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2018, Vol.65, No.

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    A Study on User Experience by the Type of Mobile Reward Application with Attributes of Presence

    Lee, Kil-hyung , Kim, Soo jung | 2018, 65() | pp.7~22 | number of Cited : 2
    This study examines user experience in relation to presence factor by type of mobile reward app. Mobile-based reward apps have become a new trend in the current market. Only a tiny minority of them, however, maintain continuous operations while all others are disappearing. The media-related presence theory acquires importance but there have been no multidimensional researches carried out up to the present. Therefore, this study intends to define presence factor as four features: ‘Social richness’, ‘Transportation’, ‘Immersion’ and ‘Socialactor with in medium', and to classify types of mobile reward app for case analysis by type through the analysis model designed on the basis of the Concept of Presence(Lombard & Ditton). The result shows that mobile reward apps based on ‘simple mission' have a higher level of presence compared with those with ‘view ad’ and ‘installation’ aiming at delivering information unilaterally, while it is analyzed that the overall level of presence of the apps with ‘experiential mission' which users may experience a great level of immersion through constant interaction and direct experience is higher than those providing ‘simple mission'. This study aims at providing practical implication for future studies for environment of mobile reward apps in consideration of user characteristics and presence factors showing progress through the change of value experience.
  • 2.

    A study on the expression method of text-based media based on Deconstructivism -Focused on John Cage’s lecture <Lecture on Nothing>

    Choi, Jiwon , No Seung Kwan | 2018, 65() | pp.23~34 | number of Cited : 0
    This paper’s purpose is to interpretate John Cage’s lecture <Lecture on Nothing> based on Deconstructivism, claimed by Jacques Derrida. Derrida’s Deconstructivism can be organized into 4 concepts, dissemination, differance, trace, and parergon. After study, in Cage’s lecture, first, dissemination is inherent in expanding the meaning as getting out of pre-existing content and formality’s structure. Second, differance’s way, which is deferred and supplemented by each reader’s experience, is inherent in empty space and process of collision by text’s signifie and the element of time and space. Third, ‘nothing’s meaning and form’s repeating process connote the concept of ‘trace’ that can’t define its origin. Fourth, the concept called parergon, which offsets the border of the form called structure and increases meaning, is appearing in this lecture. This paper is significant since it presents potentiality of new communication method that was based on text method by considering Deconstructivism expression methods, which was not attempted yet, through Cage’s lecture.
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    Research for the glolocalization of Kid's Café Brands based on Kid's Play Contents -focusing on the Kids Café in Korea

    Kim, Ysaac , Su-Jeung Kim | 2018, 65() | pp.35~52 | number of Cited : 1
    This study is about the commercial indoor play facilities called as 'Kids Café’, This does not include public facilities such as playgrounds and public parks or the museums (children's museums, children's science museums etc.). The Kids Cafe, which has increased in numbers over the past three years, is a new concept of indoor play space reflecting the new lifestyle of Asia’s big cities and is recognized as a leisure spot for young families such as in 30’s and 40’s. In addition, it has created a new leisure culture and lifestyle that allows families to eat and play together, as well as the function of an alternative play space for modern children whose outdoor activities are limited due to fine dust and air pollution. Domestic children's cafes have grown in quantity and quality over the past three years, and more and more brands are entering the Asian metropolis (Shanghai, Beijing, Hanoi, etc.). We surveyed 40 domestic cases of upper brand Kids Cafes, which is an important part of leisure activities for children and their families. I also analyzed changes in the types of kids cafes based on the play contents, from the initial type of restaurant cafés to the latest sports themes. By analyzing the play contents of sports theme Kids Café, which is currently under the spotlight, Korean-style Kids Cafe is spreading to the global market and it aims to provide the direction of development of the most important play contents. The research is aimed at presenting the contents of Kid's Cafe centered on physical play after a period of rapid evolution that emerged in accordance with Korea's environmental and social situations.
  • 4.

    A Study of Racism Apparent in Fashion Advertisements

    Juha Park , Chun Jae Hoon | 2018, 65() | pp.53~68 | number of Cited : 1
    This study focused on the phenomenon of controvers y or criticism that arises when the racial expressions fr om the past to the present are spread to the mass m edia. Thus this study tried to examine racism in adverti sements or products of global fashion and beauty brand s, which has not been actively discussed so far. Based on literature research related to racism, we conducted an analysis on racism in advertisements of each time p eriod, and then categorized the characteristics or the ty pes of expression of racism in fashion advertisements. The four categorized types of expression were : the ad vertisements of revealing racial classification, those of t reating people as props or backgrounds, those of emph asizing differences in skin color, and those of satirizing other races or other cultures. Particularly, in fashion ad vertisements, since visual fun and effective delivery of products must be performed at the same time, racist e xpressions are strengthened in costumes and make-up worn by models in advertisements. Since fashion adverti sements are spread across countries and targets, racist expressions in them can cause not only consumers’ c ontroversy but also the image failure of a company. Th erefore, this study has its significance in that it propose s producers an attentive approach in dealing with issue s of races or cultures, and also in that it provides the public with a critical view that recognizes racial discrimi nation as a serious social problem.
  • 5.

    The feature of the ‘Mun-yi-jae-do’ artistic attitude in Chinese Animation from 1949 to 1966

    Liu, Danya , Lee Dong Hun | 2018, 65() | pp.69~82 | number of Cited : 0
    From 1949 to 1966, after the new China was established, in order to consolidate newborn regime and erect national image, “proletariat revolutionary education” had become the main way of literary and artistic creation in the new era. In this era, Chinese animation began to produce to form the characteristics of emphasizing the ideological expression and political education from 1949 to1966, but it also made people misunderstand that it was the results of comprehensive containment of Soviet literary thoughts and creative models. In fact, Regardless of the subject matter, narrative, and role, Chinese animations have inherited and developed the ideological characteristics of the "Mun-yi-jae-do" literary view, forming a creative style that is different from the Soviet "dogmatism." The characteristics of "revolutionary hero role", "mythological expression of revolutionary thought" and "unique storytelling narrative mode" in Chinese animation from 1949 to 1966 were the inheritance and development of the "hero role", "mythological story", and "art of storytelling" of the important expression means of traditional art creation after the establishment of the "Mun-yi-jae-do".
  • 6.

    A Study on Establishment of Infants’ Play Experience Center Exhibition Design with Characters Used -Focusing on Infants’ Playground in Asia Culture Complex

    Lee Tae-Eun | 2018, 65() | pp.83~94 | number of Cited : 1
    This is a case study that I completed by conducting basic research to establish the infant playground of Children Cultural Center while I worked in Asia Culture Complex(ACC) IN 2016. Infant play ground in Korea lack functions due to limited space, simple structures and manufactured play tools. There are not enough precedent studies either. This study is intended to develop a infant playground exhibition design using characters that give familiarity so that children can develop five senses, potential and sociality, and their autonomous experiences can induced. I understood children, characters and the relation between the two based on theoretical consideration and analyzed domestic and foreign cases that used characters by establishing analysis elements. As a result, I drew an exhibition design that considers children's ages and that combines imaginative space, stories and characters. Thus, I tried to contribute to establishment of exhibition design's direction optimized to children by developing an exhibition design based on storytelling with ACC Children Cultural Center Character reflected.
  • 7.

    A Study on Measures for the Visualization of Personalized Content According to the Characteristics of Cognitive Affordance

    Min, Seul-gi , SUNGHOON KIM | 2018, 65() | pp.95~106 | number of Cited : 1
    The expansion of networks and changes to the mobile-centric communication environment provide an environment that users can consume large amounts of information at any time and from anywhere. In the deluge of information, users inevitably came to need services that can get their desired information quickly, and accordingly, curation services that can collect and divide information and then provide information appropriate for each user have become an important issue. This study is about how to develop personalized content provided to users through curation services, and the purpose of the study is to apply the concept of cognitive affordance that can predict users’ behaviors based on cognition to the characteristics of personalized content that provides filtered information. As methods for research, it has examined the concepts and features of each terminology first through theoretical considerations and derived the visualization characteristics of affordance depending on each stage of personalized content largely by visual cognition and functional cognition, and finally, it has applied the derived elements to the cases and then analyzed them through interviews with experts in the field. As a result of the analysis, it could be confirmed that there were differences among the stages of the personalized content that the effect of visual cognition was significant in the stages of the filtering search and research, and on the other hand, the effect of functional cognition was significant in the data filtering and service stages. In this paper, it aims at proposing the importance of personalized content, based on users’ awareness and understanding in a content environment with big data in the future, and the direction for the study of appropriate visualization methods accordingly.
  • 8.

    A Study on Curation Service Designs for Improvement of User’s Awareness of Information

    WON JONG WOOK , Cho, Yun Sung , Kim, Se Woong | 2018, 65() | pp.107~116 | number of Cited : 3
    The spread of smart media and the development of technology have led to rapid changes in the information society. A curation service that can provide information by collecting and organizing it according to individual tendencies or preferences in a big data environment in which a lot of information is generated is being under the spotlight. This study is about curation service designs for improvement of user’s awareness of information in an environment with massive content, and it has tried to understand the concept of terminologies such as curation services, awareness of information, etc. through theoretical considerations and to derive the visual components(UI, text, dynamic element and layout) of the curation services and the cognitive stage(visibility, attractiveness, accuracy and formativeness) of information and then applied them to this study. Moreover, it has aimed to analyze the types of curation services based on the derived factors. Also, it has analyzed the types and examples through empirical interviews with experts having practical knowledge on media and design, and as a result, it was confirmed that there was a difference in the visual components of each type. In order to help users perceive information effectively, it is required to establish a visualization measure suitable for each type of curation services and to continue researches on service designs based on users’ awareness and understanding in an environment that is composed of various content in the future.
  • 9.

    A Study on the Influence of Alley market development business to revitalize traditional market -Focused on Duksan Market in Chungnam Yesan-gun

    JinYoung Kim , Lee Jongho | 2018, 65() | pp.117~128 | number of Cited : 0
    The government has supported the alley market development project from 2015 as a new activation plan. The alley market development project was carried out with the aim of establishing a growth structure unique to the traditional market through the support of the 1 market 1 special strategy through specialized products. This study was conducted to study the process of supporting education, event, and publicity, and to promote the business of specializing environment, product specialization support, design specialization support, culture & ICT specialization support, And the impact of the support project on the market activation. As a result of the research, the satisfaction of the business is still maintained for the merchants who are the main players of the Duksan market even after the end of the business, and it has a great influence on the recognition of the market, the economic value of the market, I could see what was going on. Especially, the special product developed through product specialization support was recognized as a factor that distinguishes Duksan market from other traditional market. As a result, overall increase in sales of market and attractiveness of market have a great influence on activating traditional market. Suggesting that they are going through.
  • 10.

    A Study on the Users ' Attitudes of Photo Editing Application - Focus on SNOW Photo Rectification App

    Oh, Ji-su , KIM JONG MOO I | 2018, 65() | pp.129~138 | number of Cited : 4
    Camera, the function which is most frequently used by consumers out of the own functions of smartphone in addition to the services based on Internet assumes the most important part of smartphone functions. Due to the improved function of smartphone camera, smartphone camera is used more frequently and users begin to share the photos rectified through photo rectification application instead of merely posting photos they take on Internet. Since consumers are much interested in Internet sharing function through camera function & photo rectification in selecting smartphone, investigating the attitude of user related to photo rectification app is deemed to be meaningful study. Thus, this study analyzed how users’ motive to use SNOW photo rectification app influences loyalty and satisfaction as well as how users’ loyalty and satisfaction influences the intention to use SNOW photo rectification app continuously. According to the study, first, although ‘linkage’ positively influences ‘loyalty’ out of the motives to use SNOW photo rectification app, ‘playfulness’ and ‘functionality’ did not influence significantly. Second, although ‘functionality’ and ‘playfulness’ positively influence satisfaction out of the motives to use SNOW photo rectification app, ‘linkage’ did not influence significantly. Third, it is found users’ intention of continuous use is higher when their satisfaction and loyalty in SNOW photo rectification app is higher. This study will be basic data for producers of photo rectification app to understand the attitude of user later.
  • 11.

    A Study on the Application of Package Design for Brand Storytelling in New Media Age - Focused on Transmedia storytelling

    YOONHYEJEAN | 2018, 65() | pp.139~154 | number of Cited : 2
    Stories are the most powerful communication and memory elements that appeal to human emotions, and brand-stating is a marketing strategy to capture emotional images in consumers' memories based on the ripple effects of such stories. However, because current brand-styling remains a one-way delivery, communication with consumers is limited and there is a limit to the reproduction of more stories. This led to the attention of package design. Because package design is the easiest medium to encounter in everyday life and it is easy and clear to tell stories because consumers touch them and use them. In addition, it has recently become a media that transcends traditional media's limits and integrates with state-of-the-art new media technologies to expand, reproduce, and interact instantaneously. Thus, this study analyzed the global brand case where package design and high-tech technologies are combined to create brand storytelling, suggesting the possibility and use of package design as a new branding tool suitable for the new media era. Based on the analysis, Evian, App Solut, Kellogg, Pringles, and Red Bulls all participated in the brand-storning experience of applying various new media technologies to package design and staying in simple story lines. In the future, local brand-styling will also need to implement storytelling that can interact with consumers and communicate with them through advanced package designs that converge with the technology for the New Media era.
  • 12.

    Mobile Service Design to Improve Transparency of Public Finance of Seoul City

    Kim, Seul-gi , Ray Jaeyung Yun , Gukae Cho and 3 other persons | 2018, 65() | pp.155~168 | number of Cited : 0
    In Korea, financial information is disclosed to the public through various public financial websites. However, due to lack of public awareness of taxes and access flaws in the system, practical utilization of public financial information is insufficient. Therefore, we try to improve through financial information visualization application. Visualization of information is done in various ways to induce user participation and interest, and is based on the user's location. This study used the UX methodology such as in depth interviews and stakeholder modeling to derive improvement factors by analyzing current financial information providing methods, financial officers, and citizens' problems. After the prototyping and usability test, we designed and verified the service that could solve the problem of the current financial information application. We expect that the public information visualization service proposed in this study will enhance the financial interest of the citizen and induce participation, ultimately it will be effective in raising fiscal transparency.
  • 13.

    A Study on the Morphological Analysis of Identity in the Local Government of Gyeonggi Province - A Study of 31 Local Governments in Gyeonggi Province

    Kang Doeun , KIM, MYOUN | 2018, 65() | pp.169~182 | number of Cited : 5
    Currently, urban identity is a corporate management strategy of the past, and it includes the unique history and cultural heritage of the region, and it is expected to enhance competitiveness and locality. In response, the city's identity design of 31 municipalities in Gyeonggi Province is moving away from the past, building a futuristic, concise and modern image, and building differentiated identity using geometric artificial motifs. However, despite the presence of urban identity in the past, Symbolmark's boundaries and benchmarks are becoming increasingly ambiguous as it replaces CI or acts as CI and BI by developing new BIs instead of renewals. Moreover, there are cases where the slogan containing vision is used as BI, which requires professional CIP management by presenting the status analysis and direction of municipal governments in Gyeonggi Province. Thus, in this study, the theoretical background analysis and academic study of 31 municipalities in Gyeonggi Province were conducted, and the final analysis space was analyzed by schematizing how the essential meaning of symbolism is expressed and interpreted.
  • 14.

    A study on BIG’s diagrams -Focused on diagrams of residentrial design process-

    Lee, Yong-shin , 이지우 | 2018, 65() | pp.183~196 | number of Cited : 0
    Diagrams are able to synthesize the complex situations of today's modern cities and enable integrated thinking They are moving away from the traditional role of representation. Many modern architects and space designers are attempting to solve problems by using diagrams in the design process. Through diatrams BIG(Bjarke Ingels Group) in Denmark has reinterpreted various features of the program such as characteristics of site and place, location condition, local culture, local history and lifestyle and developed design realizing unique space. The purpose of this study is to clarify the relationship between the interpretation of modern space programs and space construction through the use of BIG diagrams and to examine the possibility of the use of diagrams in the design process. BIG 's diagrams of diversity and potential were found to be a viable alternative for spatial possibility in design avoiding conventional patterns.
  • 15.

    A Study on the Concept Education of Advertising Design with Association Principle -Focus on Association of Ideas & Visual Perception

    Ho Han , Jin-Yo Mok | 2018, 65() | pp.197~208 | number of Cited : 4
    This paper was intended to suggest a systematic and logical process of thinking based on associative thinking, the action of human nature, and the process of thinking applied. First, a theoretical background was established based on the study of the literature of association and the study of visual perception to propose new ideas. Second, I would like to propose an implantation technique and process that applies the model year presented by the theoretical background to the visual perception theory. Third, the advantages and disadvantages were derived by analyzing the actual application of the concept method and the concept process applied with the model year. The new thinking education was conducted on 74 college students for nine to eleven weeks and the FGI was conducted on 50 students. In the FGI results, first, students praised the ability to proceed systematically and logically, not by chance. Second, the principle of similarity, proximity, cause and effect of the implantation method applied with the model year is also highly assessed. In contrast, there were opinions that it was difficult to understand the recognition process and that changing the perspective of the receiver was also difficult. Based on these results, it has been confirmed that the associative idea of similarity, proximity, cause and effect principle is effective as an educational method for creativity.
  • 16.

    Research Trends on Educational Use of Clay

    Kwon, Soo-jeong , Yoon, Mi-sun | 2018, 65() | pp.209~220 | number of Cited : 1
    In this study, we analyzed the research trends on educational use of clay, which was previously used as a material for art therapy. For this purpose, the key words such as '점토+교육' and 'clay+education' were searched in Korean and English using major databases without limiting the publication date. As the primary step, 50 papers were analyzed in terms of the research year and subjects. Then, the second analysis was conducted in terms of the research field, research design, and session of programs for educational studies, not for pathology purposes. The results of this study were follows. Main subjects were children and adolescents, main design were a single topic for self-growth, the average time were 50 minutes in 12 to 16 sessions for 6 to 8 weeks. We discussed the results as basic data to develop and utilize a more objective and effective educational program of clay.
  • 17.

    A Study on the Relationship between the UI Usability and the Intention of Large Supermarket Online Shopping Mall Use.

    KIM YONG WOOK , 송 인 석 , 이 남 규 | 2018, 65() | pp.221~236 | number of Cited : 2
    This study identifies the relationship between the UI usability of online shopping malls with the intention of use as well as how usability affects the customers’ intention of online shopping mall use. A quantitative research method was conducted by the use of surveys. A multiple regression analysis was used to verify the gathered UI usability and intention of use data. According to the results of the survey, there were three factors that had a very positive effect on the customers’ intention of online shopping mall use. Those factors were UI Readability, Consistency, and Aesthetics. This means that the customers" intention of use increases as much as the UI usability is improved. In conclusion, it was proven that UI usability is an important factor to be considered when online shopping malls are being planned and designed.
  • 18.

    An Analysis of Activities Conducted for Creating Shared Value in accordance with the Participatory Public Art Types of Businesses

    Hae Lee Yoon , Jung Jungho , Kim Chul woo and 2 other persons | 2018, 65() | pp.237~252 | number of Cited : 2
    Recently, businesses have overcome the limitations of corporate social responsibility(CSR) and are searching for methods for creating shared value(CSV) in order to realize continuous co-prosperous value. In particular, the corporate creation of shared value utilizing public art in the culture and arts field needs, not a simple aesthetic point of view, but concrete alternatives that allow socio-economic shared value to be created together with the public. At this, the present study attempts to present action plans for creating shared value(CSV) for businesses utilizing participatory public art in which citizens can autonomously take part in. It made value propositions through concept analysis conducted using desk research, type classification made using precedent research, and analyses of well advanced cases from large corporations home and abroad by each type. Analysis results led to the ① expanded development of programs utilizing local culture, ② the construction of a sustainable communication platform, and ③ the construction of a cooperation system for various interested parties including businesses, local governments, and citizens. Hopefully, this study will be applied as base material that can create continuous shared value through the autonomous participation of the people and expectations are made toward the development and vitalization of art and culture support.
  • 19.

    The research of the influence of narrative strategy changes on Chinese web advertisement

    YANG LIN , Lee Dong Hun | 2018, 65() | pp.253~266 | number of Cited : 1
    Narrative advertisement is one of the main expressions of commercial advertisement. With the development of Internet technology and multimedia, video advertisement has become another effective platform for advertisement. Accordingly, the narrative strategy in advertisement correspondingly changes significantly, and the narrative mode has more influence on advertising effect. In this context, Chinese web advertisement of typical cases in the narrative strategy of how to use, what kind of characteristics, and the development of the social environment, what kind of relationship is the starting point of this study. This paper in a typical Chinese web advertisement case as the center, through comparative analysis of typical cases and the cultural difference analysis, consumer analysis, the change of the psychological demand characteristics and values, and so on, sums up the suitable development trend of Chinese web advertisement characteristics of narrative strategy, which to promote the advertisement effect.
  • 20.

    A Study on the Playground Redesign Process in Apartment Complex

    Baek, Ki-woong , KIM, MYOUN | 2018, 65() | pp.267~281 | number of Cited : 6
    A lot of children live in the apartment housing areas but they are just able to gain the lowest satisfaction level from the playgrounds in their apartment housing areas among the playgrounds in their communities. According to the Construction law in Korea, the apartments which are over 30 years old can be reconstructed in 10-15 years old and that time the apartments re-designing the aging playgrounds, the great playing services and experiences for the children can be provided. However, examining the recent playgrounds re-designing cases in the apartment housing areas, the playground equipment and the ground materials have been just replaced. On the other hands, Save the children's project of that "Save the playground" has succeeded in make the playground beloved by the children and the residents near the playground. The study for examining two cases, the process of re-designing the playgrounds in the apartment housing areas was the provider centered, while the community design and serviced design, which are customer centered, have applied to the process of “Save the playground” project. Even though, both the community design and the service design are the good methodologies when two methods applied to re-designing the aging playgrounds in the apartment housing areas, some problems have been found. For solve the problems, the process in this study is the process for in the apartment housing areas composed of the stages, that are, [Diagnosis of the area-Communication with the community-Design together-Construction of the playground together-Promise]. Through the appropriate re-design process, the areas can be diagnosed from the integrating viewpoint and touch points can be found. the limited budget can be used efficiently and as a result, the satisfaction level of the playing service and the residential environment can be improved and to activate the community can be expected by the participating design.
  • 21.

    Analysis on the User's Attitude by Difference in how Contents is Provided through Mobile Platform -Based on Administrative Organization's Contents to Advertise Policy

    Oh, Ji-seon , KIM JONG MOO I | 2018, 65() | pp.283~294 | number of Cited : 1
    As Internet technology is developed and smart phones become prevalent, people tend to look for information just on the palm of their hands. In 2017, according to media recipient’s recognition analysis report, Internet usage level through mobile already exceeded 80% and contents usage through mobile also recorded to be 73.2% by rising 53.7% in 6 years. Mobile contents are convient to use because of high mobility and it has infotainment characteristics by adding both information and entertainment and it allows people to communicate with each other so all generations are actively consume mobile contents. Based on these strength points, mobile content’s quality is getting better and quantity is also widening. Consumers also would like to go through all kinds of process such as collecting, sorting and analyzing which is contents curation to look for what they would like to find. In this research, analyzed the difference in user’s attitude(favorable impression, immersion in contents, reliability, satisfactory level) based on different types of contents such as story-telling type, info-graphic type and video type. I started survey from 2018. 04. 09 to 2018. 04. 23 for 15 days with 400 pages of survey papers. Among the 400 survey papers, 385 were returned and after excluding half-hearted 3 survey papers, I used 382 survey papers in analysis for final result. In conclusion, there is no difference in recognition level for favorable impression, immersion, reliability and satisfactory level in statistically significance level. Based on this result, it clearly show that there is no significance impact on user’s attitude based on government’s policy promotional contents type. This research is meaningful for verifying that content type has less impact on user’s attitude when there is not many research 오지선, 김종무, l 모바일에서 콘텐츠 제공 유형 차이에 따른 이용자 태도 분석 285 covering governmental policy content type under mobile based platform. I also hope that this research can help government officers who make and modify mobile contents.
  • 22.

    A study on narrative structure of non-smoking domestic TV commercial - Focus on Smoking Cessation Campaign: 'Cool Eyes'

    Min, Shin-ki | 2018, 65() | pp.295~306 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to clarify narrative structure of texts of non - smoking TV commercials through semantic methodology. As a result, the confrontation between 'alienation and harmony' existing in the superficial structure was generated based on the opposition to 'harmful damage' existing in the deep structure, and the narration structure expressed through the confrontation of misunderstanding about alienation. In other words, this study combines the negative value of smoking and the people who ignore it in the superstructure and confronts the obvious value of social life in the social structure in the deep structure, and then the smokers in the discourse structure can harmonize with people through smoking cessation I was able to show through the characters and the situation so that I can recognize the possibility of being able to recognize it naturally.
  • 23.

    An Evaluation Study of the Applicability of Visual Design Curriculum in Domestic Vocational Training Institutes

    Cha, Jeong-un | 2018, 65() | pp.307~318 | number of Cited : 0
    The contemporary society faces a change from an industry-based society to a knowledge-based society. Accordingly, the education field makes efforts to train practical experts who can effectively perform the actual tasks in the industrial field, flexibly adapting themselves to the society. And yet, vocational training institutes are not able to establish a direction of the operation of a new curriculum corresponding to this. Thus, this study would investigate the visual design curriculum of vocational training institutes that aim at practice-centered vocational training and the training of excellent young employees under this condition. As a result of the study, first, it is noted that it is important to have experience with various computer software and design skills in the actual tasks. In addition, it seems that it is necessary to develop subjects in which students who prepare employment can receive the education of application, analysis and planning so that they can exhibit the planning ability in the actual field. Second, it seems that it is necessary to increase the added value of design in terms of marketing when the students perform the actual tasks. In addition, it is necessary to provide practical education of the overall design process, including the understanding, construction, and management of marketing the brand at the point in time, when brand design emerges as an important issue. Third, in order to develop the students’ ability to find and solve problems themselves in performing the actual tasks, which is the most necessary capability in the age of the fourth industrial revolution and to develop the ability to solve problem situations creatively and logically, it is necessary to develop a problem-solving subject in which they can do the industrial field-centered thinking, instead of the conventional teaching by rote for problem-solving. Fourth, it seems that it is necessary to set up realistic, practical subjects that can cultivate and enhance the students’ abilities to produce competitive portfolios in which they can show their design capability and talent, deliver their own ideas well, solve problems in the communication process and persuade others well in the process of getting a job in the design field. Fifth, 차정운 l 국내 직업전문학교 시각디자인 교육과정 실무적용성 평가연구 309 today, the importance of foreign language proficiency is emphasized than ever before, so it seems that it is necessary also for the vocational training institutes to set up customized subjects for the enrolling students according to their schedule and level. Sixth, for design education based on new technologies, it is necessary to set up practical subjects to train professionals that can utilize the new technologies, making use of the practical curriculum that takes up more than 70%. Seventh, it seems that it is necessary to maintain a close relationship with the industrial fields to make subjects for employment in the design field consistent with opinions in the field and provide subjects for practical experiences, such as the hands-on worker’s feedback and the operation of a collaborative project.
  • 24.

    User Preference Study on Online Pop-up Advertisement

    Park, Kyoung-yoon , Ray Jaeyung Yun , Park Yoon Ha | 2018, 65() | pp.319~332 | number of Cited : 0
    As the Internet has developed in various forms of advertising, the number of ads that are causing inconvenience to users is increasing, but they are still being used because of advertisers ' profits and so on the other hand. Therefore, this study provided the user with negative perception of pop-up ads, and drew 10 pop-up ads in the prior study. The study found that the preference by the type of pop-up ad was 1) for the generation type, and 2) the popup generated by blocking the article while the scroll type was not followed by the click 3. In the case of user types, the preference for pop-up ads was found to be low in the order of fun seeking professiona l&amp;active informations-oriented users. Finally, the relationship between pop-up ads and the pages below varied from non-communicative to non-comm unication, but did not have an interaction effect de
  • 25.

    Study on Estimation and Verification Method of Economics Design Concept - A Case of Wearable Cardioverter Defillator

    Choi, Seung-yeon | 2018, 65() | pp.333~342 | number of Cited : 0
    In this research, decision making is made based on the design concept, economic efficiency according to the production cost and sales price anticipated for smooth communication between designer-engineermarketer in developing new product Establishing a value worth paying in consideration of two methods considering price estimation in consideration of corporate profitability and price estimation by paying customers money by judging that possibility of deriving competitive new products is high We have confirmed the possibility of applying it to the wearable automatic defibrillator (Wearable Cardioverter Defillator) that is being developed as a medical device and comparatively easy to use it as a verification factor. This is because the estimation model of prices leads to decision-making and smooth communication of design decisions in a new product development process led by universal design through various follow-up studies, and the value of future designs in universal processes Is judged to exist.
  • 26.

    A Study on Content design and Characteristics of a sweeping reconstruction of Cyber Auto Industrial Museum for Functional Specialization

    Byun Min Ju | 2018, 65() | pp.343~358 | number of Cited : 0
    This research is aimed at renewing the educational value and industrial expertise of the Cyber Auto Industrial Museum's contents. The purpose of the research is to propose a structure that combines functional expertise by all overhauling the Cyber Auto Industrial Museum. The research has been structured into five existing Cyber Automobile Museums, including a completion car development museum, Museum of Industrial Policy, Enterprise history Museum, Car Story Museum, Museum of Video Media. Through this research, we look at the development process of Korea's early automobile companies. As a result, Hyundai and Kia Motors remained as they were when they founded the company, but GM Korea began as Saenara Motors and Ssangyong Motor started as HadongHwan Motors industry. The research was structured so that one can see the chronology of the current five car companies from the perspective of storytelling. The significance of this study was to establish a parallel and inductive structure of the Cyber Automobile Industry Museum, which would allow the automobile industry to be renewed with a structure that could easily see the development of the automobile industry. The proposed architecture of the Cyber Auto Industry Museum in this paper will be a practical applicable methodology when attempting to specialize in other industrial museums.
  • 27.

    The Study of Bag Designs for the Prevention of Missing Infants for Korean

    Lee, Mi-hee , Lee, Eun-Jung | 2018, 65() | pp.359~370 | number of Cited : 0
    The study was conducted both to reconfirm the need for the proposed “New Child Safety Harness Bag Designs for preventionof missing infans for Korean Caregivers” and to determine caregivers’ preference for details in design. For design functionality, 542 Korean caregivers showed the strongest preference for the “two strap type” in terms of wearable form, the “buckle type” method for fixed wearing, and “elastic straps” for strap type. For design detail, “popular character designs” and “animal figure designs” on a background of primary colors were preferred, while natural fibers were the material of choice. Based on the second research designs, eight sets of “New Child Safety Harness Bag Designs for Korean Caregivers” were developed and manufactured for this study. The overall concept of these designs was expressed as “DodamDodam,” which is Korean for “grow up healthy and well without any troubles.” Based on survey results and market research on children's toy sales, the main design themes of the fashionable bags utilized four sets of popular characters and four types of animals; Elsa, To-Bot, Tayo, and Larva were selected for character design, while the four sets of animal figures consist of lion, bear, tiger, and rabbit. These designs were projected on the material of choice, natural cotton. The significance of this study lies within its expected contributions to the prevention of young children going missing and getting involved in accidents. It is also anticipated to serve as a valuable resource in the development of fashionable safety products for young children.
  • 28.

    A Study on the Preference of UI Color in Smartphone Newspapers

    lee, minhyoung | 2018, 65() | pp.371~383 | number of Cited : 0
    The 2018 Reuters Institute digital news report said the speed of smartphones' dependence and importance is not likely to slow down. According to the Reuters News Journalism report in 2018, an average of 62 percent said they read news on their smartphones every week. The coverage of smartphones for news has doubled in six years, the report says. This refers to the growing number of people accessing news from smart phone newspapers, and their dependence and importance on smartphones are very high. This study is about the smartphone newspaper UI as a follow-up study of researchers' doctoral dissertation at a time when research on smart phone newspapers is very important. This study analyzes the preference differences among subjects who are exposed to news by organizing top bar color of smartphone newspaper UI in five colors: Red, Green, Blue, Black, and Gray. Demonstration study conducted on a total of 172 people with smartphones. Around 20 men and women in their 20s by age (20s, 30s, 40s and over) tried to reflect homogeneity as much as possible. According to an analysis, 68.1 percent of the people said yes and very so when they subscribe to a smartphone newspaper. According to a color-specific analysis on the top bar of the smartphone newspaper UI, black was higher than 4.02. In luxury, Green rose to 3.06. Green was high with 2.74 in the dark. In intensity, Red came out high at 3.66. Blue was 3.55 in brightness. It is concluded that there is a high preference difference between top bar curlers by age and color.
  • 29.

    Suggestion of Mobile Platform Services Led by Citizens to Build a Transparent Public Society

    Kang, Ha-young , Ray Jaeyung Yun , 김다형 and 4 other persons | 2018, 65() | pp.383~394 | number of Cited : 0
    This study suggested a community leading participation platform service to make contributions in creating a transparent public office. Through a theoretical analysis, the public office was first defined and an analysis was conducted about the changes in the public office environment following the emergence of collective intelligence as well as the domestic collective intelligence platform. This was followed by in-depth interviews to identify the pain points of general users for the previous platform and an additional interview was executed with specialists who are directly and indirectly connected to the public office in order to gain deeper insight and it was arranged through affinity diagram, stakeholder map, and user journey map. Through this, a service that is needed for each touch point was identified. The problems that were identified and the solutions that followed were selected and suggested into three kinds in the key strategy suggestion. Accordingly, this study designed the prototype of the new mobile application, 'Conan' and conducted the process of taking in opinions of the users through usability verification, Think Aloud. Based on this, the significance of this study include how the community provided objective performance data about the public office and attempted to suggest a new mobile based public office specialized platform that verifies it.
  • 30.

    A Study on local character to improve the visual information design of the community center in seoul

    Kim, Jeong-ah , Insook Lee , Kim heehyun | 2018, 65() | pp.395~406 | number of Cited : 0
    This study was aimed at finding features of 25 Dong Community Service Centers in Seoul and figuring out a method to apply the features to vidual information design. For the purpose, the study conducted a field research and literature investigation to find out problems in the field and for a preliminary investigation. To analyze materials needed for the result of a civil satisfaction research conducted in advance, the study rearrange the scale and reanalyzed the data to find out the tendency of usage and satisfaction of citizens. The study also found out local features by various factors including population, location, area and the number of public officials in 25 Dongs. Analyzing the features of each Dong again, the study drew a method to reflect the local features in visual information design based on an interview with 5 experts. The results are as in the following. First, there was no correlation between population, the area of a Dong Community Service Center and the number of people in the center, but there shall be consideration about space design and visual information design. Second, it is important to work on brand design or visual information design. Third, we need to be concerned about the separation of Gangnam and Ganbuk, the aging society, the increase of multi-cultural families and foreigners. Lastly, we should care for the center as a cultural place throughout consideration about the residents’ communities and design.
  • 31.

    Study on the Direction of Cyber University Design Education in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era

    Insook Lee | 2018, 65() | pp.407~420 | number of Cited : 3
    After examining the education and changed concept of design and online design education in the 4th industrial revolution era, this study suggested the future direction of cyber university design education in the 4th industrial revolution era as follows, by seeking for the direction to cope with changes in cyber university design education in the 4th industrial revolution era through the analysis on the current education status of design-related departments of four-year-course cyber universities in Korea and also the study on the domestic/foreign education cases reflecting the time flow of the 4th industrial revolution era. 1) The curriculums for cultivating designers equipped with the convergence-type knowledge should be developed and operated. 2) The educational programs using the virtual reality and augmented reality for cultivating the job convergence-type designers should be established. 3) There should be the education related to design startup combined with design and the 4th industrial revolution technologies. 4) There should be the education using  big data, reflecting the characteristics and level of  each cyber university student with diverse backgrounds. 5) The  artificial intelligence should be actively used for overcoming the  limitations of online design education that is hard to have the one-to-one task instruction in real time or face-to-face lesson. 6) Diverse design courses should be established for utilizing 3D printing technologies and 3D design tools. Lastly, it is necessary to put efforts to overcome the limitations of online design education like introducing the online design education system in which students in a certain level get together to have PBL in real time, by actively using the 4th industrial revolution technologies.
  • 32.

    The Effect of Corporate-exclusive Typeface (Family Look) Strategies on Brand Experience - Comparative Study on Samsung and Apple Cases

    Jang, Soonkyu , Ray Jaeyung Yun | 2018, 65() | pp.421~432 | number of Cited : 1
    Company uses differentiated design strategies to compete for brand competition with other companies through the appearance and technical characteristics of our brand products. Among these design strategies, The strategy that consistently applies design elements differentiated from other brands is called 'family look'. This study examines the effects of brand experience through fonts that is one of the visual elements of design from design strategic use of the family look. To compare and analyze three cases for research progress examples of unified using orignal fonts designed by companies, unified using not orignal fonts and using different fonts to each brand. As a result of research, design strategy that applied unified fonts is positive reaction than using different fonts to each brand. Also there is no meaningful difference in the case about unified fonts between original fonts and not original fonts. And fonts should play main role in design in order to actively promote the brand experience. Finally, It has been confirmed that it is important to apply selected fonts continuously in the design area without change.
  • 33.

    The Study on Analysis of Early Childhood Arts Based on 3~5years Early Childhood Teacher’s Image

    Cho, Sung-Wook | 2018, 65() | pp.433~448 | number of Cited : 2
    This study is a qualitative analysis of artwork created by children within the age range of year 3 to 5 based on Lowenfield's concept of level of artistic development and eight different artistic elements identified in Kim, Kyung-Hee's study (2011). The purpose of this study is to serve as groundwork for interactive of teacher and children. For this study, we collected fifty works created by children within the age range of 3e to 5 from day care centers in the Kangwon area. 50 works were then selected to serve as a sample to minimize the extent of expressional overlap in between works. The result obtained from the qualitative analysis of 36 works based on the level of artistic development and presence of artistic elements present within are as follows. First, There were different for 3years ~5years 0n teacher' image expreesion. Second, There were appear to specific language on teacher's good image more 3years than 4,5years. Third, There were view similar to visual image of 3years ~5years. Based on the results obtained from this study, it was possible to note that art programs aimed towards children should involve activities that are recognized to bo appropriate for children's level of artistic development and should also revolve around activities that allow for empirical recognition of the artistic elements.
  • 34.

    A study of graphic design in North Korea as a method of using retro design in South Korea

    Jang, Soonkyu | 2018, 65() | pp.449~460 | number of Cited : 1
    Retro design is a design that evokes the nostalgia of memories in the past age style for people living in modern society. Currently, in case of Korea, people can experience retro design in various field in Korea. Following the trend of retro designs in Korea, This study research affect of North Korean design on Korean retro design. Because North Korea design is reminiscent of Korea in 1960 ~ 1970. Therefore, We studied how North Korean design affects four factors ‘contradictory coexistence’, ’value of heritage’, ’perpetually’ and ’hommage’ of retro design for Koreans. As a result of the study, North Korea design influenced the past and emotions as contradictory coexistence factor. Value of heritage factor such as history, culture and heritage have had more than average impact. The perpetually factor of nostalgia and connected generation had more than average impact, but convergent evolution had less than average impact. Finally, North Korea design is felt in 1970 ~ 1980 as hommage factor, which is the reason why the lack of printing technology, the texture of printed paper, and the calligraphy are reminiscent of the past.
  • 35.

    A Study on the Improvement Priority Determination Method for Each Quality Element by User Evaluation Modeling of Design Concept - A Case of Wearable Cardioverter Defillator

    Lee, Dong-hyun , Choi, Seung-yeon | 2018, 65() | pp.461~472 | number of Cited : 0
    Through the quality test of the user experience of the design concept, the design development process which changed the design in consideration of the user's convenience before releasing the product of the concept is very important. It can be utilized as a source of persuasion at the time of itemizing the design concept by presenting quantitative data together, particularly in parallel with elaborate user behavior insights. In this research, by presenting the posteriori questionnaire created after the usability test by statistical regression analysis, the ratio and importance of each user's convenience element, it is possible to estimate the project cost In order to be able to present reference materials of judgment that it can be selected and concentrated, the proportion and significance of each user's experience factors Applied to the design concept of wearable automatic defibrillator (Wearable Cardioverter Defillator) which is one of medical equipments, the test was carried out and the presented quantitative analysis method of ease of use was based on user behavior observation We were able to explain the derived insight more conveniently and could be utilized as the basis of the logic. Various follow-up studies are necessary for the quantitative analysis method of ease of use of this research to become universal, and if there is continuous modification / supplement through these subsequent research, Since dissemination is expected as a means, it is judged to be absolutely necessary in the subsequent research
  • 36.

    An Analysis of Users Attitudes and Satisfaction toward the Motivation of Artificial Intelligence Speaker -Based on the Theory of Diffusion of Innovations

    Kwon, Mi-jung , KIM JONG MOO I | 2018, 65() | pp.472~484 | number of Cited : 11
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the motives factors of using AI speakers and to investigate whether there are differences in users attitudes and satisfaction according to gender differences. To achieve that, this study had 310 users in their 10s to 50s fill in a questionnaire and analysed the answers. The analysis first showed that the motives of using AI speaker were compatibility, relative advantage, complexity and Trial ability. Second, the motives of using AI speaker have a significant effect on user attitude and satisfaction. Among them, the relative advantage has the highest influence on user attitude and satisfaction. Third, males are more affected by the attitude and satisfaction of AI speakers than females. The results of this study will be basic reference data for understanding the attitudes of users using AI speakers in the future.
  • 37.

    A Study on the Design of gel Nail using the Sensuous Expression of Package Design

    Pyo, Yeon-soo , Jung Yeon Ja | 2018, 65() | pp.485~496 | number of Cited : 2
    Lipstick is seen as a package design that stimulates creative and aesthetic value in the collection beyond the excellence of its function. The purpose of the project is to develop aesthetic gel nail art designs that can encourage consumers to make positive purchases by analyzing lipstick packaging designs and displaying them in gel nail art. The method of study was combined with theoretical and empirical studies, and theoretical considerations analyzed lipstick packaging design with the image of color and elicited gel nail art design. The scope of the research is based on the lipstick packaging design of the Korean cosmetics brands, which consists of five synthetic nail chips in one set. Shape and design, which are the forms of gel nail designs, utilize color values (R:G:B) that are visible to the naked eye in lipstick packaging designs based on the adjectives of the color image scale. Based on , color is utilized for color values (R:G:B) that are visible to the naked eye in a lipstick packaging design. Therefore, this study is expected to derive the gel nail art design that stimulates the sensitivity and consumer sentiment of female consumers, ultimately using the proposal of creative and aesthetic gel nail art development process and as a basic material for market gel nail art design.
  • 38.

    Representation of Personal Computer in Korea -Focused on daily newspapers in the 1980-

    Heo, Dae-chan , Hyun-Shin Jo | 2018, 65() | pp.497~508 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to examine the history of the introduction of personal computers in Korea and to lay the foundations for the study of our digital media culture history. The period is around 1980s, when the personal computer was introduced in Korea. The analysis target is 703 articles related to 'personal computer' mentioned in the daily newspapers of Kyung-hyang, Dong-a Ilbo, Maeil Business, and Hankyoreh. We extracted and analyzed the representations of personal computer focusing on the title, text, and images of each article. Prior to the analysis, we considered the period as the starting point for the information and communication industry society. This study also categorized the projected information society and education computer distribution project as the specificity of Korea. The characteristics of the personal computer representations extracted from the articles are 1) futuristic universal tools, 2) educational tools for survival, and 3) a mixture of education and game tools. Through this study, I analyzed the perception of contemporary personal computer and the visual representation of its context. Through this study, I collected the representations of newspaper media about personal computers, analyzed the meanings of visual representations, explored their meanings, and clarified what kind of consciousness and purpose they conveyed to the public.
  • 39.

    A Study on Recognition Type of Service employees for Nonverbal communication of Fine Dining Restaurant -Focused on Service Encounter Design

    Sung Min Cho | 2018, 65() | pp.509~528 | number of Cited : 1
    The fine dining restaurant, which is representative premium food service industry in food service industry with high human services dependency, has the most human services importance. To develop high quality human service, I have seen the situation about nonverbal communication of fine dining restaurant’s service employees and customer in service employees perspective, and have analyzed as subjectivity researcher Q method to show how it is recognized as service quality. As a analysis result, it was shown as 5 types as below; Type 1 : Sincere service pursuing type. Type 2 : Mood considering type. Type 3 : Professional appearance orientation. Type 4 : Trust oriented type. Type 5 : Visual. Attitude driven type. It was shown that as of service employees, the nonverbal communication recognition type have shown differently according to the quality value of pursuing service. Therefor, based on these results, we can improve human service quality considering the tendency of service workers and can construct a human service of design concept.
  • 40.

    A Study on the Use Experience of Museum Interpretation System

    Zhao, Zihan | 2018, 65() | pp.529~538 | number of Cited : 0
    Recently, museums are attracting the attention of visitors and society. However, research on museum interpretation conducted at domestic and foreign is relatively limited. The plan design of the museum commentary system was mainly based on the perspective of the experts, and most of them do not reflect the desire of the visitors. This study focused on visitors' experience of using museum Interpretation system. Through analyzing the effect of the Interpretation system of the museum that the visitor feels, we examined whether the Interpretation system of the museum meets the cultural needs of the visitors and identified the problems and deficiencies in the system. After that, the problems were rearranged and suggested the main elements of the commentary system of the museum finally, so as to help improve the museum commentary system and the educational function.In the first part of the study, the four major explanatory methods existing in the museum were confirmed. After that, we conducted in - depth interviews on four types of commentary methods and collected existing problems and deficiencies. The results of the type analysis were grouped into 14 types and the questionnaire was used to conduct a general survey on 14 problems. In this study, the user 's discomfort and problems were identified in the museum Interpretation system, and based on this, five key elements necessary for the museum Interpretation system were derived. Among them, inhalation is the weakest element in the museum commentary system, and future research will be conducted on how to apply each factor. I hope that you will be a reference material when you carry out research on the optimization of the Interpretation system of the museum and the improvement of the Interpretation experience.