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2019, Vol.69, No.

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    Artificial intelligence system applied to art -Centering on Phenomenological Art-

    ParkSanHyun | 2019, 69() | pp.9~18 | number of Cited : 1
    21st century art does not emphasize the artwork in a particular form of work. Today, art is more of an aesthetic experience than a distinction between what is a work of art and what is not. Art is an artificial thing, and the subject who creates it has been recognized as a unique area of human beings. At present, artificial intelligence, which is beyond human ability in certain fields, is appearing. The role of artificial intelligence in each sector of society has become very important. In this study, I tried to look at examples of artificial intelligence works using machine learning such as LSTM and GAN. And I wanted to reconsider the phenomenological meaning of AI art. In phenomenological aesthetics, imitation and expression are to recognize the essence of reality. Artworks that use algorithms such as deep learning and machine learning are different from the creative principles of art, which are human perception and sensations. AI art is enabling a new aesthetic experience that we have not experienced.
  • 2.

    -Typography Study from the Topological Perspective-

    Baek, Jang-mi , Soojin Park | 2019, 69() | pp.21~32 | number of Cited : 0
    Topology is a study that focuses on the relationship of elements such as dots, lines, and faces, rather than the quantitative forms such as the size and length of Euclidean geometry. This is emerging as a new design methodology, with the potential for the transformation of formalized forms into multiple angles. Therefore, this study derives the formative principle of topography through the example of topographical expression in the field of formative art such as painting, sculpture and architecture, and can be connected to the following characteristics of typography. First, the expression of linked-writing is frequently used as a font design method, and is divided into open and closed linked-writing according to the way of drawing letters. In the case of Hangeul, it is possible to express various linked-writing due to the characteristics of collecting. Second, ambiguous boundaries are found in font designs that utilize visual illusions. This includes expressions that apply multi-views to syllabic block, and more complicatedly, expressions in which the viewpoints of the syllabic blocks are mixed when the font is input. Third, the modified expression that maintains homogeneity can be found in the modified letter design through distortion such as bending or stretching while maintaining the original character property. In addition, various characters are being drawn as a combination of variable font according to the user's input.
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    A Study on the Development and Performance of Capstone Design Curriculum using 3D Printing

    Kim Mi-hyun | 2019, 69() | pp.35~44 | number of Cited : 3
    This study is about the development and performance of capstone design fashion curriculum with 3D printing, the main technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The purpose of research, first, is to understand the background of research from the perspective of fashion education through theoretical consideration of the concept and characteristics of capstone design education. Second, in the course of Capstone design training, the students' project execution process is classified and the students' case is analyzed step by step to derive the characteristics. Third, it will reveal the achievements of the capstone design training course in this study that carried out the fashion item development project with 3D printing. The conclusions of this study on the development and performance of the capstone design curriculum are as follows. First, we were able to improve students' creativity and problem solving skills at each stage of the project based on the educational content preceding through the operation of the practical fashion design education program applied 3D printing, the main technology of the fourth industrial revolution. Second, the project process of developing fashion items with 3D printing enabled us to improve our practical site adaptability by proposing items that can be sold in real life and producing prototypes. Third, through the creation of the results of the project prototype, students were able to enhance their competitiveness in employment and start-up.
  • 4.

    A Case Study on Development of Financial Brand Experience in the era of Techfin

    Woo Sungmi , Ahn Byung-hak | 2019, 69() | pp.47~58 | number of Cited : 0
    This study delves into the paradigm shift in the current financial market with a highlight on the concept of customer experience, which is growing in significance in the era of Techfin, and how existing financial companies are creating brand experiences for customers for certain channels. Our insight is anchored in acquiring a contextual understanding of the significance of differentiated definition of a ‘brand’ from its previous concepts, and in building a corporate brand image based on customer experience through reviewing the past literature and research cases. Also, a case analysis was conducted on three banking brands which have been reinforcing their capabilities in both face-to-face and non-face-to-face channels amidst the current time of changes. As a result, it was identified that each brand is in the middle of a dedicated process of strengthening their level of excellence in online, mobile and branch services as well as techfin enterprises, and that KB Kookmin Bank currently is the most competent in terms of customer satisfaction. This study intends to place a strong emphasis on the fact that in the midst of a paradigm shift, a deep understanding of customers remains the most crucial factor in acquiring new customers for the entire financial industry, and it is vital to create tailored customer experiences through crafting channel-specific strategies reflecting customers’ needs and demands.
  • 5.

    A case study on the modern fashion according to the Chinese Paper Cutting Techniques - Focused on 2015 S/S ~ 2019 S/S collections -

    SUN XIAO DONG , youn ji young , Han, Jung Min and 1 other persons | 2019, 69() | pp.61~70 | number of Cited : 1
    In this study, we inspected the Chinese traditional paper cutting methods than based on the findings, the techniques and forms of shape of modern fashion were analysed, then analyzed their characteristics. The tradition paper cutting methodology was studied from books, and earlier studies, the case studies of modern fashion were collected from last five collections viewed from the The results of this study are as a following: firstly, Yin and Yang carving of monochrome paper cutting technique was often used to express the delicate contrast beauty in modern fashion designs. They were be able to convey artistic and decorative effect of Modern fashion design. Secondly, we found out the own aesthetic values from modern fashion design cases which were analysed by the Chinese paper cutting methodologies. Thirdly, Chinese paper cutting provided unlimited creativities and possibilities. Therefore, this study can provide a solid foundation to inherit the technique and multidirectional developments in various design fields in the future.
  • 6.

    A Study on China's Government Creative Industry Promotion Policy

    Zhou, Yu , Shin, Kye-ok | 2019, 69() | pp.73~86 | number of Cited : 0
    In this study, the creative industry policy of China is researched focusing on the design policy, and its main content consists of the types of creative industry support and the formation of creative industrial parks. First, for the theoretical background, the basic concepts of the creative industry are summarized based on the existing literature to clarify the characteristics and constituents of the creative industry. In addition, China's actual situation was identified by analyzing its formation and driving factors, focusing on Nanjing City, a specific industrial complex. Next, I suggested the formation of the path of creative industry and the type of support for the creative industrial complex of the government. In order for the Chinese creative industry to develop well in the future, it is necessary to systematically re-establish the policy under the government's initiative, systematize the creative industrial complex, and support the creative industry. Through this, China's creative industry will have a realistic competitive edge and lead to economic development as a future growth engine, and will also help the creative industry's prosperity.
  • 7.

    Stroke Density Effect on Sentence Written in Latin Letters

    Koo Bon young | 2019, 69() | pp.89~98 | number of Cited : 0
    After the discovery that the whole image of words is involved in the cognitive process of words, various experiments have been conducted to prove the Word Shape Effect on sentences written in Latin letters, but there have been no successful cases. On the other hand, in the experiments conducted under the expectation that the change of the stroke density between Hangul characters also determines the whole image of the word, the Stroke Density Effect (SDE) was confirmed several times. Then this study noted that the sentences written in Latin letters also show the change of stroke densities and an experiment was conducted to verify the SDE. The experiment was carried out by measuring the reading speeds of two types of documents : the SDE enhanced document that the visual brightness change caused by the different stroke density is enhanced and the SDE weakened document that the visual brightness change is weakened. As a result, the reading speed of the SDE enhanced document was higher, but it was insignificant. On the other hand, in the subjects with high reading ability, the reading speed of the SDE enhanced document was significantly faster than the SDE weakened document whereas in the subjects with poor reading ability, the reading speed of the SDE weakened document was insignificantly faster than the SDE enhanced document. These results show that the Stroke Density Effect is based on sufficient reading experiences.
  • 8.

    Proposal for the Development of Brand and Cultural Products Using Traditional Cultural Resources - Giseori Sunbi Culture Hub Network Revitalization Project -

    Xu, Man , hong, changkee | 2019, 69() | pp.101~112 | number of Cited : 0
    Recently, the government wants to utilize the cultural resources of the region, including forming an integrated linkage plan between scattered local resources and related projects, and strengthening the preservation of natural traditional scenery and the identity of the village. Thus, this study examined the use of Confucian cultural resources in Korea, and wanted to utilize the lifestyle and spirit of "Senbi" as resources through modern reinterpretation. As an example of 'Project to Revitalize Seonbi Culture Hub Network in Dalseong-gun, Daegu City', the spatial scope is located in Gise-ri, Okpo-myeon, Dalseong-gun. The scope of research was limited to the development of brand and culture and tourism products, and the cases of naming development process, slogan design, symbol mark, logo type, signature, color utilization were analyzed in detail. It will investigate and analyze the branding of traditional cultural resources and the examples of cultural products in the region, and present the direction of cultural product design utilizing traditional cultural resources through the environmental investigation and brand-drawing process of Giusei Sunbi Culture Hub, and SWOT analysis. This study is meaningful in that it presented various design feasibility using Confucian cultural resources, i.e. traditional cultural This can enhance local competitiveness by encouraging residents' sense of self-esteem in their regions, and also boost their sense of self-esteem in their local assets. In addition, by generating profits through the sale of cultural and tourism products, residents can see the effect of boosting tourism through active economic activities.
  • 9.

    A Study on the Exhibition Design of Children’s Digital Experience Center in Virtuality -Focusing on Storytelling-

    Lee Tae-Eun | 2019, 69() | pp.115~124 | number of Cited : 0
    Followed by the development of IT technology, experience types and exhibition spaces for children's experimental exhibition are diversifying, and the relationship between exhibition contents and and audience has also been changed. Therefore, the storytelling technique of experience exhibitions, which solves the relationship between experiencers and contents, becomes more important. This study established an analysis framework of digital experience, storytelling, and types of moving line by theoretical considerations, and analyzed the cases of domestic digital experience hall, which is undergoing an extensional stage, to draw pros, cons and its implications. Based on this, the exhibition design was developed to complement and reflect participatory type, immersive type, reactive type, subtractive type, and induced type contents while applying story composition and Dongseon designation view connected to 'Ellis of Wonderland' circular story. This paper intended to incorporate storytelling into digital experiences without physical limitations to equip the concept design system of digital experience centers, which is an extension form of children's experience exhibition center that helps children's creativity and overall development.
  • 10.

    Women’s images expressed in the costume of Korean movie of the 1960s

    Kim, So hyun , Chun Jae Hoon | 2019, 69() | pp.127~136 | number of Cited : 0
    This study looked at how women's images in society changed with the introduction of Western open values of women's desires, which had been suppressed under patriarchal values. Based on the preceding research, women's awards in the 1960s were divided into women with pre-modern values that conform to patriarchal values, women who are the subject of desire and the object of alertness, and women who are the symbol of freedom and the object of admiration. For women with pre-modern values, the elements of motherhood and chastity were emphasized through hanbok or white costumes. The woman who is the subject of desire and subject to alertness was expressed through one-piece, thick makeup, alcohol, tobacco where the elements of temptation, intensity, and self-reliance are revealed. As the last symbol of freedom and object of admiration, women are divided into object of yearning without imitation and imitable object of yearning. The former expressed affluence as a luxury garment, while the latter expressed Western values and freedom as a daily garment. The significance of this study is to understand the current change by looking at the changes in the social perspective of women through movies which is the most visible material of the 1960s when the changes appeared in similar paths and forms.
  • 11.

    (A) Study on Media contents Bandersnatch and Pokémon GO Using Interactive storytelling -Focusing on Murray's transformation, immersion, agency-

    Kim, Ha-hye , ParkSanHyun | 2019, 69() | pp.127~136 | number of Cited : 0
    As interactive storytelling becomes more widespread, media is actually being reinterpreted and applied in the fields of advertising, movies, and games. Human free will thinking and various expression methods make users feel immersed in the virtual environment. Thus, in this paper, immersion, transformation, and agency, which are the foundations of the similarity theory between Murray's interactive game behavior and theatrical experience, which is considered to be the first attempted humanistic approach to computer games. Let's analyze based on. The works that used the combination of technology and story were selected in two fields, film and game, respectively. Netflix's user-selected movie <Black Mirror : Bandersnatch> and AR technology were combined with games to analyze closely based on the company's <Pokémon GO>, which moved the virtual stage into the real world. The effects of immersion, transformation, and agency are maximized through the combination of the narrative structure of film and game, and the combination of AR technology and adventure game.
  • 12.

    The Analysis of Typefaces Using the Hangeul Typography on the Poster - Focusing on the Poster of the National Hangeul Museum from 2014 to 2019 -

    Han Seok Won | 2019, 69() | pp.153~162 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is to investigate the type analysis and visual characteristics of typography on the posters based on Hangeul in recent years. The study was limited to the National Hangeul Museum and analyzed Hangeul typography posters used for promotional exhibitions from 2014 to 2019. For analysis of Hangeul typography, the types are classified into Serif type, Sans-serif type, Calligraphy type, Hunminjungeum type, and Complex type to compare the ratio of the totalization of Hangeul typography to the limited poster space, and the visual characteristics were derived by the direction of typesetting. As a result, the frequency of Hangeul typography posters of the National Hangeul Museum has been steadily increasing, starting from 2014 to 2019, and the frequency of Hangeul typography has increased around the Serif type and Sans-serif type. It shows that the ratio of totalization to the poster space occupied by the exhibition title using typography has increased. In addition, The typesetting direction of typography on the poster was found to change the structure according to readability and visual characteristics of the Hangeul types.
  • 13.

    The Study on the Direction of Lunch Box Application for Changing Consumer Perception

    Gu,Hwan-Young | 2019, 69() | pp.165~174 | number of Cited : 0
    As the number of single-person households increases, prosumers are rapidly increasing, and various types of customizing services are spreading. The bento market has been steadily expanding in recent years and has already grown to saturation. The beneficiary industry needs to find new management strategies and needs mobile application services to meet these trends. Mobile custom applications, which combine custom services with applications, can lead to increased sales for a company by providing a better service for consumers. This study is about the application of these lunch box applications. Through surveys, consumers would like to propose the application of the necessary functions and services to the consumers. The survey found that the most needed application element for customization was the ordering and booking service, and it was concluded that it is better to add the calorie and weight parts that are of interest these days. In addition, it is expected that the customized application can be completed in the most suitable form by providing a service that can arrange menus having difficulty in selection according to the preferences of consumers.
  • 14.

    Study of Making Media Art using Tensorflow - Focused on applying Magenta API -

    No Seung Kwan | 2019, 69() | pp.177~184 | number of Cited : 1
    Machine learning is the core technology of 4th industrial revolution and brought big changes in art and design creations. Media art is a form of art practice which converge cutting edge art and design and possibilities of creating art with machine learning is active in this field. This paper investigate the pratical possibilities of machine learning in art and design through analysing the creative process of interactive web art work FVTM:From Vera to Magenta(2019). The paper surveyed the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology and compared the characteristics of four major machine learning frameworks. Main study illustrates the characteristic of Google’s Tensorflow, the chosen framework for project and analyse two components of Magenta API which was developed based on Tensorflow especially for artists and designers; it’s sound models and image models. In creation stage, the paper illustrates evolution of open source remixing process for FVTM and explain the two main elements of the work; generation of sound applying pre-trained VAE model of Magenta API and creation and mapping process of visual elements which utilize the process of color value overlapping. Significance of FVTM work and possible of future work using new model build, train and mapping. By presenting the process of creating generative art work using machine learning API, the paper aim to stimulate more active collaboration between machine learning and art of various disciplines.
  • 15.

    A Study on Use and Effects of Engraving in Illustration -Since the 1990s -

    son geunmin | 2019, 69() | pp.187~198 | number of Cited : 0
    In the history of illustration, prints have played an important role. An illustration of a book that was reproduced from the 9th century to the present day was made through prints. The printing technology using various materials, such as wood, metal, stone, and cloth, was developed in the process of developing the method of expression of illustrations that go into print. However, due to the advent of mass printing machines in modern times, the printing press expression and production methods have lost their place and the space for activities has been greatly reduced. Since 1990, however, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of works that used prints in illustration. This research is an attempt to explore the various possibilities of engraving in the field of illustration by analyzing the engravings that have been used in illustration since the 1990s, noting the phenomenon of active use of engraving, which has not been greatly noted in the process of implementing illustration expression techniques. To this end, the use patterns of illustration using prints since the 1990s are examined in terms of work process, expression technique, production method and art culture, and the effect of this is to suggest easy use and spread of engraving through digital technology grafting, diversification of illustration expression techniques, revival of handmade printing, and renewal of print art culture.
  • 16.

    A Study on the Characteristics of Alexander Wang's Women's Wear Design - Focused on the collection from 2015 F/W to 2019 S/S -

    Yan, Xin , youn ji young , Kim, Hyun-Joo | 2019, 69() | pp.201~210 | number of Cited : 0
    After the 21st century, the concept of women's wear is no longer confined to fixed concepts, and the styles begin to be diversified and innovative. New York up-and-coming designer Alexander wang's women's wear has attracted attention for its unique street style and sporty design. The purpose of this study is to make an empirical analysis of the women's clothing in the collection of fashion designer Alexander wang, so as to understand its modeling characteristics and symbolic significance. This research method conducts theoretical investigation and case analysis of collection through literature survey, such as advance research, dissertation, academic journal, single edition, online, collection magazine, etc. Specific research content, through literature to understand Alexander wang's social, cultural background and professional operators; Secondly, through the analysis of the modeling characteristics in the collection, understand its significance and value. The research results show that four results can be obtained from the modeling characteristics of Alexander wang's female collection: traditional resistance, structural diversity, innovation and experiment, and future orientation of modernity. Alexander wang integrates heterogeneous styles and USES a variety of materials to make epoch-making attempts in design, reflecting the progressive development direction of women's wear. In this regard, this study analyzes the external design characteristics and trends of women's clothing in Alexander wang's collection, and studies its significance and value, hoping that this will lay a foundation for the development direction and design creation of women's clothing in the future.
  • 17.

    Research on Chinese Traditional Paper-cut -Focusing on the Five Blessings of Chinese Characters -

    Cui, Longfan , Byung-Jin Kim | 2019, 69() | pp.213~224 | number of Cited : 0
    Chinese character is a graphic art formed by combining Chinese character strokes. It has unique beauty. Every font can be regarded as a beautiful graphic principle. Therefore, designers can gain insight through the structure and design of Chinese characters and improve their design level.The design of Chinese characters plays a very important role in the national character, and Chinese characters belong to the traditional graphic art of China. Therefore, Chinese characters can represent Chinese traditional graphics overseas.Chinese folk artists use Chinese characters in the art of batteries. They design Chinese characters, graphics and telegrams with both interesting and cultural contents. They also have decorative features.In this paper, the history of the combination of traditional batteries and Chinese characters is analyzed, the tendency of the traditional batteries'Chinese characters' graphic design modeling and decomposition is studied, and the development trend of the traditional batteries'Chinese characters' graphic design is discussed.
  • 18.

    User Experience Research on Image Search through Mobile Camera

    Ji-Hyun Kim , Ray Jaeyung Yun | 2019, 69() | pp.227~242 | number of Cited : 0
    The rapid development of the mobile market has made it possible to search using mobile regardless of time and place. Images can be searched through the mobile camera lens anytime, anywhere, and not only search for saved images, but also real-time search by camera. However, currently, researches on mobile search services are being actively conducted, while studies on mobile camera search are inadequate. This study grasps the purpose of mobile camera retrieval, usage behavior and inconvenience from the point of view of actual users. For this purpose, the purpose of mobile camera search was redefined and the search objectives and behaviors were identified through user interviews and participation observations. Also, after grasping the user's needs for camera search, a solution is presented. After that, we tried to improve the user experience on mobile camera search by verifying the effectiveness through usability test. As a result of research, the purpose of mobile camera search is mainly divided into information search, URL search, download search, and entertainment search. The main search targets using mobile camera search are people, language, clothing, flora and fauna, similar images, wine, electronics, and food. Participation observations are uncomfortable because: 1) the search results are provided without a set of criteria; 2) some of the results cannot be compared quickly and easily; 4) If the image is blurred, it is necessary to repeat the shooting process. To solve this problem, we present a) filtering and comparison function, b) related information function, and c) simple image correction function. The usability test of the proposed service was conducted, and face-to-face interviews showed that the serviceability was positive. In this study, we understand the purpose and behavior of mobile camera retrieval service users and suggest ways to improve mobile camera retrieval services.
  • 19.

    A study on Expression Characteristics of Analogous Sentiment in Contemporary Residential Space -Based on Pritzker Prize Winners' Space-

    Hong, Ji Na , kim jung hee | 2019, 69() | pp.245~256 | number of Cited : 0
    In the digital age, with the development of technology, daily life has become more and more profitable, and we have come to expect a new future-oriented world. As such, dysfunctional problems began to arise in the digital age, which caused human longing for warm sensibility due to self-loss, loneliness, and loneliness. As a result, in order to respond to human emotions, a recovery movement of analog emotions began to emerge, and analog emotions recently became a hot topic in society. This study analyzed the characteristics of analog emotional expressions through the case of Pritzker Architecture Award winner's modern housing. There are three analog emotional expression characteristics through analysis. Firstly, it has the characteristics of expressing regression instinct in nature, second, expressing characteristics of internalized past-oriented expression, and third, expressing characteristics of emotional healing. What we have learned from this is that in the digital age, new things are not always an important source of art. Trying new interpretations and expressions of the old and reinterpreting the old are also important. Therefore, the direction of future residential space is also needed
  • 20.

    A Study on the Aesthetic Features Expressed by the Clothing in Ukiyoe - Focused on Patterns and Colors -

    Dong-A Lee | 2019, 69() | pp.259~268 | number of Cited : 0
    Ukiyoe(浮世繪,うきよえ) is the Japanese folk painting and showed the clothing culture and aesthetic consciousness at that time through the detailed expression on clothing. The aesthetic features observed on the patterns and colors of clothing for women were investigated on the basis of ‘Iki’, the aesthetic consciousness during the Edo period. In accordance with the analysis, three properties of ‘Iki’, the dual tension, were identified through the mutual supplementation in the kinds, sizes, arrangement and configuration of patterns expressed on total 52 pieces of clothing for women and in Kosodae(basic Japanese robe) and Obi(belt) of colors, the difference of brightness and chroma between background colors and pattern colors. Then, the aesthetic features of patterns and colors of clothing for women in Ukiyoe are summarized below. First, coquetry expressed the lyric aesthetic and splendor as the implication based on the dual tension. Next, the spirit was demonstrated by the aesthetic sense of exaggeration and activeness on the basis of the ethical ideal. Finally, resignation was expressed by elegance and plainness on the basis of simplicity(aesthetic in a daily life).
  • 21.

    Usability Analysis for Improving UX Design of NAVER App Main Page in Smartphone Environment -Focusing on the main screen and search function-

    Yoo, Sung-Ho | 2019, 69() | pp.271~280 | number of Cited : 1
    Naver, the No. 1 portal in South Korea, recently opened a new service to improve the usability of its mobile apps and focus on searching. In this study, the company conducted a test to present the application's improvement plan by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of Naver's mobile app before and after renewal through Usability Test. As a scope of research, it focused on main page, search and setup of Naver mobile app. As a research method, the usability test was conducted by combining screen test and interview method. As a result of the test, the search function of the renewed Naver app has improved well so that it can be used and focused on the search. However, some people still find it difficult to use news and other content, as well as the 'Bottom menu' and 'Set-up menu' found them uncomfortable than before. Despite the recent increase in the number of middle-aged people in their 40s and 60s, consideration is needed as there are still many unfamiliar and difficult user environments to use in this age group.
  • 22.

    A Study on the Development of the Scale for the Image of Early Childhood Teachers

    Lee, So-Hyun , Lee Jongho , Lee, Eun-Jung | 2019, 69() | pp.283~290 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of this study is to develop early childhood teacher image scale. In order to achieve this objective, the final draft of the questionnaire was formed after consideration of prior research, interviewing experts, and preliminary investigation. The survey was conducted on 230 teachers working at kindergartens and daycare centers in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, and a factor analysis was conducted based on their responses. A total of three exploratory factor analyses were conducted, and an image scale for early childhood teachers was developed consisting of four factors and 24 questions. The results of the reliability verification are as follows. The Cronbach α value for the developed scale was 0.904 and Cronbach’s alphas ranging from .727 to .815 for each of the five sub-factors. It is meaningful that this study can be used as a basis for the study of early childhood teacher image.
  • 23.

    A Case Study on the Development of Local Agricultural Cooperative Brand - Focused on Sib-Seung-Ji Environmentally-Friendly Agricultural Co-brand -

    hong, changkee | 2019, 69() | pp.293~302 | number of Cited : 1
    As the liberalization of agricultural trade began with the conclusion of the Free Trade Agreement, a global free trade agreement, the market opening accelerated, leaving domestic agricultural products relatively out of competition. As a result, the mass distribution system spread, which resulted in a rise in consumer purchase prices and a fall in farm prices. A differentiated brand strategy to secure consumer awareness in the domestic agricultural market has become a vital factor for survival. Through this study, we will learn about the concept and function of the joint brand of agricultural products and contribute to the utilization of the common brand as the basic data through the case of the "Ten Seung Land Green Agricultural Cooperative Brand." The joint product brand development element 1) The factors that differentiate special products from other products can be extracted through the survey, analysis, and evaluation of the status of the joint brand agricultural products or regions. 2) Using various analysis tools such as STP strategy and SWOT analysis, the strategic direction of the positioning and joint brand can be set. 3) Based on the previous basic survey, it is possible to propose a differentiated form of design direction suitable for agricultural products or regions. This study is meaningful in that it presents the use of agricultural products as basic data in the development of common brands. We hope to help develop the joint agricultural brand in the future and hope that various and extensive research will be done.
  • 24.

    Shigeo Fukuda's illusion A study on applying the poster design

    Jinsuk Kim | 2019, 69() | pp.305~312 | number of Cited : 0
    The researcher wants to re-examine the effects of optical illusions as a means of understanding and persuasion, by researching and analyzing the poster design of Shigeo Fukuda, which is the most unique application of optical illusions to design in the process of expanding the scope from painting to painting based on the context and environment of optical illusions. Moreover, the purpose of this study is to be meaningful in that the results of the experiment are applied to design in many areas that require understanding and persuasion in the future by analyzing poster design applied with the optical illusion of Fukuda Shigeo and linking the extracted data to analysis of actual design type by linking the paper. What you can usually feel in the poster design of Shigeo Fukuda is the visual mnemonic symbol that uses dynamic optical illusions to make the beholder feel it. Shigeo Fukuda applied this principle to many poster works. It means to transform new elements into different shapes and, according to the idea, to choose simple and general figures as the next basic form and maintain the skeleton. The shape of the picture does not change, but the point is to maintain the main function of the basic shape and to complete the re-creation to convert it to a new element, to give the basic form of help. With 7.3 billion people living on the planet, the current global situation is a diversified society where high-level digital, AI and high-tech coexist. Planar forms are being converted into infinite three-dimensional thinking and form, and the psychological thinking of humans seems to be compressed on the outside, but the internal factors are changing to mechanically complex patterns and the end of the change will be unpredictable. In this context, Fukuda Shigeo's innovative work world brings nostalgia again. The purpose of this paper is to closely illuminate Fukuda's work world in modern design and to incorporate it into a design that constantly presents changes in form with the high-tech era.
  • 25.

    A Model of Life journey map for multifaceted understanding of user life -Focused on a day, a year, a lifetime-

    Kang, Yae-jin , Pan Younghwan | 2019, 69() | pp.315~326 | number of Cited : 0
    This paper studied life journey maps to understand the diversely changing life and to cultivate a comprehensive perspective on life. The life journey map consists of the axis of experience points and the axis of satisfaction so that the life experience can be visually understood. And it consists of three life categories : a day, a year and a lifetime, which are established through the survey of the Statistics Korea. The experience points of contact is divided into eight for a day, eleven for a year, and ten for a lifetime that were referred to the Statistics Korea and redefined from an empirical point of view. Through the case study, the differences in satisfaction with life category and the relationship between experience points are revealed and verified the usefulness of life journey maps. This study structured life from the perspective of a day, a year, and a life through life journey maps and viewed life experiences through visual models. In addition, application examples provided the basis for the verification and follow-up of the life journey map, and based on this, various application methods and directions for the life journey can be discussed.
  • 26.

    A Study on the Improvement of University Environment for Foreign Students in Global Age - Focus on the service Design perspective -

    Shin, Kye-ok | 2019, 69() | pp.329~344 | number of Cited : 0
    As the university environment changes in the global era, the number of international students in Korean universities is gradually increasing. Under these circumstances, universities are required to change according to the needs and demands of international students. To this end, this study investigated the overall environment of university life for foreign students of Korea National University of Transportation by the survey. Specifically, this study surveyed international students' paths to obtain information on domestic universities and their inconveniences in terms of service design, focusing on touch point. In addition, this study suggested ways to improve the international student environment in the future through comparison with other universities. And in order to improve these inconveniencies, an easy-to-understand approach to information acquisition, designing professional personnel for international student work, and improving the convenience of international students are required.
  • 27.

    A Study on Visual Analysis of Chinese Modern Textile Design

    Chai Yan , WonJun Chung | 2019, 69() | pp.347~356 | number of Cited : 0
    Technology has changed our way of life, and digital art has helped us achieve special artistic effects. Under the influence of diverse culturalsociety, the artistic form of textiles shows the individuality of the times; combines and applies technology and art; and also keeps pace with the times exploring new ways.... With the improvement of living standards, people's aesthetic appreciation improves continuously, and the artistic requirements for textiles are also stepping up, which is crucial for clarifying the new ideas of textile design. According to the marketing development of Chinese textiles, the paper investigates the aesthetic psychology and consumer psychology of the income groups of different age groups, and analyze the factors affecting textile design and better development approaches. Firstly, through the basic analysis of modern Chinese textile design, the paper analyzes the designed features of textiles from the combination of traditional elements, modern elements, linking the traditional with the modem. Analyze the designed constitution of textiles, and outline the design components of textiles from three aspects: fabric pattern, texture visual effect and color matching. Next, it analyzes the visual performance factors of textiles. It summarizes and analyzes the different textile designed styles, and it introduces the process parts. In the form of questionnaires, it analyzes the consumption situation and taste demand of 70-90 income groups of different age groups when they choose textiles. The conclusions of the study hope to provide some references for future textile design, which leads a new thinking method to design and strives to create a warmer and more humanized space environment.
  • 28.

    A Study on the Emoticons User's Preference in New Media Environment

    Shin, Jaehee , Lee changwook | 2019, 69() | pp.359~368 | number of Cited : 2
    The smart environment has brought about rapid changes in human life. Among them, social network services (SNS) are expanding their reach socially and academically, and into a wider sphere. SNS can be represented from a computer -mediated communication (CMC) perspective and software perspective within various new media environments. The use of emoticons in SNS indicates a transition from a text-centric environment of communication to an image-oriented environment. Emoticons are developing into various contents industries beyond communication tools. This study attempts to analyze the case of emoticons as a means of communication and to analyze the user preferences used.
  • 29.

    Study of Camouflage Pattern on World Military Uniforms

    Yun Eul Yo | 2019, 69() | pp.371~386 | number of Cited : 1
    Military camouflage a kind of deceptive tool used for concealment purpose for the soldier's life and safety. Today, camouflage has become an important factor in combat uniform design, and the world makes efforts to develop the camouflage pattern suitable for the battlefield environment in the 21st century. This study aimed first to investigate the cases of the camouflage pattern of world combat uniforms and second to understand the trend of change appearing in the today’s world camouflage pattern with the world's top 30 military powers. The results of the study are as follows: First, the camouflage pattern of world combat uniforms changes the trend of pixelation and digital patterning. Second, it changes with typical and contextual similarities. Third, it changes focusing on teleological functionality, which pays attention to concealment/camouflage. Fourth, it changes, going through the design naturalization suitable for the domestic environment. Fifth, it changes with temporal and historical relevance. Sixth, each country changes and develops it, pursuing its own distinctiveness.
  • 30.

    Reading Iconologically Image of Printed Advertisements in Korea·China -Focused on Eco-friendly Electric Vehicle Advertisements-

    Hyun -Jun Sim , Jia Wei Lu , Sang Hyuk Shin and 3 other persons | 2019, 69() | pp.389~402 | number of Cited : 1
    The numerous mechanisms shown in the advertising image constitute the respective semantics and have various meanings. There are differences in visual expression and interpretation depending on cultural background knowledge. This study aims to explore the message expression and culture inherent in Korean and Chinese advertising images of the environment - friendly electric vehicle, which is the biggest issue in the automobile industry, through E. Panovsky 's iconography. The mechanisms of the eco-friendly electric vehicle advertising images of the two countries are transmitting information through the image of the electric car and various elements in the pre-iconography. At the iconography, the mechanisms were imaged and the meaning of the electric vehicle advertisement was maximized. At the iconology, social and cultural interpretation was possible. This will provide an efficient approach to marketing strategies and advertising execution targeting the Korean and Chinese markets in the future.
  • 31.

    A Study on the Animal Character-Based Bag Design for the Entry of Chinese Fashion miscellaneous goods market -Focused on cat character in the Disney animation ‘Alice in Wonderland’-

    Shi, Juan , Kim, Hyun-Joo , youn ji young | 2019, 69() | pp.405~416 | number of Cited : 0
    In the modern fashion industry, characters are very actively applied to a variety of items as well as characters appearing in animations and cartoons, and are gaining popularity among people for their unique humorous friendliness. Today's character industry has been derived from a variety of fashion products through this OSMU strategy, and gradually developed into an independent industry field. Among them, animals are actively applied in the modern fashion industry, and the design applying animal characters gives the public visual pleasure. In this context, the researcher wants to proceed with the design and manufacture of bags using animal characters. Currently, the most popular characters in China are overwhelmingly the characters of Disney's animated series. This study aims to study the design of high value-added bags in the fashion industry using Disney's animal characters. Theoretical consideration of the character was focused on the book, and the definition and origin of the character, and then based on the OSMU strategy, we looked at the current status of the character market in China and overseas markets. To this end, the expression characteristics of the design were applied to the design by analyzing the bag and collection image cases using animal characters in modern fashion announced in the last three years. The researcher simplified and reinterpreted characters under the theme of "Cheshire Cat," a cat in "Alice in Wonderland," and introduced them into the design of a bag. A total of four cat character handbag designs were presented and one of them was made from a real bag. Developed through the above production process, the work emphasized the characteristics of the mouth and eyes among the 'Alice in Wonderland' cat expressions, inspired by various designs with the originality, individuality, fun and affinity of the image.
  • 32.

    Social VR Platform Usability Analysis -Focused on avatar, environment, interaction & communication-

    Kang Jae Shin , Kang, Tae Yim | 2019, 69() | pp.419~428 | number of Cited : 3
    The purpose of this paper is to identify the correlation between factors and factors that affect the usability of social VR platform. The characteristics of the social VR platform have been confirmed in previous studies. In order to set the criteria for usability of the social VR platform, we consulted the literature on ISO software quality assessment and Jacob Nielsen's usability assessment. The assessment items for usability testing of AltspaceVR, VRChat, Sansar, High Fidelity, and Facebook Spaces are avatar, communication, interaction, and environment. The results show that the experience of avatars and interactions is proportional to effectiveness, and the avatar efficiency and experience were proportional, whereas the interaction efficiency and empirical relationship were not correlated. In all five social VR platforms, the error of interaction with the avatar and late recovery speed, low effectiveness and efficiency in the environment had a negative impact on the usability of the social VR platform.
  • 33.

    A Study on the Perception of Korean Traditional Design Using Text Mining Analysis

    No, Hyun-jee , KOO, JAJOON | 2019, 69() | pp.431~440 | number of Cited : 1
    Today's design plays a key role in ensuring that a country's cultural content has its own uniqueness and differentiation. In the meantime, the academic community has presented the concepts based on the opinions of scholars in order to foster the Korean design that contains our identity. It is necessary to create innovative cultural contents through the fusion of philosophy, technology and emotion of the times. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm the identity of Korean design that exists in the minds of the Korean public today and how Korean traditional design is recognized, and analyze it using big data text mining, one of the key technologies leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Thus, using the open source program UCINET, big data collection and analysis, the original text data on "traditional Korean design" was collected from major portal sites between July 24, 2018 and July 24, 1919. Out of the total 46939 keywords extracted, unnecessary words were excluded and detailed analysis was conducted on the top 39 keywords in the document. A variety of techniques were used, such as centrality analysis, TF-IDF, CONCOR, and NETWORK analysis, to try to analyze the subject from various angles. As a result, keywords for 'Korea,' 'Study,' 'traditional' and 'Culture' were analyzed as major keywords. These findings demonstrate that the public is curious about Korean traditional design and that it needs to be studied accordingly, and recognize cultural aspects as important in relation to Korean traditional design. In addition, the study is expected to contribute to providing objective basic data on Korean design.