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2020, Vol.70, No.

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    A Study on the Evaluation of Design Quality for the Improvement of Brand Asset Value in TV Program and Channels -Focused on Peter Moville‘s Honeycomb Model-

    INHYE CHA , Boyeun Kim | 2020, 70() | pp.9~22 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the system for evaluating design quality of broadcasting programs currently being conducted in South Korea, and to propose a quality evaluation method for enhancing the value of brand assets. Considering the phenomena behind the research, two research questions were drawn. First, is it possible to analyze the program's design elements with evaluation indicators based on Keller's brand equity model? Second, can loyalty to program branding be linked to channel loyalty? Keller's Brand Equity model and Kevin Roberts' Lovemarks theory were applied to channel branding and analyzed with two research questions. Experiments 1 and 2, which were designed based on Peter Morville's revised User Experience Honeycomb model, carried out detailed quantitative and static quality evaluation experiments. With the result that the choice is made through the program rather than the channel, this study concluded that the competitiveness of the program becomes the competitiveness of the channel.
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    A Study on the Correlation between Color and National Brand Recognition in Aircraft Painting Design by Airline

    Zhou Dan , seo hansok | 2020, 70() | pp.25~36 | number of Cited : 0
    The brand image of air lines is mainly reflected in cabin decoration and exterior coating, which is also the most important factor that distinguishes between different airlines. The exterior paint color of the aircraft represents the cultural meaning of the corporate brand, and even reflects the color preference tendency at the national level. In this thesis, the representative air crafts of the three major airline alliance companies are mainly used to study the correlation between the color elements of aircraft painting design and national brand recognition. Propose relevant hypotheses and design questionnaires based on prior research. Secondly, a questionnaire survey was conducted on the passengers using the aircraft, and the data was analyzed using the spss method to obtain the correlation. The data analysis shows that the hue and color matching methods are related to national brand recognition, and the number of color matching is not related to national brand recognition.
  • 3.

    A case study on the Branded Content in Advertising

    Kristen Ko-Eun Nam | 2020, 70() | pp.39~50 | number of Cited : 0
    Branded content is an area of advertising and many companies have recently tried to use this method to communicate with consumers. Branded content basically conveys indirect stories about products and services, but unlike advertising, branded content has the distinction of recreating the content around the 'value' that brands want to convey to consumers. This study attempts to analyze the latest trends and characteristics of branded contents. We discussed the background, reviewed the conceptual definitions and characteristics first and then collected 88 Clio Award winners and candidates in the last three years. Traditional and new media were used as a framework for analysis. In conclusion, creative direction and characteristics in the advertising area including branded contents were discussed.
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    The Influence of Visual Factors of Domestic Premium Cosmetic Package Design on Brand Association, Brand Trust, Purchase Intention- Focused on the Female consumers of Shanghai, China -

    Dai, Xiuping , Han, Jung Min | 2020, 70() | pp.53~64 | number of Cited : 0
    This study examines the factors of package design visual factors in Korean domestic premium cosmetics market in China, and the influence of package design visual factors on brand intention and brand trust is to identify the purchase intention. To this end, we conducted a quantitative study of women in Shanghai, China, on the design of Korean luxury cosmetics brand packages. The results of the study were as follows: First, Among the visual elements of the package design, the color and container elements showed the greatest influence on the brand association and color factors have the biggest impact on brand trust. Second, among the visual factors of package design, color factor affects purchase intention. Third, brand trust among brand association and brand trust has an influence on purchase intention. Through the research results, it was found that the color factor of package design is an important factor for Chinese consumers' purchasing behavior, and that rational factor is more important than emotional factor for brand. These results can provide academic and practical implications for the Korean cosmetic industry in the Chinese market.
  • 5.

    Research on the ‘supernatural fever’ in the film and TV works East Asian

    ZHANG YINGTING , Lee Dong Hun | 2020, 70() | pp.67~78 | number of Cited : 0
    The supernatural element reflects the primitive beliefs and ways of thinking of human beings, which includes diverse sociality, folklore and religiousness of all countries. As the attention to film and television works reflecting supernatural element increases in recent years, more TV works featuring supernatural element are made. The reason why supernatural elements are continuously used in the creation of modern films and televisions is that the metaphorical thinking contained in supernatural elements can show the national spirit and realize a new encounter of tradition and modernity, so as to better reflect contemporary social and cultural phenomena. Based on the‘supernatural fever’,this research analyzed characters, color meanings and story contents in supernatural TV works of Korea, China and Japan to explore reasons for differences of‘supernatural cultures’ among the three countries and their cultural basis and social values. Besides, this research also discussed how to re-create the original vitality of their national cultures by utilizing their inherent characteristics and tastes. The value of the ‘supernatural fever’ lies in the inherent feature of ‘reflecting the truth through imagination’, which shows the vitality beyond the time.
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    Research on the Characteristics of Korean Children's Clothing Brand Purchase according to Fashion Lifestyle of Chinese Consumers -Focused on Chinese Housewives aged 20~30-

    Wang, Xinyu , Han, Jung Min , Kim, Hyun-Joo | 2020, 70() | pp.81~92 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the fashion lifestyle of China's new generation of housewife consumers and the resulting changes in demand, to analyze the differences in the purchase intentions of different types of consumers for Korean children's wear brands, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of Korean children's wear enterprises, and opening up the Chinese market. The results of this study are as follows : 1. According to the results of cluster analysis, five groups of reasonable consumers were classified: reasonable consumer groups,interpersonal relationship-oriented groups, well-known brand pursuing groups, economic pursuing groups and fashion pursuing groups. 2. The differences between the purchase intentions of different groups of consumers were analyzed. The interpersonal relationship-oriented groups and the well-known brand pursuing groups have the strongest purchase intentions, followed by the rational consumption group, the fashion pursuit group, and the economic pursuit group's purchase intention is gradually reduced. 3. The difference between purchase experience and purchase intention was analyzed, and the consumers with purchase experience have a stronger repurchase intention.
  • 7.

    A Study on Transformable Fashion Design Using Formative Characteristics and the Transformability of Hangeul

    Soojin Park , 성치경 | 2020, 70() | pp.95~106 | number of Cited : 0
    This study focuses on the formative characteristics of Hangeul and the transformability implied in its Building Principles, and developed six transformable fashion designs by combining the structural properties of Hangul consonants and the mechanical properties of zippers. There are four design concepts: First, Hangul consonants are the subject of transformation. Second, zippers are used as tools for shaping and transforming letters. Third, the core of the deformation is the process design that is transformed from flat to three-dimensional according to the use of the zipper. Fourth, sustainable design through a simple pattern of zero waste. A transformable process is designed considering the shape of the Hangeul consonants and operation of the zipper. The basic design is an one-piece dress with an open structure consisting of one or two rectangular patterns, which includes various transformability. This basic design is transformed according to the opening and closing degree of the zipper and the styling method. In this process, the shape of the letters are simplified, and pleats are generated. The fashion designs developed in this way can be divided into simple type, complex type and combination type according to the transformation method.
  • 8.

    Research on the Utilization of Integrated Driving Sticker Design

    Jang, Soonkyu , Kim, Tai-woo , Park, Shin-hee | 2020, 70() | pp.109~118 | number of Cited : 0
    Recently, domestic driving sticker design is not utilized in an integrated form. Accordingly, driving sticker for novice driver, infant boarding, and senior driver has been designed in various forms in Korea. The case of overseas, driving stickers have been used as integrated design. Integrated design has advantage that is delivered information more functional and emotional to people. Based on the above, this research conducts an experiment to verify useful directions with not only driving sticker currently used but also example integrated driving sticker. The experiment proceeds by synthesizing the images taken on video content that is while driving the car, this is because of subjects can take a virtual experience of the driving situation. In the result of experiment, the use of the integrated driving sticker design is positive than driving sticker currently used. In addition, differences in driving proficiency did not affect the results of this experiment. To conclude, all drivers with relative weaknesses confirmed that the use of integrated car marks would create a positive car environment.
  • 9.

    A Case Study on the Relationship among Advertising Attitude, Brand Attitude, Brand Image, and Purchasing Intention of Women’s University Students according to Model Gender in Outdoor Clothing Advertisement Picture

    Choi, Jinho , Lim.Seong.Taek | 2020, 70() | pp.121~132 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study was to compare the relationships among advertising attitude, brand attitude, brand image and purchasing intention perceived by female university students who are the core consumers of outdoor clothing after seeing advertising pictures consisting of male model and advertising pictures consisting of female model separately. A total of 217 (97.7%) response questionnaire was used for the final analysis from a women’s university. Confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation model analysis were conducted for the proposed research model. In conclusion, the relationship models of advertising attitude, brand attitude, brand image and purchasing intention of advertising pictures, which consist of male model and female model, were found to be no different. Advertising attitude has a positive impact on brand attitude and brand image. Brand image had a positive effect on brand attitude. Brand attitude had a positive effect on purchasing intention, but brand image was not statistically significant with purchasing intention.
  • 10.

    A Study on the Evaluation of Earthquake Information Design for Foreigners

    YangKeunYoung , Kim, Sukrae | 2020, 70() | pp.135~146 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study investigated and analyzed design cases of Japan where there are usually a lot of measures against earthquakes. In particular, foreigners who are socially underprivileged, face some difficulties such as language transmission when an earthquake occurs. In order to solve these problems, we surveyed and evaluated the printed materials provided by Japan and after the evaluation, we presented a design suitable for the current situation in Korea. In the first phase of the study, the necessary information was first printed before and after the actual earthquake. In the second stage, we assessed the actual use of printed materials to foreigners. In the final stage, we re-designed a new design according to the current situation in Korea. When providing information to foreigners, first of all, it should be stated that there are actions to be taken immediately after the earthquake. Second, it is necessary to provide information for preparing in case of an earthquake. Third, earthquake illustrations and photos can be intuitively used as methods of expressing information. Korea can no longer be called an earthquake safe zone. It is necessary to thoroughly prepare for disaster prevention through daily preparation, training and research.
  • 11.

    The Effectiveness of TV Virtual Advertisement according to Visual Forms

    Lee, Seul-gi , Ray Jaeyung Yun | 2020, 70() | pp.149~158 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to analyze impact of consumer attitude toward virtual advertising. With the emergence of new channels of digital media, the traditional advertising markets are facing real threats and major crises. Most of people are spending more time on cell phone, Facebook, YouTube than TV or radio, and therefore, many companies are now more tilted towards the different channels of digital media. One of the main reasons that companies are using digital advertising due to the cost effectiveness and easy access to the consumers compared to the traditional media. Accordingly, new context of media ‘virtual advertising’ has emerged by broadcasters. As the virtual advertising must be harmonized well with real-time video, broadcasters are trying to develop various type of visual form. But, there is lack of existing research and study regarding advertisement attitudes and effects. Therefore this study will present different effective forms of virtual advertisement. For the purpose of this study, the types of virtual advertisement are classified into visual forms and then it is inserted to the broadcast screen. After that, this study investigated viewer’s advertisement attitudes. The results of undertaken research is summarized as follow. Firstly, at the time of TV parental guidelines, there are no significant differences in the information, continuity, and disturbance. Second, at the time of TV prologues, there are some differences between information, continuity, and annoyance. Third, At a time of scene change, there are some differences only in continuity and annoyance Lastly, at the time of epilogue, there are significant differences in both continuity and annoyance. This undertaken study have considerable implications for both marketers and TV broadcasters having effective marketing strategies to maintain market share and competitive advantages. This undertaken study will serve as a foundation for further research of the effectiveness of virtual advertising and provide some significant industrial implications for the marketers and TV broadcaster that they can devise effective marketing strategies to maintain market share and competitive advantages.
  • 12.

    Proposal of Revision for Education Process of Major in Fashion Merchandise Design at the College of Design and Establishment of Education Environment Following the Demand of Time- Focusing on the Fashion Merchandise Design, College of Arts & Design at Dankook University -

    Kim, Hyun-Joo | 2020, 70() | pp.161~178 | number of Cited : 3
    The current higher education system depends on the education system for conveying and acquiring knowledge and information without responding to the drastically changing demand of time, and the system produces more designers than the human resources in design required in the market today that there is a critical need for changing the major education process following the higher education paradigm to lead the new environment. Therefore, under this study, with the subject of the Department of Fashion Merchandise Design at Dankook University, the revision of the major education program has to be made to respond to the demand of time, structure the responsive education environment, and establish the program specialization strategy as appropriate for the global era. Based on the analysis of industrial trend carried out for such objective, benchmarking of education programs in relevant fields of outstanding universities at home and abroad, human resource image of Dankook University, analysis of relativity with education objective, and critical analysis on the current education program, the vision of the Fashion Merchandise Design and its education objective are established for ‘Leaping into the top world fashion industry design school to advance the creative convergence human resources to leas the Big Tech •Big Wave Era’. The detailed contents for the foregoing are shown as follows. First, development and standardization of arts, design convergence, and tech based education programs are undertaken. Second, the human resources to flexibly respond to the demand of drastically changing industrial field of the 4th industrial revolution era as referred to Big Wave are nurtured and advanced. And third, the practical industrial and academic collaboration-based global advancement projects are specialized. As for building up the education environment, it may be summarized by the design and operation of win-win education program in base majors of convergence multi-academic learning system + art design, strengthening of industrial and academic collaboration-based practical education based on family company-based, creativeness for each major, building up the infra based on specialization of mentoring education, strengthening of digital contents education, AR, VR, MR education facilities and equipment structuring, 3-phase education program circulating structure for shape, shift and share. The major curriculum revised through this study will be continuously supplemented through the questionnaire survey of faculty and students, and through ensuing studies in the future, the improvement plan for education program will be studied through the non-curriculum specialization to link to mentoring and coaching education that would be difficult to handle in the major curriculums in diverse ways.
  • 13.

    The Analysis of Activation Factors on the Urban Development Projects

    Lee, Hoon , Jooah Lee , Gyo-Eon Shim | 2020, 70() | pp.181~188 | number of Cited : 0
    This study derives the influence variables on the activation of the urban development projects by FGI and major preceding research. We integrate the influence variables into a few activations factors by factor analysis and analyze the relationship between activation factors and urban development project vitalization. The research result shows that the attractive factor in the initial project condition , anchor promotion enterprise and distance between cite and mother city are important factors. While, the long-term development factor is not important according to the regressions result, contrary to the expectation. Post hoc examination shows that the urban development projects have been mostly in line with the expectation of research interview groups. However a few sites change to the successful stage, on the contrary to the initial development process, because of the radical change in the aspect urban infrastructure surrounding the sites.
  • 14.

    A Study of ‘Trans-media Storytelling’ based on Broadcasting Contents Production Process

    Jungho Suh , Baek, Sang-ki | 2020, 70() | pp.191~202 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to look into the 'transmedia storytelling' based video content production process. According to Henry Jenkins, transmedia storytelling is defined as a process to share a various, harmonized, and pleasing experience by systematically dividing a story and developing it into different kinds of media. Such a process effectively provides a strong experience that puts the audience together in one story who are scattered due to the development of electronic communication technology in the age of multimedia. The conductor of this study firstly study the 'transmedia storytelling' theoretically and analyzes 'Andromeda Project', which is recently produced based on 'transmedia storytelling', by per season in terms of the purpose, production method, etc. and seeks the possibility to extend to an adjacent field of production by drawing a series of production models, schema, etc. By doing so, the conductor seeks for a measure to reasonably and logically co-evolve the legacy media and the new media platform, which is a rising issue of conflict within broadcasting companies, through the production method of 'transmedia storytelling'.
  • 15.

    The characteristics of organic brands using big data corpus analysis - Based on sanitary pads in Korea -

    Lee, Su-jin , Su-Jeung Kim | 2020, 70() | pp.205~218 | number of Cited : 0
    This research aims to find out the current value and features of the Korean organic sanitary pad brand and the direction to go forward in the future by the corpus analysis based on online big data. Based on the ranking of the reputation analysis by the Korea Institute of Business Review, the following conclusion was reached through the characteristics of each brand based on the selection of two organic sanitary pad brands ‘U’ and ‘I’ based on frequency analysis, centrality analysis and cluster analysis by network visualization. The ‘U’sanitary pad is the first to show trust in organic sanitary pads through the positive vocabulary of safety and belief. Second, we could see that we consider a variety of eco-friendly materials and products from general sanitary pads to multi-use cotton sanitary pads and environment-friendly menstrual cups. Third, the high level of concern for women's health such as ‘health’, ‘women's cleanliness’ and ‘detect’ showed a high level of involvement in health. On the other hand, they were showing low involvement in purchasing conditions such as prices. In other words, it shows an active consumption attitude centered on health through safety and diverse eco-friendly materials, and is considered a consumer group that is not sensitive to price conditions. Therefore, the ‘U’ brand will need marketing to expose safe, environmentally friendly materials as its main strategy based on the key keyword of health rather than price conditions. For example, if the ‘U’ brand make a marketing that the sanitary pad grown through eco-friendly methods on women's cleanliness and skin health affect on women's health, it could lead to better sales by providing satisfaction with the health value-conscious sanitary pad market. In contrast, the ‘I’sanitary pad shows the reliability of safety, with positive words just like the first previous brand. Second, it shows careful and deep exploration by actively exploring the user experience, although it focuses on organic materials rather than other materials. Third, the deep search for organic materials is associated with the sanitary pad controversy, which is considered a reaction to the anxiety. Fourth, it shows a rational consumption attitude that scrutinizes price conditions such as discounts and events. This attitude shows quite different results from the ‘U’ brand that is not sensitive to the terms of purchase. Thus, the ‘I’sanitary pad can provide a good opportunity to target young people in their 20s, who are price sensitive but can't ignore the material, by more actively appealing to the safety of organic materials and at the same time marketing online discounts and purchase events.
  • 16.

    Comparative Study on Package Design of Beer Brands- Focusing on bottled beer packages among imported beers that occupy the top market-

    Min, Shin Ki | 2020, 70() | pp.221~232 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is an attempt to analyze the package design of the brands that occupy the top sales of imported beer in Korea. The research proceeds to study the beer industry through the previous research, analyze the logotype, color, illustration and layout, and finally find out the differences and commonalities by comparing them. 'TSINGTAO' is a style that transforms the sans serif typeface with a capital letter as the basic type and gives strong attention. 'Heineken' changes the serif type based on lowercase letters except the first letter. '3 tilted to the bottom left to make it feel as if you were smiling' and 'Hoegaarden' designed the brand name based on the lower case basic Romance style except for the first letter H. Finished. The color is 'TSINGTAO' on the red background, the brand uses white with English, and the Chinese character at the bottom is rainbow gold. The supplementary colors used complementary greens to make this color stand out: 'Heineken' uses green as a whole and makes the brand name and important information mostly white, and the stars in the center use red to make the Christmas party 'Hoegaarden' tried to give the impression as much as possible, so that the rest of the color except white color felt as white, and the logotype partly used only the background color and the other illustrations used gold. It is understood as a willingness to win by product power. In the illustration, 'TSINGTAO' expresses the 'Hoelangag' of Jangyoui, one of Tsingtao's scenic spots, like a wave, and inserted it at the top of the center. 'Hoegaarden' represents the shape of a star that has traditionally been used in the center, a ribbon-shaped band wrapped around the brand name, and two medals that have won awards in the past. He expressed each figure holding his own symbol in his hand and expressed the main ingredients such as barley and wheat in the upper left and lower right in a single color. The layout is generally balanced by centering horizontal logotypes and inserting symbols that each company gives meaning immediately above. The difference is that most bottleneck labels are arranged horizontally, while 'Heineken' uses a vertical logotype and a star symbol on the top.
  • 17.

    Effects of Advertising Attitude, Brand Trust, Brand Attachment, and Brand Value on Brand Loyalty

    Choi, Jinho | 2020, 70() | pp.235~246 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the structural relationships among advertising attitude, brand trust, brand attachment, brand value, and brand loyalty perceived by female consumers. Data were collected from a convenience sample of undergraduates(N=222) enrolled at a women’s university. The descriptive statistics, confirmatory factor analysis, and structural equation model analysis were conducted for the proposed research model. As a result, the hypothesized relationship between advertising attitude and brand loyalty was not supported. Advertising attitude was positively and significantly related to brand trust, brand attachment, and brand value. Brand trust had a positive effect on brand loyalty. Brand attachment was not statistically significant with brand loyalty. Brand value had a positive effect on brand loyalty. This study will serve as an important opportunity to verify the relationship between the effectiveness of advertising photography and brand characteristics in the field of marketing communication and is expected to be provided as an interesting information for the area of future marketing strategy.
  • 18.

    A Study on the Characteristics of the Traditional Chinese Bridal Gowns in Modern days

    Yu, Hai-yang , Choi, Soo-Ah | 2020, 70() | pp.249~260 | number of Cited : 0
    By comparing shape, color, pattern and headdress characteristics of Chinese traditional bridal gowns from ancient and modern days, the characteristics of bridal gowns from both periods are analyzed in this paper. Firstly, the shapes of traditional Chinese bridal gowns are constantly changing according to the fashion trend, aesthetic perspective and social culture of each period. Secondly, the traditional color red in bridal gowns has been used continuously from ancient to contemporary China, and it symbolizes festivity, good luck, vitality, enthusiasm, life, hope, wealthiness and preventing misfortune. Thirdly, the widespread use of dragon and phoenix patterns in traditional bridal gowns in modern days represents the progress and development of Chinese society. Fourthly, although the headdress in modern days, is not as complex and expensive as that of the ancient period, the design and manufacturing are still very splendid and luxurious. This paper explores the development and process of human cultural spirit, and throughout the research, it provides an academic reference for Asian traditional dress researchers.
  • 19.

    A comparative study on the Black color marketing of Cosmetics brands -focused on Packaging Design-

    Yang, Seung-yeon , Han Chang Ho | 2020, 70() | pp.263~274 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is a comparative study of the black color marketing of cosmetics brands using the black color of the package. In the research sequence, first, seven brands that use black color as the color of the package were selected among cosmetics brands, and through a survey, consumers were asked to find out if they matched each brand's black color appropriately. Second, we looked at the package image and saw if we were aware of the black marketing meaning that each brand is oriented towards. Third, we looked at the consumer's emotional keywords through the package. Fourth, black values of packages by brand were measured using color gauges, and the location values were verified by mapping the measured values to the colored objects of Munsell. The study found that first, consumers saw packages by brand and failed to match black color samples for each brand. Second, consumers were not fully aware of the meaning of black color marketing oriented by brand. Third, there was no correlation between the meaning of the black color the brand was aiming at and the emotional keyword felt by the consumers, and the result was found that most brands felt similar emotional keywords. Fourth, as a result of the measurement, the black color of each package was measured differently, although the color, saturation, and intensity were fine. The significance of this study is that it is possible to check black color recognition by brand and correlation related to black marketing.
  • 20.

    User Experience Study on VR Webtoon Using Grounded Theory -Focused on VR Webtoon in "Sphere Toon"-

    HONG YOUNG MI , Bae, Min-jeong , JEON MIN SEOK and 1 other persons | 2020, 70() | pp.277~286 | number of Cited : 2
    This study is a qualitative study conducted to analyze the user experience, focusing on VR webtoon published in Sphere Toon, a VR webtoon platform. The researcher recruited 15 adults between the ages of 20 and 40 using purposive sampling. Interviews were conducted after the subjects were recruited for the study. Transcripts were then prepared after the interviews. Using the information gathered as raw data, open coding, axial coding, and selective coding were analyzed step-by-step based on the grounded theory methodology. As a result, a total of 126 concepts were derived from the study and then abstracted into 7 upper categories and 17 subcategories. The results were presented in a paradigm model by axis coding. Afterwards, the core category was identified through the selective coding step to determine “the derived type of people who used VR webtoon.” This data was then used to analyze usage behavior. The usage behavior of VR webtoon was found to be divided into expecting a possible development of VR webtoon and being satisfied with current level of technology. This study is expected to serve as the basic data for suggesting behavioral strategies for the continuous usage to provide assistance for the development of VR webtoon
  • 21.

    A Study on Emotional Semantic Classification of Cinemagraph Images

    kim young il | 2020, 70() | pp.289~300 | number of Cited : 0
    In the 21st century, there are many video media and digital contents of social networks, the web internet of virtual worlds. The convergence content design, which creates a new visual technique for the content and shares it on the network, has been increased. This paper focuses on the “cinemagraph”, a visual design field to be dealt with in converged content design. We will prove how to infer and interpret the semantic analysis of cinemagraphs through semantic classification (SD), an image methodology. Emotional vocabulary was selected using the research model of previous researchers. Eight pairs of 16 emotional vocabularies were constructed through expert conferences, and the emotional vocabulary was extracted from the subjects. Eventually, the meaning of the cinemagraph was classified into the emotional vocabulary, which helped to understand the attributes of the cinemagraph and to interpret the meaning.
  • 22.

    A Study on the Space of Paradoxical ‘Han(恨)’ of Bong Joon Ho's Film in <Parasite

    Song Man Yong , Song, Jin-Yeul | 2020, 70() | pp.303~312 | number of Cited : 7
    The purpose of this study was to examine Bong Jun-ho's film <Parasite>, which was ‘Palme d'Or, Golden Palm’of the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, as a text theory of late Roland Barthes, with paradoxical spatialism by alienation, oppression and resignation. In Parasites, the space of <parasite> has paradoxical concept of ‘Han' in Korean society, which is 'social isolation' and 'value sense of disregard', that is, 'loss of meaningful value or common goal', that is, 'concealment and escape with only resignation, conformity-good, and esteem-man' and humor of self-defense mechanism. So Bong Jun-ho's film is creating discourse as a text beyond the cinematic ending. As a result, it was found that the underground space in <Parasite> of Bong Jun-Ho acts as a place as the main space of Mise-en-scene that creates the reality and atmosphere of Korea.
  • 23.

    A Study on the Chinese Mobile OS Platform Icon Design

    Hua, Yunfei , Kwon,kije | 2020, 70() | pp.315~326 | number of Cited : 0
    This study proposes user preference and icon design working guide among design elements for icon design in mobile OS platform through analysis of design elements and analysis of user preference in Chinese mobile OS platform. We examined the status of mobile OS platform use in China and conducted prior research on icon design and user preference. To identify design elements and user preferences for icon design, we analyzed and evaluated icon design elements for mobile OS platform icon design in China for 310 mobile OS platform users. Three icon design elements were extracted for the icons of the selected OS platform, which are often used among Chinese mobile OS platforms, and each design element was measured by classifications. An analysis of design elements was conducted for representative preferred icon design elements through a questionnaire. In doing so, the icon design and user-favored icon design styles were derived to suggest the direction of the selection of icon design elements and design elements
  • 24.

    A Study on the Ontology of Technology in Media

    Gu, Xingzheng , jong-hyeck ahn | 2020, 70() | pp.329~342 | number of Cited : 3
    The medium of information handling is the most direct product that combines technology and human life. Today's media don't just exist as a means of disseminating information, and the discussion of technology in the media doesn't just exist as a tool. The development of technology is directly related to the form and direction of the medium. With the development of technology, the emergence of representative media has brought about the discussion of sociology and anthropology according to the use and use of technology. In this study, I would like to analyze the technology ontology of the media technologies that remain the issue for the coming future. Furthermore, I would like to draw a study on the influence of media technology in the post-human era on human beings. The first technique is a tool. If the tools were oriented to the outside nature, the technology of the future would be directed at human beings. In particular, technology that enhances human abilities in various ways will replace human natural evolution with physical technology. This study is to analyze what is the essence of media technology in the post-human era, combining various forms of technology, and how media technology transforms humans into post-human.