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Editorial Policy

Advertising Policy

All individuals and organization who are interested in advertising their products or services on its website are encouraged to contact the editorial office. The plan incl. what form of advertisement, the degree of exposure, etc first shall be submitted to the office. The committee will decide whether to accept the advertisement after discussion. Only advertisements suitable for the purpose of the journal must be published, and advertisements in any way be independent of the contents of the publication. Advertising should not affect the reader's reading and understanding of the paper. Thus, advertising is placed on the appropriate position, either front or back of the journal and cannot be inserted in the middle of the paper. It does not allow any link between the content of the paper and advertisements. Every advertisement should clearly state the word "Advertisement" so that it can be recognized by the reader as advertising. The link of advertisement could be accessed only if the reader chooses the ad by clicking. The committee must accept advertisements independent of those published in the journal.