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2013, Vol.9, No.1

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    A Study on the Effective Fire Fighting Plan of the High-rise Building

    seongcheon woo | Jin Chae | 2013, 9(1) | pp.1~23 | number of Cited : 3
    As expansion of social and economic function of city and the gravitation of population to big city, the necessity of efficient land use of city has increased so that high-rise buildings have constructed over the world as a part of solution against that problems. The diversity, multi-function, complexity of high-rise buildings cause of concentration of population, many and unspecified persons movement, complexity of living space and the peril of immeasurable loss of life and property with the expansion of damage is very high when the disaster such as terror or fire occur. Therefore we need a effective fire fighting plan which consider the vulnerability of the building and limitation of fire fighting action at the scene of accident when the fire occur in the high-rise building. This study aim to suggest the efficient fire fighting plan for the high-rise building through research on the meaning and feature of that building and analysis the cases of the high-rise building fire.
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    Dynamic Efficiency Analysis of Fire Administration Service

    김덕형 | LEE DONG KYU | 2013, 9(1) | pp.25~46 | number of Cited : 6
    This study primarily seeks to analyze the relative efficiency of public fire stations in metropolitan areas applying Data Envelopment Analysis(DEA), and suggest policy implications for efficient public fire service. First, we applied CCR Model. It is found that technological efficiency which is measured through CCR model is as following. 7 DMUs that are about 11% among 64 DMUs were evaluated by things which offer efficient public fire service. Results that analyze applying BCC model are as following. 20 DMUs whole about 31.3% were evaluated by efficient sample. On the other hand, DEA and DEA-Window analysis results during 2007-2010 are as following. While Ulsan(0.962) and Busan(0.957) were shown the highest efficiency, Jeju(0.640) and Jeollabuk-do(0.629) were relatively less efficient areas. Efficiency of Gyeongsangbuk-do, Jeju, Jeollabuk-do is increasing in total average, despite its low rank. However, efficiency is looked increasing trend as time passes. Also, Ulsan, Busan, Gyeongsangnam-do, and Daegu appeared relatively efficient although there were decreasing trends. Therefore, it turns out that public fire stations in metropolitan areas should be improved in order to provide efficient public fire service in the long term.
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    Trend and Prospect of Natural Disasters after the 20th Century through the Characteristic Analysis

    Jai Ho Oh | 허모랑 | 우수민 | 2013, 9(1) | pp.47~74 | number of Cited : 10
    We are enjoying an opulent lifestyle in an advanced culture and industrial society. Nevertheless, It is getting more serious that our suffering caused by unexpected disasters with human and his prosperities. We face to the crisis of the global warming. However, The anxiety about the future will be amplified in current society. Since 2008, Korean government has built the Countermeasures against Natural Disasters Act. According to this act, “Disaster” should be under control as following the legal definition. In this study, The characteristics of disaster after the 20th century was analysed using the statistic data. The prospect in near future could be shown as that some kind of changes might happen a new possibility. Especially, The climate changes can bring about the severe climatological phenomena and the accompanying to changes of Earth environments as mentioned of IPCC report. Finally, we should utilize this results as the basis source of establishing the governance and encouraging the sense of obligation for reduction of the disaster impacts.
  • 4.

    Efficient Risk Communication for Overcoming the Food and Drug Safety Problem

    Lee, Jae Eun | 2013, 9(1) | pp.75~90 | number of Cited : 12
    The purpose of this paper is to suggest some implications for overcoming problems related with food and drugs. For accomplishing the research purpose, in this study risk communication was defined as "continuous process of exchanging ideas for mutual understanding among the stakeholders related with food and drug safety problems". Some implications for efficient risk communication are as follows; First, It is necessary for us to understand the consumer's perception. Second, we have to choose and use the standard terms carefully for sharing the common meaning. Third, mass media should provide the exact information about food and drug safety problems to the public. Fourth, for efficient risk communication, the related public organizations have to provide the understandable information to people sufficiently. Finally, in the field of food and drug, we have to make every efforts to cultivate risk communication specialists.
  • 5.

    Consumers’ Responses to the Communication Process of Food Hazard Information: Focusing on the Benzopyrene Incident

    Hyun-jung Yoo | 2013, 9(1) | pp.91~112 | number of Cited : 9
    In this study, we tried to estimate the potential level of risk in our society and consumers’ views about a food hazard incident. For this purpose, we surveyed consumers’ potential level of risk in our society and consumers' risk communication process and governmental actions toward the Benzopyrene incident occurred in October, 2012. For the reliability, specialist Internet research firm, Embrain, conducted the survey for two days through November 29 to 30, 2012 and 340 samples were used in the final analysis. The research results follow. First, the reliability of Benzopyrene-related newspaper articles or news content reached 75.14 points, but the reliability of the clarification articles on the corporate side was very low as its mean was 47.83 points. Regardless of the actual results, this means that consumer distrust was formed. Second, despite the company, voluntary recall of the product, consumers requested that the company should pay a penalty and that the government needs to expand an investigation other companies of the same kind punitive penalties. Third, consumers are willing to pay more, approximately 27.6% more for a safer food. On the other hand, 67% of consumers responded that they purchase the food related to the incident after some time. This means that consumers are very sensitive when the incident takes place, but that they become indifferent with the passage of time. Consumers' indifferent sensitive when the incident on the corporate side was very low.
  • 6.

    A Legal and System Study on the National Security Council

    Huh Tae Hoi | Hiehoun Lee | 2013, 9(1) | pp.113~130 | number of Cited : 2
    Since the 9.11 incident, many advanced countries in the world have been looking for various solutions to strengthen government's crisis response capability, guarding against ever increasing international terror and crisis. The main impetus for this research is to explore a few legal and systemic alternatives to strengthen the function of National Security Council in order to improve the national crisis management system. This study has also focused on: 1) reviewing the restoration of NSC administrative apparatus in terms of the enhancement of crisis response capability; 2) and investigating legal methods to upgrade our national crisis management system. Among them, strongly suggested here is the restoration of the role of the national security council as a major president consultative organization. Generally emphasized is the facilitation of administrative role of NSC in an enhanced crisis management system.
  • 7.

    Comparative Review of Disaster Management Act in Korea and Advanced Countries

    Ryu Sang Il | 남궁승태 | 2013, 9(1) | pp.131~156 | number of Cited : 7
    In Korea, legal and institutional arrangements were made by government with the start with Framework Act on Civil Defense in 1970 to manage disasters from the dimension of nation. It was developed into independent laws for natural disasters and human related disasters in 80s and 90s, and then those law were integrated into Disaster Management Act in late 90s and then it was systemized into Framework Act on Disaster and Safety Management in 2004. However, our disaster related acts have many insufficient points comparing to overseas advanced countries, and continuous disaster related legislation and law arrangement are needed. Accordingly, this study tried to induce the problems of disaster related laws in Korea through the comparative review with disaster management advanced countries and to propose how to arrange legal system in the future.
  • 8.

    Estimation of Local Scour Width around the Embeded Pipelines in Wave

    KIM KYOUNG HO | 오현식 | 2013, 9(1) | pp.157~172 | number of Cited : 0
    The local scour widths around the submarine pipelines are obtained according to the various parameters such as wave height(H), period(T), pipe diameter(D), and embedment to pipe diameter ratio(e/D). The scour width and the scour depth show good correlation with the relative scour width compared to the main non-dimensional parameter. Finally, empirical equations for the effect of embedment depth on the local scour around submarine pipelines are suggested through the correlation analyses between the relative widths and the KC number, modified Ursell number.
  • 9.

    A study on the Improvement of the Analysis of the Fire in the Multiplex Available Businesses: Focus on the Music Hall in Busan City

    정거성 | 2013, 9(1) | pp.173~184 | number of Cited : 1
    Periodical many casualties and the damage of the property are happening in multiplex useful businesses used by a lot of people because the owner of the businesses has the lack of the fire and the consciousness of the safety. Multiplex useful businesses are controlled by such a lot of regulations as fire-related rules but because of the specialty of the business the similar type of fire broke out and so did the damage of the fire. The owner of the business tries to escape establishing the facilities of the fire and transforms internal decorations or reforms internal structure without consciousness of the safety. It is necessary that this break out the fire and in the fire the toxic gas coming from internal decorations influences the damage of the casualties and gets to reach their death. In addition the remodeling of the internal structure blocks out the exit, causes the difficulty of escape and becomes the cause of the casualties. The deficiency of basic knowledge does not alert fire department of the fire and causes the trouble about the suppression of the fire. This study aims to analyze the cause of the fire and the surroundings of the damage recently broken out in Seek Music Hall in Busan and present the improvement about this.
  • 10.

    The Study on Policy Process after the Incidents of New Epidemic Diseases Referred to New Influenza, Super Bacteria

    LEE DONG KYU | Kim Choon soon | 양고운 and 1other persons | 2013, 9(1) | pp.185~203 | number of Cited : 1
    The spread of contagious diseases by viruses such as new influenza (or swine flu) and superbacteria have a direct impact on security for people, and it can cause severe damage to the economy. This article tries to analyze the pattern of change in the policy process based on the model of Event-Related Policy Change by Birkland. It can lead us to find a more general and comprehensive pattern of policy change subsequent to new disaster events. It also has implications for policy adoption and learning. Disaster events are usually considered to be focusing events that draw the attention of the public and create political vulnerabilities. To mitigate these vulnerabilities, politicians must find ways to prevent the dispersion and damages from these events. In this article, we will also examine how policy change can be accomplished by viewing it from the issue formation and agenda-setting perspectives. We accomplish this by analyzing case studies on the dispersion and outbreak of new influenza and superbacteria. These events are considered to be new disaster events.