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2019, Vol.66, No.

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    uence that Appearance Music for Players in Biased Pro Baseball Relay Broadcast of Afreeca TV has on Viewer Attitude

    KIM JONG MOO I , Lim, Jeong-yeop | 2019, 66() | pp.7~20 | number of Cited : 2
    This study analyzed what influence the appearance music for players in biased pro baseball relay broadcast of Afreeca TV has on viewers' team loyalty, team identification, immersion in viewing and satisfaction in viewing. To his end, questions distributed to 384 persons who actually viewed biased pro baseball relay broadcast of Afreeca TV were analyzed. First, analysis showed that appearance music for players had positive(+) influence on team loyalty, team identification, immersion in viewing, confirming that appearance music for players is the factor which influences viewers' attitude. Second, team loyalty had no significant influence on immersion in viewing and satisfaction in viewing. Third, while team identification had positive(+) influence on immersion in viewing, it did not have on satisfaction in viewing, which was opposite to the result of preceding study. Fourth, immersion in viewing had positive(+) influence on satisfaction in viewing, however. This study is meaningful in that it analyzed what attitude the viewers of biased broadcast of pro baseball managed by BJ in Afreeca TV, the Internet personal broadcast platform had. This study will be materials with which BJs managing biased pro baseball broadcast in AfreecaTV understand viewers' attitude.
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    A Study on the China Wang Hong PR Activities of Personal Broadcasting in the Single Media Age

    Xu, Qian-qian , Kim Mi-hyun | 2019, 66() | pp.21~34 | number of Cited : 7
    This thesis is about the PR (public relations) activities of Chinese online celebrities in the we-media era, which aim to sell commodities through SNS live streaming. Research contents of this study are as follows: first, the actual situation of individual online live show in China as well as the efficiency of PR activity in the we-media era with a theoretical investigation of the SNS live streaming. Second, the features of the PR activity cases that online celebrities advertise merchandise in personal live streaming which have been carried out through investigation and analysis. Next, the characteristics of the advertisements in personal live streaming from the concept of the PR activity. This thesis has reached several conclusions: first, as SNS superstars together with models of the products, these online celebrities broadcast information to customers to impulse purchasing; they can be regarded as economic media with PR activities. Second, the PR activities of online celebrities are competitive because of its affluent contents, including product presentation, experience sharing, post production and advertisement of the product and management of the fans. Next, Internet celebrity economy has already become a hot topic in Chinese PR activity field as it has been pushed be numerous factors such as the development of the platform technology, changes in the consuming phycology and the trend of the industry.
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    Comparative Study on Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Modern Posters through Literati Paintings

    LI, XINLIN | 2019, 66() | pp.35~48 | number of Cited : 0
    After the 20st century, the trend of expressing the Eastern culture by discovering self, newly perceivingself, and based on new viewpoint and sightemerged in the modern visual culture sector.The saying "Studying is not for others but for one's own pleasure." coincides with the key arguments of literati paintings through which literary noblemen tried to express their emotions. The artistic forms of literati paintings are being ceaselessly reinterpreted, analyzed, and defined in the visual design sector. A number of excellent works are localizing design language in visual design and converging forms and viewpoints of new literati paintings by having expression forms of literati paintings as an element. Thus, this study aims to organize the concept of literati painting based on previous studies and comparatively analyze traditional literati paintings of Korea, China, and Japan based on six aspects including background, status and characteristics of painter, pen and ink and ideology, color, theme, and function. In addition, based on this analysis, this study set the posters which are deemed to have common characteristics and differences in modern design as the study targets. With the development of Asian ideologies, marked differences between the East and the West appeared in traditional graphic expression media. Some modern posters contain typical Eastern styles and discovering their roots has become important. Lastly, the elements of modern literati paintings in design were examined by selecting the works by leading figures in the modern visual design field of Korea, China, and Japan and analyzing them. According to the study outcomes, Asian visual design works have both common styles and different visual styles due to cultural differences. Such characteristics appeared in the same manner in postern designs after the literati painting revolution. This study looked into the developmental characteristics of literati paintings, 'differences' and 'sameness' of posters in Korea, China, and Japan, and their contexts. As a result, this study will be a reference in exploring original East Asian visual design in the future since this study has promoted poster development of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese literati paintings and suggested development directions.
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    A Study on the effects of auditory experience on Brand Recognition according to Type of Effective Sound

    Kim, Tai-woo , Jang, Soonkyu | 2019, 66() | pp.49~60 | number of Cited : 3
    With the trend of the times and technological advances, users are experiencing a variety of new media content experiences through devices such as TVs, computers and smartphones. Auditory factors play an important role in this content. As a result, companies use auditory factors, such as sound feedback, to experience the brand as a positive factor, and use these sounds to drive a differentiated brand experience from other companies. The purpose of this study is to investigate auditory factors that change the emotions and behaviors of prisoners and induce differentiated brand experiences. In order to advance the study, the brand empirical aspect of effect sound was divided into 'ambient sound' with melody and 'general effect sound' without melody. As a result of the research, it was confirmed that the effect sound in the brand experience design is important to be used without affecting the brand for a long time without affecting the recognition and association of the brand. Also, it is confirmed that presence or absence of the melody has no great influence on the brand recognition and association. In addition, interest and interest of the audience may affect the recognition of the brand even if it is used for a short time.
  • 5.

    A Study on the Development of Identity for Integrated Public Libraries - Focused on four public libraries in Gapyeong-County -

    Kang Doeun , KIM, MYOUN | 2019, 66() | pp.61~74 | number of Cited : 1
    Today, the city has entered the era where the city is to compete with the cities of the world as a single urban brand beyond the mere administrative significance. The public library, which is operated by local governments, is now transformed into a cultural space with culture and relaxation. In addition, as the lifestyle and needs of the users change, they are expected to build and manage a systematic brand, and to expect a differentiated brand experience. However, the four public libraries erected in Gapyeong-gun in Gyeonggi Province, the overall image of the exterior and interior of the building according to the construction design and construction method according to the year established, it is recognized as a small library in the area, the user is also becoming increasingly reduced. In addition, the brand structure of each library is lost and the function is nearly forfeited, so long-term access is needed to build a systematic brand. Therefore, this study focuses on the long-term approach to building a sustainable "integrated brand identity." Other words integrated brand strategy to establish a unified image of four libraries to break the image of a small library in the region and increase the life and quality of the brand. This not only maximizes the frequency of exposure of the brand, but also benefits from a gradual increase in scale and influence, as well as the effective and administrative aspects of financial efficiency and budget savings.
  • 6.

    A Study on the Cognitive Activities of Infant Art - Focused on Eisner's Aesthetic Epistemology -

    An - Keun Lee | 2019, 66() | pp.75~88 | number of Cited : 1
    Eisner opposed the dichotomous notion of separating reason and thought. And he presented a broad concept of cognition including the emotions of the qualitativeness accompanied by art activities. In this study, based on the aesthetic epistemology of Eisner 's thoughts, infant art activities were discussed from the viewpoint of the broad cognitive concept. The art activity of the infant is to internalize and symbolize the concept acquired through the experience of direct sense. The cognitive characteristics of these expressive activities appear in the whole process of activities in which infants explore, observe, and acquire knowledge. In the process of expressive activity, infants have reflective thinking that judge, interpret, revise, reinterpret, and creatively form concepts around the world. Infants also expand their thinking in an analytical and comprehensive way to express, process, and solve problems. As a result, the whole process of this art activity is the extension activity of thinking that the children search for the object , analogy and re-search. Therefore, the activities of Infants arts can be a good way to develop cognitive skills through the perception of infants. This study suggests that art activities are involved in cognitive thinking through research on the cognitive perspective of infant art. Therefore This study proposes the validity that the art education for infants should be approached from the viewpoint of inquiry and cognition.
  • 7.

    A Study on the Development of the Traditional Design Content in health and longevity based on the Lucky Signs

    Jung, Su-yeon , Hong, Dong-Sik | 2019, 66() | pp.89~102 | number of Cited : 1
    South Korea had a hard time creating its own image of a nation that formed its identity due to 6.25, Japanese-style rule, division of South and North Korea, and military dictatorship. Recently, Korea has been searching and spreading its identity by creating a Korean wave such as various events and K-POPs. However, since there are still no images and cultural products representing Korea's identity, it is necessary to develop design contents related to native culture and professional cultural product design. Design powers such as France and Japan focus on design projects that can add value to their national design policy projects. Traditional Korean contents also need to be specialized and continuous in image design and research. In this study, five lucky-SubokGangnYeon(long life, happiness and peace), a representative of Korean culture, studied with the most interest in the old and the modern, namely, "Living healthy long." Through the development of cultural product design and the use of design content, I would look forward to presenting the diversity and direction in producing Korea's own design products and images that fit the trend of modern ' age of 100. ‘ Based on images based on special exhibitions related to longevity of the National Folk Museum of Korea, the museum discovers key used features and meanings, studies patterns and patterns, and analyzes design cases applied to modern cultural product design. We also want to look at the direction available through design content, which is a symbol of llong life happiness and peace. First, cultural products have limitations that lack the development of design products, lack of public relations and sales outlets, and lack of awareness of traditional culture, which should precede policy support and awareness reform at the national level. Second, we need to streamline prices that meet the needs of the market. Third, cultural product design and contents related to tradition can be settled and disseminated more easily when traditional design is utilized and distributed mainly on practical stationery and household goods. Fourth, it is necessary to develop contents of various Korean images based on research on Korean cultural history and aesthetic consciousness. Research on the Korean culture of designers should be conducted, not just in the form of figurative images. Fifth, traditional manufacturing methods and materials should be respected by modern times, but modern production products should be developed with economy and durability.
  • 8.

    A Study on the Evaluation of Emotional Image and Preference for the Infant Product Detailed Pages of the Shopping App in China

    Guo, Jing-jing , Kwon,kije | 2019, 66() | pp.103~116 | number of Cited : 1
    This study analyzes the emotional image and preference of the detailed pages of the mobile shopping mall's infant products. The research conducted a preliminary study on the detailed page, the emotional image and the trade information of the mobile shopping mall in China. It measures the emotional image of the mobile shopping mall for infants product detailed page by targeting 40 male and female students who are related to the visual design college students and parents. For the purpose of the assessment, by using 10 pairs of objectives related to the emotional image of the diaper detailed page and the Semantics Differential Method to analyze the emotional evaluation. A factorial analysis was performed to extract the key objectives through reduction of factors. Finally, the design concept was submitted with a summary of the characteristic of the consumer's preferred detailed page design and the core objectives.
  • 9.

    A Study on Nonverbal Communication of Anchorwomen depending on Major Issues of TV News - Centered on KBS, SBS, MBC -

    Kim, Se-hyun , Kim Mi-hyun | 2019, 66() | pp.117~130 | number of Cited : 0
    This study examined characteristics of image making for raising reliability, likeability, professionalism and fairness of anchorwomen from the perspective of nonverbal communication. Results of this study show that nonverbal communication elements of anchors affect viewers differently even when TV news of 3 terrestrial channels that are the objects of this study report the same main news. First, characteristics of anchorwomen from the viewpoint of physical symbolic language, facial expression of anchors was dark and they restrained gestures etc., when delivering sad news, accompanying nonverbal expression for concentrating on the contents of news through sight and hearing of views. As for good news, however, cheerful look, eyes and gestures were expressed freely unlike sad news. Second, as for the characteristics of anchorwomen from the aspect of artificial object language, they maintained simplicity, neatness and calmness by wearing worn monotone clothes and removing accessories when reporting sad news. Contrary to the foregoing, they gave change to brightness and chroma wearing vivid color clothes, excluding splendor in hair style while reporting good news. Third, when looking characteristics of anchorwomen from the viewpoint of situational behavior language, they use studio space as the method of production changed from the previous one that reported news sitting on the chair, anchorwomen showed nonverbal communication such as standing, walking, standing after walking etc. Anchor's nonverbal communication expression for viewers of rigid television news is a way to enhance understanding of the news and emphasize trust and trust.
  • 10.

    A study on camping brand Identity to add value

    Choi, Soo-Ah | 2019, 66() | pp.131~144 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The world’s camping market has been growing centrally U.S. and European markets, and there also has been a rapid growth in S. Korea after 2000. However, Korean camping brands have not been successful in the overseas market, and also is not dominating the Korean market either. The biggest challenge for domestic brands is recognition of the brands according to studies and the specialist survey interview. Therefore, domestic companies need to focus on developing individual ‘Brand Identity’, a proper brand positioning, operating of practice, managing, and maintaining. Also with the continuation of keeping the same brand concept and identity, trends and customer needs will need to be applied on top of it. The researches on brand identities of internationally known successful 6 camping brands such as Coleman, Snow peak, MSR, Vaude, Hilleberg, Fjall raven and on successful brand stories with tradition are studies. Also, case studies on a camping brand renewal of Northpeak and a new brand development process have proceeded. The status of current Korean camping brands and suggested directions to add values were presented throughout the study.
  • 11.

    Influence that China Broadcast Channel Brand Personality has on Viewer's Channel Recognition - Focused on Hunan Television -

    Zuo, Yi-fang , KIM JONG MOO I | 2019, 66() | pp.145~156 | number of Cited : 0
    In China where 166 TV broadcast stations operate 3250 channels, they are vehemently competing to get viewers. In this age of competition among China broadcast channels, it is essential to enhance channel brand by building distinct channel personality which highlights the property of broadcast channel in order to induce viewers to watch the broadcast program of our company. Thus, this study analyzed what the Hunan TV brand personality is and what influence Hunan TV channel brand personality has on brand perception, brand preference, channel reliability, channel loyalty by using brand personality scale developed by Aaker. J (1997). To this end, the result of question distributed to 307 Chinese testees was used for analysis. First, the analysis showed that the brand personality factors of Hunan TV channel are “lively”, “refined”, “specialized”. Second, among the brand personality of Hunan TV channel, “lively” & “specialized” had significant influence on channel perception to the positive(+) direction. Third, among brand personality of Hunan TV channel, specialized” had significant influence on channel preference to the positive(+) direction. Fourth, among brand personality of Hunan TV channel, “lively”, “refined” had significant influence on channel reliability to the positive(+) direction. Fifth, channel reliability of Hunan had significant influence on channel loyalty to the positive(+) direction. Given such result, among brand personality of Hunan TV channel, “lively” had influence on channel perception, channel preference, channel reliability. Next, “specialized” was found to be significant factor which had influence on channel perception and channel preference. This study is meaningful in that it analyzed which brand personality of Hunan TV channel should be enhanced to improve channel perception, channel preference, channel reliability, channel loyalty of Hunan TV channel in China.
  • 12.

    Development of Customizable Wappen-Velcro Joint Prototype for Children and Conformity Assessment by Development Phase

    Kim, Hyun-Joo | 2019, 66() | pp.157~170 | number of Cited : 0
    This study aims to develop customizable Wappen-Velcro joint prototypes for children and study the conformity assessment method for each development phase. It is a practical study that includes survey analysis, product development, assessment, and branding. This study is mainly divided into three steps. First, through literature review and actual case studies on customizing, DIY, and Wappen, the foundation and theoretical basis of the study were prepared. Second, bond strength was studied according to Wappen material characteristics, a bonding method was selected, an expert conformity assessment was performed at each development phase, and a prototype was developed. The expert assessment proceeded in the order of material conformity assessment, Velcro bond strength assessment, and product conformity assessment. Third, through 129 keywords derived from surveying children’s preference for animation characters, 61 groups of character themes were designed, 151 kinds of customizable Wappen design contents and prototypes were developed, and branding of a Wappen specialized brand was done.
  • 13.

    Study on the Domestic & Overseas Men’s SPA Brands VMD Implementation Characteristics -Focus on Brand Communication Strategy Perspectiv -

    Kim Mi-hyun | 2019, 66() | pp.173~188 | number of Cited : 0
    The VMD through comparative analysis of the domestic and foreign brands of men’s SPA introduce the product in the store effectively to customers seeking ways of VMD as a brand communication strategy that represents the brand image of the company directly. The purpose of this study is to first seek theoretical understanding and examine characteristics by reviewing related previous studies and publications on brand communication strategy, VMD type and SPA brand. Second, this study will search for a method to review the VMD implementation characteristics applying brand communication strategy types. Third, it will deduce brand communication strategies through VMD types of domestic & overseas men’s SPA brands. This result and the expected effect of the Study First, sense of marketing is to stimulate the five senses strengthen relationships with customers are leveraging the VMD deployment strategy making have a crush on the brand to the customer direct stamping and communicate with customers brand It can provide a channel to strengthen the management and maintenance of the brand. Second, emotional marketing will serve to strengthen the brand identity of the customer by increasing the interaction of experience and other distinctive brand VMD provides the intimacy of a marketing and brand. Third, the deployment characteristics of VMD in cultural marketing perspective, it shows clearly the theme of the cultural events organized or sponsored by the VMD directing customers to get the sympathy to placate customers increase sales and improve the image of the brand involved.
  • 14.

    Aesthetic features and symbolism of the Traditional Color Concepts in animation of Chinese

    SHENHAO , Lee Dong Hun | 2019, 66() | pp.189~200 | number of Cited : 2
    Through the golden age of the 1950s and 80s, Chinese animation formed a national style that inherited the traditional culture of China and adhered to various production methods, innovative styles and ethnic spirit. Today, however, Chinese animation is facing various challenges as it competes with animations from around the world. In this situation, Chinese animation is at a time when it is necessary to consider how to establish the identity of Chinese culture and how to combine China's unique ethnicity with modern personality. This study aims to analyze the symbolism and aesthetic characteristics of Chinese traditional color tubes in Chinese animated works, to analyze how symbolism and aesthetic features were used, Through this study, we will examine whether traditional Chinese colors can act as creative factors in presenting the future direction and value of modern Chinese animation today.
  • 15.

    -Evaluation Factors to Improve Education of Design Thinking Process-

    Lee, Eun-jung , Park Jiyu | 2019, 66() | pp.201~214 | number of Cited : 4
    It is possible to think creatively when appropriately proceed which are convergent thinking and divergent thinking. In this study, convergent evaluation factors that can be used in the Design Thinking Process is deducted and made the exact meaning into sentences. Design thinking process It is determined that the evaluation factors that are important in each stage should be different, so that each stage evaluation factor is derived. At first, it is presented the necessary evaluation factors in the convergence stage to select good ideas. It will play an important role in the Design Thinking Process outcomes. The secondly, evaluation factors for developed results were also derived. Using the derived evaluation factors, two type of graphs presented that can be applied to the convergence stage. It is expected that it will help flexible thinking through repetition of divergence and convergence and it will be a means of improving Design Thinking education by limiting subjective judgment.
  • 16.

    Endorsed brand strategy of Local Autonomous Entity by Seoul City - Combined Brand of Seoul City brand and 25 Local Autonomous Entity-

    Jong Sung Kim , Jun hwan Kim | 2019, 66() | pp.215~224 | number of Cited : 0
    This study would like to suggest city brand architectural strategy with Seoul council for more efficient brand expandability. For successful brand strategy, symbols and slogans of each districts and Seoul need to be built within same design standards. Using three types of Seoul city brand design, we would like to suggest design combination such as symbol, brand and slogan to other districts as a sponsorbrand. Periodical impacts are reflected in 25 districts brands because of timing differences. Moreover, some region which invest more on brand design highly use trendy design. Districts understand that they need to use design aspects for city brand and symbol. It is necessary to improve brand utilization in local districts to achieve successful result for Seoul city brand. This requires significant effort from both Seoul and local district council.
  • 17.

    A Study on the Character Content Type by Making 3D Animation for Mobile

    hyejung kim | 2019, 66() | pp.225~234 | number of Cited : 0
    In this research, mobile is the field that can develop rapidly in the industry in the future along with the development of technology. Mobile has the biggest role as a communication tool in young people, and there are many additional factors that are created through videos, characters, and so on. It is expected that the development of mobile animation industry will be synergized by the closest, closest, and appealing character appearance to human emotion. Among them, 3D animation has a great communication effect that the sense of space, stereoscopic effect, or reality that takes place in reality is conveyed to the public compared to other animation techniques. In this paper, contents are produced so that a consensus can be formed intimately with the 3D character of mobile magazine "Gwangsu idea" character. In addition, we will try to find ways to increase the value added of digital content types and store contents types in the present state of '3D digital goods'.
  • 18.

    Influence that Examiner's Reaction has on Viewer Attitude in Music Survival Audition Program-Focused on K-pop Star Survival Audition Program-

    Kim, Joo-chul , KIM JONG MOO I | 2019, 66() | pp.235~246 | number of Cited : 0
    This study produced two kinds of image operated in positive reaction & negative reaction of music survival audition program examiner of SBS K Popstar and analyzed viewers' attitude(preference, evaluation of capability, behavioral intention) over the participants of survival audition depending on examiners' reaction in order to find whether such phenomenon also appears in image of alignment phenomenon which influences personal attitude & judgment through Internet reply. The total number of participants in this test is 181, for which images produced with examiner positive(n=89) & examiner negative(n=92) reaction were divided into 2 groups for test. According to test, there is difference in viewer preference (examiner positive reaction M=3.7079, examiner negative reaction M=2.8152), viewer evaluation of capability (examiner positive reaction M=3.6208, examiner negative reaction M=2.7989), viewer behavioral intention(examiner positive reaction M=2.9738, examiner negative reaction M=2.5036) depending on examiner reaction appearing in K Popstar music survival audition program. Examiners' positive reaction shows higher preference, evaluation of capability, behavioral intention in survival audition participants than negative reaction. This outcome confirms that examiners' reaction influences viewers' judgment when viewers evaluate music survival audition, showing that alignment phenomenon also arises in image just like reading reply.
  • 19.

    A study on Formative Characteristics of Space in Pritzker Prize Winners' Contemporary Residential Space

    Hong, Ji Na , kim jung hee | 2019, 66() | pp.247~260 | number of Cited : 3
    Dwelling in architecture is the most important and basic space in the course of the evolution of humankind as well as existential space for their lives. It has been developing in a revolutionary way in the history of architecture, seeing today a diverse range of buildings with more novelty. For this reason, this study sought to conduct a case study, drawing factors to be analyzed based on theoretical examination of figurative characteristics of contemporary dwelling space as shown by the winners of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. This Prize continues to show remarkable ideas and innovative architectural structures in the global architectural field, contributing to the better environments in our lives and also leading us to another dimension. As a result of the case study, there turned out seven figurative characteristics of contemporary living space. First, visual rotation with the surroundings, and contrast. Second, geometric beauty of its shape. Third, dynamic appearance. Fourth, irregular sculptural form. Fifth, duplication of forms and interpenetration. Sixth, module mobility and changeable space. Seventh, ambiguity of internal composition. As such, the study identified the extended meanings and concept of space, and examined the potential for systematic harmony between the constituents, hopefully shedding light on new paradigms of future living space as well as the future direction in the realm of space.
  • 20.

    Comparing the Long-Take of VR Films and Traditional Films - Focused on a Short VR Film "HELP -

    Hua Lu-hui , kim hae yoon | 2019, 66() | pp.261~272 | number of Cited : 2
    As the VR technology evolves continuously, the experience immersion, which is the greatest advantage of the VR technology, has been widely used in various fields. The utilization of VR technologies is highly expected not only in games but also in movies. However, the methodology for the new technology has not been fully established and there are still several issues including the vertigo of the audience due to the 3-D movements expressed by the VR technology. Due to these technical limitations, VR films are often produced by using a method similar to the traditional long-take. The objectives of this study were to define the long-take used in VR films and that in traditional films and to discuss the difference between these two methods. This study approached these objectives from three basic aspects: production technique, visual focus of screen, and the relationship between audiences and filmmakers. This study also analyzed the difference between the long-take of traditional films with that of VR films by comparing long-take scenes in “Help”, a VR short film, and long-take scenes in traditional films., And sort out the differences. Additionally, the results of this study are expected to be the baseline data for follow-up studies.
  • 21.

    A study on the Analysis and improvement Strategies of VR Social Network Service -focused on the application of communication-related components-

    PARK JI WON , No Seung Kwan | 2019, 66() | pp.273~284 | number of Cited : 1
    This study aims to analyze whether VR SNS has accepted the advantage of existing SNS and to suggests additions and designs of the related menus. We analyze three target subjects: Oculus VR, Vtime and Oksusu VR, which are most easily accessible VR SNS. This study focuses on analyzing four major objects: the user’s profile, friends management, personal content space and content space of other users that a user can access. Vtime and Oksusu VR would provide only limited profile information, while it would restrict the users from obtaining the actual information of users identity. In addition, there’s limited personal content space, which would further restrict the users from identifying accumulated activities of other users. Oculus Room use Facebook’s profile but It’s impossible hard to connect to Facebook page in Oculus Room. This shows that VR SNS, focused on online chat, is unlikely to motivate the users to build up relationships. In other words, those VR applications would just show they have chat feature by using avatar, but not offer the actual chat conversation service through avatar. In this type of existing service structure, the VR chat conversations can be made only after they meet in person and make an appointment when to open the chat, which would result in a low chance of using VR chat feature between people in relationship offline. As the results of this study, the following principles of VR SNS organization are suggested: (i) to provide the user with more interesting and easier access to the contents of others, in his or her relationships than the access existing PC or smartphones have provided, (ii) to develop the function for a user to access texts, images, videos, links, and 3D contents that the other users in relationships uploaded, and (iii) to correct the shortcomings of VR controllers that would delicate insertion and to connect VR controllers with PC or smartphones in order to make it easy to manage and upload files for effective management of personal page.
  • 22.

    Research on the influence of Chinese Thinking mode on design thinking

    LiXin , Lee Dong Hun | 2019, 66() | pp.285~298 | number of Cited : 0
    Thinking mode, as the condensation of the internal spirit of a nation, has been inherited till now through abundant historical precipitation, and is also a thinking tool for people to think and solve problems. Different from traditional styles and materials, the way of thinking not only has a more essential impact on design, but also makes traditional culture more vital in design. Taking the influence of Chinese mode of thinking on design thinking as the main research object, in the first place, this paper sorts out the concepts and development of thinking mode and design thinking, and summarizes three characteristics of Chinese mode of thinking: relational, collective and perceptive. Furthermore, it puts forward the influence of thinking mode on design thinking, mainly focusing on the definition of design problems, sub-problem sequencing and solution construction. Last but not least, through a series of Chinese design cases, this paper concretely analyzes how Chinese thinking mode provides national design language for Chinese design.
  • 23.

    A Study on the Influence of the Collaboration Character Design Characteristics on Brand Awareness and Purchase Intent -Focusing on Food Brands-

    Lim, So-hee , KOO, JAJOON | 2019, 66() | pp.299~316 | number of Cited : 4
    As the quality differences among products in the food industry level out, the competition between brands is becoming fiercer than ever. In such a market situation, various strategies are being examined in order to secure competitive edges over competitors. One of the representative approaches of such is the sue of collaboration characters. The ultimate purpose for a company to usecollaboration characters is to entice the customers to buy their products. However, in practice, it is designed to enhance the brand awareness by exposing the characters along with the products or services of their brands. Therefore, it is a critical factor on which the brand awareness hinges on is the design characteristics of the collaboration characters. In the meantime, brand awareness is being recognized as a factor that stimulates the purchase intent of the customers for the applicable brand. In the end, it is possible to make a hypothetical estimation on the correlations between the characteristics of collaboration character design-brand awareness-purchase intent. For this, the author of this study intended to verify the mediating effect of brand awareness in the relations between the collaboration character design characteristics used in food brands (friendliness, uniqueness) and purchase intent. The study was divided into three parts. First, a literature review was performed in order to identify theconcepts and characteristics of key factors. Then, with a case study, a qualitative analysis on the relations between factors was carried out. Lastly, a mediation regression analysis was performed using the data gathered through a survey to validate the hypotheses. The result of the analysis showed that the two factors of collaboration character designs, that is, friendliness and uniqueness, all resulted in purchase intend only when they were mediated through brand awareness, indicating that brand awareness fully mediated uniqueness and purchase intent. Also, friendliness affected the intent of purchase directly and positively. But, the influence was also exerted through the mediation by brand awareness, confirming that brand awareness partially mediated friendliness and purchase intent. Therefore, if the food brands are to stimulate purchase intent of the consumers in an effective manner, it would be desirable to engage in and use collaboration with characters actively to maximize brand awareness.
  • 24.

    Comparative Analysis of the true story Films in the Realistic Themes of Korea and China

    Fu, Jia-bin , kim hae yoon | 2019, 66() | pp.317~330 | number of Cited : 1
    Korean and Chinese based on the true story films that deserve a lot of love from the audience . Differences in the social system and movie screening systems between Korea and China have made a noticeable difference in film。 In order to provide a more reliable data basis for the study, all of the data cited will from "DouBan"internet. And analyze in three ways: feedback on audience attention and rating ,character building characteristics , movie ending. This analyzes in the feedback of Chinese moviegoers, and more precisely South Korean true story films are meeting Chinese audiences' needs, while relatively Chinese true story movies do not accurately reflect the needs of the public. At the same time, it will reflect differences narrative Characteristics of the true films of Korea and China. In Korea, most movies narrative were based on unresolved social issues that the public is interested in , but in China, most of them were made narrative from the perspective of Chinese social officials wanting to inspire the public's patriotism.
  • 25.

    Study of Gender Identity and Fashion Design Characteristics Performed with Persona -Focused on Judith Butler’s Gender Performativity and Jung’s Archetype Theory-

    hyangja kim | 2019, 66() | pp.331~344 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Fashion is a communicator who expresses the identity of the self and is a clear text about the socio-cultural era. This study analyzed the expressions and symbolism of sexual transformation in detail to discuss aspects of sexual performance expressed through fashion styles. We analyzed the fashion represented in transsexual transsexual process by applying the inherent symbolism of identity transition through Judith Butler 's sexual identity theory and C.G. Jung' s prototype theory (Anima / Animus). Sexual identity expressed through fashion style is expressed as imitation (parody identity), action repetition (performance identity) and cohesiveness (depression identity). Implicit symbolism was analyzed by applying the definition prototype theory to the internal values ​​of sexual identity through sex change
  • 26.

    A study on brand experience of cafe about factors affecting in local place as alley -Focusing on cases of small business and franchisees-

    Jang, Soonkyu , 이재한 | 2019, 66() | pp.345~356 | number of Cited : 0
    Recently, cities have been expanding their local commercial areas through the alley that is formed by the flow of old time. Because consumer can experience what consumer can not experience in the development commercial in alley commercial area. Accordingly, this study focuses on a cafe that serves as a space that consumes various experience besides food and beverage. For this purpose, the cases are classified and compared for alley cafes that is maintaining and improving about inside and outside of old building. Also comparing what is categorized as personal brand such as a small business owner or famous brand such as a franchise. As a result, cafe located alley area as local commercial has confirmed strategic direction to present unique brand experiences that it can lead to a positive response to consumers through proposing differentiated brand experiences by utilizing old things to inside and outside in old building. Also franchisees located alley in local commercial leads consumers to provide a culture that has been formed over a long time with the alley rather than providing originality brand experience.
  • 27.

    Understanding the Difference between Abstract Animation Works of Walther Ruttmann and Oskar Fischinger Based on Formal Characteristics of Abstract Animation

    Cheng, Yu-yu , kim hae yoon | 2019, 66() | pp.357~370 | number of Cited : 0
    It was beginning from Arnaldo Ginna and Bruno Corr to the Walther Ruttmann, Hans Richter, Viking Eggeling and Oskar Fischinger who were in movie audio era in1920s, they made the accomplishment of early abstract animation, later generation, such as Norman McClaren, John Whitney, and others, were influenced by these works which had a very high artistic value and it has certain significance for today's dynamic graphics, the development of digital animation, etc. The formal features of abstract animation can be divided into two aspects, modeling features and performance features. Modeling features include two features , geometric abstract modeling features experimental features of materials and forms, Performance features include discontinuity, rhythm, repetitive motion and musicality, which are reflected in abstract animation. The first abstract animated film released in the world was Lichtspiel Opus I which was the product of Ruttmann, the product influenced many artists, including Fischinger. Although there were some similar between some of Fischinger's works with Ruttmann's works, there are also many differences between them, which make them different from each other. It is also because of their differences that enrich the expression of abstract animation and promote the development of abstract animation.
  • 28.

    A Study on the Satisfaction of the Characterized Education of Program in the Local Design Univ. - Focused on Dongseo ‘CK-1 Value-Creative Design Education Project’ -

    Song Man Yong | 2019, 66() | pp.371~380 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study was to measure student satisfaction for the Dongseo CK-1 Value-Creative Design Education Project in university of Creative Korea for University–1. Now As CK-1 Business group, it is judged that the design education of the university can not follow the reality of the changing enterprise". We will the four survey were: 1) to build a multi-functional design education system, 2) to realize design expertise, 3) to internationalize design education, and 4) to realize local values. As a result, we are satisfied with the subject of design college in general and satisfied with design specialization program. Especially, in the specialization program, internationalization program, route design exhibition and fusion design education seminar were found to be highly satisfied.
  • 29.

    A Study on the Characteristics of Female Clothing in the Period of Ladies Pictures in Tang Dynasty

    Yu, Hai-yang , Han, Jung Min , Kang, Hae-Seung | 2019, 66() | pp.381~393 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the characteristics of women's clothing in four pictures of Tang Dynasty ladies. The research results of this paper show that women's clothing in Tang Dynasty has four characteristics: natural beauty, traditional beauty, openness beauty and elegant beauty. Firstly, natural beauty is the Tang Dynasty women's clothing design used a lot of transformation and creation of natural elements, reflecting the Tang Dynasty women's spiritual connotation of nature and emotional exchange. Secondly, traditional beauty is female clothing culture in Tang Dynasty not only expressed the current aesthetic consciousness, but also inherited the traditional culture of the past. Thirdly, openness beauty is influenced by the feminist consciousness in Tang Dynasty, the design of women's open and beautiful clothing in Tang Dynasty paid attention to the display of women's body curve and the pursuit of their individuality. Fourthly, elegant beauty is the life of noble women in Tang Dynasty was very elegant and luxurious, which can be the best reflected in clothing design. This paper is not only a study of the Tang Dynasty women's clothing culture, but also a re-verification of the relationship between fashion and culture.