each topic/purpose like product advertisement, public advertisement, and corporate advertisement. Regarding the analysis method, they were classified into three types like advertising expression form, advertising expression, and advertising idea form, and the characteristics and frequency of expression were researched/analyzed through the analysis table. In the results of analysis, the winning frequency of advertising creative was in the order of public advertisement, product advertisement, and corporate advertisement. The advertising expression form was mostly dominated by image form and symbol form. Regarding the advertising expression tone, all the moods of expression tone were evenly shown except for sexual implication. Regarding the advertising idea type, the image composition and object metaphor were mostly applied. Such results suggest that the winning advertising creative could be another alternative to overcome the strategic constraints of general advertising creative.
  • 4.

    A Study of the Development of Self Motivated Learning Guided by Design Thinking - Focused on the Creative Practical Project -

    Shin, Kye-ok | 2018, 62() | pp.43~58 | number of Cited : 4
    The era in which we live now is the age of the fourth industrial revolution characterized as the artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. And the right people for the future are the ones who have the ability to solve problems by creative thinking. In order to educate these kinds of people, it is very important to study the training method and the innovation in the process of education for the times. For that purpose, it is necessary to design an educational process that can be learned self motivated learning and creative problem solving by applying design thinking at the educational site. Therefore in this study, the practice of the design thinking was explained to apply this concept into educational course. Based on this, the basic education for creative projects by educational method of human resources training required for this era by applying design thinking presented a method of self motivated learning guided by design thinking. This method can be characterized as the one which develops the self problem-solving ability and the creative potential.
  • 5.

    A Study on Presence as a VR Content Activation Strategy - Focused on Safeline cases -

    Min, Seul Gi , SUNGHOON KIM | 2018, 62() | pp.59~70 | number of Cited : 3
    In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where the fusion of media can be achieved and the boundaries between reality and virtual space are crumbled down, VR(Virtual Reality) provides an environment where you can directly experience what the existing media has indirectly provided by being combined in various fields. The purpose of this study is to study industrial safety education cases that maintain an inefficient educational environment with risk and high cost in situations, which on-site training is needed, by applying a presence effect that users can feel vividness and the sense of reality in media and virtual environment to VR content as an activation strategy of VR content. It made it available to understand each concept through the theoretical review, derived audiovisual-type morphological presence factors and hypothetical presence factors about the situation as a presence factor of VR education content, and analyzed the preference of presence factors by each case type by applying the derived factors to 'Safeline' cases of safety education VR content. As a result of the analysis, there was a difference in preferred presence factors according to the nature of the type, which enabled it to identify the need for VR content taking into account the characteristics of the field or expertise. In a rapidly changing media environment, VR technology and content need to be constantly researched as a new generation of communication tools, and moreover a research on methods that can be used in the long term rather than as a temporary measure should be continued.
  • 6.

    Successful Case Analysis of Crowd Funding - Focused on Design Typicality -

    Yoo, Song-yi , SEO HYE OCK | 2018, 62() | pp.71~80 | number of Cited : 6
    This study analyzed the design cases that were successfully evaluated in the crowd funding platform from the standpoint of typicality and preference. Therefore, we tried to confirm the results of the previous studies on the typicality and propose a strategy direction for the design typology within the crowd funding platform. For this study, the relationship between the background of the crowdfunding platform and the present operating status and the relationship between design typology and product preference were theoretically examined. Next, the representative success cases were selected in the crowdfunding platform, and the two hypotheses ([Hypothesis 1] the correlation between the aesthetic attractiveness and the preference will be different according to the functional orientation of product. [Hypothesis 2] If there is a correlation, the typicality will show a negative(-) relationship to aesthetic attractiveness and preference) were tested to clarify the influence of typicality on preference and aesthetical attractiveness. Hypothesis testing was conducted by analyzing the responses of 138 respondents in Seoul, who had experienced connecting crowd funding platform at least once, using SPSS statistics. Based on this, it can be seen that the degree of correlation between typicality, aesthetical attractiveness, and preference varies depending on the functional orientation of products. Also, when the degree of functional orientation of product was low, the typicality showed a positive (+) relationship with aesthetic attractiveness and preference. Therefore, the crowd funding platform that pursues new ideas requires control over the innovation of design.
  • 7.

    Analysis and Design Suggestions on Online Music Services by Age Groups

    Sin, Min A , 김은미 , 안민지 and 2 other persons | 2018, 62() | pp.81~94 | number of Cited : 0
    The study suggested music service with which each age group can be satisfied through improving music service that is focusing the twenties and securing potential users of the forties and the fifties. To this end, the study analyzed life style and use pattern for music service each age group and looked into needs for music service through in-depth interview. Suggestions for music service each age group to solve needs are as follows. Teenager as on-line communication gene- ration who are highly affected by idol fantom culture they like requires price deduction, and event and service to satisfy mind of fan. For the twenties as trend-sensitive generation who are affected by popular culture, it would be necessary to plan cultural event like party, play, concert etc. to reflect trend and to consider price deduction event connected to shopping and game. For the thirties as practical generation in pursuit of self-satisfaction, function to easily recommend music or genre they like should be enhanced. The forties as practical generation focusing on family and child nurturing require communication service with family like sharing music with family and event of special benefit etc. given when recommending music to friends. For the fifties who are highly affected by TV, they are familiar to image than music and put importance on communication, so it is required to improve access to use of music service and to provide community function by strengthening image contents in music service.
  • 8.

    A Study on the Animation Education in Jinling University during the Republic of China (1912-1949)

    Gong, Nian , Lee Dong Hun | 2018, 62() | pp.95~104 | number of Cited : 0
    Jinling University during the Republic of China(1912-1949)is the most representative academic institution in film education and filmscience, film production, film distribution and many other aspects. Although Jinling University had not yet formed an independent animation discipline, the opening of its animation curriculum, theoretical research, and the practice and production of animation have played an important historical role in the development of Chinese animation and are the beginning of China's animation education. This study investigates Jinling University comprehensively and systematically reviews the forms of animation education. At the same time, macroscopical education and microcosmic education concepts are used to analyze the social context of the Republic of China of discipline construction and external education concept at that time. It sketches the historical clues of the development of animation education in Jinling University in the Republic of China, and lays the foundation for further studying animation education in the Republic of China in theory.
  • 9.

    Analysis of audience attitude according to AfreecaTV Strategy Simulation Game BJ attributes - Focusing on Viewer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Viewing Purpose, Viewing Attitude -

    Lim, Jeong-yeop , KIM JONG MOO I | 2018, 62() | pp.105~118 | number of Cited : 47
    The one-person media market, a new channel for individuals to produce various contents themselves and share them with many people, has grown greatly with the development of Internet communication technology, the propagation of smartphones, and the popularization of video contents production tools. One of the most active one-person media is the online personal broadcasting. Previous studies on personal broadcasting have mainly focused on industrial aspects and analyzing viewer attitudes, however, there have been no studies related to the perspectives of the broadcasters or their characteristics. Therefore, in this study, I sought to analyze the audience attitude according to the characteristics of the online personal broadcasters, which lacks research from the academic perspective despite the steady growth of the industry for more than 10 years. In order to carry out this study, the attributes of Broadcasting Jockeys (BJs), were classified into five categories: professionalism, reliability, attractiveness, intimacy, and similarity. I have set the dependent variable, which is the viewer attitudes, in three categories: viewing satisfaction, loyalty, and purpose of viewing. The attitude of viewers was analyzed according to BJ's attributes. I have set three research questions, and in order to verify them, I conducted a questionnaire survey on viewers of AfreecaTV, which is a popular platform for online personal broadcasting. As a result of analyzing the viewing satisfaction, loyalty, and viewing purpose of online personal broadcasting in relation to characteristics of creators one-person media, among the attributes of the BJs(professionalism, reliability, attractiveness, intimacy, similarity), the reliability and intimacy influenced all of viewing satisfaction, loyalty, and viewing purpose. On the other hand, professionalism of BJ showed significant effect on viewing satisfaction, BJ's attractiveness impacted viewer's loyalty, and BJ's attractiveness and similarity impacted viewer's viewing purpose. However, neither the attractiveness and similarity of the BJ have a statistical significance on loyalty, nor the BJ's professionalism on viewing purpose. This study is an analysis on the audience attitude in relation to the characteristics of personal broadcasters which has not been carried out in the past, and is significant as it was conducted on the actual creators and viewers of online personal broadcasting. It is expected that the result of this research will be used as a reference material for online personal broadcasters and a persuasive empirical research data for practical uses.
  • 10.

    A Study on the Space of Sports Center Using Brand Experience

    Choi, Seo-won , LEE YUNJUNG , Su-Jeung Kim | 2018, 62() | pp.119~136 | number of Cited : 3
    According to recent economic growth and growing purchasing power of customers, customer’s need for wellness and healthy life is increasing nowadays. This trends cause demands for huge amount of sports centers in metropolitan life style. Based on such gradually rising demands for physical and psychological health, sports centers also require the importance of branding to communicate with customers effectively by using Brand Experience as a main marketing strategy in such a experiential and emotional society. The purpose of this study is to prove the relationship between 4 factors of brand experience(sensory, affective, behavioral, intellectual) and 2 Brand-related stimuli(brand identity stimulus, brand communication stimulus) by analysing 9 sports centers to enhance the brand experience of customers. The results of this study showed that from the analysis of overseas sports centers, <brand logo>, <color>, <shape> were utilized actively in brand identity stimulus can extend Brand-related stimuli, in the end brand experience(sensory) can be maximized. Second, applying actively atmosphere of shop for sports center can provide strong brand experience for customers. Lastly high scale of brand experience from overseas sports centers examples, sensory experience –visual stimulus attracts customers to interact brand experience and consequently communicate effectively and appropriately. By applying 2 Brand-related stimuli(brand identity stimulus, brand communication stimulus) and 4 factors of brand experience(sensory, affective, behavioral, intellectual) can expect positive and potential influence for sport center industry in the near future.
  • 11.

    Study on Types of Card News Contents and Examples of Use of Marketing for Effective Visual Communication in Big Data Era

    Choi, Seung-Hee | 2018, 62() | pp.137~150 | number of Cited : 2
    In this big data era, consumers evaluate whole corporate activities through active and quick decision-making in the course of information search and opinion suggestion via social networks. So, new communication contents are needed to convey information effectively to these consumers. This study, building on previous research, analyzed types of card news shared at internet and social media as well as cases of use for marketing. As a result, the study found there were plenty of types that enhanced reliability on the given content smoothly by using images and applying storytelling to diverse information. Along the way, there was much use of advertisement types directly exposing products, services or content providers as well as PR types exposing advertisement content in between the contents. This study expects that through these findings, usability of card news contents and need for measures to use are emphasized, and further provides theoretical and practical implications for corporate marketing communication activity.
  • 12.

    A Study on Directionality of Mobile Healthcare Content Design for User Convenience

    Choi, Yoon-jung , SUNGHOON KIM | 2018, 62() | pp.151~162 | number of Cited : 4
    The usage of smart phones has been increased to the extent that you can hardly find anyone who does not use a smart phone in the rapidly evolving modern smart society. That's why a lot of different types of mobile content have been released, and mobile healthcare content is naturally becoming more popular as people's interest in health grows. However, as trends in managing personal health in real-time with smart phones have spread, the mobile healthcare content has turn out to have a problem of accessibility that is difficult for a variety of ages to use it. Therefore, this study tried to propose the direction of mobile healthcare content design for user convenience so that it can be easily used by anyone. First of all, this study considered the theoretical background of mobile content, mobile healthcare, and user convenience, classified mobile healthcare content types into three types: informative type, body measurement type, and maintenance type through previous studies related to mobile healthcare, and then derived the design elements required for user convenience. The derived elements were layout, navigation, typography, color, graphic, and icon, and it analyzed the cases of mobile healthcare content by setting up an analysis model. As a result, there were differences in satisfaction about content design elements according to each type of content, and there were needs to improve the informative type in four parts besides navigation and graphic, and the body measurement type in general. In particular, the typography element appeared as the most important factor to consider because not all content has zoom in/out function which may cause inconvenience to users. In this study, it was able to identify design elements that should be improved by mobile healthcare content type, and based on this, it aimed at proposing a solution for the accessibility problem of existing mobile healthcare content. Based on this, the development of mobile healthcare content for user convenience should be actively implemented, and researches on the activation of mobile healthcare content should be continued in the future.
  • 13.

    A study on the meaning generation of Kakao marvel emoticons - Focus on joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure -

    Shinki Min | 2018, 62() | pp.163~174 | number of Cited : 0
    The use of emoticons these days has become a common means of communication. In this study, we analyzed semiotically the meaning of symbolic symbol and symbol symbol in Marble's emoticon operated by Kacao Messenger from the viewpoint of' joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure '. As a result, it was found out that the meaning of the original symbol could be transformed by the symbol, and it was found that the symbol could be an important variable in the expression of the desired emotion. In conclusion, I could understand ‘anger’ and ‘sorrow’ in terms of avoidingin terms of human desire in life. In terms of expression, ‘Joy’ and ‘pleasure’ were similar to each other. Symbols were considered to have a significant effect on the speed of emotional expression and the meaning of emotional high and low according to the situation.
  • 14.

    The Relationship Between the Associations of Color Combinations and Personality Traits Mediated by Vocabularies

    Zhao, Zihan , Sehwa Kim | 2018, 62() | pp.175~184 | number of Cited : 1
    In this study, color group by DISC personality type was derived by mediating vocabularies between DISC personality type and associative vocabulary of PCCS color combination. The results of the study are as follows.; The color combinations that correspond to the highly D personality type were vivid, bright, strong, deeply colored, mostly in a high saturation range. The color combinations corresponding to the highly sociable I personality type were sharp, bright, strong, and distinctive in color, distributed in the medium-lightness and high-luminance areas. The color combinations corresponding to the stability-oriented S personality type were light, brightly shining, soft, light gray or grayish in color, and were distributed in the area of ​​low saturation. The color combinations corresponding to the prudent C personality type were soft, hazy, grayish, with dark grayish colors, distributed in the area of ​​prominence, medium saturation.
  • 15.

    A Value Proposition of Converged Children's Design Education utilizing the ARCS motivation theory

    Kang, Jin , Jung Jungho | 2018, 62() | pp.185~196 | number of Cited : 0
    Unlike developed countries, we can not find specific details of integrated education for design thinking processes in current curriculum. Thus, the basic education of childhood in current curriculum should be changed into the integrated education. According to this study, design education applied to ARCS motivation theory as a way to specify the direction of this education and understanding of converged education. ARCS theory would be able to expand easily the design thinking of children through immersion learning. However, it is somewhat difficult not only to apply the ARCS theory to one part of the curriculum consisting of an entirely linked process but also to determine its achievement of the educational objectives. So we restricted the study subjects while focusing on relatively short-term 'off-school' programs. We also reviewed the incompatibility if the specialized training is in the convergence program, and proposed improvements through an analytical model based on the ARCS elements. Therefore, I hope that this study will be valuable as a basis for the future development of children's design thinking and development of convergent curriculum.
  • 16.

    A Study on Value Based Consumption Trends Appeared in Customizing Design

    Choi, Woo-hee , Su-Jeung Kim | 2018, 62() | pp.197~214 | number of Cited : 6
    Consumer-centric markets, which emphasize the subjective taste and individuality of consumers, have increased recently, and the value consumption phenomenon and the crusher have begun to emerge. This phenomenon has led to an increase in popular interest in products using customized designs, and attention has been paid to the fact that trends are changing rapidly and customized designs are utilized in various ways by fashion brands that actively reflect the times. Therefore, we will theoretically examine the customizing design of the fashion brand and reveal the characteristics of customization through design analysis. The analytic methods are classified into four faces of mass customization method of Pine and Gilmore: collaborative customization, adaptive customization, cosmetic customization, and transparent customization. In addition, according to the design positioning, the customized design is divided into the luxury brand and the general brand, and the visual form is analyzed by analyzing the design formative method based on the expression form. Through the analysis result, the structure of the customized design, The action was known. As a result of the study, the collaborative customization method was most used in the fashion brand, and the general brand tended to use more customization than the domestic brand in the overseas market. In addition, the visual expression method of the customizing design is characterized by utilizing the integrated graphic and typography in a main way rather than the separate type material and ornament. In the case of the luxury brand, it was found that consumers' interaction with the firm is strong based on the consumer-driven type in the production of the customized design. In addition, there were many layout fixed types, and the use of collaborative customization method was most prominent. In general brands, customization of consumer-driven type tended to be utilized positively, and interaction between company and consumer was common. Layout was the most autonomous type, and appearance customization method was found to be more prominent.
  • 17.

    A Study on Cultural Contents Design for Building a Family Vision Towe

    Kim, Hye-jeong | 2018, 62() | pp.215~228 | number of Cited : 1
    This study of this study is to build the Family Vision Tower in the former county office after the transfer of the applicant of the city of Dangjin. In order to achieve this goal, we conducted qualitative research through literature review and field trip. In addition, the experts' meeting was composed of 2 university professors, 3 civil servants and researchers, and the reliability and validity of this study were verified and supplemented. The development of content design for the construction of Family Vision Tower is divided into main facility construction and detailed contents development, and the basic concept is to make it a community-friendly space where citizens can voluntarily participate to lead the facility through voluntary participation , Detailed contents consisted of main facility construction plan, contents for children and children, development of local products and contents. In terms of operational aspects, we propose long - term efficiency, supplementation of management and operation facilities, and feedback measures for management and operation.
  • 18.

    A Study on the Social Role of Technology-push, Market-pull, and Design-driven Innovation

    Kristen Ko-Eun Nam | 2018, 62() | pp.229~244 | number of Cited : 0
    Since a paradigm of innovation was created to shared values between corporations and society, the perspective of innovation is also changing. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine the trends and characteristics of innovation by assigning them to various perspectives such as technology, market, design, to analyze the society role of each innovation perspective. For this, researchers selected 29 shortlists from the INNOVATION section of Cannes Lions, divided largely into social innovation for creating shared value, and using technology, market and design for corporate innovation. Corporations are promoting social innovation to benefit society by expanding their products and awareness of social responsibility, at the same time, innovating product to change the lifestyle of consumers through the latest technology, design changes or consumer insights. This study is significant that to classified the innovation of the macro perspective into the corporate and the society and to analyzed various factors for the current innovation trends.
  • 19.

    A Study on the Inquisitive Approach of Early Childhood Art Education - Focused on Dewey's Theory of Art -

    Lee, An-keun | 2018, 62() | pp.245~258 | number of Cited : 1
    In this study, it is discussed that inquiry activities are fundamentally inherent in early childhood art activities. For this discussion, I studied art activities based on Dewey 's experience concept which claimed the art theory from a new perspective. According to Dewey, Experience is the process by which organisms grow and reconstruct quantitatively and qualitatively by transaction with the world. Therefore, the growth of experience itself has inherent value of education. Dewey defined the experience of the complete state of 'an experience' with aesthetic qualities as artistic component. Art activities are activities that basically experience various qualities directly and have qualitative thinking. When an artist designs an artwork, he or she chooses an object to express by thinking based on qualitative experience. In the process of completing a work, the painter has an overall quality and reflective thinking that grasps the relationship with various relationships in the whole process of creation. Therefore, the activity of the artist has an inquiry activity that requires both qualitative and reflective thinking. that is, art works through the process of integrated thinking of qualitative and reflective thinking as a complete experience of 'an experience'. Children in early childhood have a way of understanding the world and acquiring knowledge by directly experiencing various qualities. Thus, early childhood art activities are an excellent means of inquiry by qualitative thinking. It is important to provide an inquiring learning environment for early childhood and the infant undergoes a process of thinking that recognizes and solves problems that arise in the course of art activities. By doing so, the infant expands experience by reasoning and logical thinking.
  • 20.

    Study on system of meaning from Korean Design based on Lucky Sign Patterns

    Park Min-sun | 2018, 62() | pp.259~272 | number of Cited : 0
    An individual is a crystal mixed with history, tradition, and culture, modern society is an era where the individual leads the global culture beyond the purpose of group, and design is remembered as a shape by becoming an image upon others by influencing various fields of society and culture. The design with sympathy in global situation from different cultural background should be based on systematic and in depth research based on the expansion of culture identity and values, and the agreement with the ideology, thus, design leads the world culture. Researches on tradition and culture identity in Korean design have been continuously conducted since the concept of design had been adopted. However, in design, view on tradition has been focused on superficial and sentimental interpretation, and image borrowing has a problem to overcome the background of discontinued period and difference between modern culture and traditional factors. Accordingly, this research aimed at comprehending the present of Korean design identity through lucky sign patterns, traditional factors included with design symbolization and formativeness as the universal value of the overall classes, furthermore, investigating expansion to Korean image implying modern formative beauty beyond the image of fixed cultural original form, by embracing diversity and variability of culture.
  • 21.

    The Research based on Design Thinking Theory using Knowledge Structure Ideation Toolkit

    Jung, Sung-hoon , 윤진영 , YOO HYUNOH | 2018, 62() | pp.273~288 | number of Cited : 7
    Design Thinking is defined as problem solving paradigm, and it also refers to an innovative business creation methodology or a new educational or innovative way of thinking. Design thinking is used in variety ways to solve problems, and seeking creative idea to solve the problem is the key step. By using design thinking In variety of similar problem solving situations, the idea creation time and cost could be reduced. An appropriate collaborations and a system to derive an idea is necessary. In this study of design thinking process based on the precedent theory and existing toolkit cases we found a way to increase the efficiency of the idea development, and the concept development process by combining the knowledge structure network. This progress, and insight deriving through this study is meaningful because of the use of design thinking methodology. In addition, we have found the possibility of developing an extended support tool for the new media age.
  • 22.

    A Case Study on PhiloGraphics and importance of humanities in design - A Case Study on Jenes Carreras -

    Kim, Jae-hyung , Chung Hyun Kyung | 2018, 62() | pp.289~300 | number of Cited : 0
    The design has been transformed into a practical study of pragmatism, and has existed until the beginning of mankind's convenience and beauty, and has existed until the beginning of mankind's convenience and beauty. However, the advanced industries and the development of computers have been driven by the advanced emphasis on the design, and the emphasis on human beings is essentially ignored, which is focused on design research, which requires the importance of thinking about the humanities. In the study, the study explored the possibility of philosophical representation by analyzing the importance of the study of humanities and phyllography. First, phyllography can be expressed in the basic elements of the form, the basic graphic and the pictogram, and the philosophical thinking of the concept is expressed as a simple minimalism, and the colour is capable of expressing the sensitivity of the message to the third nature of the message. Through this, it is possible to express the philosophy through graphic communication in visual communication, and to enable the bidirectional communication of the two-way communication.
  • 23.

    A Study on a Propagation and Lifecycle of Typefaces as a Design Product - Focused on History and Status of Gulim-Chae -

    SUK HWAN HAN , Boyeun Kim | 2018, 62() | pp.301~312 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Fonts are digitized into a file and recognized as a intellectual property by the revision of the design protection act in 2005. Fonts are passed on to the users and are developed into design products. In this study, we have developed a model of font usage system as a design product based on Ahn Se Yoon’s brand value system model. Based on the usage system model of the typeface, the lifecycle as a design product of the typeface was defined and analyzed as four different phases (introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.) In this study, To investigate the lifecycle of fonts, we selected the Gulim-chae which is most widely used as digital font files in Korea and are now in decline phase. Through this study, We hope that it will be useful for developing fonts, licensing system, and establishing brand strategies.