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AIMS AND SCOPE   Cellmed Orthocellular Medicine Pharmaceutical Association (COMPA) aims for the development of medicine combined with Humanities through human agony, rich experience and wisdom about medicine based on spirit of humanity. COMPA plays an active role in promoting the exchange of academic achievements of worldwide scholars who are interested in this field for the purpose of developing humanitas medicine by submitting their achievements through our international journal, a CELLMED. The CELLMED journal publishes findings of significance in all areas of medicine including medical classics, medical history, clinical medicine, herbology, prescriptionology, pharmacology, physiology, pathology, preventive medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, moxibustion, and interdisciplinary areas. The journal also welcomes studies that involve models relevant to medical theory and describing molecular mechanisms. Manuscripts from any other related fields of studies that can significantly contribute to the development of humanitas medicine are welcomed as review articles.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notice Original article should include the findings of significance in all areas of medicine ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CELLMED journal is published quarterly on the last days of February, May, August, and November by Cellmed Orthocellular Medicine and Pharmaceutical Association (COMPA). CELLMED journal is an online-only, peer-reviewed, open access journal.     compa-editorialteam@compa.co.kr  
Hyung-Min Kim

(Kyung Hee University)

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Current Issue : 2020, Vol.10, No.4

  • Ethno-pharmacology of Sahdevi (Vernonia cinerea Less.) - An important but lesser known drug of Unani System of Medicine

    Mohammad Zakir | Safiya Khanam | Munawwar Husain Kazmi | 2020, 10(4) | pp.26~26 | number of Cited : 0
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    Sahdevi is an Indian herb commonly found in all part of the country in rainy season. It is adopted by Arabs due to its easy availability and various important pharmacological actions and uses. It is known by different vernaculars in different parts of the country such as Mahabala in Marathi, Sadodi in Gujrati, Kukseem in Bengali and in English it is called ash-colour fleabane or purple fleabane. The herb contains β-amyrin, lupeol, β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, α-spinasterol, phenolic resin and potassium chloride etc. It contains Dafi‘-i Hummiyat (antipyretic) Muqawwi-i Badan (general tonic) and Musaffī-i-Dam (blood purifier) actions and used for management of many disease conditions. It has been used for the management of chronic fevers like fever associated with tuberculosis. It is a priceless herb with important pharmacological action and can be used effectively in place of costly drugs.
  • In-Vitro Anticancer and Free Radical Scavenging Potential of Compound Formulation Used in Unani System of Medicine

    Mohd Nazir Mannan | Munawwar Husain Kazmi | Alokananda Chakraborty and 3other persons | 2020, 10(4) | pp.27~27 | number of Cited : 0
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    Cancer is one of the leading cause of mortality in India as well as worldwide. The management of cancer by conventional therapy has shown life threatening adverse effects. The researchers are now exploring the natural way of treatment. Unani system of medicine have rich literature for cancer and many compound formulations have been described in this system. Unani system of medicine is based on holistic approach and treat human being as a unit with natural herbs, mineral and animal origin drugs. An important compound Unani formulation (CUF) from the literature has been chosen to explore the Unani claim of its anticancer activity. The phytochemical constituents were assessed using standard phytochemical screening method. Antioxidant property of this formulation was assessed by DPPH assay. The DPPH free radical scavenging assay was carried out by colorimetric method and ascorbic acid was taken as a positive control. Three different extracts of CUF on different concentrations were used to screening on human breast cancer (BCC) MCF-7 cell line. For the estimation of in-vitro cytotoxic potency of the investigated extracts was assessed on MTT assay by using trypan blue method and paclitaxel was used as the standard. Hydro-ethanolic (HE) extract showed highest free radical scavenging activity among all extracts. DPPH Assay showed substantial antioxidant activity of these extracts in hydro-ethanol extract at 1µg concentration of CUF. The CUF showed antioxidant and anticancer activity. The claim made by Unani physician has been proved.
  • A Study on the analysis of Whitney Houston, the healer of the world-based on Shin Jae-hyo's gwangdaeron (clown theory)

    Kyung Ja Ko | Cho Hyunyong | 2020, 10(4) | pp.28~28 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to find out why Whitney Houston gave healing to people around the world based on Shin Jae-hyo's gwangdaeron (clown theory). In Korean music, gwangdae (廣大, the title of clown) is a nickname dedicated to outstanding artists. Not only is it a clown that cannot be a person, but it does not give a clown a nickname for doing art activities. This is why Shin Jae-hyo, a pansori (Pansori epic chant) theorist and critic in the late 19th century of the Joseon Dynasty, presented the virtues of outstanding artists. There are four outstanding clown conditions claimed by Shin Jae-hyo: appearance (人物), words (辭說), perfect vocal music (得音) and wonderful movements (neoreumsae). These conditions show how difficult it is to be a gwangdae (a prominent artist), or an accomplished artist. We think Whitney Houston is a famous singer who fits these conditions. In her heyday, she was optimized for Shin Jae-hyo's clown theory, while her post-2007 moves are regrettable. However, it is clear that he is a singer who fits well with the title of America's greatest clown. In conclusion, I felt that the best emotion through music was the best healing, and that the best singer was becoming the best healer.