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2019, Vol.67, No.

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    A Study on Correlation between Economy-based Board Game’s Properties and Its Design - Focused on Roger Caillois’ Play Theory -

    Kwon, Min-ji , Su-Jeung Kim | 2019, 67() | pp.9~23 | number of Cited : 0
    Standardization of technology has enabled customers to base their purchasing decisions on not just products' function and price, but on their values and design. Even though board games' social and educational advantages have been broadening the genre's coverage, empirical researches on correlation between board games' design and contents have been far from prevalent. The paper aims to verify the importance of "unity" between contents and design within a board game, by analyzing correlation between Economy-based Board Games' visual aspects and contents based on 'Play theory', the fundamental principal from a preceding research. In doing so, "Tool for Classification of Boardgame," redefined thru Roger Cailois' theory has been applied to execute qualitative research and analytics on 6 famous economy-based Board Games. In analysis result, three key elements of designing board game are found. First key is concordance between the board game’s content and its image. The board game’s strength of content has to be expressed visually to players. Second is mimicry, which is a powerful tool for play and imagination. Board game should contain the elements of mimicry to increase the immersion level of players Third is Alea, which is an essential element in order to avoid stimulating players’ competitive spirit. Also, it helps players to enjoy the board game and learn about how economy works more entertainingly.
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    A Study on User’s Perception and Preference Based on Emotions Expressed through The Eyes of a Social Robot

    Dasom Park , Pan Younghwan | 2019, 67() | pp.25~37 | number of Cited : 2
    In modern society, along with the infinite development of industry, robot technology has made remarkable progress, and at the same time, there have been cases where robots are used in various fields. Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) is becoming more important as robots are used in various fields. Therefore, there is a need for research on emotional communication of robots. The purpose of this study is to investigate the use of the social robot 's pupil as a communication medium between the social robot and the user. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether the emotional elements expressed by the robot's pupils have a positive effect on user consensus and acceptance formation through the process of structuring the pupil shape as a means of conveying emotions in robot communication. To understand this, we classify the basic emotions felt by humans and extract emotional words according to their emotional categories. Russell 's Circumflex model (1980) was applied as emotion word extraction and evaluation model. Experiments were conducted for the selection of emotional pupil prototypes. Based on the experimental results, pupil elements were derived and a pupil expression prototype was constructed. For the emotion classification, the relationship between the emotion corresponding to the evaluation model and the visual expression of the pupil was mapped, and then the preference of each pupil prototype type was investigated. As a result of the research, it was shown that the type of social robot 's pupil is reminiscent of a round shape, and most of the social robot' s pupils perceive the intention and intention to convey as intended. This study investigated one of the physical elements that constitute a robot to draw empathy for emotional reaction in interaction with social robot. It also has significance by revealing the emotional influence of social robot's eyes on the emotional transmission and interaction of users.
  • 3.

    A Study on the Impact of Aesthetic UI Design Element of Mobile Commerce on Purchase Intention - Focused on korean shoes multi-shops case -

    Jung, Hae-jin , KIM, MYOUN | 2019, 67() | pp.39~51 | number of Cited : 7
    The importance of design elements including User Experience and User Interface of mobile commerce that can induce sales through the effective display of products along with price and product awareness are comparatively being emphasized in the trend where the share of mobile commerce is increasing. Therefore, the study aims to find out the effect of aesthetic UI design elements on consumer’s purchase intention on mobile commerce. The study has selected mobile commerce-driven Korean shoes multi-shops. The study has analyzed the UI design elements of mobile commerce through literature review, surveyed people. survey result showed that layout has the biggest impact on purchase intention while icon, image, color, and typography following in order. Therefore, UX and UI practitioners should use strategic uses of this results, and more detailed study on the category of mobile commerce should be carried out steadily.
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    D2C environment and cosmetics brand identity design development -Focusing on brand identity development of new brand 'Richaeum'-

    JinYoung Kim | 2019, 67() | pp.53~63 | number of Cited : 2
    The cosmetics market is a large-scale industrial group worth 3859 billion dollars in 2017 (about 417.7 trillion won) and has grown 4.8 percent year-on-year, expanding the scope of the cosmetics market worldwide. Thanks to the promotion of awareness of essential products, the increase of the women population in economic activities, diversification of consumer needs, expansion of the consumer base, expansion of online and offline sharing platforms, and the aging era, the cosmetics industry is expected to continue to create new markets, despite the global economic crisis, and the Korean cosmetics industry is also going through a rapid growth thanks to the Korean Wave. Although it is possible for small and medium-sized companies to enter the cosmetics industry, most of the cosmetics industry has a large-scale distribution structure and, in fact, compared to other consumer goods, it has an inconvenient market structure for small and medium-sized companies. But the advancement of cosmetics select shops already popular abroad and the mechanism of new cosmetic sales structures are helping to reinvent the sales strategy of small and medium-sized companies. Richaeum is a new small cosmetics company that emphasizes skin science developed in Korea and focuses on editing shops and online sales. The company abandoned sales and promotional strategies centered on large-scale production and offline stores, but rather established D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) strategies and established appropriate brand identity which reflects consumers' opinions. In fact, it has been found through consumer opinions, that green color in cosmetic package design and simply showing the ingredients on the cosmetics were preferred for establishing the brand identity for Korean medicine
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    Study on Design Methodology of Auditory User Interface(AUI) Considering Silver Generation

    Eun Sung Song , Eunseok Lee | 2019, 67() | pp.65~75 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is to provide guidelines for objective ways to increase the efficiency of information and to enhance the emotional dimension of users in communicating information to users through sound, with a study of AUI considering the Silver Generation. It is important to be able to take account of the user's situation or age group during the production of the auditory interface. In particular, for the growing silver generation, this paper largely divided into two categories: hearing condition and emotional state in the production of auditory interfaces for the silver generation. In this regard, the literature survey selected the subjects to be considered after analysis. As a result, the method of setting the sound size for setting the hearing frequency band and determining the volume of sound considering recognition in the hearing condition, and the application and selection method for selecting instruments and tones that are good for hearing in the emotional state, were proposed. It is believed that the AUI can be produced based on objective guidelines in the design of the user experience. It is believed that standardization can be possible through specific target selection and verification with guidelines proposed in this paper.
  • 6.

    The Influence of Viewing Motivation on Viewing Satisfaction and Consumption Behavior for e-Sports Audience - Focused on League of Legends Chinese Audience -

    Zhu, Bang-guo , KIM JONG MOO | 2019, 67() | pp.77~87 | number of Cited : 8
    This paper analyzes the influence of watching motivation and satisfaction of league of legends e-sports event viewers, including achievement, drama, escape, entertainment and consumption behavior. In addition, this paper analyzes whether there are differences in consumption behavior and viewing satisfaction according to the personal attributes of viewers (gender and viewing times). For that, we did a questionnaire on the Internet from April 27th to 29th, 2018, and analyzed the data of 300 league of legends viewers. First of all, the analysis results show that the drama and escape of e-sports event viewing motivation, which has a meaningful impact on consumption behavior but no impact on its entertainment. The second analysis result shows that the drama and escape in the viewing motivation, which has a significant impact on the viewing satisfaction, while achievement and entertainment do not have an impact on the viewing satisfaction. The third analysis result is that men have a higher influence on the difference of consumption behavior and viewing satisfaction under the statistical level of significance than women according to the gender of viewers. However, there is no difference between the consumption behavior and the viewing satisfaction according to the number of views. The fourth, the drama and escape in the viewing motivation which has a role of partial mediation in the viewing satisfaction and consumption behavior. The significance of this paper lies in the analysis of the relationship between the viewing motivation of Chinese e-sports event viewers, their viewing satisfaction and consumption behavior.
  • 7.

    A Study on User Engagement through Improving UX·UI design for Tip-offs News Service on Mobile

    Jungho Suh , Jang, Soonkyu , JUN SOOJIN | 2019, 67() | pp.88~98 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is a UX(User Experience) study to improve the mobile user tip-offs service of press News APP. so more users can take part in reporting with their mobile phones. To analyze the theoretical background of UX design and the usability of existing tip-offs service, the honeycomb model of Peter Morville was reconstituted to make a survey with six evaluation models - usability, accessibility, functionality, attractiveness, searchability - to use its result to conduct journey map of users, stake holders model, system map, etc. so a new mobile user tip-offs service UI can be suggested. Such survey and analysis are suggested·applied as a new model improved for users, which led to about 30 times increase of reporting participation by users. The researchers sum up the research by mentioning the necessity and usefulness of UI(User Interface) improvement by analyzing UX of press News APP. mobile user tip-offs service.
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    Case Study on CATV Station ID Moving Image Design Renewal - Focused on Comedy TV Station ID -

    Kim Sung Jae | 2019, 67() | pp.101~111 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is to identify the importance of each channel's channel identity as a channel branding strategy in the multi-channel broadcasting environment with the emergence of new media, we are informing the viewers of the channel through the station ID which is differentiated by channel about the image and the identity of the channel. In this study, we focused on the comedy TV channel of CATV (cable TV), which is an entertainment channel, and verified it with viewers station ID before and after renewal for channel branding. Based on previous studies, image (Illustration / 3D), typography (2D / 3D), color (vivd / bright / deep) fast / normal) and sound (fast / normal / slow), and finally, the image preference of Station ID was verified. The data of the study was collected from 218 college students who had experience of watching comedy TV channel of CATV (cable TV), and data analysis was conducted by using SPSS 22.0. As a result of the verification, Station ID image was more preferred to the image after renewal than the station ID before renewal. For image components (3D), typography (3D), bright, motion (normal), and sound (normal) were most favored the image preference. To form a favorable attitude toward Station ID image preference, it is confirmed that the preference of the image is more effective by utilizing the stereoscopic effect of image and typography, the bright tone of colors, and the appropriate speed in the case of movement of sound and object.
  • 9.

    Development of Platform for Convergence Education in Curriculum

    Shin, Kye-ok | 2019, 67() | pp.113~127 | number of Cited : 3
    In today's world of the Fourth Revolution, where various convergence and sharing are realized, human resources are talented individuals who are capable of fusing everything and creating new values and services. In order to cultivate these types of convergent talents, convergence education is required in universities. Therefore, it is necessary to find the suitable convergence education methods by matching the characteristics of the current generation and matching the university education environment. In this study, there was designed O2O, project - based learning, and platform concept for convergence education for the fusion education for the future. Based on this, the flow chart and the blueprint were formulated to create a convergence education platform case. At the forefront of social advancement, universities should be responsible for the development of human resources required by the society and have various opportunities to expand students' abilities through convergence education and project-based instruction.
  • 10.

    Improvement Plan of Educational Environment for Creative Design Education - Focusing on learning space of college -

    Shi, Chun-sheng , KIM, MYOUN | 2019, 67() | pp.127~137 | number of Cited : 4
    A country's competence to compete and grow in the 21st global environment depends on creative talents. Therefore, universities in Korea put importance on the necessity of various creative innovation education paradigms to foster high-quality human resources equipped with innovative ability to contribute to creating creative economy. As the interest in multidisciplinary education increases, there are supports on the development of various education programs based on the expansion of meaning and inter-disciplinary integration. The educational space, which plays an important role in education, affects the stimulation of creativity and is a valuable element enough not to be ignored. Therefore, there is a need for research that creative educational space aspect is systemic and practical along with the development of teaching-learning method because innovation education is applied to learning process and is done in totally different ways from the present. However, the learning space research is changing very slowly compared to the change of digital technology and the change of education system. This study is intended to focus on how physical environment that influences the overall atmosphere of school can be established for nurturing creative talents. For this, two universities that have the most creative educational environment in the world are analyzed in the functional aspect of the extended teaching-learning activity, the teaching-learning methods of multidisciplinary education and the attributes of the multidisciplinary education space system should have are as the following: 1. The change in the learning space must be planned based on the teaching content concerning the teaching methods and activities that will take place in the space, and it should be possible to change into a space of various forms and functions. 2.The work of establishing the vision and values pursued by schools should be preceded, and be organized so that the process can be made into a diverse, open and independent space. 3. In the process of space reconstruction, the number of students is properly adjusted, thus providing the user with a free and active space to promote creative thinking. and based on the above, specific direction of space plan that should be considered in establishing creative multidisciplinary education space is sought. The significance of this study is that it can be used as a reference material for the establishment of multidisciplinary space suitable for new education paradigm and for the reorganization of existing space through the analysis of space to promote creative thinking. and based on the above, specific direction of space plan that should be considered in establishing creative multidisciplinary education space is sought. The significance of this study is that it can be used as a reference material for the establishment of multidisciplinary space suitable for new education paradigm and for the reorganization of existing space through the analysis of cases.
  • 11.

    A Study on AI-based Design Process Innovation in Fashion Industry

    Jung, Ju-ri , Kim Mi-hyun | 2019, 67() | pp.139~153 | number of Cited : 11
    The environment of fashion industry is rapidly changed from the human-involved production process to IT and AI-based automatic production process. The present study thus aims to examine the change in the environment of fashion design resulting from the fourth industrial revolution among AI-based innovative cases, and further draw its characteristics. After examining cases, it was found that AI designer development is currently performed among global IT firms. AI-based fashion design process involves characteristics such as technological innovation, design innovation, and process innovation. Although the level of AI designer work is shown to be inadequate yet for the exclusive implementation of developing design, complete AI design production is expected to be done swiftly considering the level of ongoing technological development. In this way, changes drawn to the previous fashion design process include all-in-one design planning, customized design, and automatic low involvement clothing process. Fashion companies and brands need to focus on it and set up further corporate strategies.
  • 12.

    An Evaluation Study on the Directional Information of Gimhae International Airport based on Universal Design

    WonJun Chung | 2019, 67() | pp.155~167 | number of Cited : 1
    An airport continuously serves domestic passengers departing the country and overseas passengers returning to their countries under various purposes including sightseeing, visits to friends and relatives, and business. An airport also plays the roles of a transportation bases between nations, gives the first impression of the destination to its users, and holds a very important place in the nation's tourism. The purposes of this study were to investigate, analyze, assess, and test problems with all kinds of amenities at the international passenger terminal of Gimhae International Airport and the current designs of its directional signs from the perspective of universal design. For these purposes, the investigator conducted a general examination into the international terminal of the airport to ensure the validity of the study and looked into the reality of directional information and amenities at the airport in the field checklist method. A focus was placed on elements related to directional facilities for airport users including airport entrances, restrooms, elevators, escalators, directional signs, and stairs. Users' walking and uses of directional facilities were stated directly to present analysis results. The findings show that there were problems with the facilities and a shortage of directional information from the perspective of users. Proposing a set of specific solutions, the study found it urgent to address several problems including disharmony between the overall internal environment of the airport and the walking environment, lighting contrast, height of pictograms, size of facilities, fitness of colors, and visual attractiveness of fonts. Based on these evaluation results, the study explored valid possibilities that everyone could use in the information system of universal design at the international terminal of Gimhae Airport through the coping measures and solutions for the various problems. A future research task will be to develop a set of practical information guidelines for the Gimhae Airport as an international airport based on a universal design environment by conducting a specific experiment with subjects based on these evaluation results.
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    A Study on the Factors Affecting Innovation Resistance of Unattended Order Payment System - Focused on Fastfood Store -

    Lee Seung-min | 2019, 67() | pp.169~179 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to identify the factors affecting the resistance of unattended order settlement systems which are rapidly introduced to fast food stores. In this study, the factors affecting innovation resistance were derived from perceived usefulness, user 's attitude toward innovation, digital literacy, and previous innovation experience through previous studies based on the Innovation Resistance Model. The results of this study are as follows: First, it is found that the higher the perceived usefulness of users, the lower the user innovation resistance of the fast food restaurant. That is, if the user perceives that the unattended order settlement system is highly useful, the resistance to the unattended order settlement system becomes low. Second, user 's innovation resistance to fast – food shop' s unmanned order payment system decreased as the experience of user 's past innovation was positive. Finally, the attitude of innovation and the level of digital literacy did not give meaningful results to innovation resistance
  • 14.

    Comparative Analysis of the Realistic Themes Films of Korea and China In the Perspective of Semiotics - Focused on the Film “Silenced” and “Angels Wear White”-

    Fu, Jia-bin , kim hae yoon | 2019, 67() | pp.181~195 | number of Cited : 0
    In recent years, both Korean and Chinese Realistic theme category movies have exerted great influence, especially those movies in South Korea that awaken the world to criticize the society, face up to social pain and illness, and express themselves boldly. At the same time, Chinese films also have their own unique artistic styles. Therefore, this thesis makes a comparative study of the most representative films from both countries. These two films have similar story materials, social influence and audience identification, as well as different film expression and audience understanding. From the perspective of semiotics, this paper makes a detailed and specific analysis of the characters and metaphors in the process from the director's coding to the audience's decoding. China is characterized by rich metaphors, restrained expression, indirect and gentle social feedback, while Korea is characterized by bold expression, profound audio-visual language use and great social influence.
  • 15.

    The Skeuomorphism in iOS User Interface Design - Interpretation Through Simulacrum Continuous Phase Theory -

    SUK HWAN HAN , Boyeun Kim | 2019, 67() | pp.197~207 | number of Cited : 2
    Skeuomorphism was the style that lead the user interface design for a long time since the GUI was popularized by the general users. As the era of smartphone began, critics argued that overly decorative elements of skeuomorphism hinder usability. Today the trend of user interface design has changed to flat design. Nonetheless, skeuomorphism is still used to describe new and unfamiliar concepts. In this study, we will discuss the characteristics of skeuomorphism through simulacrum continuous theory, and discuss how skeuomoprhism have been used in mobile interface design and what significance has it in future mobile interface design trends.
  • 16.

    A Study on the Chinese Traditional Market Area Food Culture Service Design - Mainly Focused on the Traditonal Market in Hubuxiang, Wuhan -

    Hu, Xiao , hong, changkee | 2019, 67() | pp.209~221 | number of Cited : 2
    The present research identifies the present status of poor food culture experience in traditional Chinese market and explores and proposes solutions through food culture, characteristics and significance of traditional market food culture, food culture experience service design process, etc. According to the double-diamond methodology, a typical service design methodology, the discovery, definition, development and delivery process are proposed in four stages: food and culture experience service design process. The case of Korea and Japan's traditional markets, which are excellent examples, was closely investigated and analyzed. The user's touch points in the traditional market were derived by classifying tourism guides, visual enjoyment, food information delivery methods, cooking methods, packaging methods, and eating methods. Later, with the traditional market of Ho Buhang in Wuhan City as the subject of research, we analyzed the present situation and drew up the problems and discussed the characteristics of the traditional market in the port and the direction of the development of the future food cultural experience service. In response, we propose guidelines for food, culture, experience, and service design in the traditional markets of the port, focusing on "Choppung" and "Sikgi." We hope that this research result will be utilized as the basis for the distinctive development and service development of traditional Chinese market, thus contributing to the high quality traditional market service design method.
  • 17.

    A Study on the Visualization Methods of Small data - Based on Print Media in the 2000’s -

    Kwon, Ji-hye , 이수진 , Su-Jeung Kim | 2019, 67() | pp.223~235 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of the study is to suggest the visualization methods to utilize small data as content in graphic design. This paper studied characteristics and effects of visualization types through the basic research on small data and in-depth analysis of visualization. Small data is data that comes from human behaviors such as personal taste, need, and lifestyle. It is all about finding the causation through the context. Small data is classified ‘personal data’ and ‘object·phenomenon data’ type. Personal data is personal subjective data, and object·phenomenon data is objective data based on facts about object and phenomena. The representative cases were selected from print media in the 2000’s. Data was classified based on location, time, and category according to organizational criteria, and classified into ‘personal data’ and ‘object·phenomenon data’ types. The case analysis used Alberto Cairo’s ‘Visualization Wheel'. This study firstly suggests that designers can collect small data for visualization purposes. If the goal is to convey a meaningful message through a topic, collect personal data. On the other hand, in order to convey objective information, collect object data. Second, designers can present visualizations according to the organizational criteria of the data. Data based on location can be visualized in order to compare the relationship among information through figural forms. Data based on time can be visualized in order to compare changes in information through familiar structures. Small data based on categories can be visualized to provide aesthetic discrimination of information through original structure. Small data has the advantage that anyone can easily collect and utilize it, and it can create a narrative through the context surrounding the data. Further, it can be utilized to design contents through visualization methods.
  • 18.

    A study on Preference as Affected Scale of Reality Reflection of AR User Character

    Jang, Soonkyu | 2019, 67() | pp.240~250 | number of Cited : 0
    This study studies user reaction how positive it feels as character given reality reflects a user's face. This study adds user character ‘Mii’ case of Nintendo with case of AR emoji included Samsung's AR Emoji and Apple's Mimoji. Because Mii that is way of simple expression through point, line, and surface from user face is similar how to make user character in AR emoji. This study confirmed which difference of reality expression and the preference is meaningful among cases of user character through T-test and ANOVA analysis. As a result of the research, the most realistic cases were not favored, and the user cases that represented the users were most favored. It was confirmed that the case of user character. I confirmed that this could have an impact how to express a character, simplifies and reflects features clearly on the user's face, it is enough to realize that it resembles a user in one eye and the part where humanity and fun are revealed through character's personality and character.
  • 19.

    Study on the Application Plan of Smart Media Funology for the Activation of the Participatory Public Design

    WON JONG WOOK | 2019, 67() | pp.251~261 | number of Cited : 5
    This study aimed to apply the concept of Funology to the study based on smart media according to the paradigm of media environment in order to activate the consumer participation as well as to develop the deteriorated domestic public design. First of all, it has tried to confirm the current situation by looking through policies related to domestic public design and derived the type of participatory design(source type, idea type, and experience type), Funology’s three sensory elements(visual, auditory, and tactile), feedback(material and non-material feedbacks), and interaction(interaction) that will be applied to the study through the concepts and elements of media paradigm and Funology of participatory design. The results of analyzing the cases of smart public design through the derived contents are as follows. A high degree of participation through the visual and tactile elements, among the sensory elements, was analyzed in terms of inducing user participation through smart media in all types, and in case of the source and idea types where users contribute to the design directly and indirectly, a high degree of non-material feedback was analyzed. All cases were also analyzed to induce the participation through interaction. Government and consumer interests in domestic public design should be gradually enlarged, and various studies on activation plans that induce user participation actively by combining interesting factors, such as Funology, with smart technologies according to the constantly changing media paradigm.
  • 20.

    Service Design Proposal for Improving the Process of Independent Shopping Experience for the Visually Impaired

    Yi, Jae-Sun , 김민경 | 2019, 67() | pp.263~275 | number of Cited : 3
    Recently, even though the overall disability rate has been in decline, the rate of the visually impaired has increased. Especially, the disability rate of acquired blindness has increased. As the change occurred from rehabilitation paradigm to independent living paradigm, desires of the blinds for living their lif eequals to non-disabled have been escalating. Among desires for independent living, even though there has been arise in a desire to purchase clothing, the consumer analysis shows that their current shopping behavior is limited to material consumption rather than experimental one. This study proposes a new service design for independent shopping experience tailored towards the visually impaired using the 4D process of service design methodology in order to improve the current apparel consumption process of the visually impaired to focus on experiential purchase process which provides new values and experiences instead of passive and material consumption oriented process. For the study, user behavior patterns were analyzed through interviews with blinds, service contents were set according to the analyzed pain points and needs, and a final design was derived. The study aims to present a service design that resolves the issue of visually impaired not being able to have fully independent clothing shopping experience.
  • 21.

    A Study on the Application of Emoticons Character Marketing to Local Governments

    Jo, Jung-hyun , hong, changkee | 2019, 67() | pp.277~287 | number of Cited : 2
    Local government character is a means for local marketing, but character utilization area is insufficient and it is difficult to maintain after development. Therefore, this study analyzes the current state of Korean local characters and studies the characteristics and use cases of emotional emoticon characters that are continuing to grow rapidly in the character market, focusing on the new consumption trends and characteristics of the character industry. Emotional Emoticon Character analysis shows that character is a personality such as emotion, facial expression, action, and it shares with everyday people and communicates with us, becomes a personality that passes emotions beyond characters, creates high added value in new character industry have. In each municipality, it is necessary to develop an emotional character that communicates with people in order to establish identity. In addition, I intend to explore ways to revitalize cultural contents that are expected to have economic ripple effect as contents of local autonomous character.
  • 22.

    A Study on Webtoon Service for Legitimate Operation about Illegal Piracy and Sharing Web Site of Japanese Manga

    Jang, Soon-kyu , 이슬빛나 | 2019, 67() | pp.289~299 | number of Cited : 0
    Recently, Japanese manga (toon) has a large number of readers in South Korea. For this reason, Korean readers are actively using illegal sharing sites, which are the fastest upload than Korea official publisher and provide free of Japanese comics. Therefore, this study investigates services that prevent spread of illegal sharing site of Japanese manga. To do research, we identified some problems from user interview, and discovered key factors of strategy by doing stakeholders map and customer journey map. And then we suggested mobile application, which conducted user interview for verification. As a result, user agreed to admire Japanese manga without the limitation of monthly lump like OTT service. Also, rather than dealing with the contents of a 'book', it is a familiar experience to formulate a consensus by sharing the contents of the same 'volume' as the domestic webtoon service. Finally, users felt positively that every weekly or monthly series of Japanese manga to the fastest responding to upload pace of service.
  • 23.

    Camouflage Assessment of Camouflage Patterns Focusing on Patterns and the Shapes and Colors of Environmental Images

    Han Chang Ho | 2019, 67() | pp.301~311 | number of Cited : 2
    Due to the popularity of military fashion in recent years, a myriad of clothes display camouflage patterns. In military uniforms, camouflage patterns are adopted to perform their original function of not being exposed to the enemy. This study is about data standardization methods and assessment standard setting for the assessment of camouflage patterns in environmental images using photo simulations. First, each pattern was standardized and environmental images were standardized using four selected standards to standardize assessment data. Second, the representative color values of camouflage patterns and environmental images were extracted and camouflage and environment color analysis standards were established using distribution and density analysis to set assessment standards. The visual “composition” of camouflage patterns was divided into four categories and “shape” into six categories, and the shape of camouflage environments were categorized into “trees, boulders, bushes, and fallen leaves.” Finally, photo simulation comparison images were created for camouflage assessment, and the camouflage patterns of the Korean and U.S. armies were compared and analyzed via survey. This study is significant in that it standardizes data and sets assessment standards to assess camouflage in terms of visual communications design, and assesses camouflage using photo simulations.
  • 24.

    A Study on Mobile Video Usage of Generation Z in the Republic of Korea based on the Grounded Theory – Focused on YouTube -

    Park, Joo-hyun , Lee Younjoon | 2019, 67() | pp.313~329 | number of Cited : 29
    This study analyzes personal and environmental contexts of mobile video usage of the Generation Z by analyzing the Generation Z and their mobile video usage behavior from the qualitative point of view, and proposes their types and perspectives of mobile video usage. The purpose of this study is to suggest basic data for mobile video experience design. For this research purpose, the experience of Generation Z was collected through individual interviews, which was analyzed through the grounded theory methodology. As a result, the core category of mobile video usage of Generation Z was ‘self-centered coping on restriction and enjoying videos’. It suggests that mobile video viewing of Generation Z is a strategic process that uses videos and video platforms to cope with daily life constraints caused by causal and contextual conditions and to take pleasure. There are four types of mobile video usage of Generation Z: ‘YouTube Preference Type’, ‘Mania Channel Preference Type’, ‘Hybrid Channel Preference Type’, and ‘SNS Preference Type’. This study made four types of personas depending on each type.
  • 25.

    A Study on Public Exhibition Space for Installation Art

    Chaiyan , WonJun Chung | 2019, 67() | pp.331~341 | number of Cited : 2
    Installation art, an open art form, appears in every aspect of the urban environment. The cultural connotation of art and the emotional expression of creators also exert certain influence on the inner feelings of the public. Environmental factors determine the expression form of installation art in space. The creative and practical significance of studying installation art in space exhibition design is to form a unified whole with public space in urban construction. Different artistic effects are applicable to different exhibition Spaces. At the same time, it deepens the ideological and emotional communication with different groups in the interaction with viewers. The reasonable consideration should be given to the expression of the installation art space according to the age differences of the audience and different understanding levels of the installation art. Through the integration with the public exhibition space. This study attempts to explain the new explanation of the public display space of installation art, which shows that the present and future public display space needs a new form of installation art, it is necessary to improve the existence of our living environment. Specifically, it provides a new way of thinking for the design of public display space from the aspects of human participation, interactivity and the blending of environment, and the form and effect of universal installation art design are taken as reasonable reference. 논문요약
  • 26.

    Study on Digital Media Services for Experiential Marketing -Focused on Cosmetics Brand Cases -

    Choi, Bo-yun , sin min-a , Ray Jaeyung Yun | 2019, 67() | pp.343~357 | number of Cited : 4
    There are many things in common between visual communication design and rhetoric because they both deliver meanings and seek for the method for more effective communication. Today, according to the field of rhetoric is expanded, rhetoric has new analysis and it is applied to many other fields such as advertisement, cinema, music and various field of design. The basic design education is very important aspect for the students who study design because students should learn the method from the class to solve the design problems for the effective way of communication through the logical thinking process. Rhetoric thinking process and the methodology of rhetoric expression can help the students to solve the design problem and their idea developing process. Therefore, the study of rhetoric visual thinking and rhetoric expression is significantly necessary area for the effective design education in visual communication design field. The study aims at the research of design education process through the rhetoric with the calendar assignment.
  • 27.

    Mobile Service Design for Activization of "Safe Pharmacy", a Demonstration Project of Seoul City

    Shin, Daji , Ray Jaeyung Yun , 양여름 and 4 other persons | 2019, 67() | pp.359~371 | number of Cited : 1
    'Safe Pharmacy' is a demonstration project of Seoul City to manage medicinal histories of citizens comprehensively and to provide various health services in pharmacies with good access, for citizen health promotion. This study is focused on the shortage of provision of information about Safe Pharmacies and promotion, the inconvenient registration procedure and the insufficiency of management systems, and the absence of patient management system and means for patients to use services. The mobile service suggested in this study aims to enable general citizens and patients to easily recognize and have access to Safe Pharmacies by searching for pharmacies and checking pharmacy information and to increase the efficiency of Safe Pharmacy management by simplifying the registration procedure and providing a counseling booking system through a mobile application. Aslo, the mobile application offers medicine taking management, prescription management, family registration, and 1:1(man to man) counseling functions and helps patients using Safe Pharmacy manage themselves continuously.
  • 28.

    Study on Characteristics and Implications of Peacock Revolution in the Fashion of Men’s

    Jung, In-ui , youn ji young , Kim, Hyun-Joo | 2019, 67() | pp.373~389 | number of Cited : 0
    For last several years, the modern men’s fashion has remarkably shown the fitted silhouette for humans’ body line, fancy colors of high-chroma and complementary color contrast, and prints, patterned image and detailed decoration showing individual tastes. Before this, in the 1960s when such diverse expression methods for men’s clothing were fully begun, young people’s consciousness was largely changed socioculturally, which was led to the expression of individual fashion design. In the center of the fashion, the Peacock Revolution had influences on men’s role in self-expression. Also, the Peacock Revolution was a sociocultural phenomenon showing the diversity of pop culture and individuality through youth culture, by getting out of the firm stereotypes of the time on the concept of men and women. Thus, based on the understanding of each-changed sociocultural background, this study aims to comparatively analyze the men’s clothing in the 1960s and for last five years through the Peacock Revolution, and also to understand the characteristics and meanings of it. The significance of it is to review the concept and new meanings of men’s clothing in accordance with the historical change by comparatively analyzing the cultural characteristics of men’ clothing of the time. Starting from researching the theoretical background and conceptual definition of Peacock Revolution of the 1960s, this study classified the men’s clothing in the 1960s and for last five years into four design elements for analysis. In the results of comparatively analyzing the Peacock Revolution design of two eras, the design was changed and recomposed through the repetition of extinction and formation within a generation or throughout generations in accordance with sociocultural backgrounds. Also, owing to the influence of the 4th industry, the fashion industry was able to more increase the expectation of individually-customized design production possibility for male consumers aiming for their individuality. Based on the case analysis, total four aesthetic characteristics and meanings such as individuality, androgyny, expandability, and mixture were drawn. In the future, there should be continuous researches on the characteristics and meanings of differences in the aspects of form and concept of men’s clothing, which could become an index of creative expression of design.
  • 29.

    A Study on Comparison of Mobile Web Design between Global Fast Food Companies in Korea and the U.S. - Focused on Global fast food companies in Korea -

    Kim, Jee-eun , KIM, MYOUN | 2019, 67() | pp.391~403 | number of Cited : 0
    This study tried to find out whether the web pages of global companies were designed according to users’ characteristics of each country. For that, it performed a prior study through the theoretical study on the way of thinking of the East and the West and visual recognition methods and the mobile web page, at first. To find out the preference of mobile web page according to users’ characteristics, it studied users’ usability and preference by comparing mobile web pages of global fast food companies. According to the result of this study, the preference of mobile web pages were high when the visiting purpose of users, contents, and function for it were exposed on the main page rather than depending on the cultural difference of the East and the West. It means that the web page should be designed according to users’ visiting purposes while minimizing information related to events and promotions. The design of mobile web pages for domestic companies should be improved reflecting it.
  • 30.

    Characteristics Expression Style of Electronic Picture Book According to Digital Property

    KIM, JIN KON | 2019, 67() | pp.405~419 | number of Cited : 2
    This study is to investigate the characteristics of electronic picture book which is newly developing through the logic of IT era, while inheriting the expression style of traditional book. For this purpose, we conducted a literature study on the hypermedia characteristics of electronic picture books as a property of books, picture books, electronic picture books and media. Therefore attempted to understand the narrative elements and interaction elements of electronic picture books, and also examined previous studies on participatory concepts and cognitive elements. The purpose of this study was to derive the implementation plan for the application of digital media as a key element in the actual production planning part of children 's education electronic picture book by exploring the attributes of variability, modularity, and database. As a result of study, it was found that Reregulation of Narrativity, Simultaneous Manifest of Value Factors, and Participatory Intervention through Action correspond to the unique properties of electronic picture books by digital media properties of electronic picture books. It is anticipated that e-picture books will be produced that can bring more educational value, experience and fun through developing and applying creative ideas in accordance with these attributes.
  • 31.

    A Study on the Planning of Urban Regeneration Plans in Small and Medium Cities

    Han Yang Su | 2019, 67() | pp.421~431 | number of Cited : 1
    Urban redevelopment and urban regeneration are understood as one of the means to solve the problem of urban society. It is interesting that urban redevelopment and urban regeneration of old city area can be carried out more efficiently and efficiently. Urban redevelopment projects are restricted to public facilities and the improvement of the residential environment in that they are public works carried out as a means of urban planning. Therefore, the city recycling project is the urban regeneration project that is the change of qualitative pursuit because it is only pursuing the quantitative enhancement of physical facilities. The direction for the urban regeneration is to establish the identity of the city through the domestic data survey and to create the environment for the urban residents to participate in, and to create the conditions of the agenda for the urban regeneration by the residents themselves, The plan should be established and proceeded in such a way as to minimize the risk of failure of the city. The area of urban regeneration can be divided into social, economic, environmental, cultural, and welfare regeneration. Urban regeneration plan was established by specializing social regeneration, economic regeneration and environmental regeneration through analysis of urban characteristics of the study area. At present, urban regeneration is planned and implemented by the government. In order to secure the resilience of urban regeneration, it is necessary to participate in social enterprises specialized in each city, and support for upbringing should be considered. The purpose of this study is to investigate urban regeneration conditions and situation, urban regeneration project plan, urban regeneration infrastructure facility and installation plan, sustainable urban regeneration construction and operation by selecting a typical small city as an empirical study site, The purpose of this study is to use the data as basic data for regeneration activation.
  • 32.

    Study on Danmaku User’s Motive of Use, Gratification Obtained, Use Behavior in Chinese Web Drama

    Yan, Ying-ying , KIM JONG MOO | 2019, 67() | pp.433~441 | number of Cited : 4
    This study analyzes motive of use and Gratification Obtained of user of Danmaku, the communication means newly presented in Chinese web drama as well as the influence of motive of use on use behavior (reading/uploading) and Gratification Obtained. For analysis, the question papers of 325 persons living in China and experienced in using Danmaku while watching web drama was analyzed. Analysis shows the following result. First, the motive of use for Danmaku in web drama has 6 factors, e.g., ‘killing time’, ‘pursuit of amusement’, ‘pursuit of information’, ‘common viewing’, ‘social association’, ‘fandom.’ Second, Gratification Obtained acquired after using web drama Danmaku is found to have 5 factors, e.g., ‘social association’, ‘common viewing’, 'fandom', ‘pursuit of amusement’, ‘killing time’. Third, the analysis of influence that motive of use for Danmaku in web drama on the act of using Danmaku shows that the term of using Danmaku has active influence on use behavior. Further, the factor of ‘common viewing’ out of the motives of use for Danmaku has significant influence on ‘reading’ Danmaku and ‘pursuit of amusement’ has significant influence on ‘uploading’ Danmaku. Viewing such result, when the term of using Danmaku in web drama is longer, users participate in the act of use more actively and when ‘common viewing’ is more prevalent, users read Danmaku more and upload Danmaku more actively as they view web drama. Fourth, according to the influence that the act of using Danmaku in web drama has on Gratification Obtained after use, term of use has significant influence on gratification factors such as ‘common viewing’, ‘pursuit of fandom’ ‘pursuit of amusement’ ‘killing time’. Inputting factors input in the 1st stage and ‘reading‘ Danmaku & ’uploading’ Danmaku in the 2nd stage, the term of using Danmaku has significant influence on gratification factor of ‘pursuit of amusement’ only. Further, both ‘reading’ Danmaku and ‘uploading’ Danmaku have significant influence on factors of gratification obtained. This study is meaningful in that it analyzes how viewers’ using attitude is when they use Danmaku in Chinese web drama.
  • 33.

    The Service Design for The Improvement of Livestock Farm Income

    Han, Hye-min , KIM, MYOUN | 2019, 67() | pp.447~459 | number of Cited : 0
    Domestic livestock poultry farming self-sufficiency was 97.8% in 1908 and reduced by 28% to 70%. Therefore, we believe there’s a need to reduce dependency of imported meat and enhance national competitiveness. We studied the cattle breeding process thoroughly and found ways to increase the in-come. With the objective to gain competitive advantage of livestock products quality and increase in-come of stock-households, this “study” proposes academic research, global and local case studies, service design proposal that leads to increase of stock-household’s income, lease-based device development, mobile application design. The service prototype, suggested in this study, enables more effective feed purchasing, more secure, accurate cow artificial insemination and more responsive detection of signs of disease for ranchers. It will eventually enhance competitiveness of livestock industry and increase in-come of stock-households. Furthermore, final results be used as basic research data for future livestock industry service design.
  • 34.

    A Study on the Design Strategy for Chinese Kids Cafe - Focused on Play Space of Complex Cultural Facility Type -

    Chen, Dichen , KIM, MYOUN | 2019, 67() | pp.461~473 | number of Cited : 0
    The Kids Cafe began to appear as an indoor playground in 1990, and now it has begun to change into a space where children and parents can enjoy leisure time together. This study analyzed the present condition of domestic and overseas Kids cafe by analyzing the Play Space of Complex Cultural Facility Type. After researching Kids cafe cases in China, we compared the attitudes of consumers and extracted the problems of Chinese Kids cafes and developed a design strategy to apply them to the development of Chinese kids' cafes. In conclusion, First, the safety of food and play facilities should be design and ensured. Second, design thinking is needed for concept differentiation. Third, it is necessary to provide customized education and experience programs for kids. Fourth, simultaneous provision of general play facilities and special organic equipment is both important. Finally, it is necessary to establish a brand design strategy to promote these contents.
  • 35.

    A Study on the Improvement of the Virtual Assistant Service for the Elderly

    Yong, Ah-rong , Park Yoon Ha , Ray Jaeyung Yun | 2019, 67() | pp.475~485 | number of Cited : 1
    In the case of the Virtual Assistant Service that appeared recently, it is expected to offer convenience to senior user’s digital device use as the voice control becomes possible due to the way of using it is different from smartphones considered a representative digital device prevailing around the world, however, it seems that academic discussion of services proposal for seniors is relatively lacking. Thus, in this study, I had 10 participants use the SKT’s Virtual Assistant Service, ‘NUGU’ and conducted interviews to suggest directions to improve virtual assistant service for seniors. I, then, based on the interview, drew 5 main keywords(e.g., Safety, 1:1 management, response, information update, development) through Affinity Diagram and conducted Wizard of Oz prototyping to verify the services suggested by keywords. The result of this provision, etc. have the impact on senior’s virtual service use. I hope the services proposed by this study will be applied on the AI virtual secretary to draw out positive outcomes in enhancing senior’s intent to use and convenience.
  • 36.

    A Study on Interactive Narrative of Children's education Application

    Zhou, Rui , Lee changwook | 2019, 67() | pp.487~500 | number of Cited : 0
    The proliferation of smart devices has begun to create a variety of mobile services and content, and large amounts of information are circulating rapidly. The rapid dissemination of Internet information presents a new need for education in the new media environment and for narrative methods in the classroom. this study is a starting point for interactive narratives and draws three steps based on the development of interactive media. Phase 3 is image narratives, story text narratives, and user engagement experience narratives. Based on this theoretical basis, the three children's cognitive education apps for Dubrain, wukong Shizi, and talking animals will be studied to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of interactive narratives based on the results of the survey. The results show that there are differences in user experience between the three APPs in the three phases of interactive narrative. the study provides a new hint to the need for interaction design based on digital education with the aim of realizing high-efficiency exchanges and emotional experiences between children and digital media. In addition, interactive narratives provide new insights into the interaction design of the children's cognitive education app.
  • 37.

    Evaluation on City Brand Strategy of Incheon - with variables of Integrity, Expandability, Practicality -

    Junhwan Kim , Kim, Jong-Sung | 2019, 67() | pp.503~513 | number of Cited : 2
    Recently city brand requires variety of characteristics such as expandability and digital design background in digital environment. There are a lot of research and interest in city brand of Seoul. In contrast, there are minimal attention to Incheon which is one of the large city in Korea. By comparing city brand of Incheon and Seoul, this research will discuss about expandability, practicality and integration aspect of city brand. Based on research, Seoul has excellent level of expandability. However, Incheon has insufficient level of expandability and practicality. City brand of Incheon could be undervalued compared to Seoul despite of lots of effort. Although a Incheon has critical points due to fixed format, it can improve expandability and practicality in digital design aspect. We hope city brand of Incheon spread throughout the world through more improvements.
  • 38.

    Environment-friendly Design Education Utilizing Waste Materials - Focused on Fashion Design Material Diversification and Differential Visualization Method -

    Yun Eul Yo , Kim-Dong Bin , Kwon Sung Ha | 2019, 67() | pp.515~525 | number of Cited : 1
    This research seeks and discusses the direction of practicing the environment-friendly design education that utilizes waste materials as an educational material, from an environmental friendly perspective and with the aim of presenting substantial and meaningful achievements. In pursuit of such aims, this research involved the planning and execution of an environment-friendly education procedure that utilizes waste materials, as well as the exhibition of its outputs. The result of this research was described in two contexts: First, the design outputs re-created based on an environment-friendly idea, by utilizing waste materials that can be found all around us as a fashion design material, could play a role of social messenger for conveying differential environment-friendly messages. Second, fashion design students could clearly cognize themselves as an agent of environmental change, by experiencing the recycling of textile waste and waste subsidiary materials and the minimization of the environmentally destructive factors which can be generated during the production of clothing items.
  • 39.

    A Comparative Study on Characters of Chunhyang and Spin-Off Work The Servant Based on Modele Actantiel

    Min, Shin Ki | 2019, 67() | pp.527~537 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to grasp the structure and relationship of two works by using GRAMAS' Modele Actantiel, to clarify the meaning of each work based on the results and finally to compare the differences Focusing on Characters of Chunhyang and The Servant. First, as a result of substituting into Modele Actantiel ‘lack' of the subject was common. Although the recipients of the two works were different, their passion for love was almost equal. The result of the analysis by comparison of the next figures shows that if the surname of Chunhyang as a leader of Chunhyang means ‘Love' which only serves one husband, the slave husband of the servant implies the meaning of ‘human being' Mongryong of Chunhyang as a target showed the typical of his son and he had the meaning of ‘Conscience’ On the other hand, Mongryong in The Servant means purely in appearance but inside is a ‘success’ It was contained. Lastly, when I look around, the guard in Chunhyang is a general servant and the dare implies the ‘faithfulness', which is hard to imagine, against the will of the superiors, but the guard in The Servant loves charm It contains the meaning of ‘will' that does not spare its own body.
  • 40.

    A Case Study of Experiential Contents Design for Interactive Media Exhibition - Focusing on theme exhibitions -

    Ji-Hyun Kim , 김민직 , Go-Eun Kim and 4 other persons | 2019, 67() | pp.540~552 | number of Cited : 0
    In the early 2000s, experience-based exhibitions were more diversified due to the recent development of technology, and the communication with the visitors became smoother if the exhibition contents stayed at the level of followers. Particularly, as exhibitions that can be authenticated by the development of social networks became popular, experiential exhibitions became the center of theme display. In this study, the cases of experiential contents of theme exhibition were examined and classified into input type and output type according to the device of technology, and classified into 5 input types and 4 output types. As a result of the study, the input type is divided into five types as sensory sensor type, touch monitor type, motion tracking type, instrument operation type, auxiliary tool type, and the output type is divided into a projector type, an LED type, a kiosk type and a kinetic type. However, it should be used according to purpose rather than being excellent and meaningful. I hope that this study will contribute to the development of media art theme exhibition in the future.
  • 41.

    Design Direction Proposal for Korean Pavement Marking Letter Design Enhancement Through Analysis of Pavement Marking Manuals by Country

    Shin, Dong Yun , Lee Younjoon , 장동련 | 2019, 67() | pp.553~563 | number of Cited : 1
    Korea’s pavement marking letters have raised questions about legibility and consistency arising from the lack of clear design manuals. There have been previous studies for solving problems, but the ideal approaches presented in the studies is beyond the scope of current construction methods or regulations. In order to solve these problems, this study aims to establish criteria for analyzing the compliance with the perspective distortion, legibility, readability, consistency, and suitability with the Korean construction environment based on the analysis of Korean regulations, related guidelines and construction environment. After comparing and analyzing the related items of the design manuals for overseas pavement marking design selected by these analysis criteria, the following design directions are presented. First, in the specification of a character, as the driver moves farther away from the observation point, the distance between the trails is gradually increased to correspond to the perspective. Second, the standard of character transformation is based on the specified speed, not the road width. Third, the grid system is used to accommodate the construction environment of Korea. Fourth, it reflects Korea's reading culture from the far side to the near side. Finally, when the number of characters applicable to the width of the road is large, narrower the kerning is applied, and when the number of characters is small, the kerning is applied wider.
  • 42.

    Preference and Usage Study on Persona Photo Types

    Bae, Se-yeong , Ha Young Kang , Ray Jaeyung Yun | 2019, 67() | pp.565~574 | number of Cited : 0
    While analyses and experiments have been consistently conducted on the importance and framework often components of persona, studies on persona photo has been unsystematic and incomplete. By focusing on ‘photo’ among the existing elements of persona, this study seeks to examine the preference on types and characteristics and propose a proper usage of photos when using persona in UX design and service design. The research method was divided into 2 steps to examine the preference on the types of persona photo, the core of this paper. Step 1 collected the examples of persona and divided them into 7 types and examined the preference of the 7 types. Step 2 divided image collages with the highest results from Step 1 into 5 and conducted another preference investigation. The study concluded that it is efficient to use an image collage when applying a persona to a project, especially a photo that combines items and behaviors clearly showing the persona’s interests assistive image used in the image collage. This study will help the proper persona's photo and able to provide positive experience.
  • 43.

    A Study on the Contents for the Activation of Multifunctional Center in the Base Area

    Kim, Hye-jeong | 2019, 67() | pp.577~587 | number of Cited : 0
    In this research, mobile is the field that can In this study, As the value of public interest in rural areas attracts attention and the interest in quality of life is increasing, the demand for and interest in cultural benefits is increasing in rural areas. However, in rural areas, many villages are scattered within a single municipality, and there is a spatial characteristic that it is difficult for rural residents to enjoy various cultural contents at the same level due to the distance from the municipalities. These characteristics limit the provision of cultural services. In this environment, the multi-cultural center in the base area will be able to enjoy the same level of cultural benefits for residents living in the surrounding village. The purpose of this study is to develop contents based on the demand of residents in order to activate the complex cultural center located in the base area of Gwangcheon - dong, Hongseong - gun, and to analyze the residents' needs through questionnaires, The purpose is to present contents to be operated by the Cultural Center. In order to achieve this goal, we conducted qualitative research through literature review and field trip. In addition, experts and experts from the relevant fields, such as experts, were held to verify the reliability and validity of this paper. In this study, we present a chapter for promoting culture, leisure and local products through the regional public relations center, multipurpose space, health promotion room, etc. Based on the results, we propose a new development direction of the existing base area . It also suggested activating cultural welfare and local economy in the base area.