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2011, Vol.7, No.6

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    Enhancing the Disaster Management Competency and Its Nature As a Public Goods

    Lee, Jae Eun | 2011, 7(6) | pp.1~16 | number of Cited : 21
    This study suggests the policy implications for enhancing the disaster management competency through the causes of the short supply of disaster management as a public goods on contrary to the general oversupply of public goods. As a result, the possiblities of supply level are classified into 4 categories based on the criteria such as the power of public goods' supply agency and the consumption scope, i.e. the influence of the related stakeholder groups. In this context, we confirmed the possiblities of short supply of disaster management service. And when we classified the results of decision making in disaster management policy in the government sector, it is needed that we have to, firstly, gain people's trust in disaster management policy. Finally, this paper suggest the very point that securing the government's administrative competency and people's active and voluntarily participation competency in disaster management.
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    The Effect of Individual Political Position on Evaluation on Government's Crisis Management : The Case of Frigate Cheonan Disaster

    Seungho Cho | Hong Sook Yeong | Jung-yul Jo | 2011, 7(6) | pp.17~28 | number of Cited : 9
    This study explores how an individual political position influences his/her evaluation on government's crisis response. The case of Cheonam occurred in March 36, 2010, was analyzed for investigating government's crisis management and public's response to the government. We also looked at how government's crisis management of Cheonam was associated with local election held on June 2, 2010. The findings showed that individuals' political positions significantly affected their evaluation on government crisis response. The more conservative, the more supportive on government crisis response on Cheonan.
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    Analyze the Act on Disaster and Safety Management in Korea

    Ryu Sang Il | 남궁승태 | 2011, 7(6) | pp.29~46 | number of Cited : 25
    This study purposed to analyze Korean legal systems related to disaster safety focusing on the Framework Act on Disaster and Safety Management and to identify legal problems in national disaster and safety management. For these purposes, first, we analyzed legal systems related to disaster safety theoretically and then performed degree centrality analysis among keywords related to disaster management appearing in the Framework Act on Disaster and Safety Management through text network analysis by applying the KrKwic program, which is a content analysis tool, and the NetMiner program, which is a social network analysis tool, to the provisions of the Framework Act on Disaster and Safety Management in order to find keywords regarded as important in the Framework Act on Disaster and Safety Management. According to the results of this study, keyword ‘disaster’ was in the most important position, which was followed by ‘Minister of Public Administration and Security,’ ‘institutions responsible for disaster management,’ ‘support’ and ‘relation’ in order of centrality. This result suggests that the roles of the Minister of Public Administration and Security, who is the Director of the National Disaster Management System, are important in the Framework Act on Disaster and Safety Management, and institutions responsible for disaster management are critical. Furthermore, it was found that the law attaches importance to support from the state and the departments of the central government as well as to the relations among involved institutions.
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    Integrative Crisis Management System for Controlling Radiation Leakage Accidents

    서영상 | 황재동 | 한인성 and 2other persons | 2011, 7(6) | pp.47~60 | number of Cited : 1
    Highly radioactive materials have been released into the ocean at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011. The Japanese leakage accident became one of the most serious global issues. It especially draws concern from Koreans who fear possible direct radiation exposure due to their geographic closeness and distrust Japanese government information on radiation. {According to a report published on 29 October 2011 by a French research institute, the pollution of the Pacific Ocean was probably 30 times bigger than the Tokyo Electric Power Company reported in May 2011.} Radioactive substances usually spread through air and oceans, and can be accumulated in marine life and eventually in human body. To minimize the potential radiation exposures and long-term effects on human health, we propose to design and establish an integrated crisis management system. Under this system, sea water and biological samples will be periodically and extensively collected to detect and identify spatial and ecological pathways of radioactivity. Together with data from satellites, the collected data will be utilized to forecast the magnitude and dispersion of radioactivity by developing a bio-physical coupling model that combines general oceanic circulation and ecological models.
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    The Improvement of the Working Environment for the Fire-Fighting Officers in Industrial Social Welfare Viewpoint

    Ryu Sang Il | JuHo Lee | 2011, 7(6) | pp.61~78 | number of Cited : 6
    For the 21st century, the development of material civilization, our society and the height of the rapid entry into the information society in the field of fire prevention in a professional and diversified administration services are being requested. These changes in social environment, administrative organization, the demand for the Fire Administration and absolute lack of manpower supply and fire officials for their poor working conditions and the heavy burden of relative deprivation rather quality life is degrading factor. The fire area of fire protection activities. structures, emergency and disasters as well. Disaster in your hands from touching scene where long time ago already. Despite poor working environment, to protect life and property of citizens committed fraud against the fire officers can pull you to review the government's policy at the time required to solve these problems as soon as the immediate response is not emotional nine trillion an analysis of issues and efforts to seek improvements to the system could be used.
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    A Proposal of Manual for Food Crises

    Lee, Choong Lyol | Myunghoon Lee | 송진민 | 2011, 7(6) | pp.79~100 | number of Cited : 0
    In this paper, we propose a manual for food crises as well as developing the policy measures to prevent food crises. In the process, due consideration is given to the legal foundation. Three levels, namely level 1 through level 3, of food crises are defined in accordance with their severity. Policies for food crises are basically grouped into three categories: augmenting supply, stabilizing food prices and market distribution, and others. A manual is to provide the foundation for proper policies in case of food crises that may happen in the future. The crisis headquarter plays a pivotal role here, by diagnosing the severity of the crises and timely enforcing the countermeasures, to maintain the citizens’ confidence in the government system and thus overcome the crises.
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    Increase of Dam Operation Efficiency by the Improved Flood Response System Ahead of Rainy Season : Focused on the Result of Dam Operation in Rainy Season of 2011

    황필선 | 한광희 | 2011, 7(6) | pp.101~120 | number of Cited : 0
    This study examines changes of the rainfall condition in Korea according to Climate Change around world and the result of dam operation in this year. As the result, we try to figure out importance of multi-purpose dam for preventing water-related disasters and discuss how much the Flood Response System contributed to dam operation efficiency. Basically, it is very difficulty to manage water resources in Korea, because two-third of annual rainfall amount pour down during rainy season(June~September). Moreover, Climate Changes continue to increase uncertainty for weather prediction. In rainy season 2011, for the first time in Korean history, directly being affected by typhoon "MEARI" in June, and recorded the highest precipitation ever for three days. Besides, Seomjin-river multi-purpose dam was placed at risk from the worst floods ever recorded, but flood damage was minimized with the improved Flood Respose System before the rainy season. As a result, multi-purpose dams which are operated by K-water carried out the flood control duties faithfully.
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    Impacts of Security on the Continuity of e-Service in Electronic Government

    문신용 | 2011, 7(6) | pp.121~138 | number of Cited : 12
    Further advances in e-service within Korea has assumingly increased the connection between government and private sector and this increase in connectivity has, in turn, stimulated interaction between the government and the citizens, which, consequently, resulted in an enhancement of trustworthiness and transparency of the government by improving government responsiveness. For such an advance in e-service, analysis of both quality and application of the government's e-service should be undertaken while a systematic research analysis should be in place for its use in evaluation of the e-service. This research aims at breaking up the quality-evaluation dimensions into several factors and looking into each of these factors. Using these factors, the citizens' satisfaction level of the service will be measured and analyzed. The results showed that among all the factors, responsiveness, efficiency, reliability and security had a significant impact on the satisfaction level of the e-service while security was shown to be the most important factor when a logistic analysis on continuous usability was used. It should be noticed that security, in particular, generated significant results. It can be inferred that security has a great influence on the overall satisfaction level of the e-service and that for future e-service application, security is also an important factor that should be put under consideration. That is to say, citizens nowadays are more eager to receive safe e-service and thus, enhancement of the security of the service to improve overall e-service is a prerequisite for providing a much more developed e-government services.
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    A Study on Analysis of Policy Conflicts in Selecting Public Institution Location Using ACF : Focused on the Case of Kyeong-Buk Provincial Government Building

    Park Dong Kyun | Lee Jung-Hun | Choi In Kyu | 2011, 7(6) | pp.139~162 | number of Cited : 8
    As the social demand for public service has always been existent in Korea, It is necessary to inspect the decision-making process for selection of location according to relocating a public institution. Analysis showed that the issue of relocating Kyeong-Buk Provincial Government Building is comprehended as excessive competition to invite preferred-facilities between local governments as it has many advantages like administration service supply, symbolic significance, territoriality, solidarity reinforcement among the inhabitants of province, the mediator of the regional development, and so on. However, in contrast to the fundamental intent of Kyeong-Buk Provincial Government Building relocation, the interested parties caused the conflicts between local governments for lack of the obvious relocation-rules and universal standards. Therefor, It should be achieved to investigate the determinant of success or fail in the process of selecting the location of whole public institution facilities and especially grasp the conflict forms between support-alliance on ways of using ACF model, which will suggest useful experiential materials theoretically as well as practically through similar policy cases.
  • 10.

    Specialization Plan of Local Police through American Police Case Analysis

    CHO MIN SANG | HoDae Cho | 2011, 7(6) | pp.163~184 | number of Cited : 0
    This study progressed by literature study to examine theory about local police's activity. First, examined Korean local police's latest activity actual conditions. Also, examined American department which is operating establishing various local police unit, and observed for representative police station operation and local police program enforcement. I wish to search correct realization about Korean local police through this study and specialization plan about use. Because the local police are located very near with local resident, rank and files can think most importantly among police activity. Various program and countermeasure about the local police should be prepared and is reason of study that must examine specialization plan of use. To finds, and searches plan for solution of the problem with local resident whether there is some problem in local community is important.
  • 11.

    The Limit of State Regulation for Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace

    Youngkil Kwak | 2011, 7(6) | pp.185~204 | number of Cited : 10
    Today, cyberspace generated by the development of internet has greatly expandd the freedom of expression which is a constitutional right by spreading remarkably the opportunity and the method to express individual intention due to its features such as interactivity, openness, time-spatial unrestriction. But, on the other hand, we come to see the fact that due to anonymity individual and social lawful benefits such as defamation, the infringement of copyright are increasingly infringed. Though there are many lawful problems being discussed such as defamations in cyberspace, this paper confines the criticization toward government and governmental policy and policy makers concerning, what is called, Minerva case, in cyberspace. The interactivity through internet includes decentralization in communication, both directions, the removal in barrier of time and space, escaping boundary in the formal and the informal, the blending of the formal and the informal, escaping speaking and writing, the blending of simultaneousness and non-simultaneousness, the scarcity of visual and audio and social clues. These characteristics of internet as media are not sufficient but we can foresee that cyberspace will play a positive part in development of democracy. Cyberspace is a open medium that gives us the freedom of individual expression and the viewpoints represented in syberspace can be more exchanged as various information and viewpoints than the viewpoints made in existing mass media. And cyberspace can be said to have the function of public sphere that Hamabus spoke of and inactivate the discussion atmosphere that is essential to the decision of democratic intentions and give the space as a new teledemocracy that is beyond the existing method. Though the freedom of expression in cyberspace can be said to be confined for others' lawful and social benefits, the over limits and controls government can block the constitutional value that human history has developed. So the established principles toward the limits and regulations in freedom of expression concerning the offline boundary should be observed as hard as cyberspace. Especially the regulations toward the criticization of governmental policy should be allowed in harder and limited conditions.
  • 12.

    Numerical Simulation on Debris Flow Disaster Area using Kanako-1D

    Chang Deok Jang | Young Ho Yoon | Jun Kye Won | 2011, 7(6) | pp.205~215 | number of Cited : 1
    Recently because of severe rain storm arising from the climate change, frequency of debris flow is increasing. Occurrence of debris flow causes huge losses of life and property in downstream areas. Also sediment formed by occurrence of debris flow is supplied into mountainous river, which causes the secondary damage such as reduction of cross-sectional area or blocking access routes to the disaster areas. Debris flow is attracting much interest of specialists considering the development process for the use of mountainous area, safety of mountainous road and inflow of earth and sand flowing into the river channel. Therefore debris flow researchers in the world are conducting study in many ways for analysis of debris flow hazard areas and damage reduction. But they have a lot of difficulty studying because of complexity and diversity of debris flow. In this study, Kanako-1D was used among debris flow numerical analysis softwares. And Kanako-1D can reflect erosion and sedimentation and has advantage of convenience for simulation. By using Kanako-1D, the program was applied to the debris flow areas in Jecheon and was compared with debris flow production through field investigation. According to the result, the amount simulated by Kanako-1D was 6,953m3, 71% of debris flow discharge gained by using LiDAR and 1:5000 numerical map.
  • 13.

    Parenting Education Program for Prevention of Disabled Children Abuse

    Youngsuk Cho | 이현수 | 2011, 7(6) | pp.215~228 | number of Cited : 5
    The purpose of the present study was to explore the necessity of the development of parenting education program for the prevention of child abuse with a disabilities. Although several studies verified the relationship between disabled children's abuse and developmental problems, there is no official statistic data related with disabled children abuse and little systematic approaches to protect their rights in Korea. Based on 2010 Abused Children's Status Reports, the status of abused children, follow-up results, and the type of disorders seen by abused children were reviewed. As there are relatively few preventive parenting education programs, current abuse prevention programs were divided into education-oriented programs and treatment-oriented programs to serve as basis for the development of new parenting education programs for parents of disabled children. This study has implications for how to design appropriate abuse prevention programs for disabled children and their parents.