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2020, Vol.73, No.

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    An Analysis of the Influence of Video Characteristics, Content Characteristics and Innovative Diffusion Characteristics of Online Video Service(OTT) on Viewing Attitude of Viewers

    Byung-Jong Chun , KIM JONG MOO I | 2020, 73() | pp.9~24 | number of Cited : 11
    This study analyzed the effects of video characteristics, content characteristics, and innovative diffusion characteristics on the use motivation and the use motivation and the use satisfaction on the sustainability of the use, and also analyzed whether the demographic characteristics (by gender, age, and academic background) play a controlling role in the relationship between motivation, satisfaction of use and intention of continued use. For the research, 520 copies without errors were used for the final analysis after online and offline surveys from March 23 to April 5, 2020. Following is the summary of this study. First of all, to summarize the online video service part, research showed that the most used OTT was ‘Youtube’ getting 398 out of 520(76.5%) answerers’ vote. The most used device for OTT was ‘Smart phone’ with the score of 380 out of 520(73.1%). For average OTT usage time per day, 197 out of 520(37.9%) answerers voted for‘30 minutes to 1 hour’. For place of usage, 369 out of 520(70.9%) answered ‘home’. Lastly, the most preferred OTT contents length was ‘Under 10 minutes’ getting 186 out of 520(35.8%) votes. Second, the ‘information’ and ‘connectivity’ of the video characteristics were shown to affect the 'use motivation' and 'use satisfaction' under statistical significance level, and ‘convenience’ was shown to affect the ‘use motivation’ at statistical significance level, and ‘use satisfaction’ was not affected at statistical significance levels. Third, the ‘quality’ of the content characteristics was shown to affect the ‘use motivation’ and ‘use satisfaction ’at the statistical significance level, the ‘reliability’ was shown to affect the ‘use satisfaction’ at the statistical significance level, and the ‘use motivation’ was not affected at the statistical significance level. Fourth, the ‘innovativeness’ and ‘relative advantage’ of the innovation diffusion characteristics have been shown to affect the ‘use motivation’ and ‘use satisfaction’ at statistical significance levels. Fifth, looking at the causal relationship between mediating variables(use motivation and use satisfaction) and the continuance intention use, the following influences were verified among the variables as a result of examining the influence of motivation and satisfaction on the intention of continuous use, which are parameters that recognize the behavior of user awareness when using online video services. also, ‘use motivation’ and ‘user satisfaction’ of the mediating variables were shown to affect ‘use intention’ at statistical significance levels. ‘use intention’ were shown to affect ‘user satisfaction’ at statistical significance levels. Sixth, whether demographic characteristics(gender, age, education level) act as the adjustment variables for the relationship between ‘continuance intention use’ and ‘use intention’ and ‘user satisfaction’, was verified true. if the adjustment variable is ‘age’(user satisfaction X age), then those in their 20s and 40s are shown to have control effects at statistical significance levels. if the adjustment variable ‘education level’(use motivation x education level) and (user satisfaction x education level), the Ph.D. course/doctor was shown to be effective at statistical significance levels. it was found that ‘gender’ had no adjustment effect at statistical significance level in relation to use motivation and user satisfaction and continuance intention use. This study is meaningful in that the scope of the study was expanded by empirically verifying the use of online video service (OTT), and the significance of this study is that a plan to utilize it strategically was derived.
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    A Study on Developing Three-Way Miter Joint Hardware for Wood Furniture with 3D Printing

    Kim, Wan-kyu , Jo, Seoung-hwan | 2020, 73() | pp.27~36 | number of Cited : 1
    In wood furniture production, utilizing hardware plays a significant role in enhancing quality of design, and have a direct effect on productivity and convenience as well. Up to the present, although there are diverse hardware in furniture making, it is hard to find cases inside and outside of Korea using embedded square lumber hardware that fixes square lumbers from three ways by meeting them on one point at the corner with 45 degrees. Even though three-way miter joint technique has been continued as one of traditional furniture making method, this is hard to be generalized because this demands high level of skill as well as has limit in production. For these reasons, the researcher proposes corner joint hardware for wood furniture using 3d printing. For developing three way miter joint hardware, this study starts with researching a term of three-way miter that is generally mixed with several ways of meanings. Secondly, the author researches structure of three-way miter and case study of its application example between traditional and modern wood furniture. In detail, researcher analyze structural character in furniture connector focused on fixing example between square lumbers for utilizing 3d printing. As for prototyping, 3D printed fixing connector is combined with existing square lumber joint system to strengthen and make up pros and cons of each part has. In this phase, 3D modeling and 3D printing is used for mock-up, and before and after image of combining 3d printed hardware is suggested. In this study, three way miter joint hardware has embedded structure, which is invisible outside. This can expect ornamental effect caused by molding and groove process on wood furniture that may looks simple. More simplified production process than traditional one would elevate productivity and access to wood furniture design with natural grain, and also be useful for corner joint that consist of square lumber including shelves, storage cabinets and table as well.
  • 3.

    Impact of Responsive Design on the Customer Experience of On-Demand Services

    SUNGHOON KIM | 2020, 73() | pp.39~50 | number of Cited : 0
    On-demand service is the industry model that is currently developing the most. On-demand services use content using platforms such as mobile applications. Therefore, a high-quality user experience of content leads to a customer experience. Therefore, content UI design is also a factor influencing the on-demand service customer experience improvement. esponsive design is a UI design that responds to screen size in web design. However, it has become a design trend due to the generalization of responsive design, and responsive design trends such as the use of grids, card layouts, and metaphors are applied in various UI designs. Accordingly, this study studied the improvement of customer experience of responsive design-based on-demand service content. Through the composition of expert councils, the types of on-demand services were categorized into four types: content, employment, sharing, and distribution, and responsive design was analyzed in terms of sortability, readability, implication, and variability. In addition, the effect of the elements of responsive design on improving the customer experience of on-demand service was studied by using the statistical analysis method through a questionnaire. As a result, the content type was readability, the employment type was implied, the sharing was sorted, the distribution was sorted, the readability, and the implied customer experience improvement factors were derived. It is expected that the results of this study will be used as basic data for the production of content related to on-demand services in the future.
  • 4.

    A Study on the Analysis and Utilization of Corporate Youtube Channels of Credit Card Companies from the Perspective of Experiential Marketing

    Woo Sungmi , Chang Dong Ryun | 2020, 73() | pp.53~66 | number of Cited : 1
    As the period of the pandemic-induced social distancing is being prolonged, the ‘untact’ type of services are becoming increasingly popular, and corporations are required to provide customer experiences via non-face-to-face channels with mid- to long-term strategies. Given that it will be pivotal to provide consumers with total customer experiences on YouTube, and considering the product offered itself is intangible, card companies have been selected as research samples, for which customer experience through proprietary brands is deemed most important. The scope of analysis of the research is limited to newly YouTube content produced from March, when social distancing was initiated, to August, and the analysis was mainly focused on evaluating the degree to which each sample’s Youtube content reflects the four elements of Pine & Gilmore's Experience Economy theory. From examining the degree of reflection of experiential marketing elements and the volume of active participation derived from current subscribers’ comments, KB Kookmin Card was outstanding with its participation rate, providing content that led to subscriber participation and interaction, in which the 4Es of the theory were reflected both commonly and profoundly. Thus, it was found that it operates a space for total experience. From this study, the researcher aims to produce a certain guideline which diversifies the range of experiential factors instigating total customer experiences relating directly to brand experiences for clients, and which intensifies this process when corporations create Youtube content.
  • 5.

    A Study on Visual Appropriation Module onEdward Hopper‘s work

    Shin, Kyung-chul , Choi, Ji-won | 2020, 73() | pp.69~78 | number of Cited : 0
    Many contemporary artists appropriate and transform existing works of art to reproduce new concepts. Today, the concept of creation now includes the process of selecting a work and reinterpreting it, rather than the result created through the primary subject. Nicola Buriyo defines this paradigm of contemporary art as 'post production'. Post-production contemporary art escapes from the traditional frame of expression and expands the range of expression methods through combinations and transformations of various images. In addition, it re-examines the potential value of art derived from integration of media. In this context, the appropriation of images from works of art becomes the central point of establishing the interrelationship between the two media, that is, “Intermediality”. In order to build effective Intermediality with integration of media, it is necessary to define visual properties to be used for image appropriation, and to set up a strategic visual appropriation module corresponding to them. Through this, image appropriation can be appropriately applied according to the purpose of use of the medium to create new value that fits the cultural flow. Furthermore, it can help avoid indiscriminate use of appropriation that damages the existing artistic value and can also work as a medium that informs consumers of the aesthetic value of art. This study not only defines visual appropriation modules that includes three elements; 'Color', 'Composition', and 'Figure', reflected on Edward Hopper's work, and but also the Intermediality between Hopper's works of art and the media that appropriate them. This study analyzes and understands specific properties of image appropriation that form a detailed analysis from a design perspective. Therefore, this thesis examines the paradigm shift in the present era in which art works are frequently appropriated. Moreover, by focusing on different cases of Edward Hopper's image appropriation and on understanding the role and values of image appropriation used in various media, it is meaningful in seeking strategic thoughts and finding directions for effective methodology of image appropriation.
  • 6.

    The Effects of Conspicuous Consumption and Self-Presentation on Motivation to Share Brand on Social Networking Sites : The Mediating Role of Perceived Value

    LEE, Sung-mi | 2020, 73() | pp.81~94 | number of Cited : 7
    Mentioning brands or products on Social Networking Sites (SNS) enables consumers to display an ideal self to others. Drawing on self-disclosure theory and conspicuous consumption literature, this study investigates the effects of self-presentation and conspicuous consumption on consumers’ motivation to share the brand on SNS. A total of 123 college students from university participated in the study. The sample represents students who voluntarily participated in answering a self-administered questionnaire. This study also explores the mediating role of self-expression value in the relationship between self-presentation and self-expression motivations. Further, this study investigates the mediating role of other-oriented value in the relationship between conspicuous consumption and socializing motivations. The results of this study confirmed the effects of self-presentation and conspicuous consumption on consumers’ motivation to share the brand on SNS. This study provides evidence indicating that the motivations of self-expression and socializing play primary role in leading consumers to share the brand. These findings have both theoretical and practical implications as they specify how to stimulate consumers to share brand-related contents on SNS.
  • 7.

    A Study on the Direction of Cyber Universities’ Identity Design in the Untact Era

    Insook Lee | 2020, 73() | pp.97~110 | number of Cited : 1
    After examining the changing design and UI, university UI and images in the untact era through literature research, this study suggested the direction for cyber universities’ UI design in the untact era as follows by seeking directions on how to change and respond to cyber university UI design in the untact era through an analysis of the current status of UI design of four-year cyber universities in Korea and a survey of domestic and international design cases reflecting the trend of the untact era. 1) A UI design method specialized for each university that is suitable for the online environment should be made. 2) An interactive UI design system in which cyber university online learners from various backgrounds participate should be established. 3) UI design should be optimized for mobile, not PC. 4) The UI should be optimally implemented in various digital media environments. 5) The value of intangible online education services should be designed. 6) A UI design method that implements virtual experiences using the 4th industrial revolution technology should be implemented.
  • 8.

    The influence of brand symbol and brand name matching on brand preference - Focusing on the differences between product types and symbolic expressions -

    Kim Sung Jae | 2020, 73() | pp.113~122 | number of Cited : 1
    It is no exaggeration to say that consumers of today live in the age of brand saturation. In order to purchase one single product, you should choose one single brand from a number of brands. No matter how good the nature and characteristics of a product or service are, it is very difficult to be chosen by consumers amid many competitive brands. Therefore, this study conducted an experimental study on 173 college students to verify the effect of the most important brand name and brand symbol on brand preference (consistency / mismatch) among the various components of the brand on product type of product (product / service). The results said that the main effect of brand name and brand symbol matching was statistically significant on brand design favorability and attention, but brand design recognition was found to have no differences. All brand design preferences by product type were found to be statistically insignificant. The interaction effect of brand name and brand symbol's concordance with brand design preference showed that brand design favorability and recognition differed statistically, but brand design attention was not significantly different. Based on these research results, we hope that it will help the development direction of brand design and various ways to utilize brand names and brand symbols, which are key components of brand design.
  • 9.

    A Comparative Study on the Visual Effects of Mobile Navigation Application Interface Designs between Korea and China

    JIA, JIAN , Lee changwook | 2020, 73() | pp.125~138 | number of Cited : 0
    The UI of human-computer interaction users became UI due to the manipulation of the code by visual experience and is the result of combining design and psychology. If you look at many apps in the market now, negative minds about apps exist universally because the UI display is not clear, the UI is not sophisticated, and the interaction design is not useful. Therefore, it is very important to satisfy people with simple design and refined UI. This study analyzes UI design against Korean and Chinese mobile navigation apps. The advantages and disadvantages of the UI design of mobile navigation apps are compared and analyzed, and four representative mobile navigation apps of Korea and China were selected respectively as a research method to express visual information of Korea and China's mobile navigation systems, comparing and analyzing colors, icons and layouts, and many research studies, references, and books. Using four elements, analyze the navigation app in detail and organize the analysis results. This study will compare and analyze the main screen of the navigation app. Through this study, I hope that users can improve convenience and efficiency in the process of use by making suggestions to navigation app companies that will later enter the market. The analysis of interface design allows the frame to be implemented more clearly.
  • 10.

    Research into the Structure of Fast Fashion Textile industry in Los Angeles -Focus on the Jobber Market-

    Liew, Ji-sang , lee dong youl | 2020, 73() | pp.141~152 | number of Cited : 0
    Los Angeles, which exhibits the biggest sales figures among fashion markets in the world, is considered to be one of the global fashion centers. The sheer scale of fast fashion is especially substantial which also implies significant effects on the local economy. The so-called jobber market leads the entire fast fashion market in Los Angeles. Professionals related this industry like Moon(2014) and KOTRA(2015) present that this market plays three important roles: [1]As key cooperator that allows fast fashion companies to grow into global brands such as Forever 21, which represents fast fashion in the U.S. [2]As a major production department in charge of products of large-scaled fashion brands in the U.S. [3]As a growth-base for many of the renowned fashion brands(KOTRA, 2015; Moon, 2014). Although this market has played a significant role in L.A.’s fast fashion, there is very little information or data regarding the jobber market due to its highly closed nature to the outside world. This requires the author to further research the jobber market’s industrial structure to gain comprehensive understanding of the market in detail with respect to design, production process, and intimate cooperative relations with Korean textile companies as well as general distribution structure in the market field. The researcher studies formation of the jobber market’s background and the particular factors that compose business transactions in this market. The data and analysis presented in this paper can provide significant insight that can encourage Korean companies’ expansion into the jobber market, thereby invigorating the Korean textile industry.
  • 11.

    A Study on the Environmental Color Design of Public Daycare Centers - The Case of Daycare Centers in Yangju-City-

    Lee Tae-Eun | 2020, 73() | pp.153~162 | number of Cited : 0
    This study aims to develop an environmental color design plan for the exterior of a new building due to relocation of public daycare center in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do. Daycare centers are educational institutions for infants and are intended for preschool children under the age of six. Children before school age are most active in holistic development and are very sensitive to the influence of the environment around them.Color in the physical environment affects creativity and personality of children through emotional stability by solving visual and emotional problems.Therefore, by sampling standard colors based on domestic and international case analysis based on children's color psychology, and developing four design proposals, the color enhancement process through the design committee of Yangju City Hall and the people's thinking, which is the public participation platform of Yangju City, conducted a survey on the preferences of parents' color design. The final draft was decided and the final supplement was made. Finally, Finally, the color of castings based on Munsell color system was 8.5YR 8.6/1.3, the secondary color was 5.7BG 8.7/0.3, 2.9Y 8.3/5.1, and the emphasis was 2.7GY 7.0/6.6. We look forward to contributing to a standard guide study for reviewing and judging the appropriateness of colors applied to the interior and exterior of daycare centers in the future.
  • 12.

    User Experience Study on A.I. Fitness Coaching Types - Focused on Autonomy Support and Controlled Coaching -

    Lee, Ji-hye , Park Yoon Ha , Ray Jaeyung Yun | 2020, 73() | pp.165~180 | number of Cited : 2
    As Smart Health Industry has been expanding rapidly, the role of fitness coach is becoming more and more important in the Smart Health Service. Most researches have been focusing mostly on VUI(Voice User Interface), and rarely on User Experience or Preference about Fitness Voice Coach. Thus, there is a paucity of in-depth studies on user experience and preference for fitness voice coaches. In this regard, this research is designed to find out whether Smart Fitness Coaching could also produce meaningful results by referring to the Autonomy Support and Controlled Coaching Methods discussed in physical education. Interviews and surveys were conducted on 6 items related to coaching, which was divided into the process of pre-exercise, during exercise, and post-exercise. The 6 items in the questionare were follows - Whether to present purpose and cause of exercise, use of respectful/controlled language, use of sanguinary language, customized / uniformed coaching, use of reward, and guidance on the next activity. In this research, subjects showed preference on Autonomy Support Coaching, which provides the purpose and cause of exercises. In terms of use of respectful / controlled language, subjects had similar favorability on both coaching styles depending on their own tendency. On the other hand, Autonomy Support Coaching without sanguinary languages was unanimously preferred. In customized/ uniformed coaching, It depends of preference on each person individually. With regard to rewards, no significant effect on using rewards was to be found in half of the participants. Presenting the guidance on the following activities gave subjects professional impressions, which led subjects to be highly favorable to it. Subsequent survey on the 5 items (Trust Coach, Pleasure, Perceptible Ability, Exercise Satisfaction, Avoidance of Exercise and Exhaustion of Exercise) were conducted, and Autonomy Support Coaching was found to be more preferred than Controlled Coaching in general. However, it is noteworthy that some subjects with numerous athletic experiences were not affected by the coach in their Perceptible ability.
  • 13.

    A Study on the Effect of Functional Factors of Brand App UI on Brand Attitude -Focusing on Shopping Apps-

    Hye-won Yoon | 2020, 73() | pp.183~195 | number of Cited : 1
    Rapid changes in the distribution market and Corona 19 have led to explosive growth in online non-face-to-face consumption activities, and shopping using smartphone brand apps is increasing rapidly. Although many prior studies were mainly based on GUI such as games and advertising, the role and importance of brand apps to companies and consumers are emphasized more than ever due to rapid changes in the market. The purpose of this study is to identify implications through the experience of user interface functional factors of smartphone brand shopping app, through gender, brand app difference and brand attitude, and based on theoretical research, research models and hypotheses were set, survey questions were developed and 223 survey data were analyzed using the SPSS 25.0 program. As a result of empirical analysis, the functional factors of brand shopping app UI and brand attitude were partially different by gender and brand app, and the functional factors had a significant effect on brand attitude and were partially selected. This study could suggest implications for the development of brand app UI.
  • 14.

    An Analysis of the Design Elements of Online Advertising Video for Sports Brands

    Yoo, Sung-Ho , Choi, Jinho | 2020, 73() | pp.195~204 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study was to compare and evaluate the design elements of online advertising video of sports brands and to determine the degree of matching with brand business value. Five sports brands(Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, and Reebok) for Online advertising video were selected from the ‘2019 List The World's Most Valuable Sports Brands’ released by The Forbes in 2020. Based on the academic basis of antecedent studies, light, color, space, time and motion, and sound were selected as the design elements of online advertising video. Data were collected from a convenience sample of undergraduates majoring in design at four-year universities in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do and the working-level within five years of working experience. A total of 116(95.1%) response questionnaire was used for the final analysis. As a result, Nike's ad-video design elements were rated higher than other sports brands, and the average comparison of Adidas and Under Armour and Puma and Reebok did not differ statistically. In the Forbes's brand business value, Puma was higher than that of Under Armour, but Under Armour was more recognized in the design element evaluation. Brand business value and advertising video design element evaluation were found to be largely consistent.
  • 15.

    A study on the improvement plan of landscape design through the connection plan of fishing village new deal - Focusing on the fishing village New Deal 300 in Yangyanggun, Gangwondo-

    Lee Jongho | 2020, 73() | pp.207~216 | number of Cited : 1
    The Fishing Village New Deal 300 project is a national project for the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries to develop underdeveloped fishing villages and fishing ports from 2019 to 2022 according to regional characteristics. This study studied the policy of local residents' regional competency enhancement projects and the trends of education-related projects to achieve the results of the local fishing village New Deal. Understand the current status and policy goals of the Fishing Village New Deal 300 project. Based on this, the goal is to research to enhance the diversity and expertise of the regional competency enhancement (S/W) project on the plan to revitalize the fishing village of Yangyang-gun article questions. In the case of urban fishing ports, more than half of the residents are occupied by urban residents who do not engage in fishing. In reality, traditional communities are being disbanded. This study proposed a landscape design for sustainable urban fishing port regeneration to transform into an urban fishing port with new functions through active development of a waterfront space, and a regional fishing port with complex functions utilizing economic and cultural characteristics. The proposed fishing village landscape plan and regional capability enhancement program should strengthen the locality of the fishing village. It should be promoted in a way to express the unique identity of each urban fishing village and a resident participatory design strategy in which residents directly participate. The study was conducted as a sustainable data that can contribute to the vitalization of fishing villages as a part of improving the quality of life by improving the settlement environment of the fishing village residents to make the fishing village where they live and want to find.
  • 16.

    A Study on the University Customizing Promotion Strategies

    Lim.Seong.Taek | 2020, 73() | pp.219~228 | number of Cited : 1
    University promotion is now a means of securing an important identity that is directly related to the survival of the university, and it is possible to see the characteristics developed in a direction that allows students to experience the characteristics and vision of the university beyond simply selecting students based on the university's awareness. . In particular, it is heading to an era where a groundbreaking public relations strategy is needed to rethink the fixed ranking of universities in Korea, where the characterization of universities is not as prominent as foreign countries. As a result, this study aimed to propose a customizing public relations strategy that reflects the needs of the college admissions and the publicity characteristics of the times as part of various publicity methods according to the continuous decline of freshmen in college. First, it is necessary to introduce a well-structured and detailed video loading method for university promotion. Second, it is necessary to distribute apps that are structured and can respond quickly in stages. Lastly, it is necessary to establish separate promotion strategies for each student level and school propensity. The core of the university's public relations customizing strategy can be seen as the delivery of accurate and fast information and always trying to detect changes in student needs.
  • 17.

    A Comparative Study on the Effect of Design Thinking Mindset Acquisition - Focusing on Offline and Online Learning -

    Ryu, Sun Joo | 2020, 73() | pp.231~244 | number of Cited : 0
    This study compared and analyzed the effect of design thinking mindset acquisition in offline learning, active online learning, and passive online learning. The research method was to conduct a survey and analyzed the data gathered by answers from 128 university students who received design thinking education by the three different learning methodologies above. To derive a mindset evaluation question for a survey, at first, mindset related data of existing design thinking researchers was investigated to derive 8 mindsets (ambiguity, experimental spirit, empathy ability, integrated thinking, open thinking, cooperation, curiosity, creative confidence). Afterwards, the flat phrases corresponding to each mindset were recombined with design thinking researchers' mindset evaluation questions and psychology's mindset evaluation questions to form 34 questions. The comparison result of the learning effects of 8 mindsets according to the three education methods is as follows. Active online learning showed similar mindset acquisition effect to offline learning. Conversely, passive online learning showed that the learning effect was lower than that of offline learning in the remaining five mindsets excluding experimentation, collaboration, and open mind. Based on the experimental research, it was derived that for the acquisition of design thinking mindsets, active online learning is more effective than passive online learning, and active online learning shows the effect of acquiring design thinking mindsets similar to offline learning. This study confirmed the possibility that active online learning can replace offline learning in order to acquire the design thinking mindset. In addition, it was confirmed that it is necessary to select and develop effective online learning method such as active online learning rather than introducing indiscriminate online learning methods. In the future, it is expected that various studies will be conducted for effective learning methods of design thinking online.
  • 18.

    User Experience Study on Online News Forms and Fields

    WooJiHye , Ray Jaeyung Yun , sin min-a and 5 other persons | 2020, 73() | pp.247~256 | number of Cited : 0
    As the use of mobile devices increased, various functions of life, culture, and lifestyle became available in the hands of people. As a result, competition among media companies is heating up and online news consumption is rapidly changing. In the past, it was a form where news producers selected news and provided it to users unilaterally, but now the form has changed to a form where readers select articles, and news producers have been more concerned with the user's reaction. The purpose of this study was to study 'general', 'card' and 'story' types of news to see what form of online news the reader can prefer, trust understand easily. Online news readers in their 20s and 50s were evaluated favorability, understanding, reliability, satisfaction, and intention to use news articles (economic, social and cultural) according to news format. As a result, for age-specific user experience, all ages generally preferred 'card' - 'general' - 'stories' in order. When looking at each variable, in terms of preference and understanding, and satisfaction, all age groups preferred the 'card' form the most, but in terms of reliability, all age groups preferred the 'paper' form the most. This is because there is no abbreviation of information due to the nature of the “paper” form, and the specific content is described in accordance with the logic. As such, based on the analysis of user attitudes according to news types, this study attempts to propose appropriate news forms in consideration of age and sector so that the uses can be more satisfied by providing different types of news by age and situation.
  • 19.

    Effects of Social Upheaval on Women's Makeup during World War -Focused on the World War 2-

    Wi, Se-hyeon | 2020, 73() | pp.259~270 | number of Cited : 0
    "Make-up" is interpreted differently according to the background and necessity of the times, and has changed in various ways according to the cultural flow of a certain period and the change in women's socioeconomic status. For women, make-up is a form of expression that is associated with social context and is sometimes used as a tool to convey specific messages of the time. Thus, makeup can be used to infer the social femininity norms and standards of beauty at the time. Especially in modern times, the concept of 'make-up' has become newly recognized and expanded as the exclusive property of women who are distinguished from men. In other words, the concept of make-up has emerged as a social means of being attractive and as a means of meeting the 'femininity' required by society. It was during the exhibition that the makeup policy as the norm of femininity was most prominent. For example, during World War I, there was a surge in advertisements that forced makeup as a duty for women to maintain femininity in an atmosphere where women participated in economic activities on behalf of men. In addition, World War II is a typical example of 'patriotic citizenship' and forced social femininity through the makeup of women in government-led propaganda advertisements. The image of women in these propaganda ads shows what the popular image of women was required by society at that time through makeup. Therefore, in this study, we would like to study the change in female image by analyzing the change of social upheaval of war on women's makeup.
  • 20.

    An Analysis of Self-Defense Mechanisms Shown in Parodied Election Campaign Posters

    Yoo In Ha | 2020, 73() | pp.273~282 | number of Cited : 0
    The study wanted to find out about the types of self-defense mechanisms that manifest in election candidates' posters that parody hit films and TV dramas. As for the analysis method, semiotics were analyzed centering on the formative defense mechanism and the content defense mechanism. According to the analysis, the self-defense mechanism shown by candidate Min Hyun-joo was manifest in his 'identification' with the environment in which a main character of a movie, who had a strong will to create an international city in Songdo; and in his 'rationalization' to give a soft image; and in his 'suppression' of the inner side of the essence. Second, Kim Kwang-jin, a potential candidate, showed his self-defense mechanism in 'identifying' himself with a main character who showed determination to take on a tough and difficult Himalayan climb; and in 'rationalizing' and 'suppressing' his inner motives and thoughts. Third, candidate Kwon Eun-hee identified herself with a character from "Descendants of the Sun," and made her strong image as a soldier subject to 'rationalization', 'projection', and 'suppression'. Lastly, Seoul mayoral candidates Chung Mong-joon and Park Won-soon parodied the same movie for their posters. Chung showed 'suppression' in hiding his expression that fits the comic story of the movie to look serious about his pledges; and in 'identifying' with the main character and 'rationalizing' through keeping a stern face. Also, to show off his fighting spirit to his opponent, Chung relied on 'projection'. Candidate Park also identified with the main character of the movie, and through his leisurely and relaxed look, demonstrated 'rationalization', 'humor' and 'suppression' in hiding his feelings. This study came to the conclusion that by examining the self-defense mechanisms manifest in parodied election posters, they can be made to be more detailed and effective in communicating candidate's political views, ideas, campaign pledges, so on, to the voters. It is also hoped that this occasion will serve as an opportunity for this research to be utilized as a strategy in creating election campaign materials.
  • 21.

    User Experience of Augmented Reality Game using LBS Service

    Lee, jia-yan , Lee changwook | 2020, 73() | pp.285~298 | number of Cited : 0
    Mobile network games meet people's demands for decompression. But our time and attention are increasingly fragmented. As a subversive technological change, AR perfectly combines digital technology with real life. LBS accurately combines the real-time status of users, which can instantly and effectively attract people's eyes, stimulate their interaction and share with friends and relatives. Combining practical LBS with the most imaginative AR will bring a brand new game experience for users. Augmented reality game combines the LBS services has the characteristics of bricks and real-time interaction, and can make the interaction from the precise position extended to the whole environment, the virtual scene to the real scene, from simple screen communication development to their integration in the space around and object, so the user experience will be different. In this paper, the development status of virtual reality technology and LBS technology is summarized, and the game interface design of AR+LBS mobile game, which ranks the top four in the current mobile game market, is studied and analyzed. From the classification and analysis of operation interface, scene environment interface, plot and emotion design and sound effect interface, it can be concluded that in order to make the user experience of the game more pleasant and optimized, more attention must be paid to the interface operation of the game, logic of information transmission, color and sound, and design of interactive experience. Finally, the current status of virtual reality games with LBS technology is analyzed, and the future development trend is expected.
  • 22.

    A Comparative Study on the design of Product Packaging and Printing Advertisements in China From the period of the Republic of China (1912) to the beginning of the reform and opening (1990)

    ZHANG, han | 2020, 73() | pp.301~310 | number of Cited : 0
    In the late 18th century, Britain began selling opium to China through East India Company, gradually opening the door to China's giant market, in the late 19th century, through port trade under the unequal treaty, gradually bringing many Western products into China and creating a distinctive design that fused Western brand concept with Chinese aesthetic language to attract consumers from other cultures. Following the period background, the paper was divided into three periods of comparative study. It is divided into the period of the Republic of China (1912-1949), From the founding of the People's Republic of China to the beginning of reform and opening up (1949-1978), and the early Reform and Opening (1978-1900). Through the comparative study of the three-stage product advertisement, the characteristics of print advertisement and the design law and the historical cause behind it can be analyzed and well recognized. The results also allow the Chinese to fully reproduce the true state and change of life for 78 years. The design culture of the period can also be understood more comprehensively. You can use the design law and recreate the design with a special New-tro style.
  • 23.

    A Study on The Factors Affecting The Intention of Using the Personalized Location-based Intelligent Personal Assistant

    Jo, Wonheung , Yeoun, Myeong Heum | 2020, 73() | pp.313~324 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In the future, 'personalized location-based service' can be expanded in intelligent personal assistant. However, user location analysis can cause concerns of invasion of privacy at the same time as benefits. The purpose of this study is to analyze the factors that affect the intention of using and using personalized location-based services of intelligent personal assistant. In order to analyze the intention of using 'Personalized location-based service' of intelligent personal assistant, a research model based on the Privacy-Calculus Framework was set based on the previous studies. After that, multiple correlation analysis was conducted based on the data of 109 people who produced the online survey, and the factors affecting the intention of using personalized location-based services were analyzed. The factors that had a significant impact on the intention to use were ‘Usefulness’ and ‘Joy’. ‘'Usability’, ‘Risk of invasion of privacy by service provider’ and 'Risk of exposure to privacy of service use of public space’' did not have a statistically significant impact on intention to use. The results of this study are expected to develop user-centered functions of intelligent personal assistant used in mobile environment in the future.
  • 24.

    A Study on the Classification of Maximalism Expression Types in Culture and Arts

    Lee, Bang-One | 2020, 73() | pp.327~338 | number of Cited : 0
    This study analyzed the various characteristics and examples of maximalism in cultural and artistic areas, and systematically classified the types of maximalism expression. Maximism, formed by one trend of Postmodernism, was created as a binary antagonist concept with the emergence of Minimalism in the 1960s. The formation background and concept of Maximism were discussed based on the literature study of Post-Minimalism and Maximism. Based on this theoretical background of Maximism, the case of Maximism in various fields of culture and art was described in the fields of Storytelling, Music, Fine Art, Fashion, and Maximalism features and trends expressed in the fields. Based on the literature research and examples, various characteristics of maximalism in the field of culture and arts were derived using the artificial classification method of Taxonomy of propose. According to the study, the types of expression of maximalism were classified into four types of expression: Transformational, Fancy Expression, Hybrid Expression, and Polysemic Expression, and the typified characteristics were structured.
  • 25.

    A Study on a Story-Based Goods Design for Activation of Regional Tourism Brands -Focusing on the Maganda, Philippines-

    WON JONG WOOK , Eun Seok O | 2020, 73() | pp.341~352 | number of Cited : 3
    The modern consumers’ standards for purchasing products according to their evolving value are changing into a value that can stimulate their emotions and arouse their sympathy, not a function or price. The consumption trend is affecting not only fields such as economy, culture, shopping, IT, etc., but also the tourism industry, so that it is a time when it is desperately necessary that measures to invigorate tourism brands are prepared according to the increasingly changing values and demands of consumers. This study has presented a guideline for the design of tourism brand goods combining the elements of a tourism goods design and of storytelling that can make the best of regional characteristics, based on the consideration of what value consumers really want by examining their consumption trends and the element of a tourism souvenir design through literature data and prior research in order to find ways to invigorate regional tourism brands. This study aimed to develop a tourism brand and goods design that can make the best of regional identity characteristics, targeting the Maganda, Philippines, where research on the tourism product design is insufficient, according to the four elements of the guideline derived, such as regional identity, image-construction, pattern and story. The development of the tourism brand and goods design that consumers want is indispensable to activation of the regional tourism industry in an era where consumer experiences and values are recognized as important. And, it is believed that a variety of story-based tourism products and designs that can reflect regional characteristics should continue to be developed for the continuous expansion of the tourism industry.
  • 26.

    A Study on the Senior User Experience of Mobile Railway Reservation System

    Lee, Hye-yeon , Ray Jaeyung Yun | 2020, 73() | pp.355~368 | number of Cited : 4
    As the super-aged population accelerates and social problems emerge, policies are emerging to support the use of public transportation by the elderly. However, there is still a lack of design concerns and long-term policies regarding the inconvenience the elderly feel in using public transportation. This study was conducted with the aim of proposing improvement plans for the smooth use of the elderly through the KorailTalk survey, an application that allows the reservation of railways, a representative means of public transportation, in order to secure the right of the elderly to travel. Among the elderly, active seniors who are familiar with using smartphones were given priority. To improve the experience in railway applications, Pain points were collected and analyzed through user observation surveys. Ten male and female smartphone users in their 50s and older who fall into the active senior category were interviewed after observing the process of booking KorailTalk. Through this, the common paint point of the senior was derived and the user experience and interface design was modified and produced to improve it. The improvements produced were organized into working prototypes for use by active senior users and repeated interviews to verify improvements. According to a user observation survey, senior users feel various difficulties in the process of making reservations through existing KorailTalk applications. Among the six factors causing inconvenience for the senior were difficult to decipher, small touch area, confusing information architecture, hard-to-understand icon images, unexpected elements that cut off the flow, and unfamiliar vocabulary. Customer journey guidance derived from user observation surveys and improvement plans were produced to complement user experience based on 6 factors. As a result of the verification of the improvement plan, it was confirmed that the subjects naturally proceeded with the scenario compared to the reservation of the existing KorailTalk application and that the interview response was positive. There is a limit to the research in that the prototypes produced in this study were investigated based on a limited number of users and scenarios, and that the subjects were limited to 10 people in their 50s and older. If follow-up research is conducted on senior citizens in a wider category beyond Active Senior, it is expected to help the elderly book public transportation and secure the right to travel.
  • 27.

    A study on improvement solution through survey and analysis of residents mind in urban regeneration projects

    Han Yang Su | 2020, 73() | pp.371~380 | number of Cited : 1
    Urban regeneration projects the city because of the industrial structure of urban and regional change and urban expansion source is a relatively deterioration infrastructure and residential environments was a need for urban regeneration. In this paper, an action matrix analysis was conducted on the areas that need to be improved intensively by surveying the importance and demands of providing physical environment improvement such as residential environment, convenience facilities, and social welfare services for residents of residential support type. This paper evaluated the importance and satisfaction level to diagnose the areas that should be improved first for each influencing factor, and analyzed the satisfaction and importance of the residents according to the progress of each detailed project through the residents' consciousness survey in urban regeneration projects. I believe that urban regeneration projects will develop and be sustainable. In order to successfully promote the regeneration project of urban regeneration, resident participation projects are necessary, and improvement items for each project element are needed by minimizing conflicts between residents, and efficient decisions will be made by confirming the satisfaction and importance of residents according to the improvements. The purpose of this paper is to provide basic data for implementing urban regeneration by analyzing the importance and satisfaction of each project in implementing physical environment improvement projects and economic improvement projects in residential area projects among urban regeneration projects.
  • 28.

    Strategy of the city along with the spread of electric vehicles - Focused on urban design and countermeasures of Uijeongbu city -

    KIM SEUNG WOOK | 2020, 73() | pp.383~394 | number of Cited : 0
    In recent years, attention has been focused as the spread of electric vehicles has increased. Electric vehicles have a different structure and charging method than existing internal combustion engine vehicles, so it is time to change the urban and residential environment accordingly. In this regard, in order to derive more in-depth and specific implications after proceeding with an abstract and general discussion related to electric vehicles, this study sets the temporal and spatial range of the current Uijeongbu City and responds based on the current situation of the city by setting a case of Uijeongbu City. Unlike internal combustion engine cars that refuel at gas stations, it is convenient and desirable to charge an electric vehicle slowly at a parking lot at night when the amount of electricity used is small. From this point of view, specific response strategies such as the expansion and distribution of electric vehicle charging tags for use in mobile chargers, review of subsidies for mobile chargers, image design of Uijeongbu City through the establishment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, installation of convenience facilities or municipal public relations facilities at electric vehicle charging sites, installation of electric vehicle chargers for tourist attraction were derived.
  • 29.

    A Case Study by Type of Experience Marketing Based on Data Intelligence(DI)

    Kim, Soo jung | 2020, 73() | pp.397~414 | number of Cited : 3
    While considering various cases of data intelligence (DI) technology that enables segmented and elaborate targeting and DI-based experience marketing using the foregoing with the advent of data economy, this study aims to raise awareness of the necessity of differentiated marketing communication and segmentation of follow-up studies by classifying types through a survey targeting experts and hands-on workers. Although data intelligence using data, algorism and AI technology has settled down as a new marketing trend, definition of theoretical concept and studies related to the marketing still remain insufficient. Thus, this study classified the types through analysis of various cases and survey targeting hands-on workers and experts in addition to extensive literature review of DI and typological approach focusing on the ‘core technology’ which is embedded for collection of consumer information. Based on the result of analysis, this study classified types of DI-based experience marketing finally as 4 kinds of SNS-connected, location-based, identification technology and programmatic type. This study confirmed that DI-based experience marketing includes AI technology and different forms of algorithm formula, which is collecting and using personal information with more aggressive and various methods through connection with SNS, location-based, identification, programmatic technology that are the core technology loaded for collecting data of segmented consumers. Through the aforementioned, this study made an in-depth consideration of DI-based experience marketing, and this study is considered meaningful in a sense that it enabled segmentation of follow-up studies through classification of types. With the standard for type classification, however, this study still has a limit that it failed to use various methods of approach. This study aims to provide academic and working-level implications for follow-up studies on DI-based experience marketing environment that enables hyper-personalized targeting through advancement of an innovative data technology.
  • 30.

    A Study on Development of Checklist Contents for Design Education Field Practice

    Lee Sang Hwa | 2020, 73() | pp.417~428 | number of Cited : 0
    It tried to make a practice process which satisfies between attending students and the company offering the field practical process to settle down the problem about difficulty of efficient operation and attending desire of attendees about the field practice attendance. For this, it investigated for the development of check-list contents that the university students attending the field practice can use. Based on the basic aspects through the prior investigation, it surveyed on the target of panels with the practice commitment experience or having the control experience over trainees from one time of Delphi open-typed investigation and two times of close-typed investigation. It utilized the approach of quantitative method to research the specific check-list contents throughout this process. The main aspects of the filed practice used in the following Delphi open-typed investigation were utilized with the aspects resulted from prior investigation process and drew the 5 subsections of work practice lists in subsections of the practice stages, 9 subsections of the personality expression list and 9 subsections of skill acceptation lists. After processing the second Delphi surveys as close-typed, it drew the result of aspect analysis. In the process of this, 4 lists were excluded due to no security of the validity of questions in subsections of practice stages. The result of investigation after processing the close-typed surveys of third Delphi showed the existence of analytic meaning about average ranks of weight used for check-lists through the non-parametric examination. It developed the check-list contents through the result of investigation of 3rd Delphi surveys and weight and meaningful check-lists used for field practice that is a final purpose. It made check-list contents consisted of practice commitment stages with 30 questions. This investigation is aimed on developing practice check-list contents for systemic practice activities.
  • 31.

    Suitable for Smart Home users' situations Explore the design of a multi-modal interface

    Park, Juyeon , Yeoun, Myeong Heum | 2020, 73() | pp.431~442 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, based on the understanding of the multi-modal interface, a study on the user's preference. when the technology of the multi-modal interface is applied to the smart home. In addition, when smart home provides users with information of different characteristics, it is necessary to find out which combination of multi-modal interfaces positively affects the user according to the situation, and which combination of multi-modal interfaces the user prefers most to provide. The interface channels of smart home were classified through literature research. To organize a user diary was run, the situation scenario was written as a storyboard through the analysis of users' behavior, and a questionnaire was formed based on previous studies to conduct the questionnaire. Finally, statistical analysis of the answers to the questionnaire is performed and the multi-modal interface affects the user's multi-modal interface feed back preference and four items (Situation Cognition, Information Help, Fatigue, Appropriateness) according to the situation occurring in the smart home. The impact was analyzed. This shows that users prefer multimodal interfaces over single modal interfaces. The multi-modal interface showed a high score in Situation Cognition, Information Help, and Fatigue, but the Appropriateness was confirmed that the score of the multimodal interface was low in non-urgent situations. Depending on the situation occurring in the smart home, there is a difference between the user's preferred multimodal interface. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the multimodal interface is appropriately provided according to the user's situation in the smart home. Furthermore, this study is expected to be utilized when designing a multi-modal interface suitable for users from the perspective of interaction of smart home in the future.
  • 32.

    A Study on the Improvement of Textbook Design according to the Change of Curriculum

    Park Chung-hun | 2020, 73() | pp.445~456 | number of Cited : 0
    If the basic design of school education is the curriculum, textbooks are the most basic and important essential tool for realizing education according to the plan. Therefore, it is important to make the curriculum well, which is the basic blueprint, but for the design to be implemented properly, making the textbook well, which is the basic tool, is just as important. Therefore, editing and designing textbooks requires more than revising the curriculum and taking a strategic approach. Korea has also been striving to develop textbooks through several revisions to the curriculum, but it has been pushed back by the supply-oriented education policy, and has not specialized and specialized textbook publishers along with securing the expertise of textbook editing personnel. In other words, publishers that publish and supply textbooks should set specific subjects and invest heavily to specialize and characterize them. In doing so, there should be a system improvement that allows specialized and specialized publishers' textbooks to gain an upper hand in competition than those of publishers who publish and supply all subjects without characteristics. Expertise is assessed to be professional when, while continuing to do the same work, the focus and investment on the work, the training and utilization of professional personnel are consistently pursued, and the work of publishing more advanced publications can be done. Therefore, securing the expertise of textbook publishers and editorial staff, which play a key role in compiling textbooks, is a very urgent requirement to resolve.
  • 33.

    A Comparative Study on UI Design of Korea-China Mobile Sleep Application

    WANG, zeyu , Lee changwook | 2020, 73() | pp.459~472 | number of Cited : 0
    With growing interest in the quality of sleep, the mobile sleep application market in Korea and China is on the rise. As a result, the importance of application design is also increasing. This paper is intended to analyze and organize the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of mobile sleep applications’ UI design in Korea and China to present future UI design direction. The top three download applications were selected for analysis by Google Play stores in South Korea and China. The common elements of the four preceding papers' UI design were analyzed to derive three elements which are color, icon, and layout. These three elements were applied to this paper by case analysis and comparative research were conducted focusing on the main interface of mobile sleep applications in Korea and China. The results of this study show that the UI design of Korean mobile sleep applications has rich in color and the icons were designed with simple lines, so the layout was in unified shape. However, disadvantage is that it lacks interaction and fun with users. UI design of Chinese mobile sleep application has very high color intensity, interesting icons and changing motions, so its layout has enhanced interaction with users. However. disadvantage is that the main and secondary contents of UI design were not clearly distinguished, making it difficult for users to understand or use them. Hopefully, mobile sleep applications should strengthen their UI designs to improve users' sleep quality in the future.
  • 34.

    A Study on the Motivation and Intention of Private Broadcasting in China Wanghong

    Zhang, Meng , Kim Mi-hyun | 2020, 73() | pp.475~484 | number of Cited : 2
    This study examined the relationship of influence between motivation and intention to purchase popular personal broadcasting run by Wanghong of China through the survey by setting a hypothesis. The purpose of the research is to define the concept of Chinese personal broadcasting use motivation from the point of view of this study and to extract the factors of personal broadcasting use motivation through preliminary investigation and present the measurement questions. Second, research models and hypotheses are established to examine the relationship of influence between the motive of use of personal broadcasting run by Wanghong of China and the intention of the user to purchase. Third, through the survey, the influence relationship between Wang Hong's motive for using personal broadcasting in China and the intention of the user's purchase is verified and the results are drawn. The conclusion was based on the research model and hypotheses on whether the motivation of using personal broadcasting in the Chinese market, where the basis of e-commerce is expanded, affects users' purchasing intentions due to the need to seek marketing measures for the distribution of products through the development of mobile technology. Motives for the use of personal broadcasting run by Wanghong of China were selected through preliminary research for the convenience of host preference, information pursuit, entertainment pursuit, and use, and after the analysis of factors and verification of reliability, both satisfied the level of trust and established correlation. The hypothesis test showed that the factors of information pursuit and ease of use, the motivation of personal broadcasting users in Wanghong of China were affected. In other words, the desire and willingness of individual broadcasting users to purchase better products through personal broadcasting is prioritized, and the pursuit of information through detailed information about the products or feedback of immediate questions, and the convenience of immediate purchase can affect their purchasing intentions.
  • 35.

    The Content Value and Role of Service Design Products

    Kim Se-Mi | 2020, 73() | pp.487~496 | number of Cited : 0
    With the advent of the service experience, the role of service design in satisfying customers' preferences and focusing on the value of consumers' personal experiences is becoming important. This study sought to derive the prospect and direction of contents of service design output as a result of the paper through the consideration of the content value and role of service design output, literature study, and case analysis. If you look at this, it looks like this: First, as we enter the age of content production that sells experience to customers, we need to be able to grasp the role of design content that provides intangible experience rather than tangible goods. Second, the development of service design content requires a process that resolves the cognitive experience of the user's experience and is persuasive, and also provides the results that can be presented visually can be an important solution. Third, it is expected that service contents will be required to consider hyper-connectivity using ICT in the fourth industrial era and identify the needs of consumers and sublimate them into a more valuable experience. Through the results of this study, we were able to present a plan for developing content that can satisfy customer needs in service design and, in addition, research materials that can raise the quality of service contents that are key in service development.
  • 36.

    A Study on the Needs of Living Space where Generation Z spends non-work hours

    Geuna Kim , Sung-Gul Hwang | 2020, 73() | pp.499~508 | number of Cited : 1
    The emergence of Generation Z with diverse personalities is causing a sudden change in the market. Generation Z in Korea has 6.5 million people, or 12.5 percent of the total population. The newly emerging economic players have a unique culture and their respective lifestyles according to their individuality. At the same time, however, they were experiencing a high level of stress as members of society, an uncertain and competitive situation, which led to a growing attachment to personal space, not social space. Therefore, this study seeks to propose guidelines to help the development and planning of consumer electronics designs by discovering specific points through qualitative research on residential space life in which Generation Z spends time outside of work and making them an area of design opportunities. The research progress was conducted through the literature study on the Z-generation lifestyle and consumption characteristics, and the subject and scope of the study were specified by the Z-generation Homebody's living space needs study, and the in-depth interviews and field observation surveys were conducted for more in-depth data. Based on the qualitative survey, Generation Z found that social stress is relieved through indirect experience (one-person media), that the house reflects the value of the individual rather than just a residential space, and that movement and time are most consumed at the point where the bed is located. Accordingly, the Z Generation the Group of Lean back, who lives in a residential life centered on the bed, was selected as the target and the guide needed for the product development phase was proposed and specified for them. Therefore, this 'Design Development Guide for Generation Z Homebody Lynn' is a study that aims to be based on product development that improves the new needs and user experience of Generation Z. This study is meaningful in that the interest in the quality of life of a new generation, which will be the main body of our society in the future, and the analysis based on it is very practical, and that this direction is intended to provide a framework that can be applied to the development of specific products. It is expected that it will be a basic study of Generation Z's research and product development and marketing strategies that will be the main driver of future consumption.
  • 37.

    High Dynamic Range based on DIGITAL ZONE SYSTEM -A Focus on Adobe Photoshop-

    Yun Chan-hee | 2020, 73() | pp.511~524 | number of Cited : 0
    The ZONE SYSTEM was able to develop into a full range of photographic materials in the 1970s when the theory of characteristic curves and photometric measurements of Hurt Triffiedld was established, and was published and organized by Ansl Adams and Fred Archer in 1939. The zone system was a method for obtaining systematic and technical results by adjusting the concentration through increase and decrease in the filming and status process. Moving on to the digital age, the form of silver film is the CMOS( Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor), a digital image sensor. It was replaced by a and darkroom was transformed into a digital darkroom (such as Adobe Photoshop) The transformation of digital images has evolved in a variety of ways, especially HDR High Dynamic Range's technology has made many advances and has begun to be applied in general real life. (TV, cell phone HDR shooting, digital camera highlight tone-first HDR filming method) Thus, the research method of this paper is to digitally convert RAW (a file format that stores data without processing or compression from sensors in digital cameras) images into appropriate images (JPG) without adjusting exposure. The same RAW file is then converted once again to JPG with multiple exposure changes through a multiplication or decrease with proper exposure, and the files are generated as a single HDR JPG image through "HDR IMAGE MAAPPING SOFTWARE". A single JPG made without exposure adjustment and a JPG with HDR are represented on a digital zone scale converted to a "PHOTOSHOP" RGB value. At this time, digitize and compare the digital zone scale of JPG of the two files, and check if there is a change in zone of each file. JPG and HDR show that the zone of ZONE "0" is moved to ZONE "I," eliminating Shadow and increasing the ZONE scale to ZONE "VII." This means that when HDR is applied, exposure to the shadow increases and the highlights remain unchanged. However, in the case of the mid-area Jones Cale, it can be seen that it is more distributed in the shadow and highlight sections, creating a rich genealogy. This shows that HDR has a brighter shadow area than a single JPG, but the results show that the middle gene does not change drastically based on the shadow and highlights of a single JPG zone scale when simply exposed. We hope this study will serve as a reference for future HDR image variations.
  • 38.

    A Study on the Development of Evaluation Questions for Design Thinking Mindset

    Ryu, Sun Joo | 2020, 73() | pp.527~542 | number of Cited : 3
    Since a way of thinking has been emphasized in design thinking after the 2000s, Design Thinking has been interpreted as a business mindset. Nevertheless, research to evaluate Design Thinking's mindset have not been greatly activated. Therefore, this study focused on the development of questionnaires that allows subjects participating in design thinking to evaluate their own mindset acquisition level. First, 28 Design Thinking attributes and the definition of each attribute were summarized through synthesizing attributes described by 7 researchers and 2 organizations representing Design Thinking. Based on the 28 Design Thinking Attributes, an expert workshop was conducted to carry out attribute classification work. Among 28 Design Thinking Attributes, the eight attributes of ambiguity, experimentation, empathy, integrative thinking, collaboration, open mind, curiosity, and creative confidence were classified as Design Thinking mindsets. Focusing on the eight classified mindsets, 57 initial evaluation questions were derived by combining evaluation items corresponding to each mindset in psychology and Design Thinking. In order to extract right set of questions for each mindset, an expert interview was conducted. Among the 57 questions, experts were asked to select the questions related to the evaluation of each Design Thinking mindset. Composed of questions selected by experts in common, 33 questionnaires were finally selected to evaluate 8 mindsets. Through this study, I hope that various studies based on design thinking mindset measurement will be conducted in the future.
  • 39.

    A Case Study on the Information Visualization Method for Digital Signage - Focusing on the case of ‘Smart Guro Exhibition Center’

    Kim Kyung Won | 2020, 73() | pp.545~556 | number of Cited : 1
    This case study analyzes exhibition spaces and contents built within the ‘Smart Guro Exhibition Center’ of Sindorim Station in Seoul. To demonstrate the ‘information visualization method’ for digital signage, the general concept of information visualization has been re-recognized from a critical point of view. Also expanded the notion of ‘information’ to a comprehensive conceptual definition. In particular, the interface of digital signage attempted to approach the structure of delivery differently by type, because the complex contents projected on the screen can vary the factors of experience depending on the context of the user’s communication. As a result of this, in an environment where the media’s network of relationships works horizontally, information could be largely divided into conceptual information, ‘cognitive information’, and ‘content information’, which is countable and non-countable information. It also analyzed the information service strategy of the ‘Smart Guro Exhibition Center’ according to the direction of communication and the technical implementation method. Based on this, it is introduced that examples of the establishment of information visualization for the five content-oriented exhibition sections and evaluated the results. The communication types of digital signage through the appropriate technology selections could be divided into ‘type of presentation’, ‘type of communication’, and ‘type of use’. It was confirmed that the complex communication steps, which cannot be defined as a type, coexist in the case of information visualization of each implemented content. Digital Signage as a contextual experience media is expected at the center of the user. And that will be able to use information visualization more strategically through the approach reviewed in this case study.
  • 40.

    Effects of Augmented Reality (AR)-based Design of User Experience (UX) on Brand Premium Pricing Intent

    YOONHYEJEAN | 2020, 73() | pp.559~572 | number of Cited : 1
    In a rapidly changing marketplace, smart technology is leading to an active consumption culture that allows consumers to experience the information and services they want in a new way. In particular, augmented reality connects the real world and the virtual world to provide consumers with a more immersive experience and real-time interaction. Therefore, the number of marketing cases that combine augmented reality is increasing in the design field, and infinite possibilities and importance are being presented, but specific experience effects are not yet known. Therefore, in order to understand how user experience of a design that combines augmented reality affects brands, this study tries to verify its effectiveness with the most practical measurement of value: price payment intent. For this reason, we examined the characteristics of the design integrated with the concept of augmented reality and derived the user's experience type that can be experienced through augmented reality. As a result of setting the derived user experience as an independent variable and measuring the influence relation by using premium price payment intention as a dependent variable, an average value higher in educational experience, game experience, and deviation experience than aesthetic experience inducing indirect experience is found. This concludes that the user's direct action experience has a more positive effect on the brand's premium pricing intent than the visual experience. Therefore, design must be transformed into a dynamic and interactive medium beyond existing limits through the fusion of augmented reality, and it is meaningful for the conditions of brand success to see its core technology, augmented reality.
  • 41.

    A Study on Construction and Utilization of Landscape Design Using Local Landscape Resources - Focusing on urban landscape design in Hongcheongun -

    Park Hyeon Wook | 2020, 73() | pp.575~584 | number of Cited : 0
    As the demand for a pleasant nature and urban environment and awareness of the landscape are expanding, many studies are being conducted on urban landscape design to develop new values while protecting valuable transitional resources. This study is a study on the construction and utilization of landscape design using local resources that occupy a large proportion of the region, such as geography, location, and climate, as well as humanities elements such as city symbols, historical stories, and key figures Through this, we will study regional development that creates economic value. Research the basic research and analysis for the promotion of consistent landscape design policies in line with the future vision and development direction of Hongcheon-gun, and the characteristics of the local landscape structure (landscape area, landscape axis, landscape base, etc.) and the strategic direction of landscape management for each key development zone. It was presented and the identity was derived through a comprehensive analysis of landscape resources such as natural scenery, history and cultural heritage, urban areas and urban infrastructure. Correctly evaluating the image of the city and devising a planning means to respond to the establishment of landscape planning has great implications for systematically organizing our urban space. Therefore, this study aimed to create a sustainable urban space by analyzing landscape resources as a way to improve the landscape plan to enhance the city image and contributing to the formation of urban identity through urban landscape facility design. It is expected that the basic analysis of the landscape status and the study on the improvement plan of the landscape design will be able to provide practical help in establishing the landscape plan, and this study will be used as basic data for the continuous landscape plan establishment centering on the basic local government in the future.
  • 42.

    A Study on Costumes of Subcultural Communities expressed in American Police Procedurals

    Rhew, Soohyeon | 2020, 73() | pp.587~602 | number of Cited : 0
    Subculture communities that repeatedly appeared in 4 american police procedurals(CSI: NY, Bones, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Castle) that have been successful for more than five years since 2000 were selected. The formal characteristics and internal meanings of the costumes of the vampirism, preppie, hacker, and homeless people were analyzed. Vampirism usually wear makeup similar to vampires and wear black punk looks and goth look-like outfits. It was expressed in anti-social and sensual images through garments and accessories of resistant messages and costumes that reveal the human body sensually. Preppie was expressed in elite and status-symbolic images by wearing school uniforms or Ivy League-style costumes with prominent school emblems. Hacker showed practical and infantile images by continuing to wear clothes that he usually wore in infancy or mainly wearing clothes of practical casual style because he lacked social skills and had a lot of time to work alone in front of a computer. The homeless showed mismatch and poor images, expressed as a combination of unsanitary and incomplete costumes by recycling discarded clothes caused by difficulties in normal economic life due to exclusion from society. The results of this study provide an opportunity to understand the various subculture groups in recent years, and the analysis results of their costumes can provide drama costume designers with basic data on the costume design of similar characters.
  • 43.

    A study on the subject and experience method of the gaze shown in virtual reality

    Park, Youngsun , jong-hyeck ahn | 2020, 73() | pp.605~616 | number of Cited : 0
    With the development of digital technology today, the new media environment affects all human lives and presents various connections, including society, culture and art. At this point in time when communication with the media is becoming common, visual media, which goes beyond pictures, photographs, and images, to graphic technology, is gradually spreading its scope. Past screen interfaces are reproduced on a two-dimensional plane based on the relationship between the subject and the object. The audience accepts visual media within a 180° viewing angle with the body fixed. However, the interface of virtual reality implementation can be reproduced as the screen disappears. As everything that touches the viewer's eyes is imaged, you can choose temporary or accidental effects. The implemented virtual space implies that humans are fascinated by technology information by experiencing the utopian world in their imagination as well as where it exists. Smooth interaction of viewers-viewers, viewers-Virtual objects increases immersion and allows you to experience remote reality. Expanding from a single perspective to a variety of senses can be seen as a characteristic of VR, which is differentiated from other media, and is meaningful in measuring the development of new media through interpretation and research from various perspectives.
  • 44.

    A Study on the Strategies for Revitalizing the Local Makgeolli Brand

    Kim, Dong-hyek | 2020, 73() | pp.619~628 | number of Cited : 0
    The shipment and total sales of makgeolli, Korean traditional liquor, was explosive in 2008 due to the makgeolli craze between soju and beer, which are bifurcated in the domestic liquor market, but has been on the rise again since 2018 after a continued decline until 2017. Beer and soju, the representative products of the domestic liquor industry, account for 45 percent and 42 percent of the total liquor production, respectively, while makgeolli accounts for only 6 percent. The purpose of this study is to enhance the market competitiveness in preparation for the liquor industry market environment in which makgeolli brands are revived and diversified as Korea's representative traditional liquor, and to propose differentiated strategies for regional representative makgeolli brands for continuous growth and revitalization. Research shows that various branding strategies should be established to revitalize local makgeolli brands. In order to maximize corporate profits and strengthen the brand image of products, it is important to establish a clear brand strategy for products. The strategic direction for reactivation of makgeolli brands by region was suggested and inferred as the cultural sensibility convergence brand strategy based on the regional convergence brand strategy, traditional culture brand strategy, intelligent multi-change brand strategy, and cultural sensibility brand strategy.
  • 45.

    A Convergence Study on Initial User Experience of Mobile Banking Service

    Hong, Sohyun , Pan Younghwan | 2020, 73() | pp.631~646 | number of Cited : 0
    As the finance industry's massive digital transformation accelerated, the center of gravity of the channel shifted from offline channels to mobile, resulting in a sharp increase in non-face-to-face transactions. However, due to the nature of financial apps, security, and privacy issue the preparation procedure remains complicated and tiresome until the first use of the service, leaving users baffled with difficulties. Therefore, this study sought to develop guidelines to help lower the initial entry barriers into the financial services and create a successful initial user experience by analyzing factors that significantly affect the user experience at the initial stage of the mobile banking service. As the first experiment for this, UX evaluation for the initial process of mobile banking service was conducted with ten users in their 20s and 50s through the UX curve and usability factor evaluation rating. By analyzing the factors affecting user experience, UI requirements to be considered at the initial stage were derived. After that, an improved prototype that reflects the derived UI requirements was produced, and the UX evaluation was conducted through the usability factor evaluation rating and in-depth interview as a second experiment to determine the effectiveness of the improved prototype. In this study, to reduce unnecessary processes in the initial stage of mobile banking service and improve accessibility, the initial user experience stage of the mobile banking service was defined by combining the membership registration and non-face-to-face account opening process and performing tasks in the same context. The initial user experience stage of mobile banking service is the first face-to-face service stage of Phase 1, user status identification stage of Phase 2, and lastly, the authentication and registration stage, consent writing stage, information input stage, card issue stage, and the first use stage of Phase 3. Also, the guidelines for each step were developed to provide a more efficient initial experience design for mobile banking services.
  • 46.

    Analysis and Study of SNS Activities Affecting Brand Loyalty : Focusing on Instagram and Millennial Generation

    Seo Unha , Sung-Gul Hwang | 2020, 73() | pp.649~660 | number of Cited : 1
    The universalization of smartphones and rapid propagation of social networking services (SNS) have transformed the mode of interaction between consumers and businesses/brands. Among such services, Instagram exhibits the highest rate of usage, and thus it is important to understand the mode and contents of interaction between brands and the young generation, the main users of Instagram. This study focuses on the interaction between consumers and brands on Instagram, examining the status of interactive activities between brands and Millenial consumers, and investigating the influence of such interactive activities on brand loyalty. The method of this study is in two parts; first, the contents of the interactions were analyzed for the Instagram accounts of 107 brands, and based on this analysis, a survey was conducted on the interactive participation against 200 subjects in their 20s and 30s. The analysis on Instagram activities showed that the activities were comprised of consumers experiencing the brand/product in advance, consumers getting involved with the brand, consumers advertising the brand, and consumers and brands communicating with each other. The result of the survey showed that the interactive activities were in the order of brand-side communication, voluntary advertisement, consumer-side communication, experience in advance, and invovleement, and only brand-side communication showed a significant influence on brand loyalty.
  • 47.

    The diachronic study of the expansion of artistic elements by science and technology.

    Wang, Guo-yu , Pan Younghwan | 2020, 73() | pp.663~680 | number of Cited : 0
    Art has always been in the process of dynamic evolution. There is no recognized definition, classification, or even basic elements of art. Today, when all fields are combined with big data and artificial intelligence, the establishment of the underlying basic concepts that constitute art appears to the future development of art seems especially important. In today's solid and rapid development of science and technology, borrowing the relatively objective and rational perspective of science and technology, by using literature research, combing, and reasoning methods to interpret the basic concepts of art, so that perceptual art research can get the same knowledge in the industry. Throughout the history of art development, we can see that technology will participate in developing and transforming art as it grows along with its logic. Specifically, the development of science and technology has strongly confirmed the emergence of new art elements (this is not to say that technology has produced new art elements). The addition of this newly established art element will promote the development of modern art forms deliver. This paper takes time as the mainline, combs and analyzes the historical evolution of eight art categories, and establishes architecture, music, painting, sculpture, poetry, dance, drama, and film as art types. The integration and analysis of related theoretical articles on art elements proposed internationally offered to add "Dot" and "Montage" as two new elements, establishing a total of twelve art elements. By explaining the expansion of art elements by technology, it promotes the transformation and development of art.