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2012, Vol.8, No.1

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    A Study on Transboundary Crises and Response Process of the Foot and Mouth Disease(FMD) : Epidemic 2010 in Miyazaki, Japan

    이호동 | 2012, 8(1) | pp.1~22 | number of Cited : 4
    The world of crises and disasters is shifting. The frequency, nature and consequences of these adverse events are changing. In recent years, crises and disasters have become increasingly transboundary in nature. Crises and disasters may be getting worse in some ways, but the capacity to deal with some of these adverse events is growing. This shift in possible adversity poses new challenges to political-administrative elites. FMD prevention system has been deployed as an internationally well-known is the type of crisis. However, Miyazaki, Japan occurred in 2010 have resulted in serious damage occurred FMD. Past experience and from neighboring countries is the dissemination of information on FMD occur, but the central government, municipalities, livestock farmers was the lack of a sense of transboundary crisis. Central and local governments, related agencies, organizations and livestock farmers, suppliers, residents and interrelationship and coordination related subjects inability to function effectively as a new challenges have been raised.
  • 2.

    A Study of Perception to the Tsunami Evacuation Exercise : In the Case of the Residents in Samcheok-si

    권건주 | 2012, 8(1) | pp.23~38 | number of Cited : 4
    As a part of "2011 Safe Korea Exercise", this study carries out a survey on the perception to the tsunami evacuation exercise targeting Samcheok residents who participated in the exercise which simultaneously took place all over the country on May 4, 2011. As a result, it was reported that the safety of their residential area about tsunami is low, and the possible occurrence of tsunami is relatively high. Second, Samcheok residents lacked in experience about the tsunami evacuation exercises; however, they showed their intention of active participations if the exercises are provided. Third, orientations or promotions about the tsunami evacuation exercise targeting residents were quite insufficient, and the exercise participation rate was relatively high to the residents living in the evacuation zone. Fourth, the evaluation of the signal legibility about the evacuation direction boards was well regarded, and the agreement rate about distributing the tsunami evacuation maps to the residents was relatively high. Finally, some residents responded that they do not know about the tsunami evacuation routes when a tsunami happens, so that the continuous promotions about the tsunami evacuation are highly recommended.
  • 3.

    An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Fire Fighting Organization of Knowledge Management System

    채진 | seongcheon woo | 2012, 8(1) | pp.39~56 | number of Cited : 5
    The organization of fire prevention, border, and the fire fighters, while the evolution of society from the center of the structure, expanding the area of ​​emergency services went into action. In recent years, the task of disaster management in the organization is in charge of fire fighting. Fire organizations adapt to rapidly changing business environment has evolved. Fire Administration in accordance with the sophistication and specialization of internal knowledge accumulation, and various fire fighting demands the creation of new knowledge that meets the need for knowledge and learning have increased significantly. However, Knowledge and information due to lack of awareness about the importance of voluntary fire fighting organization by the member's information sharing and utilization of knowledge, learning activities are not sufficient. The purpose of this study in the fire organization's knowledge management system to derive the main factors affecting the fire of knowledge management systems is to suggestions for improvements. Fire the organization's knowledge management system, knowledge of factors affecting the utilization of knowledge, credibility, knowledge sharing, knowledge management systems devised in the accessibility.
  • 4.

    A Comparative Study on the PTSD of Policeman and Firefighters

    이희선 | 2012, 8(1) | pp.57~70 | number of Cited : 31
    The level of posttraumatic PTSD of policemen and firefighters who are working under risky environment, which stress economic profit and development rather than safety and protection, is incredibly high. If PTSD is managed adequately, police organization and fire protection organizations can attain their goals and even make advancements in their performances, Moreover, if the posttraumatic stress is not managed adequately, it could decrease the level of psychological wellveing and increase the level of depression, and potentially leadeing to become a harmful impediment in the performance of their organizations. Therefore, the author studies to compare the impact-relationship mechanism among posttraumatic PTSD, psychological wellbeing, and depression in the case of policemen and firefighters working in Koran police stations and fire stations.
  • 5.

    A Study on Influential Factors of the Organization Structure Attributes Regarding Disaster Management System of Korean Military : Focusing on National Disaster Level Occurrence

    김동혁 | 2012, 8(1) | pp.71~92 | number of Cited : 0
    Nowadays the characteristics of disaster eventually threaten all over the world by quick industralization, besides the level and size of disaster is getting larger and complexity than before, Thus diverse organizations and groups such as central and local government, related agencies, citizens, NGOs, companies including military are required to be forms as a multi-organizational cooperation system that is against the national disaster. Particular the role of military organization is getting becoming important agency to government. However disaster management is limited to be performed by R.O.K Army so far. and the practical military disaster management system is insufficient supporting by weak legislation and institutions. This research is focused on what attributions of organization structure of military should take to fit the characteristic of disaster. therefore this research deals with concepts of disaster management, organizational structure, contingency theory. The following consists of the research analysis. Firstly, the environment is comparatively stable. The forecasted highly possible characteristics of chronic disaster usually result in a general disaster rescue unit to be deployed in which disaster management utilizes a mechanistic structure which leads to an organizational structure to be formed. The research between Burns & Stalker and Lawrence & Lorsch portray that efficiency is the utmost pursued value. The official regulations are operated through units of definite fields which are stiffly applied with little discretion. The authority structure is being more centralized. Communications is usually done through a vertical passage with downward directions and orders plus upward briefing in accordance of accomplishment. The divisional structure is precise; the divisions are mutually connected so modification and combination consist of hierarchism in which mechanistic structure can be seen to be suitable. Secondly, the environment is very complicated. The lowly forecasted characteristics show acute disaster by customarily professional disaster rescue unit being involved with the disaster management portray an organic structure to be suitable for recuperation. Furthermore, the research undertaken by Burns & Stalker and Lawrence & Lorsch show the ultimate objective for survival is adaptability and division of the environment. The official regulations depend on the flexibility of the situation. The authority structure is becoming decentralized. The modification and integration of specialized divisions are communicated through lateral means of mutual negotiations. The division of structure seems to be indistinct which results in divisions to mutually duplicate. Moreover, the relationship of mutually inter-relying on each division loosens. A considerable sector are autonomic and independently operated, therefore an organic structure can be seen to be appropriate.
  • 6.

    Consideration to the Countermeasure of Fisheries Damage for the Scenario of Radiation Leakage Accident at the Gori Nuclear Power Plant

    In-Seong Han | Young-Sang SUH | Jae Dong Hwang and 2other persons | 2012, 8(1) | pp.93~108 | number of Cited : 0
    Recently, it is arouse people's attention to the alert of radioactivity contamination for fisheries resources and ocean water by the occurrence of radiation leakage accident at the Nuclear Power Plant of Fukushima, Japan. Assuming the short-time radiation leakage accident at the Gori Nuclear Power Plant, we estimated the estimated damage oceanic area and distribution of radioactivity concentration at each oceanic area. Countermeasure for emergency was examined to aquaculture industry and fishing industry. In case of Aquaculture, we devided 3 level for each status; ① preservation, ② shipment in the early stage, ③ disuse the aquaculture resouces including construction. In case of Fishing, it is needed to ① prohibition the fisheries activities in the estimated damage fishing grounds, ② close observation to prediction informations by related organizations and ③ sending the fhisheries sample to analysis organizations for decision whether it is polluted or not. Moreover, ④ it is also needed to flexible reduction effort of fishing grounds according to the prediction informations.
  • 7.

    Study on Regulatory Measures of Terror Usable Chemicals in Korea : Focus on Examples in USA

    윤이 | 은종화 | Sang-Tae Chung | 2012, 8(1) | pp.109~126 | number of Cited : 8
    Chemicals can cause enormous damage in a short time. It is relatively easy for everyone to acquire and manufacture them. And because chemicals have an effect that can make people in panic with fears, terrorist groups have regarded them as the means of terror attacks for a long time. Therefore, we should prevent hijacking and diverting of chemicals though the perfect control of them. But it is difficult to control chemicals consistently because domestic chemicals are managed by at least 7 ministries and 13 regulations according to their own purpose and usage. Especially, domestic related regulations are usually concentrated on the accident prevention system and safety management, so there are some kinds of limitations to prevent illegal usage such as terror, etc. The purpose of this study is to propose regulatory measures against chemicals which can be used in terror. To figure out effective regulatory measures, we surveyed Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards that is a related regulation in USA and analyzed the management state of chemicals in Korea. This study presents enacting a new law or amending the existing law as the regulatory measures against Terror Usable Chemicals. It also presents the way to classify and to list Terror Usable Chemicals.
  • 8.

    A Risk Assessment Model of Potential Bomb Attacks against High-rise Buildings based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process

    Jiwoong Choi | Kang, Kyung-yeon | 장진봉 and 2other persons | 2012, 8(1) | pp.127~139 | number of Cited : 3
    In this paper, we investigate a risk assessment model of bomb attack for high-rise buildings based on the analytic hierarchy process. We present 27 layered evaluation elements which are classified by 4 defence layers and similarities. The model extracts weights of the layered evaluation elements based on the analytic hierarchy process. To reflect mutual supplementary effects within the similar elements, an evaluation level integration methodology is included in the model. For case study of the proposed evaluation elements and model, a survey is carried out by architecture and anti-terrorism specialists, and weight of each element is extracted. Finally, we present a case study model for assessing final risk level.
  • 9.

    A Study on Safety Measures of Railway Terror in Korea : Focused on Cases of Railway Terror in Europe

    Shin Seung-Gyoon | 2012, 8(1) | pp.140~154 | number of Cited : 8
    This study shows that possible provision for minimizing impact of railway terror by investigating existing case of train terror in various countries. Based on historical examples of train terror in Europe, the preparation of safety task against terror must be carried out in ordinary period. There are number of conditions should be preceded. The measures on public transport terror in Korea must be come up. The countermeasures can be subjected as below. Continuously check facilities and security standards of important public transportation in Korea against North Korean terror. To tighten security of massive complex infrastructure which is linked with railway network, inspection of security state and enhancement of security must be carried out. Furthermore, we must maintain act of construct cooperation with national counter terror agency regarding on placing and managing security system, observe Al Qaeda to preventing terror and tighten up the security, plan the countermeasure of terror on legal activities. Connection between illegal migrants and South-east Asia Islam association might lead a terror on railway network. This study represents the changes of terror environment in Korea and safety measures of railway terror by addressing the current status of counterplan of Korean government against railway terror and exams railway terror cases in UK and Spain.
  • 10.

    The Integrated Effect of Islamic Extremism and Strong Tribal Tradition in Afghanistan on the Disruption of the Afghan Nation-State Building and Terrorism and Drug Trafficking as Crisis of Security

    윤민우 | 김종화 | 2012, 8(1) | pp.155~176 | number of Cited : 1
    This article explains about the disruption of nation-state building and symptoms of security crisis such as terrorism and drug trafficking in Afghanistan since 2011. This essay shows that terrorism and drug trafficking as types of security crisis in this country is closely related to the disruption of potent nation-state building, and the weak presence of nation and nationalism. Pulling-up force from above the nation-state level called Islamic extremism and pulling-down force from below called strong persistence of tribal tradition, by interacting together, prevent nation and nationalism from forming and incapacitate construction and operation of the nation-state in today's Afghanistan. Due to these hurdles, the Karzai's weakly built nation-state lacks legitimacy and law-enforcement capacity and thus cannot monopolize violence and protect local population in most of Afghan regions. Security crisis such as rampant terrorism and drug trafficking in this country is heavily influenced from this impotence of the central nation-state and further disrupts the construction of the stable nation-state. So, disruption of nation-state building and security crisis form full circle and feed with each other. The weakness of nation and nationalism resulting from strong anti-nation and anti-nationalism force such as Islamic extremism and strong tribal tradition is an effect behind misfortune of the full circle. The security crisis of Afghanistan observed today can be a case well showing that how the nation-state, which is hastily built by a foreign hand and thus not based on the sound formation of nation and nationalism, is vulnerable and that the vulnerable state can eventually lead to the disruption of the state and the crisis of security. By closely examining the case of Afghanistan, this essay suggests that the crisis of nation-state and security seen in the today's Afghanistan requires more complex and multidimensional understanding of nation, nationalism, and nation-state.
  • 11.

    Human Factors Associated with the Risk of Traffic Accidents among Male and Female Drivers in Korea : Policy Implications for Traffic Accident Prevention

    김준홍 | 2012, 8(1) | pp.177~196 | number of Cited : 6
    The purpose of the present study was to explore evidence needed to educate male and female drivers who remained vulnerable to the risk of car accidents in Korea. Given the importance of motor vehicle use, the present study aimed at describing and analyzing human factors related to the risk of traffic accidents among Korean drivers. Relevant gender sensitive studies were nearly non-existent in Korean context compared to the western exuberance. The statistical procedures of the present study using data from the Survey on the Public’s Attitude towards Traffic Regulations (2000) from Korean Institute of Criminology included descriptive analysis, Chi-square analysis and binary logistic regression analyses. Binary logistic regression models of the risk of traffic accident contrasted male drivers with female counterparts. Theoretical and practical implications of the findings were discussed exploring policy evidences and policy implications to reframe gender sensitive traffic accidents prevention programs.
  • 12.

    A Study on the Safety Awareness and Behavior of the Citizens of Busan

    Bae Jeong Yee | Sang-Tae Chung | Sohn,Hae-Sook and 3other persons | 2012, 8(1) | pp.197~214 | number of Cited : 3
    This study surveyed the safety awareness and behavior of the citizens of Busan to get basic data for the prevention of safety-accident, and a total of 17,088 households in Busan Metropolitan City were selected by systematic sampling as the subjects of the research. As the research methodology, questionnaires were prepared by direct visits to interview with the subjects and were collected. Based on the data with the reliability of the results of the survey having a 95% confidence level with ±3.0% error, the safety awareness and behavior were investigated. The result of the analysis showed that in the safety awareness of the elderly population, the elderly people were lower degree of perception and lower rate of practice than the other age group, revealing that the elderly people were vulnerable to safety-accident. Particularly, for the traffic safety, the education and promotion of safety regulations for elderly people in driving or walking can be said to be urgently needed. Accordingly, together with the development and dissemination of the programs such as participatory education for the entire Busan citizens on the promotion of safety awareness and the prevention of safety-accident, the enactment of the policies to prevent damages and to promote safety for the elderly population is needed.
  • 13.

    A Study on Construction Methods for Quality Improvements of Sprinkler Systems in Clean Room

    황환성 | 송윤석 | 2012, 8(1) | pp.215~230 | number of Cited : 0
    According to existing leading research, installation of sprinkler system in Clean Room is generalized, but sprinkler system which is applied to Clean Room is adaptable to the spatial structure. And it is need to approach to sprinkler system which is applied to average buildings with a different point of view. In this thesis, research and analyze features of sprinkler system in Clean Room and through research on the actual condition of sprinkler system construction site of S and L which is the national companies, suggest a sprinkler system construction method to maintain quality improvements. As a result of this, the purpose of this thesis is to contribute to protect a loss of lives and heavy economical loss by a fire.
  • 14.

    Construction Plan of Fire Fighter Conduct Manual on Forest Fire Initial Attack : Case Study on Fire Fighter of 119 Safty Center In Gyeongbuk Province

    배진국 | 이시영 | 2012, 8(1) | pp.231~246 | number of Cited : 3
    In this paper, the summary of literatures on the forest fire management was conducted as the disaster management process that was divided into mitigation phase, preparedness phase, response phase, recovery phase that was linked to the forest fire prevention process that was made up of the forest fire prevention activities, the prepared activities for extinguishing of the forest fire, the forest fire protection, the confrontation activities for extinguishing of the forest fire and the control and recovery. Also, the forest fire manual was focused on the enumerating explanation so the use couldn't know the mission clearly and couldn't find the manual easily. Therefore, this paper was based on plan of ground fire fighter conduct manual focusing on task of national forest office, linked to the helicopters that conducting the most critical role in extinguishing the forest fire, combined Emergency Rescue in initial attacking fire station with forest public officer, arranged for incident commander or ground fire fighter duties from the 1st stage of acceptance of forest fire to the 10th stage of withdraw. this was developed for the purpose of every awareness of the crews and therefore of fire reduction of damage of lives, properties and forest through systematic and rapid response to forest fire.
  • 15.

    A Study on the Fire at the Single Housing in Jeonbuk Province

    Jeong Gi Sung | 정거성 | 2012, 8(1) | pp.247~258 | number of Cited : 0
    In the single Housing, General casualties happened very high, compare with existing old-fashioned structures. Presently, single Housing frees from national lawful regulations in the establishment of fire-fighting facilities. In addition, It remains to be unattended even without receiving fire-fighting training and education. Single Housing mostly consists of wooden building, and when the fire breaks out, Much damage for many humans and the property was caused because of fast complete combustion. Besides, even basic fire-fighting facilities were not established, and electric installation, one of the main fire reasons has remained old on account of long-term use. Home appliances using natural gas are very dangerous and imperfect because safety procedures have not been observed. In special, In rural communities, the rate of many deaths caused by fire are very high, compared with general people because only one elderly person which lives in a house has increased. This paper is aimed at analyzing various questions of the prevention of fire in the lawful and technical aspects for single Housing and at devising proper measures against these problems.