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2011, Vol.7, No.1

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    A Research on Building Protecting System for the Socially Vulnerable in Large Scale Disaster Area

    Kiwhan Sung | Il-Moon Choi | 2011, 7(1) | pp.1~22 | number of Cited : 30
    We reviewed preceding researches to build the protecting system for the socially vulnerable in large scale disaster area. Viewed based upon organizational structure, management process, individuals ․ roles, We elicited implications through case studies of the United States and Japan. Then, policy suggestions are drawn for building protecting system. In terms of organizational structure, We proposed the development of Standardized Emergency Management System for the socially vulnerable and the plan of enhancing protection of the socially vulnerable through fostering disaster safety network organization. In terms of management process, this paper discussed the establishment of protective activities of the socially vulnerable according to the stage of disaster management and strengthening the process of site management for them. In terms of individuals ․ roles, this paper described strengthening transfer and sharing system of disaster information, development and dissemination of protection manual, development and dissemination of education and training program. Significance of the study is that through case studies of advanced countries, this paper designed the first system for the korean situation. We expect to contribute to the establishment of safety welfare service delivery system, if our suggestions are implemented.
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    A Study for the Standardization and Performance Management System of the Life Safety

    Lee Chang-Kil | 2011, 7(1) | pp.23~42 | number of Cited : 24
    The purpose of this study is to cleary suggest the standardization and performance management system of the Life Safety(Sexual Crimes, Traffic Safety, School Violence, Food Safety, Workplace Safety, Juvenile Delinquency and Safety, Banking crimes, Fire and so on) directly affecting our life. Up to now, there have been only a little confirmatory researches that analyzed the Life Safety Standardization. This study presents the necessity aspect of administration and economics, standardization steps of the Life Safety. For the making types, it introduces the concept of Matrix Organization. Also, the performance management system should be characterized including the consumer-based performance evaluation, strategic planning structure, big city and local government centered change, opening the evaluation result, performance culture and leadership.
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    A Study on the Improvement of National Emergency Management Agency's Self-assessment System - Focused on the Adoption of Malcolm Baldrige Model -

    Rheem Sangkyu | 2011, 7(1) | pp.43~60 | number of Cited : 3
    This study aims at analyzing the National Emergency Management Agency's self-assessment system and applying the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Management's Criteria. The criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige model consists of 7 principles. The criteria for performance excellence are embodied in seven categories, as follows: 1. Leadership, 2. Strategic Planning, 3. Customer Focus, 4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management, 5. Workforce Focus, 6. Operations Focus, 7. Results. These seven kinds of criteria are focusing on the long-term organizational performance rather than fragmented and short-term organizational performance. By means of accordance with NEMA's BSC perspectives, minimizing the burden of performance management is expected to the model. Initially, the opposition members of the Malcolm Baldrige model can be occur, but through continuous improvement, quality management techniques for service improvement should be able to take root. And the critical success point is to find ways to operate Malcolm Baldrige model within the BSC system.
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    A Study on the Suicide among Police Officers

    Sin, Sung-Won | 2011, 7(1) | pp.61~82 | number of Cited : 20
    In this study, I examined the actual conditions and severity of the suicide of police officers. In addition, I investigated the police officer's suicide trends, demographic characteristics, causes and motives, the means and so on. And I discussed prevention measures of the suicide of police officers. I analyzed the media articles about the suicide of police officers during last 10 years(2001-2010. August) to discover the actual state of the police officer's suicide. Because there are no formal statistical data. Finally, I suggested some ideas to prevent the suicide of police officers. Those were the detection and tracking of high risky police officers, limiting access to firearms, the dissemination of Critical Incident Stress Debriefing(CISD) and Employee Assistance Programs(EAP), the introduction of psychological autopsy, peer and family interventions. In the future, there must be the formal statistical data of the police officer's suicide.
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    Long-term Foresight Study of North Korea System Collapse from System Collapse Viewpoint - Take Advantage of Dynamic Modelling Analysis Technique -

    이동규 | Seo, Inseok | Yang Gi Geun | 2011, 7(1) | pp.83~106 | number of Cited : 2
    This paper is study of North Korea's System Collapse visual point that discussion has not existed. These discussion is very important when consider East Asian international situation and Korea's future circumstance. Study about North Korea system change has parted by Stability of System situation and System Collapse situation. So, In this study, it is a thing whether collapse of system occurs when, is some measure in System Collapse situation. when consider North Korea's economic difficulty and international issues, because more weight loads to System Collapse present. Simulation analysis that utilize System Dynamics in these veins counts as a thing which is suitable by method of study for North Korea Regime's System Collapse visual point. In this paper, have investigated about effect of System strengthening for North Korea Collapse system through System Dynamic analytical method.
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    Analyzing the Order of Priority on the Cooperative Factors of Agencies in Disaster Management: by Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP)

    조종묵 | Ryu Sang Il | Lee, Jae Eun | 2011, 7(1) | pp.107~124 | number of Cited : 12
    This study examines the relative importance and priority of the policy area and policy variables in the field of the Cooperative factors of Agencies in Disaster Management by using analytic hierarchy process(AHP). According to the results of surveying disaster management specialists (central‐local governments, universities/research institutes, army, police, fire service) on the relative importance and priority of factors related to cooperation among participating institutions, importance was high in order of organization → communication and decision making→ coordination mechanism → planning → cooperative organizational culture. In addition, the combined weight of the importance and priority of factors for building a cooperation system among institutions participating in disaster management was high in order of knowledge and information sharing→ establishment of a cooperation organization → establishment of an integrated command system → regular meetings and decision making → establishment of cooperative operation procedures. That is, in order to build a cooperation system among institutions participating in disaster management, it is important to improve relevant laws and systems including the cooperation organization and operation procedures and to share information on disasters among the participating institutions. Furthermore, it is required to execute well‐organized disaster management activities by establishing an integrated command system for early and effective coping with disasters.
  • 7.

    The Deduction of Urban Flood Risk Factor Considering Climate Change

    김보경 | JANG DAE WON | 장남 and 1other persons | 2011, 7(1) | pp.125~142 | number of Cited : 22
    In 2001, one large-scale concentrated rainfall happened in Seoul. The area was hit with sudden and unexpected downpours, and since then the Extreme Flood appeared. After that, the occurrence frequency of rainfall with local, short-term and flash characteristics is increasing rapidly. Usually, the damage study on urban flood is investigated from the change of runoff rate as a result of rainfall increase and urbanization. However, the induction factor due to such damage has nothing to do with the real amount of the damage. It means when it is rainfall, flood will discharge, so it is possible to make flood damage. When we judge the damage scale, the amount of the damage always was considered. So we should select weight factors that can reduce damage. On the premise of it, items having connection with the urban flood damage were considered in this study such as society, economic, cultural, facilities and meterological fields. There are 24 selected factors in this study. Urban flood risk was investigated generally according to the climate change, related analysis to the amount of the flood damage was fulfilled, at last 10 items were selected and their factorial analysis were made. Four factors have been extracted and the Explanation Power was 67.79%. It was classified into four parts. The first factor was rainfall, the second one was Cultural-Social field, the third one was economy and the last one was flood damage. Through this study, obtained results are the inducing factor of urban flood damage is Rainfall, the weight factors are Cultural-Social and economic aspects, and the inundated area under this damage is also should be paid attention and checked when Urban flood happen. This is the framework of the deduction of Urban Flood Risk Factor.
  • 8.

    Methods to Improve the Fire Service Power Efficiently By Means of Local Administrative System Reorganization: Centering on the Example of Integrated Changwon-City

    Ryu Sang Il | 최호택 | Lee, Min-kyu | 2011, 7(1) | pp.143~158 | number of Cited : 6
    This study is a research of current views of the desirable roles of the fire service that are to prevent from and suppress the fire for people's safety and to do rescue and relief activities according to local administrative system reorganization under the situation where arguments of the reorganization are in active progress. In other words, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security is progressing integration of cities, counties and wards to strengthen the autonomy of local government and improve local economy and as the result, Masan-city, Changwon-city and Jinhae-city are changed to Integrated Changwon-city. In addition, by means of the enactment of the special law of local administrative system reorganization, as a special case work of a big city with more than 1 million population, the integrated Changwon-city became to take the responsibility for overall matters of the fire service such as prevention from, suppression of and investigation into the fire, and rescue and relief work under emergency situations such as the fire and disaster, etc. As the result, now is the transition period for changing the wide-area fire administration system that has continued from 1992. As such, in this study, the researcher intends to discuss the desirable directions of the administrative system in order to improve the fire service power efficiently according to the local administrative system reorganization on the basis of current views.
  • 9.

    Flood Analysis of Downstream Area from Dam Using DAMBRK Model

    최헌수 | 맹승진 | Byeong-Jun Kim | 2011, 7(1) | pp.159~174 | number of Cited : 6
    In this study, the inundation in the downstream area of the reservoir based on the assumption of the destruction of a reservoir as a representative hydraulic structure was analyzed using the DAMBRK model. With the assumption that PMF and the flood discharge resulting from a dam breach flow in from the reservoir upstream, the flood discharge flowing in from upstream was estimated to reach 1,281㎥/s for the 6 hours duration of rainfall and the maximum flood discharge resulting from the dam breach was 2,846㎥/s under breach conditions, which was 2Hd-0.4 hr. Based on these conditions, a simulation of reservoir failure was conducted in this study. In the analysis of the degree of influence of the flood on the downstream area, the time that took the first flood to reach the downstream area located 3.2 km from the reservoir was 24 min, and approximately 1 hour for that located 6.0 km from the reservoir. For the estimation of the reservoir failure outflow hydrograph, the breach flood discharge was estimated under 15 conditions, with 0.1-0.5 hr breach duration variation and within dam height scope of 1∼3Hd. As a result of this estimation, the maximum flood discharge was within the 3Hd-0.1 hr range and the minimum was within the 1Hd-0.5 hr range. The analysis of the flood in the downstream area of a reservoir revealed that from the reservoir to the downstream area, the increase in the flood discharge and level was reduced. It can thus be concluded that this result is due to the ease of geographic gratitude, the water-containing section expansion in accordance with the development of the plain and the pooling effect in midstream regions. In this research, the height of the dam, ranging from maximum to minimum, was applied. The height of the dam, however, differs at various points, and where a breach will occur in the whole dam cannot be precisely determined. Therefore, from the viewpoint of the mean height of a dam, under the aforementioned 15 conditions, it is reasonable to exclude the conditions of the mean width of the breach (Bm)-1Hd which the height of the dam breach section appears to be below one-third, and to apply the conditions of mean width of the breach (Bm)-2Hd, 3Hd which the height of the dam breach section appears to be above two-thirds.
  • 10.

    A Study on Wave Simulation Using Wind Data - Ungaged Bay -

    이호진 | Jun Kye Won | 오현식 | 2011, 7(1) | pp.175~186 | number of Cited : 0
    Wave calculation is very an important thing to select operable wave condition for use in coastal and ocean desing or in marine operation planning. Wave measurement data which is measured over 10 years is needed to calculate wave correctly, but, there is few long-term wave measurement data in Korea. As long-term wind data is much more than wave data, in this study, wind data was used to simulate wave by numerical wave model. As a result, when the geographical direction of study area is similar to the direction of wind, the simulated wave coincide with the measured wave.
  • 11.

    The Survey on College Students' Security Consciousness and the Methods for the Establishment of National Identity

    김용현 | Park Young Ju | 2011, 7(1) | pp.187~213 | number of Cited : 10
    These days, when the tension between North Korea and our country is increasing, I came to know some factors influencing college students' security consciousness through this survey aimed at the college students. This survey's aim is to review the national identity and to inspire the nation's security consciousness. Through this survey, I came to know that college students recognize our country's security is unstable and that their security consciousness is more than normal. They also recognize that security education is necessary. On the other hand, they don't put their confidence in our government and its military and they think that our government's defence policies don't work well. However, they are interested in security reports and they think that national identity referred to Democracy must be protected. Also, they have recognized the international cooperation in peace between South and North, and United States plays a important role in it. With respect to the factors influencing national security consciousness, the factors on overall security circumstance are necessity of security education, the confidence of our government and its military, positive attitude toward North Korea. Accordingly, in this survey I suggest that the security education should be enhanced, the confidence of our government and its military be improved and they be made to take an interest in security.
  • 12.

    A Study on the Safety Facilities of Senior Citizen Centers (Kyongrodang) in Busan

    Bae Jeong Yee | 정상태 | Maengseok Noh and 6other persons | 2011, 7(1) | pp.213~226 | number of Cited : 2
    Accidents involving elderly are an important cause of death and disability. They also have enormous financial implications The objective of this study was to investigate the safety facilities of senior citizen centers (Kyongrodang) in Busan. Methods: This descriptive study conducted visit-surveys with organized questionnaires and sampled 389 Kyongrodang in Busan. Data collected was analyzed descriptive statistics SPSS/WIN 17.0. Results: Findings revealed that gas leak sensor, fire alarm, smoke detector, sprinkler were not properly installed in almost senior citizen centers. The installations of first-aid kit and fire extinguisher are needed for elderly safety promotion, Conclusion: In senior citizens' centers, fall prevention safety education should be activated as a injury prevention program. This study gave a very useful and important data to prepare accident prevention program and to prepare accident prevention strategies.
  • 13.

    Analysis Method for the Damaged Field - by Debris Flow Disaster -

    Jun Byong Hee | Chang Deok Jang | Jun Kye Won | 2011, 7(1) | pp.227~238 | number of Cited : 1
    In this study, we analyze the debris flow damaged area of Jecheon, Chungbuk. And we estimate behavior of debris flow by the debris flow occurred using the Kanako 2D debris flow numerical model. The intensive rainfall over 455mm occurred between on 9 to 14 July 2009. It was triggered debris flows around the mountain area in Jecheon. For the natural slopes of Korea, the extent of outcrop development is one of the critical factors to control the debris flow. In well-developed outcrop region, landslide is hard to occur. However, in the area where bedrocks are exposed, there are the cases that the debris flows down along the valley when heavy rainfall occurs. In this study case, debris flow was occurred by the deposits accumulated are eroded due to the fast flows in the bed of the mountain valley. For the LiDAR(Light Detection And Ranging) measurement, the terrestrial laser scanning system RIEGL LMS-Z390i consists of a highly accurate and fast 3D scanner associated GPS system and high-resolution digital camera were used.