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2020, Vol.72, No.

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    A study on how to activate a design major student's multiple major

    Lim.Seong.Taek | 2020, 72() | pp.9~20 | number of Cited : 0
    This study has been focused on the related fields from the pre-admission in the current university education, which is structured to meet the needs and changes of the market. The purpose of this study was to study the possibility of the scalability of the academic scope required for designers through a survey of diversity. As a result of the analysis of the survey, it was judged that it is necessary for multiple majors to facilitate the change of the organic interdisciplinary system that accurately grasps the first job flow. As a result of the analysis of the survey, it was judged that it is necessary for multiple majors to facilitate the change of the organic interdisciplinary system that accurately grasps the first job flow. Second, it is necessary to introduce a structural system that facilitates the selection of a multi-major program. Multiple majors will be activated only if the related subjects must be opened at least twice a week in order to make the mandatory selection possible. Lastly, a consortium is needed between small colleges where majors can be selected. It is judged that it is optimized as a way to minimize the burden of opening all subjects, majors, and departments and to have an optimized structure for convergence education.
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    AInfluence that Attributes of YY Live Online One-person Song Broadcast Creator has on Viewing Attitude & Intention to Pay Cyber Money

    KIM JONG MOO I | 2020, 72() | pp.23~34 | number of Cited : 3
    This dissertation analyzed the relation among YY Live online one-person song broadcast Creator attributes, viewing attitude(pleasure, curiosity, flow in viewing) & intention to pay cyber money. To this end, questions papers were distributed to those viewing song genre broadcast out of YY Live online one-person song broadcast for 12 days from December 3 to 14, 2018. Then, 319 sets of error free questions papers were used for analysis. According to analysis First, YY Live online one-person song broadcast Creator attributes are found to be ‘attraction factor’, ‘affinity factor’, ‘reliability factor’, ‘playfulness factor’ & ‘expertise factor’. Second, although attraction factor of YY Live online one-person song broadcast Creator significantly influences pleasure factor, the viewing attitude of viewer, it does not significantly influence curiosity factor. Third, although affinity factor of YY Live online one-person song broadcast Creator significantly influences pleasure factor, the viewing attitude of viewer, it does not significantly influence curiosity factor. Fourth, reliability factor of YY Live online one-person song broadcast Creator significantly influences both pleasure factor & curiosity factor, the viewing attitude of viewer. Fifth, although playfulness factor of YY Live online one-person song broadcast Creator significantly influences pleasure factor, the viewing attitude of viewer, it does not significantly influence curiosity factor. Sixth, expertise factor of YY Live online one-person song broadcast Creator significantly influences both pleasure factor & curiosity factor, the viewing attitude of viewer. Seventh, although attraction factor, reliability factor, playfulness factor of YY Live online one-person song broadcast Creator significantly influence viewing flow factor, they do not significantly influence affinity factor & expertise factor. Eighth, although curiosity factor, the viewing attitude of YY Live online one-person song broadcast viewer significantly influences viewing flow factor, it does not significantly influence pleasure factor. Ninth, although pleasure factor & curiosity factor, the viewing attitude of YY Live online one-person song broadcast viewer significantly influences factor of intention to pay cyber money, it does not significantly influence flow factor.
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    Strategies and Vision for Design Theme Street Creation -Focusing on comparison of design theme streets for domestic and foreign celebrities-

    Gu,Hwan-Young | 2020, 72() | pp.37~46 | number of Cited : 0
    In this paper, we tried to focus on the case of using the names and achievements of famous people in the process of considering the design theme street creation case. As the domestic cultural content gradually becomes a global issue and attracts the attention of many foreigners, we look at the current status of theme streets for celebrities that we have not properly developed through domestic and foreign cases. The purpose is to make it available as an indicator. When looking at the results of the research analysis, firstly, it should be recognized that the theme distance has its significance in the historical connection. Secondly, it is necessary to connect the theme streets with souvenirs, food, and shared spaces of interest and pay attention to them. Lastly, not only the creation by thorough planning but also the measures for management must be accompanied at the same time. When these are resolved, the theme street will inform the world of the status of domestic cultural contents and enjoy the full effect of tourism resources.
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    Emoticon Design instance Analysis Using Visual perception of Gestalt

    LEE young heon , Kim Tai-wan | 2020, 72() | pp.49~60 | number of Cited : 0
    This study suggests the direction of the emoticon design to be able to deliver efficiently the simple and transparent message through the analysis of emoticon design examples using the visual perception of Gestalt. It is used the Kakaotalk messenger emoticon and analyzed the selected Top 30 emoticons. After that, it is analyzed the emoticon that is applied the several laws of the visual perceptions of Gestalt. The emoticon is mainly observed the law of similarity and the law of familiarity of the visual perception of Gestalt and is very slightly observed the law of closure of them. The emoticon design elements are supportive element, character and text and it is observed them to play a role in amplifying the included emoticon. For the emoticons that are able to deliver the emoticons efficiently, the result through the visual perceptions of Gestalt will be come in handy forward as the more developed communication way.
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    Flow Measurement and Analysis of VR Room-escape Games - Comparative Analysis with Offline Room-escape Games -

    JEON MIN SEOK , HONG YOUNG MI , Ray Jaeyung Yun | 2020, 72() | pp.63~76 | number of Cited : 4
    This study focused on VR Escape game with possible VR contents in the future for production of VR Killer contents, and wanted to examine the pros and cons of VR Escape game and suggest improvement direction. Thus, we measured the flow of two game methods by comparing the actual users who experience escape from a room by being locked in a room, and analyzed the pros and cons of the two games and finally presented the direction of improvement of VR escape game. To find out, experiments, surveys, and interviews were conducted, questionnaire and interview questions were prepared based on measuring tools and questions from previous prior studies, and questions and questions were conducted after 36 experimenters experienced both escape room games. The experiment showed that the flow of VR room escape game was relatively higher than the flow of field room escape game, which differed in order of Telepresence - Focused attention- Playfulness - Time distortion, and that the average difference between pleasure and time distortion, which had the least difference. Also, the interview analysis resulted in various factors and improvements based on the characteristics of the two types of games. We hope this research will help improve and develop VR room escape games and VR games in the future.
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    A Comparative Study on the Narrative of Online Advertising - Focusing on sport brands -

    Choi, Jinho | 2020, 72() | pp.79~90 | number of Cited : 1
    As the trend of advertising industry and sports industry, the study focused on qualitatively comparing and evaluating how competitive global sport brands companies have recently organized their products and brand images through online advertising and video narratives, and interpreting how much the assessment matches the business value of each brand. Five global sport brands were selected to analyze the narrative of online advertising: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, and Reebok. A written interview was conducted with three experts in the field of media and visual and interior design to get an in-depth understanding of global sport brands online advertising narrative. In an academic context, it was conceptualized through an etic coding process that encodes data with focus on research issues. After evaluating the overall narrative and empathy factors, the result indicated that the sport brands with higher business value were conceptualized with positive contents.
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    Study on the Usage Motivation and Intention of Persistent Subscription of Beauty YouTube Subscription System -Focusing on the regulation effect based on video play time and the parameters of the beauty channel-

    KWON mi jung , KIM JONG MOO I | 2020, 72() | pp.93~108 | number of Cited : 12
    This study is about the subscription system of YouTube channel featuring beauty. Beauty content, in particular, is in the spotlight of spreading Korean culture to other countries. In t he beauty industrial aspect, consumers who are willing to buy may reduce uncertainty about the product through information provided by the beauty creators. Additionally, beauty content has a great influence on consumers, who are the viewers, because it shows the experience of actual use of cosmetic products. In this study, we want to find out the motivation for using Youtube beauty channels and the influence of it by dividing into parameters (the characteristics of the subscription channel) and the adjustment variables(video play time). This study was conducted in March 2020 and analyzed by surveying male and female(500 people). A total of 467 copies were used in the survey, eliminating unsubscripted or insincere responses. For empirical analysis and verification of hypothesis, the results of frequency analysis, confirmation factor analysis, reliability test, structural equation model analysis, path analysis, mediated effect analysis, and adjustment effect analysis are as follows. According to the results of this study, social impact and time saving among the motivation for using the beauty YouTube subscription system have a significant impact on the satisfaction of use, continuous subscription, and intention to share. Therefore, content that is socially influential among beauty channels or saves viewers time is highly likely to be satisfied, shared, and continuously subscribed. Considering beauty channel features, usefulness has a significant impact on continuous subscription, indicating that users continuously want to subscribe useful videos. The intermediatry role of beauty channel was shown as satisfaction of subscriptions, continuous viewing, and intention to share. It also played a role in time saving. Among the usage motivation, it was found that social effects and time savings play a positive role in the relationship with satisfaction of use. Lastly, I wanted to find out the difference between the video length of the YouTube beauty channel. In groups with less than 10 minutes of video length on beauty YouTube channels, the p-value for the path of effectiveness was not significant at 0.153 for accuracy, but in groups with more than 10 minutes of video length, the p-value was significant at 0.003. Thus, in accuracy, the path of effectiveness can be interpreted as a difference between the two groups. A total of 21 adjustment analysis showed that videos of more than 10 minutes had significant adjustment effects in a total of 17 paths. These findings will provide basic data on consumer behavior studies that want to purchase beauty products using YouTube.
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    A case study on fishing service innovation in fishing village using service design process

    Yoon, Hong Gwon , kwon, hyeog in | 2020, 72() | pp.111~126 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is to explore and propose a fishing village tourism service innovation plan based on consumer experience using service design process. This study conducted a case study on Hupo Port, a small fishing village in Ganghwa Island. In order to achieve the research objectives of this study, a service innovation plan was derived and proposed through problem discovery, problem definition, service development, and service process by using a representative service design method, 4D double diamond method. Hupo Port has a potential for service growth based on natural scenery, seafood, and tourist attractions, but there is a significant service gap. As a service attribute to make up the service gap and to innovate the service of Hupo Port, we derived parking and convenience facilities, sea views, and food service improvement and proposed improvement measures. This study is meaningful in that it proposes a small-scale fishing village and fishing port service innovation method using a service design method and a framework for this.
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    The Effect of interactive factors of VR contents on technology acceptance and intention to use : Moderation effect of Need for Structure

    Shin changyeop | 2020, 72() | pp.129~140 | number of Cited : 3
    Recently, with the development of IT technology, new media contents using advanced technology are increasing. As well as video content that a recipient receives unilaterally, interactive content has emerged where the recipient can actively participate in the content and can interact with the content. In particular, by using a smartphone established as a personal media, humans can be interconnected with others, groups, contents, and digital devices anytime, anywhere. Recently, the use cases of Virtual Reality content are increasing as a strategy to communicate with customers in various fields such as games, architecture, and education. In the academic world, research on new media's interactivity has been actively conducted, and most of the results show that interactive content such as Virtual Reality video has a positive effect compared to unilateral communication content. However, the interaction of new media content such as Virtual Reality has different effects depending on the user's cognitive characteristics and situational factors, so it needs to be carefully reviewed and analyzed. In this study, under the laboratory environment, we will investigate the moderation of the Personal Need for the Structure on the interaction effects of virtual reality images and the effects of uncertainty on unfamiliar environments.
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    Research on efficient production and management of university promotional videos -Focused on the promotional video of D Women's University-

    Lim.Seong.Taek , Yoo, Sung-Ho | 2020, 72() | pp.143~154 | number of Cited : 1
    The university, a symbol of authority and the object of envy, has been thrown into the center of a strict competitive society as the school age population has declined. The university places great emphasis on the production of promotional materials, but it is necessary to discuss and ponder how students feel about the promotional materials and whether the correct information has been properly delivered. Therefore, this study aimed to find a way to more effectively produce and utilize promotional videos through theoretical considerations and questionnaire surveys for D women's univeristy located in Seoul. Based on the surveys of students and parents, the following conclusions were reached. First, the university PR video should be planned mainly for the content that the student or parent wants to know and need, rather than what the school wants to show and brag about. Second, if the promotional video was produced with key points of fun and interest, more hits could be drawn, and all contents should be faithful to details. Lastly, the more elements placed to attract students' attention, such as design and screen changes, the better the image.
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    A Study of ‘Seokju’ Youn, Young-ja

    choi, ji-yeong , Chung Kyoung Yeon | 2020, 72() | pp.157~168 | number of Cited : 0
    <Gookjeon> or the Korean National Exhibition produced an important artist in Korean contemporary sculpture art. Modern sculpture art started from figuration, then abstraction was introduced, and it further developed into various aspects. Especially in Korean Contemporary Sculpture art history after the ’50s ’60s and ’70s, radical changes in sculpture art is prominently revealed. The characteristics of Korean contemporary sculpture art history can also be seen through the study of Youn Young-ja. Despite various constraints as a female sculptor, Youn Young-ja(1924-2016) led the contemporary Korean sculpture art. Youn Young-ja built her theme around love, motherhood, women, and joy. In Korean contemporary women's art, her early works were centered on the formal figure of a woman, and in the mid-term, established many monuments and statues as a national project. Besides, she attempted to create abstract works on the theme of love and motherhood. In the latter period, a series of works on the theme of motherhood and love, etc., were produced in the form of a semi-abstraction. This aspect is similar to the flow of Korean contemporary sculpture art history. This study analyzed Youn Young-ja’s works with the emphasis on her world of figurative and abstract works for expressing maternity. The researcher aims to analyze the influence and work that broadened the position of women in Korean sculpture art by examining the life and art world of Youn Young-ja. The scope of the study was set to center in the <Gookjeon> and Korean contemporary sculpture art, and referenced materials such as Youn Young-ja's writings, interviews with Seokju Cultural Foundation Representative, newspaper, magazine, etc. Additionally, Youn Young-ja's work was studied based on referring to the associated literature of Youn Young-ja through the flow of Korean sculpture art history.
  • 12.

    A Study on Derivation of Concept Check Points Based on Design Collaboration

    Nam Ho jung | 2020, 72() | pp.171~180 | number of Cited : 0
    In the 4th Industrial Revolution, design education for the ideal talent is a big challenge for us. The methodology for this has been studied and discussed in various fields. So a practical method for implementing project-based education (PBL) that focuses on fostering integrated problem-solving talents rather than fostering simply qualified talents is a demand for the times. In this situation, to present an effective design education and a methodology to increase its value, we present a checkpoint for deriving a concept and analyze cases accordingly. Therefore, this study presented PBL as Visual Identity of Gwangju Tourism and Convention Bureau and applied the concept check point 4W in its implementation. Through this, a case of sequential collaboration was revealed, and a methodology was proposed to become a future design education process that fosters creativity and cooperation. It is expected that this study will contribute to one of the problem-solving methodologies that can be used in education and the design field and to foster future talent.
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    An Iconographic Analysis of The Opening Ceremony Performance, The Mega-Event -Focusing on the opening ceremony of the British and Korean Olympic Games-

    Jangsun Hong | 2020, 72() | pp.183~196 | number of Cited : 0
    The mega-event, a large-scale event prepared by the state, attracts the attention of the world. Among mega events, the opening ceremony performance, a pre-ceremony event, is widely used as a good tool and a means to convey the image of a leading nation around the world. Not to mention developing countries, developed countries are also promoting their own excellence through mega events. Among the elements of history and culture, the excellence of the people is used as a means of conveying a big message through contents that can express at once. The study aims to examine how the national image was symbolized at the opening ceremonies of the two Olympics, with the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Summer Olympics and the opening ceremony of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, respectively, among the recent international mega events. As for performances at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics and the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympics, the intersection of those who want to see and those who want to convey is perceived as a collision point of desire, and analyzes what the desire of the two means in terms of the spectacle of modernity. Mega event performance seeks a way to connect two different desires, but in reality it is interpreted in different ways depending on the position of the target. What is seen and what is being seen, what is being delivered and delivered, provides complex phenomena such as typography of the subject, and self-reliance of the batter. To analyze this phenomenon, we used the Iconography of Panofsky, a method of research in art history, and we will analyze the performance phenomena of mega events by dividing them into the Pre-Iconography stage - Iconography stage - Iconography stage. The story of the mega event is composed of one macro image, and the analysis between countries, peoples, histories, and cultures is carried out through Panofsky's Iconography. Through various interpretations analyzed in each area, this study examines the practical meaning of the nature of the step-by-step differences between Britain and Korea.
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    Analysis of Viewer’s Attitude on Promotion Video of Central Government's Reorganization -Comparison of Kitsch promotion video and general promotion video of Ministry of Oceans & Fisheries-

    Jeon young jin , KIM JONG MOO I | 2020, 72() | pp.199~208 | number of Cited : 3
    This study implemented independent sample t-test in order to verify difference in viewer’s preference, purchase intent, intent of constant viewing, intent to recommend contents between Kitsch promotion video produced by Ministry of Oceans & Fisheries and general promotion video. After online questionnaire done from March 19 to April 2, 2020, 212 error-free copies were used for final analysis. According to analysis, first, Kitsch promotion video showed relatively high preference than general promotion video. Second, there is no difference in purchase intent between Kitsch promotion video & general promotion video. Third, with respect to intent of constant viewing, Kitsch promotion video showed relatively high preference than general promotion video. Finally, with respect to intent to recommend contents, Kitsch promotion video showed relatively high preference than general promotion video. Considering such result, although Kitsch promotion video can provide affirmative effect in forming image of public institution, it shows no difference in the aspect of creating profit with general promotion video. It is judged that the result of this study would help central government understanding viewer’s attitude when producing promotion video.
  • 15.

    A Study on the Type of Recipient Preference for Professional Sports Mastcot Characters -Focus on baseball, soccer, basketball, and three major sports teams in Korea-

    Park, Jae-mo , LEE JONGYOON , Jangsun Hong | 2020, 72() | pp.211~224 | number of Cited : 1
    Professional sports clubs want to develop mascot characters to quickly and clearly communicate the team's identity to people. This is because it will increase the team's favorability and generate new revenue. The character industry also has effective visual communication capabilities that go beyond cultural differences. And it plays an important role in marketing and in future content industry. Yet the domestic character industry is mainly focused on cartoon, animation and commodity characters. Except for some kidult characters, the development of adult characters that can be consumed is insufficient. In this current character situation, the meaning and role of professional sports mascot characters are very big. Therefore, the study looked at the symbolic elements represented by 32 mascot characters representing soccer, baseball and basketball professional sports teams. The research design was a Q-methodological Approch and analyzed using a QUANL PC program. Through this process, three distinct factors(types) were finally discovered. Type 1 is the sports symbolism emphasis type, Type 2 is cute and stylish likable type, Type 3 is professional design reality type. The inmates of the character mascots could see that their own subjective tendencies were causing differences. This is a study that identifies the subjective choice that inmates prefer characters. It will serve as a standard for sports clubs to develop more active characters and rational and high-quality characters in the future. It is also hoped to contribute to meaningful research academically and industrially as objective and empirical research on sports mascot characters.
  • 16.

    A study on the derivation of the key factors for self-checking the practice attitude of students participating in design field practice

    Lee Sang Hwa | 2020, 72() | pp.227~236 | number of Cited : 1
    To solve the problem of the difficulty of efficient operation and the willingness of participants to participate in the current field practice, it is urgently needed to propose a practice process that can satisfy the students and companies in the field practice process. Therefore, this study aims to derive key factors for self-checking as a base study for the construction of a field practice system for the efficiency of practical field practice activities of design major students. Thus, it is tried to find out the basic key factors necessary for field practice. In-depth interviews were conducted with FGI interview panels selected during the design process of this study. Theoretical considerations were made to establish the theoretical base of the importance of the practice activities, and then the objective validity of the research process was secured using the FGI interview, the representative qualitative research method. In order to derive the basic key factors, the opinions of expert panels on matters needed in the practice process were heard in this study, and as a result of classifying and analyzing the opinions of expert panels, it was able to identify the key important factors necessary for practice, and accordingly, a total of 28 basic key factors were derived. Through this study, as a base study of system construction for systematic and effective practice activities, important key factors of self-check that should be considered in practice were derived, and in the future follow-up studies, based on the data derived from this study, the meaning and validity of the details are intended to be secured to develop detailed items of checklist to participating students for self-checking at each stage of before, during, and after practice.
  • 17.

    User Experience Study on Distance and Image Quality of Video Communication Services - Based on Proxemics and Social Presence Theories -

    Na Yeon Kim , lee young kyu , ha seung-wan and 2 other persons | 2020, 72() | pp.239~252 | number of Cited : 0
    Although the use of video communication services is increasing gradually with the development of technology and globalization, research on the environment is insufficient. In this study, the user experience survey was conducted according to the distance from others(distance from the camera: short shot, medium shot, long shot) and image quality(high quality, low quality) to study the smooth communication, such as face-to-face conversations, in video communication services. Participants evaluated the experiment and conducted in-depth interviews to find out the reasons for it, on the sense of realism, intimacy, refusal, concentration, co-location, and interaction derived from relevant theories and prior research. One-way ANOVA and Scheffe post-analysis resulted in significant results for each distance(shot) x image quality in all six dependent variables. It is expected that the results of the analysis obtained from the study will be the basis for the improvement of the environment for the activation of video communication services in the future.
  • 18.

    Promotional Strategies of Luxury Fashion Brands in Social Media -Focused on Instagram-

    YEOM HYESOO , park seon ji | 2020, 72() | pp.255~266 | number of Cited : 1
    In a modern fashion market where it is hard to achieve differentiation due to product standardization and fierce competition, the promotional strategies of fashion brands through social media can make consumers have favorable attitudes toward such brands by enhancing brand values through the construction of positive brand identity. In this study, four famous luxury brands which have been active in brand promotion through Instagram were chosen to investigate such promotional strategies and analyze their meaning, and the results found the followings: In terms of the promotional strategies of luxury brands on social media, the followings were found: Production by amateur, emphasis on couture elements, emphasis on specific aspects, interviews and photos with celebrities, brand story and behind cut. Their implicit promotional effects can include issue making, emphasis on craftsmanship, artistry, halo effect and attractiveness improvement. It is anticipated that the study results would be available as meaningful data as standards for luxury fashion brands to develop brand-new promotional strategies, using social media.
  • 19.

    Evaluation of universal sign system for foreign tourists visiting Busan -Focused on Gamcheon Culture Villager -

    WonJun Chung | 2020, 72() | pp.269~280 | number of Cited : 2
    This study focuses on the availability, convenience, and usability from foreign tourist’s perspective of Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan, based on universal design. This village has a group of residential houses formed like a staircase on mountainsides at the foot of a mountain in a picturesque way. This target location has great preservative value both historically and culturally, is voted the topmost place foreign tourists want to visit, and is currently going to over-tourism and gentrification. The purpose of this study is to determine the sign design problems occurring due to the language barrier and cultural difference that the universal design ideology aims for according to the visual sign system evaluation in a situation where foreign tourists are increasing. In order to proceed with the study, the range of the seven principles of universal design was reinterpreted in terms of signs, and a field study was conducted for the categorization and analysis of 6 items, including directional signs and restriction signs. As a result, most of the signs installed in the target area was found to have no consistency and effectiveness, and were unsafe. There were especially many signs without a foreign language as well as cases with unclear and directions. Moreover, the varying materials were hard to be distinguished, hence decreasing the effectiveness, and the signs among the store signs were installed in a complicated manner without flexibility. Overall, there was a lack of consideration for foreigners. Therefore, a policy to fix these problems is in great need, and we will conduct a follow-up study on sign system development.