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2011, Vol.7, No.4

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    A Study on the Priority of Disaster Management System - With Emphasis on Jeju Special Self-governing Province

    In Jong Ko | 고태호 | Younghoon Kang | 2011, 7(4) | pp.1~22 | number of Cited : 3
    The frequency and scale of disasters is increasing due to increasing uncertainties and complexities of disasters. Many discussions are carried out to reorganize the disaster management system for efficient response to the changes in disaster environment, but it is necessary to discuss the most important steps of disaster management and the most important activities of disaster management before reorganizing the system. This study analyzed the priorities of each step of disaster management and the activities in each step. The AHP technique was used to analyze the priority and Jeju Special Self-governing Province was selected for the case study. The four steps of disaster management evaluated were prevention/mitigation, preparation, response, and repair and 16 evaluation factors were established for the activities in each step of disaster management. When Priority of disaster management was analyzed, the order was prevention/mitigation (.314) →preparation (.296) →response (.238) →repair (.152) and combined weight and priority of all activities in disaster management were search of preventive policies, such as regulations or laws (.136) → rescue or aid activities (.111) → preventive and safety training (.106) → disaster risk analysis (.087). For efficient response to the changes in disaster environment, it was found that disaster management system should be focused on preliminary prevention rather than post-repair.
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    A Study on the Introduction of Crime Prevention and Support Programs for Elderly People

    Park ki beom | 2011, 7(4) | pp.23~36 | number of Cited : 5
    Due to prolonged life expectancy driven by developing science and technology, the number of elderly people is growing sharply these days. As a result, welfare of elderly people has emerged as an important social issue offering us a crucial task to protect senior citizens against crime in particular. This study suggests introduction of crime prevention and support programs for elderly people which have been proven to have considerable effects in developed countries, and implementation of such programs reconstructed according to the characteristics of our society. Major elements of the programs include special care for senior citizens who live alone, setting up hotline system, health promotion and providing recreational programs. This study is a multidisciplinary research that proposes implementation of exercise prescription as well as criminal policy in order to promote participation in crime prevention programs and estimation of their effects.
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    The Current Status and Responses to Fiscal Crisis of Local Governments

    이승철 | 2011, 7(4) | pp.37~56 | number of Cited : 13
    No local government ever experienced fiscal crisis so many times, for the they could procure insufficient sources through the central government. But, local tax revenue, local bonds, expenditure in social welfare expense, and local debts considered on, it is possible for some local governments to go through a fiscal crisis due to worse finance, if economy gets worse. So, it is necessary to construct a response strategy to local fiscal crisis in order to prevent from the local governments' fiscal crisis. First, it is necessary to improve the structure of local tax revenues. The organization concerned has to modify the current local revenue structure, laying an emphasis on revenue items, to increase local tax incomes and secure extra-tax earnings as well as to modify into the structure enhancing self-financial resources. Second, it is necessary to give body to financial burden between the local government and the central government. The organization concerned has to arbitrate expenditure affairs to concrete financial loads between regions and central governments. The organizations concerned has to get inhabitants' approval through a referendum when they issue municipal bonds to secure liability and enhance.Third, the local government has to issue local bonds through civil votes. Fourth, Korea has to introduce the institution of fiscal crisis management. The institutions of managing financial crises are constructing financial crisis management system and introducing financial bankruptcy.
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    A Study on the Improvements of Crisis Management Act in Korea - The Case of Japan and the Insights -

    이호동 | 2011, 7(4) | pp.57~76 | number of Cited : 9
    In recent years, we have witnessed a series of spectacular crises and disasters. The world of crises and disasters seems to be changing. Unfortunately, contemporary societies are becoming more vulnerable to relatively small disturbances. In the international community, there is growing recognition that the focus of crisis management must shift from response- oriented and recovery toward mitigation. In 2004, the Council of Korea Government has enacted the Disaster and Safety Management Act, which incorporates a broader focus based on principles of disaster management process. But, the government requires promote a national strategy that emphasizes intergovernmental cooperation and coordination for crisis management process and hazard risk reduction. Furthermore, the law needed to improve with revisions that the purpose of identifying, assessing, and its to built in crisis management context. It requires that the government make to a law on comprehensive crisis and emergency management, temporarily called the National Crisis Management Act.
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    Spontaneous Circulation and Discharged Alive after Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

    이선녀 | Bae Jeong Yee | 2011, 7(4) | pp.77~92 | number of Cited : 5
    This study performed to determine factors influencing on return of spontaneous circulation and discharged alive after cardiac arrest. Authors surveyed characteristics of participants to identify the resuscitation factors to be used to increase the survival rate of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in emergency room. Authors studied prospectively 331 consecutive patients with emergency room and out-of hospital cardiac arrest who visited Emergency department of Busan Paik Hospital from April 2007 to November 2009. The results of factors influencing return of spontaneous circulation and discharged alive were that the return of spontaneous circulation of females were lower than those of males by 0.82 times, a large of age higher. The non-cardiac was higher than cardiac by 3.53 times for the return of spontaneous circulation. Traumatic heart arrest was lower than cardiac heart arrest by 0.31 times and witness by Cardiopulmonary was resuscitation lower than not Cardiopulmonary resuscitation by 0.67 times. Early CPR by witness and early defibrillation were essential to improve the rate of return of spontaneous circulation in a cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Public education and public relations of CPR are needed for Korean people to improve the rate of return of spontaneous circulation in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
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    I-Ching Approach to Crisis and Emergency Management

    권일찬 | 2011, 7(4) | pp.93~108 | number of Cited : 1
    Basic cause of modern society crisis is scientific view of Newton-Descart mechanic reductionism and avarice of capitalism. Therfore, to overcome the crisis of modern society we develope an organic, ecological and holistic scientific view and self moderation. But modern crisis and emergency management is superficial and post hoc. Eastern discipline, espesially I Ching is monism of mind and matter, ecological, hoistic, and spiritual science. And I Ching help to forecast disaster.
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    Effect of Patrol Duty Time Difference on the Ability to Cope with Crisis

    Taemin Kim | 한승훈 | CHOI DONG-JAE and 1other persons | 2011, 7(4) | pp.109~122 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is to define the effect of guard's patrol duty time difference on the ability to cope with crisis rapidly. For the study purpose, the study performed wingate test to measure anaerobic physical ability. The results are as follows. First, although average power decreased over patrol duty time, it did not show significant difference. Second, maximum power decreased gradually over patrol duty time. Third, although the time to reach maximum power was delayed gradually over patrol duty time, it did not show significant difference. Fourth, fatigue index increased over patrol duty time. There was a statically significant difference between the time before patrol duty and 1~3 hours after patrol duty. Fifth, maximum power per weight decreased over patrol duty time. It was found that the patrol duty for a long time reduced maximum power per weight. Sixth, average power per weight was highest 1 hour after patrol duty with the time before patrol duty and 3 hours after guard duty in order. Because there was no statistically significant difference, it was found that it did not give a significant effect to average power per weight depending on patrol duty.
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    Improvement and Problem for a Fire Statistics in University Labs

    Jong-Ho Lee | 2011, 7(4) | pp.123~134 | number of Cited : 2
    This paper is on the safety in research labs and study conducted on statistics on a fire frequently occurring in university laboratories. Currently, university labs are using diverse range from experimental devices to electrical heaters under poor environment. However, the realities of a fire occurring in laboratories are known only through the overall occurrences of fire and there are insignificant systematic and effective statistics on fire related to the safety in the laboratory. In order to present means of prevention to effectively manage disasters arising from or safety against electrical fire in university laboratories that are vulnerable to accidents, the following must precede. Means of efficient safety management within laboratory must be presented and establish appropriate means of prevention accordingly by analyzing the problems in laboratory fires through examination of statistics on fire occurring in laboratory on the basis of the statistical data provided by the National Emergency Management Agency. Therefore, this study presents the importance of efficient analysis of diverse range of statistical data on fire occurring in university laboratories by presenting the problems in and measures to be taken for such problems in statistical data that are used in making policies and decision.
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    The Information Security Risks of Smart Age and EU5’s Responses

    Rheem Sangkyu | Lee Chang-Kil | Kim, Jong-Eop | 2011, 7(4) | pp.135~150 | number of Cited : 6
    Smartphones are now an essential tool in all sections of European society, from top government officials to businesses and consumers. In EU5 countries (the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy) alone, the number of smartphone users has increased to 61 million. Smartphone have a rich cocktail of feature: an array of sensors, multiple radio and network interface, as well as gigabytes of storage and powerful processors. They are often within a meter of their owner 24 hours a day. In fact, smartphones have already realized many aspects of the vision of ambient intelligence which includes, for example, providing augmented reality applications, applications that adapt to and anticipate the user’s physical environment using smart sensors- even providing smart health applications using biometric monitoring. Overall, smartphone has led to ‘Smart age’ with other digital devices. However, many of the security and privacy issues raised in the context of ambient intelligence apply to smartphones as well. The objective of this study is to allow an informed assessment of the information security and privacy risks of using digital devices in smart age. Most importantly, we make practical recommendation on how to address these risks. In this study we give an overview of the key information security risks and smart age in chapter two. We also categorize the information security risk and provide practical advice to address the risk in chapter three and four. Finally, we conclude with some recommendations for the solution of information security risks in South Korea.
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    A Study on the Subcontracting Structure and Performance Gap -Focusing on the Electronics Industry-

    위평량 | 2011, 7(4) | pp.151~166 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of this study is to find out the performance gap between large company and SMEs in subcontracting transaction structure which is to be known dual-subcontracting system. We understanding unfair transaction behavior of large corporate, and the difference of negotiation power in Korean subcontracting structure, and these are known as influencing of SME's performance. It analyze 1,246 belong to the subcontracting companies of Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, and the sample period is 19(1990-2008)years. Through this research, we present the following results. First, the corporate's financial data was shown conformable result with established hypothesis. Therefore, sequence of above can be show the fundamental which is approach on theoretical study. Second, we confirm the probability of performance gap not only economic causes but also non-economic causes such as unfair trading and unfair business relations in subcontracting transaction.
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    Verifying of Soil Water Index for Sediment Disaster Triggering in Mountainous Area

    Oh ChaeYeon | Jun Kye Won | Chang Deok Jang and 1other persons | 2011, 7(4) | pp.167~176 | number of Cited : 3
    The rainfall factor is an important subject for a better understanding of landslide activity and is essential for developing warning system. The soil water index has been identified as one of the essential variable in sediment disaster such landslide and debis flow warning system. In this paper, we conducted the verifying of the soil water index, which was used for predicting the triggering time of sediment disaster in mountainous area. We investigated the adeption possibility of tank model for validation of soil water index. We calculated storage amount rainfall by tank model with rainfall data obtained from 2001 to 2009 in Jecheon Area. Using the tank model, the storage amounts in three tanks were calculated in time series and the second tank storage amount (S2) and total storage amount (TS) were applied in verifying. The high ranked S2 and TS showed good matching for the debris flow occurrence. These results show the possibility of prediction tool for the landslide occurring.
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    Implications for Disaster Response Systems of Korean Local Governments - With a Focus on the Case of Hebei Spirit Oil Spill -

    Park Dong Kyun | Cho Sung Je | Soung Jea Hyen | 2011, 7(4) | pp.187~202 | number of Cited : 0
    When a hazard strikes, it does so in one or more local jurisdictions. Local government has the first line of official public responsibility. Local government, therefore, has to develop and maintain a program of disaster management to meet their responsibilities to provide the protection and safety of the public. On 7 December 2007, the Hong Kong registered tanker Hebei Spirit, laden with 209 000 tons of crude oil, was struck by the crane barge Samsung No. 1, whilst at anchor about five miles off Taean on the West Coast in Korea. About 10,500 tons of crude oil escaped into the sea from the Hebei Spirit. Initially, contamination was confined largely to Taean County, South Chungcheong Province; however, over a period of several weeks, mainland shorelines and islands further south became contaminated with the result that much of the Republic of Korea's western coast has been affected to varying degrees. Analysts say that the spill is considered as one of the world's devastating sea pollution cases involving oil. In our contemporary society where people are exposed to potential dangers in every aspect, no one can be free from such dangers. With an increase in human casualties due to disaster, disaster reporting plays a vital role in preventing and minimizing damages. Despite such enormous significance, however, Korean local politics has not performed effectively. In this context, this study analyzed the response problems of local politics in Korea, with the case of Hebei Spirit oil spill in Taean County. And, this study suggests establishing ways and means needed to improve the local government in Korea with the case of Hebei Spirit case.