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2019, Vol.68, No.

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    Research on the influence of narrative strategies of Chinese micro film advertising on brand resonance

    YANG LIN , Lee Dong Hun | 2019, 68() | pp.8~21 | number of Cited : 0
    In the era of Internet as the main way of information transmission, micro film advertisement is becoming more and more active, and has become an important part of brand design. The focus of micro film advertisement is to arouse the emotional resonance of consumers through narrative strategies, so as to achieve the long-term goal of arousing consumers' resonance to the brand. Due to the unique psychological characteristics and values of Chinese consumers based on traditional Chinese philosophy, they are obviously different from western consumers. Therefore, the effective elements of narrative strategy for brand resonance are different. From the perspective of narrative strategy, this study aims to obtain the analysis elements of narrative strategy of Chinese micro film advertising by analyzing the communication stages of advertising effect. Then, using the comparative analysis method, 30 cases(60 in total) of the most concerned cases in China and the west selected for comparative analysis, and the characteristics of the elements were derived. Finally, the case analysis method is used to analyze the typical cases and verify the effectiveness of the elements.
  • 2.

    A Comparative Study on Design in Korean Language Textbook of Elementary School for Creativity Improvement

    Lee changwook , 정홍철 | 2019, 68() | pp.24~31 | number of Cited : 1
    The revised education in 2015 goes through various basic processes, and the design of the textbooks of the first and second graders in the primary language to grasp the learner's level and symbols, the revised curriculum of 2015 in the language arts education I designed the elements of textbook design so that I could understand and learn the characteristics correctly and easily. By comparing textbooks of revision education in 2009 and revised textbooks in 2015 and analyzing them according to design elements of textbooks, it analyzes the elements of textbook design and editing design, and analyzes layout, visual And the color and tampon used in dating. The comparison of the present situation of the editing design used in the revised curriculum in 2015 was compared and analyzed. ased on the editorial design factors derived from verification of their suitability, it was analyzed whether a textbook design could be made that could improve the creativity of learners in the 1st and 2nd grade elementary school groups. The use of bright and soft colors of the visual image elements through their visual image enhancement and various interpretations is a variety of changes in the composition and layout that utilize the plasticity of the typographic system.
  • 3.

    Brand reinforcement framework using synetics technique - Focusing on food package design illustrations -

    Park, Shin-hee , Ahn Byung-hak | 2019, 68() | pp.34~42 | number of Cited : 1
    The food package design provides the consumer with total visual information about the product. Food package design, which plays a key role in buying contacts by stimulating consumers' emotions and imagination, is an important starting point for brand marketing activities. The study identified ways and means of enabling consumers' mental and psychological experiences with illustrations applied to food packages. The illustration used in the food package design is examined in terms of the four elements of the cinetics technique and the three aspects of the concept of cinetics. And to link the brand persona with the consideration of consumers' purchasing psychology, a practical way to strengthen the brand is studied. As a result, this study presents a concrete framework that can be applied to the package design illustration with the cinetics technique, which is a method of disseminating creative ideas.
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    Analysis of postmodern advertisement from the lens of simulation - With a focus on Benetton’s ad campaigns from 1989 to 2003 -

    Yoo In Ha | 2019, 68() | pp.44~52 | number of Cited : 0
    Replication or impression must assume the existence of original entity that enables such act of imitation. Jean Baudrillard referred the process of making non-existing object as if it is real and existing in the modern society as “simulation”, and the result that has no association to the real existing objects as “simulacre”. Today’s advertisement is at the verge of destroying the conventional ways of expression. Hence, in this research, the cases of Benetton’s “United Colors of Benetton” campaigns from 1989 to 2003 are analyzed to discuss the embodiment of postmodernism from the perspectives of simulation. As a result, it was determined that Benetton’s advertising campaigns were created within the staged, simulation reality designed by the artist in the form of fabrication. Moreover, the distinct, black and white contrasts that are unrelated to promoting clothing were considered as reflections of philosophy and concepts of postmodernism that are unbounded by form and genre.
  • 5.

    Case Study on the Importance of Chinese Cultural Elements in Overseas Brand Advertising in Chinese Market - Focused on Semiotics -

    Hua Lu-hui , kim hae yoon | 2019, 68() | pp.54~65 | number of Cited : 0
    Thanks to China's economic development, the Chinese market has gradually become an important part of the world market. Many foreign brands are starting to enter the Chinese market. In Semiotics, according to practical studies, the stimulation of emotional elements has the greatest impact on attitude and behavior. Because of the development of this theory, the current advertising production is centered on emotional stimulation. Meanwhile, due to the emotional characteristics of Chinese consumers who are sensitive to their own culture in the unique social environment, foreign brands often use Chinese cultural elements to make advertisements when entering the Chinese market. However, the wrong use of Chinese cultural elements may also lead to the aversion of Chinese consumers, thus causing commercial damage. This study centers on two advertisements made with Chinese cultural elements, and USES the analysis method in Semantic to analyze and sort out the problems in advertisements.
  • 6.

    A Study on the Sustainable Development Plan of Domestic Sheet Mask Pack Brand

    Park, Yewon , KIM, MYOUN | 2019, 68() | pp.68~81 | number of Cited : 1
    Today, Korea's sheet masks have been recognized as a promising export item with its technological and quality recognition worldwide. Along with the K-Beauty trend, many companies in each country have been focusing on sheet mask items and marketability. Therefore, this study intends to investigate the ways in which domestic sheet mask brand can develop continuously with a competitive edge in the increasingly intense market. To accomplish this, a researcher has identified the mask pack market trends and selected five brands such as MEDIHEAL, SNP, LEADERS, Papa Recipe, and JAYJUN with high recognition and sales volume in Korea and overseas. Then, their success factors and problems were investigated and analyzed. In addition, for five brands above, a researcher surveyed 201 consumers and analyzed the empirical results in five aspects: brand, product, design, differentiation, and improvement points from a consumer point of view. As a result, it was confirmed that the following three things are needed for sustainable development of a brand. First, the brand concept of the company should be differentiated and the concept should be consistently reflected in the product. Second, steady new product development and quality improvement should be made. Third, diversified marketing activities are needed to improve brand awareness.
  • 7.

    A Study on the Contemporary Street Fashion Design from the Perspective of the Aesthetics of Ugliness Proposed Karl Rosenkranz

    Kim Mi-hyun | 2019, 68() | pp.84~94 | number of Cited : 4
    The purpose of this study, in order to understand the aesthetic characteristics of fashion design according to fashion trend, street fashion, which is drawing attention as fashion trend, was looked at from the aesthetic of ugliness point of view of Karl Rosenkranz. The purpose of the study is to first seek a research perspective to grasp the aesthetic characteristics of modern street fashion design, which is difficult to interpret from a general perspective, and to understand its background. And the design characteristics of Vêtements by Demna Gvasalia and Off-White by Virgil Abloh, the flagship street fashion brand that has recently emerged in high fashion, derive from the point of view of the aesthetics of ugliness proposed by Karl Rosenkranz. From the point of view of the aesthetics of ugliness proposed by Karl Rosenkranz, the aesthetic characteristics of street fashion have been derived by intangibles, inaccuracy, destruction and transformation of form, the results are as follows. First, intangibles were characterized by breaking the rules of stereotyped fashion and reversing the interesting through a combination of incongruous and disorderly elements. Second, inaccuracy is a tendency of compromiseism, which obscures the distinction between sex, age, time and space in fashion, thus presenting a paradoxical design. Third, the destruction and transformation of form is the dissonance of the intended abnormal distortion, giving the viewer a strange or comical feeling, such as eccentricity, that makes its feel creative.
  • 8.

    A Study on the Characteristics of Superheroes' Costumes - Focused on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice -

    LI, QI , youn ji young , Kim, Hyun-Joo | 2019, 68() | pp.96~110 | number of Cited : 1
    This research is mainly to analyse the origin and uniforms of superman, batman and wonder woman in the movie called Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice, which was directed by Zack Snyder in 2006,and then conclude their characteristics and meanings.In order to figure out the intrinsic value and significance,the research will focus on some theories and cases. Above all, collect the information about superhero movies in different ages from prior studies, academic dissertations, academic periodicals ,offprints and website. After that ,there is an overview of the movies and an analyse about characteristics of main characters. Here is the conclusion of the characteristics and meanings. Firstly, the uniforms should be theoretical for actors’ bodies. Secondly, there exists intrinsic significance of the uniforms themselves. Finally, the uniforms are closely connected with the society. According to this research, we can learn the impact of the uniforms in superhero movies to the costume design in real life. Hope that this will be helpful for future researches on the development of superheros.
  • 9.

    A Study on the Spatial Graphic Design utilizing the Placeness - Focused on the movie theater brand -

    LEE YUNJUNG | 2019, 68() | pp.112~124 | number of Cited : 0
    The Korean film market is growing on a large scale. In order to derive the characteristics and function of the type of placeness, 9 movie theaters’s observation surveys and visitor surveys were conducted. Edward Lelf's 3types of placeness were selected as analysis frames. Next, the visitor survey analyzed the effectiveness of <4 Features of Spatial Graphics Design> and drew the following conclusions. First, if more than 2types of placeness are applied at the same time, spatial graphic design effectively affects visitors. Second, when reflecting the type of placeness 2<humanities and cultural factors>, ‘B.differentiation function' has been enhanced. When utilizing the type of placeness 3 <the emotional and symbolic factors>, ‘D. Symbolic function' has been enhanced. Third, 'C.expressive function' and 'A.enhance awareness' were applied when following guidelines faithfully.
  • 10.

    A Study on ‘Dark Play’, a Dark Conspiracy of Social Media Game

    Jungho Suh , HYUN JEAN LEE | 2019, 68() | pp.126~136 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is to examine the properties of ‘Dark Play’, a dark conspiracy that is presented in a personality-quiz app ‘ThisIsYourDigital Life’. Created by a team of Cambridge University psychologist Aleksandr Kogan, this alleged personality testing app is used to illegally harvest around 87 million Facebook users' personal data. The harvested data is wrongly used for 2016 Presidential Election, bringing worldwide criticism on the team. Based on this, this paper attempts to explain the unconsented play that was hidden under Aleksandr Kogan’s ‘ThisIsYourDigitalLlife’ in terms of Miguel Sicart’s Dark Play concept by examining the hidden conspiracy used in the Facebook game app. In addition, regarding problems of global Internet platforms such as Facebook‘s personal data commerce business that has gone through Datafication, this paper tries to examine in relation to Surveillance Capitalism of Bellamy Foster, Robert McChesney, Shoshana Zuboff and finally mentions the institutional needs for Digital Sovereignty.
  • 11.

    Case Study on Brand Design of Chinese Cultural Personal-Media

    CAI CHANG , Lee Dong Hun | 2019, 68() | pp.138~149 | number of Cited : 3
    In China, the internet culture indicates special development trend and cultural significance. They are closely related to traditional values, social structure changes and self-awareness development of Chinese people. Personal media roughly includes three types: news-oriented, culture-oriented and entertainment-oriented. As for the development of Chinese personal media, "culture-oriented personal media" gradually becomes the mainstream. This study will focus on discussing the development of three successful culture-oriented personal media brands. It will summarize the core elements of culture-oriented personal media brands in China, analyze brand establishment and positioning of personal media platforms. Other than gaining economic benefits, culture-oriented online celebrities also play the role of knowledge dissemination in online services. To a large extent, it resolves the issue of knowledge anxiety for young people in China.
  • 12.

    A Study on the Utilizing Phonetic Alphabet (Symbol) of Design Perspective for the Expression of Romanization in fortis of Hangul (Korean Alphabet)

    Jang, Soon-kyu | 2019, 68() | pp.152~162 | number of Cited : 0
    Historically, there have been many attempts at Romanization to express the sounds of Korean character ‘Hangul’. Especially, in case of Romanization of the Hangul's fortis, people have used 'double marking' to repeat alphabetic characters that correspond to consonants. In order to express hard sounds that are difficult to express by alphabet alone, this study studies methods that can be used by adding specific symbols from a design perspective. The study cases were conducted based on the symbols of the diabetic acute( ´ ), grave( ` ), caron( ˇ ), handakuten( ゚) of the Japanese character "Kana" and staccato( ˙ ) of the musical instrument. As a result of the study, the 5th case( ゚) was preferred below the average, except for the results of 30 foreigners. In addition, the differences not only between ‘acute’ and ‘grave’ and but also between ‘caron’ and ‘staccato’ were meaningless as a result of T test. It can be inferred that this is because, in accordance with the subjective opinion of the experimenter, the role was recognised as a similar symbol. In conclusion, it was confirmed that if certain symbols were used in the alphabet, people could be used positively to spell a fortis in Korean alphabet.
  • 13.

    Study on Expansion of the traditional Qi-pao Design- Centering on the Fashion Show from 2003 to 2018 -

    Yu, Hai-yang , Kim, Hyun-Joo | 2019, 68() | pp.164~176 | number of Cited : 1
    Qi-pao is a traditional Chinese female dress with the implicit beauty of the East, and it is also one of the representative cultural elements to show Chinese characteristics. These Qi-pao have been used as a source of inspiration for world brands in recent years. The Qi-pao displayed by this brand combines the elements of traditional Chinese Qi-pao and modern fashion design, and shows the unique expansive modern fashion design with traditional culture. In this regard, the purpose of this paper is to collect the design works of Qi-pao elements in fashion shows from 2013 to 2018, to study the expansion of Qi-pao elements, and to explore the relationship between traditional fashion and modern fashion. The subjects of this study are fashion design works applied in Paris, Milan, New York and London world four fashion shows from 2013 to 2018. The analysis results show that the design of modern Qi-pao has four characteristics: integration, expansion, tradition and diversity. Furthermore, based on these four elements, we can see that the design of modern Qi-pao is the inheritance and expansion of traditional Qi-pao.
  • 14.

    A Study on the Retro Design Phenomenon of the Emotional Consumption Era

    Lim Hyun-Suk | 2019, 68() | pp.178~189 | number of Cited : 9
    This study is an empirical study that analyzed retro marketing activities and retro design cases as a whole of society and culture in the emotional consumption era. Based on the definition of retro through literature research and understanding of retro, including background of occurrence, the research was put together through the prior study and the establishment of the theoretical concept and meaning regarding the significance of the emotional consumer in the age of emotional consumption and the characteristics of retro marketing. The case study divided the activity status of marketing into three categories for retro trend analysis. First, the analysis contents and effects of marketing activities were extracted through the analysis table by dividing them into retro marketing that stimulates the nostalgia of the consumer location, secondly, retro marketing that seeks rebirth of consumer products, and thirdly, retro marketing cases through remakes of consumer culture. The use cases of retro-design were based on emotional and psychological factors, and the types were divided into reproducible retro-design, resurgent retro-design, and recombinant retro-design to derive the concept and design value of retro-design. In the analysis results and conclusions, retro-design suggests that it is another alternative, not just fun, but also as an emotional design that reduces cultural estrangement between generations through the reproduction of the emotions of modern people and the formation of empathy, and becomes a link between generations.
  • 15.

    A Study on the Planning of Urban Regeneration Plan in Rural Area

    Park Hyeon Wook , Han Yang Su | 2019, 68() | pp.192~201 | number of Cited : 0
    Urban regeneration projects are very important to utilize local assets as an alternative to existing urban planning projects. Especially, it is necessary to establish strategic planning and urban regeneration plans by utilizing resources that are likely to be developed among local cultural, economic, social and environmental assets. do. Urban regeneration projects can affect common issues of various related subjects throughout the society. It can improve the physical environment such as improvement of existing public facilities and improvement of residential environment, as well as securing regional economic development and urban identity, improving social integration environment, , Expanding the space of historical and cultural facilities, and preserving the traditional culture of the region. The purpose of this study is to establish a plan for establishing and operating a sustainable urban regeneration through analyzing the possibility of urban regeneration and analyzing the situation and analyzing the social, economic and environmental characteristics of typical rural and urban cities. The purpose of the study is to use the data.
  • 16.

    A Study on the Frequency of Use of Cardinal Direction and Cognitive Easy

    Kim Minju | 2019, 68() | pp.204~213 | number of Cited : 0
    Cardinal directions play an important role in bearing and direction. The purpose of this research is to verify the frequency of cardinal directions usage according to the type of guidance information. In addition, we will verify whether the usage frequency of the cardinal directions affects the easy to understand orientation figure. The research method analyzes simple map, tourist information map, general information sign, frequency of defense figure use by road surface defense. After that, we analyzed correlation with easy to understand directional figures. The analysis results are as follows. First, the cardinal directions has the highest usage rate on the tourist information map. Second, depending on the types of simple maps, tourist information maps, general information signs, and guidance information for road surface orientations, the form of using cardinal directions was different. Thirdly, it was found that it affects easy to understand cardinal directions according to the frequency of use of cardinal directions. In addition, in this study we were able to prove that there is a positive relationship between the related experience of Daniel Carneman and the ease of recognition.
  • 17.

    Comparative Study of UI Design of China and Korea radio App Based on affordance

    Zhao Yue-yang , Lee changwook | 2019, 68() | pp.216~226 | number of Cited : 1
    The mobile Internet breaks the limitation of time and space and becomes an important carrier and channel for information dissemination. At the same time, mobile terminals have become an important broadcast listening platform, and more and more people use smartphones to listen to the radio. This thesis is based on Korean's KBS kong, SBS Gorealra, MBC mini and China's Himalaya, Dragonfly FM, and iget. According to the theoretical characteristics of affordance, the research direction is subdivided into three branches: cognitive, physical and sensory. According to the evaluation of the UI design of the broadcast APP, the user analyzes the theoretical incentives of affordance in the broadcast APP while participating in the research, and analyzes the similarities and differences between the Chinese and Korean broadcast APP interface design, and further explores the service of affordance theory. The design method of the class APP interface also provides a new inspiration for studying the application of affordance in UI design.
  • 18.

    Analyzing Trends and Design of LINE’s Popular Stickers in 2018

    Eun Seok O , Cho, Yun Sung | 2019, 68() | pp.228~237 | number of Cited : 2
    This paper analyzed trends and design of the popular ‘Official' and ‘Creators' stickers which entered the monthly rank of LINE’s ‘sticker shop' in 2018. It presented the ranking change of popular stickers and the most popular stickers. This study classified the design of popular stickers into types and expressions. In the case of ‘Official', stickers belonged to ‘standard style' created with formal line drawing and colors like existing character design. The 'Creators' stickers were placed in ‘free style' designed by simply free line drawing and few colors. 'Animal' was the most popular type in ‘Official' and ‘Creators.' In making stickers it is important to understand current trends and establish the necessary design strategies in the stage of planning. This research suggests the direction which creators can understand customers’ preferences and establish design strategy through trends and design analysis of line popular stickers.
  • 19.

    The Reasons for the Change of Chinese Female Aesthetic concept and the Characteristics of Female beauty in animation

    Liu, Danya , Lee Dong Hun | 2019, 68() | pp.240~250 | number of Cited : 0
    In the 40 years of “reform and opening up”, China has experienced rapid social changes and is now fully integrated into the global order. With the hybridization of culture, the influence of individualistic values, income inequality, and the widening gap between the rich and the poor, society is in a state of confusion and contradictions. In the long-standing cultural tradition dominated by male ideology, “female beauty” has always been influenced by “male aesthetic desire”. This study first examines the background of the era that affects the formation of “Female aesthetic concept” from the ideological, political, and institutional levels. Secondly, it analyzes the reasons for the transformation of contemporary “Female aesthetic concept” from three aspects: political factors, economic factors and cultural factors. Through these analyses, the characteristics of today's "male aesthetic desire" transformation are defined as three. And analyze the relationship between these three characteristics and the "female beauty" of female characters in the three recent animation works that have been successful in China. Through these analyses, we can see the characteristics and problems of the era of "female beauty" in the works.
  • 20.

    Cultural Projection and Popularity of Coffee Advertising - Based on the first ads of the Millennium -

    Jang Sun Hong | 2019, 68() | pp.252~263 | number of Cited : 2
    This study was developed in the early 2000s during the millennium, through a metaphysical analysis of how coffee culture in Korean society had expanded through about three years of coffee advertising, and how the advertisement message as a means to establish itself as a culture played a role. Coffee culture became a form of Korean pop culture as it entered the 2000s, which in turn expressed a particular meaning based on various symbolic images and individual schemas through mass media. Thus, the study was conducted on which images and text in coffee ads symbolically reveal the subjectivity of cultural codes, or on which topics are projecting coffee culture within Korean pop culture. The symbolic factor reflected in culture allows consumers living in modern times to find their identity, enabling them to have their own unique cultural flavor that differs from their modernity. The cultural characteristics of the newly formed society not only play a big role in finding the forms of consumer culture and habit culture, but also accompanied by the resolution of the cultural yearning that people have in common. So the meaning of each new cultural mechanism is to act in the form of identifying our present lives. The metaphysics used in this study is like the key to rationally analyze what the symbolic products are, which cultural codes work as a mechanism, and what the various mechanisms consist of. This research through metaphysics was about finding our identity in a unique way, from the former Iconography to the Iconology stage.
  • 21.

    A Study on Characteristics of Qing Dynasty Women's Court Costume of the Chinese Historical Drama in The Story of Yanxi

    Ma, Zi-han , Kang, Hae-Seung | 2019, 68() | pp.266~276 | number of Cited : 1
    Based on general study of Chinese tradition, the court costume, which is the ‘Chinoiserie’ of the Qing Dynasty, is analyzed. To this end, through the proven Chinese drama ‘The Story of Yanxi’ systematic study was conducted to separate the doubles of women in the court of the Qing Dynasty by class and purpose. The research methods and scope are the main characters in the play were divided into Wei Yingluo, Empress FuCha and The Second Empress. systematic research was carried out by class and usage. Classes were analyzed according to The a maid , Imperial, Imperial concubine, Imperial noble consort and Highest-ranking imperial noble consort. Clothing was subdivided into Chaofu, Jifu, Changfu and an ornament. The results show that in The Story of Yanxi, the reinterpretation of court women's clothing has scalability by adding modern elements while maintaining the style of doubles during the Qing Dynasty. These formative analyses are divided into shapes, colors, patterns, and materials, of which the expression of identity change has maximized visual effects in colors and patterns. The development of traditional Chinese culture has heightened interest through the Qing palace historical drama, and the interpretation of traditional dress from a modern perspective is meaningful. In the future, the modern interpretation of Chinese traditional dress by such antiquated materials is believed to be a reference in various fields based on tradition.
  • 22.

    A Study on Consumer's Emotional Consumption Value and Purchase Intention about IoT Products - Focused on the preference of using EEG -

    Lee, Young-ae , Kim Seung In | 2019, 68() | pp.278~288 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of risk and convenience on purchase intention in the IOT market, and I want to analyze the moderating effect of emotional consumption value. In this study, two products were selected from three product groups. There are three major methods of research. First, theoretical considerations. Second, survey analysis. Reliability analysis and factor analysis were performed using descriptive statistics using SPSS. Third, we measured changes of EEG according to in - depth interview and indirect experience. As a result of the hypothesis of this study, it was confirmed that convenience of use of IoT product influences purchase intention. Risk was predicted to have a negative effect on purchase intentions, but not significant in this study.This implies that IoT products tend to be neglected in terms of monetary loss such as cost of purchase, cost of use, and disposal cost when purchasing. In-depth interviews and EEG analysis revealed that there is a desire to purchase and try out the IoT product due to the nature of the product, the novelty of new technology, and the vague idea that it will benefit my life. The aesthetic, symbolic, and pleasure factors, which are sub - elements of emotional consumption value, were found to have a great influence. This is consistent with previous research showing that emotional consumption value has a positive effect on purchase intention. In-depth interviews and EEG analyzes also yielded the same results. This study has revealed that emotional consumption value affects the intention to purchase IoT products. It seems that companies producing IoT products need to concentrate on marketing with more emotional consumption value.
  • 23.

    A Study on the Intertextuality of Xiaomi Brand Advertising

    Zheng, Lei , Lee changwook | 2019, 68() | pp.290~301 | number of Cited : 1
    The development of information technology has contributed to changing the platforms of various forms of digital technology and media, and diversifying the methods and means of information delivery of enterprise products. Against this backdrop, the study sought to derive a new value in the creation of trans-media advertisements by analyzing the narrative principle, video and text relationship and design methods of trans--media advertising in the new media era from the theory of “intertextuality”. To this end, the scenes of Xiaomi brand advertising, image characters, text structure and promotional topics were compared by media platform, and the interactive phenomena inherent in Xiaomi brand's trans-media advertising were analyzed. Xiaomi’s trans-media ads consists of ads from wedsites, Weibo, outdoor and Vlog, a typical trans-media platform. Xiaomi uses the characteristics of these four trans-media platform to convey the value and culture of the corporate brand to the target consumer group and to elicit recognition and empathy. Through the primary analysis of Xiaomi's advertising, this study confirms that Xianmi’s various trans-media ads reveal various ranches in terms of scene, character, text composition and subject matter, but their possession is consistent. This means that intertext is being revealed within a variety of advertising media. Based on these findings, the following implications can be derived: First, from a mutual-text perspective, advertising promotion techniques can give ad readers unlimited space of age. Second, various trans-media ads can only work if they are in harmony with the numerous participation among media advertisements. Third, companies will strategically be required to present interactive ads through a trans-media platform and promote them to meet and ultimately meet the spiritual needs of target consumer groups and gain recognition.
  • 24.

    A Study on the User point of view of Edutainment Virtual Reality Content for Storyboard Production

    Byun Min Ju | 2019, 68() | pp.304~318 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is a study on the production of edutainment virtual reality content, especially on user timing for storyboard production. This study looks at how to experience virtual reality and, in addition to the time of common fiction, storytelling based on the User point of view of virtual reality. The study planned storytelling under the theme of "fine dust and breathing" to produce edutainment virtual reality content. In particular, it was designed by applying first-person and third-person user point of view of virtual reality of edutainment. In the opening storytelling of virtual reality, the third-person user point of view should enable the user to understand the background, characters and the progression of the narrative. In addition, the production of storytelling in the experience should actually experience the virtual space through the first-person user point of view. In addition, in the community storytelling phase, training feedback should be provided after the experience phase. Through this study, we can freely experience 360° images for virtual reality, but we need to apply the third person or first person user point of view to fit the situation for user immersion. We hope this study will be of practical help to the planning of storytelling in virtual reality and to study of user point of view.
  • 25.

    Research on product factors influencing negative emotions of women - Focus on online shopping reviews -

    MA CHUHUA , Go Jungwook | 2019, 68() | pp.320~328 | number of Cited : 1
    This study is intended to investigate the factors of the product that negatively affected the purchasing behavior of modern female consumers. Research sample products were selected based on women's interest through surveys among various products in the online shopping market. The online shopping consumer reviews of sample products were then collected, keywords were extracted, and factors were compiled using the opinion mining method. Analysis of survey data on five types of products showed that there were a total of nine factors that negatively affected female consumers in online shopping consumer reviews, with expertise, design, capacity, noise, price, smell, brand, convenience and quality. Through research, female consumers can better understand the negative factors that occur after online shopping, and better address the negative problems women experience. In future studies, the researchers will conduct a further study of the above factors, specifically how these negative factors affect the female consumer and in what ways.
  • 26.

    Analysis of Male Neckline from a Hamilton’s Cultural stratiform model - Renaissance and Baroque portraits -

    Jung, In-ui , Kim, Hyun-Joo , youn ji young | 2019, 68() | pp.330~346 | number of Cited : 0
    The changes in costume have reflected the events of politics, economy, society, and art of each time, and also have worked as symbolic means like authority and dignity. The objective of this study is to understand the internal values and meanings by analyzing changes in the neckline of men’s wear shown in the portraits of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, focusing on the cultural stratiform model by Jean A. Hamilton. In the methods of this study, the frame of theoretical background was formed by focusing on the literature research and cases through data collection such as preceding researches, theses related to the history of costume/art, journals, books, and internet online. Especially, based on Hamilton’s theory of stratiform model, the background of the time was examined based on the cultural elements of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. As the concrete research cases, this study attempted the external analysis on the neckline of men’s wear focusing on the portraits shown in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Out of 150 portraits of those two periods, this study selected the ruff collar, falling collar, and cravate in 52 portraits clearly showing the visual structure of neckline, and then conducted the external analysis. This study drew total three internal meanings of changes in the neckline of men’s wear. First, largely focusing on the cultural elements, it is the ‘sociality’ through the visualization of authority. Second, it is the ‘artistry’ through the formativeness of aesthetic pursuit. Third, it is the ‘realizability’ through the transformation of structure. Like this, the technology, social structure, and ideology based on the cultural stratiform model have much influenced the changes and styles of costume. Especially, this study reviewed the significance of external changes and internal development of men’s wear through the changes in the neckline of men’s wear in the Renaissance and Baroque periods.
  • 27.

    A Study for the Vitalization of Public Media Service through Information Visualization

    WON JONG WOOK , Min, Seul-gi | 2019, 68() | pp.348~358 | number of Cited : 0
    This study, whose a purpose of activating the public service falling behind by combining it with media in a rapidly changing media environment, has aimed to first examine the paradigm of the public service and the public media service through theoretical considerations and to derive the seven elements(brightness, color, texture, form, location, direction, and size) and types of the public media service(information transfer, art expression, and participatory play) based on an understanding of information visualization in order for applying them to the study. A survey was conducted for 20-30 residents in Seoul who use public transportation to identify the preference of information visualization factors in each of the above-mentioned types, and the analysis results were obtained through frequency analysis. The study results showed that there was a difference in the preference of information visualization factors(value, hue, texture, shape, position, orientation, size) depending on each type of the public media service, so that it could be confirmed that different information visualization methods and designs should be established according to the purpose of transferring the public media service information. The values pursued by users are also becoming diverse in the changing media environment. Information transfer types should have a service design that clearly reveals information, art expression require that the harmony of the elements of information is most important. Finally, participatory play types should be designed with practical elements taken into account depending on the information experience. It is considered that the public service should also continue to be studied by combining it with a variety of fields in accordance with the changing patterns of the times.
  • 28.

    A Study on the Expression and Composition of Visual Elements in Advertising Design - A Focus on the Domestic and Overseas Print Advertising after 2000 -

    Jung Jeyon , Ho Han | 2019, 68() | pp.360~371 | number of Cited : 0
    This paper aims to find out the current situation about the expression method and components for visualization of advertising design. Therefore, international and domestic advertising were analyzed based on layout. The subject of the analysis was the design of printed advertisements since 2000. Overseas advertising involves 171 winners from the Clio ad and 794 advertising registered with the TVCF. According to the analysis, firstly, both domestic and international layout types are found to have many vertical and horizontal types, but international ads prefer free formats to internal ones as they have many layout types that utilize the entire ground. Second, as a kind of illustration, international advertisements mainly used simple colors, spaces, houses, streets, and other indirect expressions. However, domestic advertising focused on celebrities, products, and backgrounds directly and effectually, using strong colors, space, and sea. This was the same trend in the size and location of the headlines and body copy. Third, in general, international advertising design, expressions with an emphasis on meaning were shown by the use of indirect illustrations for free expression. In addition, it has been shown that domestic advertising design uses components greatly for direct, impact-oriented emotional delivery. These results are closely related to social and cultural aspects and require continued study of what expression methods and components are needed for modern inmates.
  • 29.

    A Visual Design Education Improvement Plan of Chinese University for Professional Design Manpower Development

    Shi, Chun-sheng , KIM, MYOUN | 2019, 68() | pp.374~385 | number of Cited : 0
    As the 21st century is called the knowledge-based society or the digital information-oriented society, it has been rapidly and repeatedly changed and developed. Meanwhile, the design is perceived as a broad concept embracing the national policy and overall lives of society members after exceeding the methodology and production techniques simply for formative products. With the increased interest in design in each area, it is prospected to be more needed to have the active and competent manpower specialized in design for the future society convergence researches, development of industry-university collaboration projects, and the achievement of international standards. Considering such demands of the time, the researches on the improvement measures for design education of Chinese universities would be needed. Through the comparative analysis on total six universities(three Korean universities & three Chinese universities) focusing on Korean•Chinese visual design, this study established an analysis model based on the necessity of education for training design manpower in China and the establishment of policies for this curriculum. To research the current state of overall education, this study conducted the semi-structured one-to-one in-depth interview on the design educational structure and university design curriculum to cope with changes of the time, targeting a student majoring in visual design of Chinese university, a professor of visual design, and visual designers with career experiences for ten years or more. Based on the preceding researches, this study multilaterally analyzed the interview contents like educational goals, educational curriculum, current operation state of project-type courses, and current state of holding international exchange workshops. This study also suggested the problems and the measures for the cultivation of design manpower of China in the future. In order for universities to cultivate the design manpower suitable for practical environment, first, the subjects for learning diverse knowledge through the convergence curriculum are added. Second, in order for universities to properly understand/cope with the needs from the practical sites of design education, the horizontal relationship between professor and students is established, and the learner-centered industry-university projects are vitalized. Third, the international education programs are internalized to produce professional designers meeting the international standards. Fourth, in order to cultivate competent designers that could create new values by clarifying the educational goals and converging diverse knowledges, the educational system for convergence education is composed/developed. Therefore, the significance of this study is to develop the future direction of university visual design education for educating diverse competencies through the basic curriculum, diverse project courses, and international workshops.
  • 30.

    Influence that the BJ Attributes and Flow factors of Africa TV Visible Radio have on the intention to provide Star Balloon

    KIM JONG MOO I | 2019, 68() | pp.388~397 | number of Cited : 8
    This study analyzed the influence that BJ Attributes(expertise, attractiveness, familiarity, reliability) and Flow factors(enjoyment, curiosity, time flow) of Africa TV Visible Radio have on the intention to provide Star Balloon. To this end, questionnaire was implemented to the audiences of Africa TV Visible Radio for 2 days from December 7 to 8, 2018 and 126 copies in total were used for final analysis. The outcome of analysis is as follows. First, the BJ Attributes of Africa TV Visible Radio are found to be reliability, playfulness, familiarity, expertise and attractiveness. Second, due to the influence that BJ Attributes(expertise, attractiveness, familiarity, reliability) have on the intention to provide Star Balloon, it is found that only BJ attractiveness have positive(+) influence on the intention to provide Star Balloon. Third, due to the influence that Flow factors(enjoyment, curiosity, time flow) have on the intention to provide Star Balloon, it is found that only the factor of enjoyment has positive(+) influence on the intention to provide Star Balloon. This study is meaningful as data which understands the Attributes of BJ that manages Africa TV Visible Radio and Flow factors are the intention to provide Star Balloon, audiences’ voluntary payment.
  • 31.

    Research on editing design through analysis of science textbooks - M. Wertheimer's Theory of Collectivism -

    Jang, Yui-suk , JinYoung Kim | 2019, 68() | pp.400~408 | number of Cited : 1
    A textbook editing design should provide a suitable visual path for the learner to understand the topic easily and intuitively, and present the appropriate design form. Therefore, textbooks need to be constantly studied and developed not only in content composition but also in editing design, which is its visual design. The purpose of this study is to find out the problems through the analysis of the edited design textbooks of current science textbooks and to suggest effective grouping based on the collective theory suggested by M. Wertheimer. We suggest a practical improvement plan for visual attention and accurate communication. First, based on M. Wertheimer's theorization theory, the first one is the use of grouping by directionality and dependence of the form of the factor of proximity. The four areas of science textbooks (physics, earth science, biology, chemistry) To the visual design of Tobira. This is an introductory part that represents an area and emphasizes the visual image rather than the text. It is a grouping of four or five pictures or illustrative elements describing the unit name and its contents, so that the flow of the learning information can be quickly and accurately understood. Second, based on the motion parallax on the motion direction and speed of the common fate factors, it is necessary to improve the quality of the illustration recognized as a problem in the editing design of the present science textbooks and to make effective information This study was designed to enable learners to understand and understand easily and quickly the information that can be understood by the learners.