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2011, Vol.7, No.5

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    An Empirical Analysis for Improving the Utilization of Emergency Traffic in Crisis Situation: Amateur Radio Operators

    JuHo Lee | Hee Cheon Choi | 김은정 and 3other persons | 2011, 7(5) | pp.1~22 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of this paper is to suggest the policy implications for improving the utilization of emergency traffic using the empirical analysis. As a result, lots of amateur radio oprators want to participate in the crisis and emergency management activities in crisis situations. So, it is firstly needed that we make some good legal conditions for using the amateur radio operators in disaster site. Especially, this paper suggests that activities of the amateur radio operators, frequency assignment, and the insurance support for the amateur radio operators are needed for getting their active participation in disaster management.
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    A Case Study of Japan's Science and Technology Policy Changes for National Crisis and Emergency Management

    김세훈 | 2011, 7(5) | pp.23~36 | number of Cited : 0
    The aim of the study is to compared the 4th Japan science&technology policy basic plan(draft) and the amendment basic plan that because Fukushima nuclear power plant accident has changed plans to suggest effective means for Korea. Following the analysis, in order to find new important changes into the risk communication. In the changed policy, science and communication with society was the most important. This can be most important for national crisis & emergency management.
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    A Study on the Tsunami Disaster Reduction for the Large Development Plan in the East Coast Area, Gangwon Province, Korea

    천성인 | 2011, 7(5) | pp.37~54 | number of Cited : 0
    Although there is the possibility that the east coast area in Gangwon Province, Korea may be hit by Tsunami, over 7.5 magnitude, occurred in the west coast, Japan, the large development plan has been on the increase recently. Therefore, the disaster occurrence has been expected and many studies concluded that it is necessary to explore the solution concerning disaster reduction against the Tsunami. According to the result of a survey, 1) 73.8% of specialists questioned said that the disaster preparedness plan is required, especially over 94% of the members, the Pre-Disaster Impact Assessment Review Deliberation, expressed the same opinion. 2) 68.2% of people suggested that the disaster prevention forest should be made in the coastal area as the prevention policy, 68.2% of specialists said that disaster prevention facilities against the tidal wave is required, 55.1% of the people questioned said that the breakwater is needed. These are very important facts to set the priority criteria for decision making on the disaster reduction in the east coast area in Gangwon Province, and the coastal disaster prevention forest should be considered first because of the effectiveness of disaster reduction and buffer zone against the Tsunami before the large development plan is launched in this area.
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    Study of Radiological Emergency Evacuation System : Based on NPP Accident of Fukushima, Japan

    은종화 | 2011, 7(5) | pp.55~78 | number of Cited : 5
    The characteristics of the modern disaster are the complex phenomenon caused by a mixture of natural disasters and manmade disasters, so it has the nature of increasing destructive damage. The cases of earthquake in eastern Japan and nuclear power plant accidents in Fukushima show the typical characteristics of modern disasters. The most important things in nuclear accidents in terms of citizens’ perspectives are the systems for radiological emergency evacuation which can ensure protection and survivability of residents. Therefore, it is needed to compensate the vulnerabilities of Korea’s emergency evacuation system with the highest priority through the lessons from Japan’s radiation evacuation control cases. The lessons of current Japanese nuclear accidents are like these; First of all, all government information related with the control measures of inhabitants’ evacuation should have high reliability. Secondly, that information should be provided to residents in time. It shows that distrust of residents for information provided by the government becomes the failure to overcome disasters. Therefore, the government’s response planning for radiation emergency should be demander-driven plans which include high feasibility with preparation and high reliability. Based on those lessons, current radiological prevention plans which are focusing on initial phases and instructions should be developed as realistic plans which have practical capacity and affect whole phases. In addition, the government should guarantee each department’s unique functions related to anti-radiation disaster, and prepare the contingency plan with all departments’ cooperation.
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    A Case Study on the Execution of Fire Criminals Arrest Warrant

    seongcheon woo | 2011, 7(5) | pp.79~98 | number of Cited : 1
    An arrest system is the act of depriving a person of his or her liberty in a certain place like an investigation office for a short period of time, before imprisoning the suspect. An arrest warrant system, besides a imprison warrant, is recognized as the need of an investigation and guarantee of human rights through supervision and controled by a judge. During the implementation process of a fire-criminal arrest warrant, issues such as the infringement of a suspect's human rights and lack of professionalism are being indicated. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to suggest improvement on fire-safety measures based on the drawbacks indicated by the analysis of fire-criminal arrest warrant execution for non-licensed hazardous material storage and handling. The result of the study shows that by securing an expert investigation force and arrest equipment, and introducing the metropolitan special judicial police system, the job capability of the special judicial police needs to be reinforced when dealing with fire-criminals.
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    The Simulation and Probabilistic Prediction of Rainfall-Runoff for Citarum River Basin

    김주철 | 김정곤 | 이상진 and 1other persons | 2011, 7(5) | pp.99~108 | number of Cited : 2
    The main purposes of rainfall-runoff simulation and prediction are to provide the reliable stream flow discharges with DSS(the decision support system) for performing the integrated watershed management considering water quantity, water quality and aquatic environment and ecology. In this study the long-term hydrological rainfall-runoff model, so called RRFS which is able to continuously simulate the daily runoff, is set to the Citarum river basin in Indonesia taking into account the water uses, especially irrigation, and the three reservoirs operation. The probabilistic runoff prediction is also performed by ESP(the ensemble stream-flow prediction) within the framework of RRFS and the results are validated.
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    A Study for Resolution of Arson

    Lee Ha sub | 2011, 7(5) | pp.109~128 | number of Cited : 4
    This study was conducted for arson crimes. Arson is a serious crime. Because the act is greater than the damage. Arson had characterized a unique feature. and Arsonist had characterized a unique feature. Thus, Police investigated about unique feature of arson. Investigation of police methods remains in a relatively low stage in contrast the number of fire is increasing day by day and the cunning tricks of arsons overwhelming the fire investigators. As a result, people who lost their home and their property from fire had to suffer with the insufficient investigation result. Now we should think over the above-mentioned problems from the viewpoint of development and well designed system model be prepared in reference of other advanced countries' system. To maintain Fire department utmost and able organization and to make it to be equal in worth to its name, we need to consider the following factors. It must attain the well-trained fire investigation professionals and retain human resources to prepare for the establishment of Product Liability Law(2002.7.1), etc. But, the most important thing is to give them a perfect, legal investigation right on fire including police area(seeking and examining into the case at first stage). And it should be stated in criminal law. With the joint effort between Fire and Police department, we can develop the reformation, enlightening program for the arsons or fire related criminals. The police have to make an effort on their structural improvement and emphasize the nurturing experts of fire investigation. They have to attain the specialized investigation professionals and manage cooperation with inter-agency liaison before the brisk investigation environment. To be done these successfully, policy maker's decision and support is essential. This study focused on the review of Korean fire investigation system and will provide the means for system improvement. Thus I hope this study be contributed for the people.
  • 8.

    Incidence of Fall Accident among the Busan Population

    Bae Jeong Yee | 조성일 | Duk-hyun An | 2011, 7(5) | pp.129~146 | number of Cited : 2
    Fall accidents are an important cause of death and disability. They also have enormous financial implications. This study aims to report the incidence of falls in Busan. Methods: A descriptive study has been conducted. Overall, 53,744 men and women from general population were recruited in Busan. Data collected was analyzed descriptive statistics SPSS/WIN 17.0. Results: Injury statistics show that in Busan, suicide ranks highest followed by traffic accidents, fall, drowning, homicide and others. Compared to other cities, Busan now ranks first in highest fall accident rates. This is why Busan and its people exclaimed the profound need for safety measures. The most prominent injury morbidity indicator is falls. Falls occur most commonly in the elderly group and infants. This high number shows that it is a major health problem that must be addressed by accident and falls prevention programs. Conclusion: To reduce the alarming rate of falls and related excessive mortality and morbidity, efforts must be made to detect persons at risk of falling and to prevent or reduce the frequency of falls. This study gave a very useful and important data to prepare accident prevention program and to prepare accident prevention strategies.
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  • 10.

    Technical and Systematic Responses against Somali Pirates

    최진태 | 2011, 7(5) | pp.165~182 | number of Cited : 2
    Sea transportation has long been a vital component of the transport systems of the world. However, sea transportation has been exposed to various types of threats on the high seas and in coastal waters. Especially, international community has faced the threats of Somali pirates. With the increase of the threats from the sea piracy, international communities including the Republic of Korea have dispatched their navy warships to the international waters and to carry out counter-piracy operation against Somali pirates. However, the total eradication of the Somali piracy has not been achieved. Piracy is not a problem of the moment. In this connection, long term and fundamental approach is required to tackle the problem of piracy. The measures of military aspect may produce a deterrent effects. However, this approach is not a permanent solutions. In order to solve the Somali piracy, the political stability should be achieved and the capability of the Somali government for the control of its pirates is one of the critical requirements. To achieve this goals, international support programs are urgently needed. At the same time, self defense mechanism should be taken by the shipping companies to fight against pirates. The purpose of this research is to examine the reality of the Somali piracy to understand the current situation of such violence on the seas. In addition, what should be done by international community and shipping companies will be presented to prevent the piracy in the future.
  • 11.

    A Study on Preparedness and Response to Bio-terrorism of Korea

    kwon jeong hoon | 2011, 7(5) | pp.183~200 | number of Cited : 2
    This study is to examine bio-terrorism in the USA and its countermeasures and suggest political measures at the national level. Countermeasures we need to take for bio-terrorism in reference of the example of USA like after 9/11 attacks are as follows. First, legislation on bio-terrorism should be provided by making substantive laws and establishing the National Government Organization Act. Second, in the event of bio-terrorism, some efficient field controling systems at government level need to be organized considering immeasurable loss of life and property. Third, database system should be constructed and managed well to prevent bio-terrorism before it occurs. Fourth, private organizations need to take active part in preventing and coping with the bio-terrorism by helping the government. Fifth, the government should pull in with the international community for prevention and countermeasure of bio-terrorism.
  • 12.

    A Study on the Scope of ISP Punishments and about Proper Internet culture : Cyber Copyright and Report System in Center

    이효민 | 2011, 7(5) | pp.201~218 | number of Cited : 1
    A cyber space or society in the Internet has a strong influence on both online and offline life in this century. It is became a most powerful matter of the daily life. An expanding of the cyber space or society brings great convenient to our life in positive side, on the other hand an indiscreet sharing of the information or data causes several adverse effects and it lead to many of conflicts. The police are endeavouring to maintain peace and order, protect the properties, and keep clean. However, realistically keeping a close watch the massive illegal information is difficult. In this paper, investigates current environment or situation of the cyber space or society which neglect the situation as possible to commit a cyber-crime and punish it after it has been committed. This paper considers that in case of copyright related crime in cyber space. In a current system, only the individuals who upload or share illegal information are punished and the ISPs are free from it. Also it studies the situation that even government operated cyber police systems exist; private enterprise exposes the cyber-crime and leads agreements and possibility of cyber police manages the system using by netizen in cyber space.
  • 13.

    Developing the Donation Support System for Disaster Relief : Focused on Distribution System between U.S. and Japan

    JuHo Lee | 2011, 7(5) | pp.219~232 | number of Cited : 0
    Many activities are going on in the field of disasters not only for helping disaster victims recover from damages caused by disasters but also for raising relief donations to console the victims. One of important issues related to the distribution of relief donations is the construction of an efficient support system for improving current relief donation distribution, setting new directions to of relief donation distribution programs for various relief activities, and criteria, methods and operation for the fair and quick distribution of relief donations. Based on problems in the Korean relief donation management system, this study examined the background and systems of relief donation distribution in the U.S. and Japan and conducted a case study in order to suggest strategies for the efficient distribution of relief donations in Korea. Based on the results of this study, we suggested future tasks for improving the efficiency of relief donation distribution in Korea as follows: First, establishing rational criteria for relief donation distribution. Second, improving the direct support systems of relief donations. Third, improving efficiency related to indirect support. In addition, this study suggested short- and long-term improvements including the continuity of cash support, the necessity of emergency relief support, the preparation of long-term plans, the institutionalization of relief donation distribution, and the diversification of relief services contents.
  • 14.

    The Effect on the Facilitators of Yonmenkaigi System Method Process : The Cases of Indonesian Mt. Merapi Area

    이영철 | 2011, 7(5) | pp.233~250 | number of Cited : 0
    Mt. Merapi of Indonesia is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Lava dome collapse has often generated pyroclastic flows. A huge mount of pyroclastic material has sand of good quality and is popular as construction material. The sand mining has extended rapidly and become an important income source of rural areas. However, the sand mining activity is uncontrollable so far because of social problems such as complex right and interest. Improper sand mining causes serious damage to sabo facilities and the other river infrastructures. In order to cope with this problem, sand mining management system, which can be a part of non-structural disaster control measure, should be established as soon as possible. In order to improve the capacity for sand mining management at the local community level, collaborative action is necessary. The Yonmenkaigi system is one alternative that may be utilized. The Yomenkaigi System Method workshop needs facilitators to lead the process of workshop. Seven facilitator candidates had been selected to participate in the training program. After training, the Yonmenkaigi workshop conducted in three villages. The evaluation of facilitators were relatively affirmative effect to the participants, but facilitators need to lead control and collaborative team-work with participants.