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2013, Vol.9, No.2

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    A Study on the Concept and Typology from Policy Science Perspectives: Based on the Birkland's Focusing Event Ideas

    LEE DONG KYU | 2013, 9(2) | pp.1~22 | number of Cited : 8
    This paper suggests a unified standard in order that mixed definitions and types of crises, disasters, risks, and catastrophes are applied to policy changes. Therefore, there need to be review advanced research of Birkland's, Handmer & Dover's, and Drennan & McConell's. Also, this paper examines Birkland's 'focusing event' concept, so that conducts a study on its applicability and typology. This paper considers sudden events or disasters to focusing event concept which is suggested by Kingdon, Zahariadis, and Yoo. By analysing focusing event concept and types, theoretic implications are drawn for the reason that some events cause important policy changes, and others not. It is found that Birkland's focusing event idea is considered as a shock and a spillover, which is a unified standard for solving problems caused by complex and overlapping terms.
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    Analysis on Hydrologic Stability of Miho Reservoir Using Probable Maximum Flood

    Choo, Tai Ho | Maeng, Seung-jin | 김상우 and 2other persons | 2013, 9(2) | pp.23~32 | number of Cited : 3
    This study is concluded that Miho reservoirs are not hydrologically stable and therefore structural measures including the extension of spillway and non structural measures should be taken. Continuous basic plan for river maintenance including additional bank reinforcement to bottom river shall be carried out. Due to high peak flood with more than 290% compared to 200 year frequency probability flood which was design standard of the past in view of the results of calculating PMF (Probable Maximum Flood) according to revised design standard for reservoirs, there could a problem for securing rationality in case of applying PMF with design flood. Therefore, hydrological stability, construction, and maintenance cost shall be synthetically studied and reasonal application shall be made if the decision is made on applying PMF with design flood.
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    The Influence that the Introduction of the Private Investigative Job Affects to the National Public Peace

    Sunggu Jo | Kim, Dong-Je | 2013, 9(2) | pp.33~48 | number of Cited : 4
    In this study, closely related with the field of private investigation and police officers from the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency, Department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and pecial division established to find lost children, women and adolescents division, public order division, and traffic accident investigation division are included total of 57 in-depth interview techniques used by private investigated the impact of the research firm with the prospect of the country policing. The interviews were analyzed by non-quantitative data analysis using NVivo 8 software, the analysis results are as follows. First, the prospect of a private investigation firm positive outlook, negative outlook, negative outlook was divided conflicts of law 38(79.1%), and the current operational conditions 10(20.8%) were categorized as positive outlook of private investigation specialized business 25(38.4 %) new police service, 20(30.7%), new job creation, 12(18.4%), positive recognition for private investigation 5(7.6%), and the expansion of the area of the private investigation business 3(4.6%), respectively. Positive impact, private investigation of the capabilities of the country policing police, strengthening the competitiveness of 23(46.0%), dedicated non-criminal business of private investigation 11(22%), the cooperation of the competent ministries and 10(20.0%), national certification introduced 6(12.0%) showed the negative impact of the national policing capabilities, the leakage of personal information 31(77.5%), crimes transition phenomena 9(22.5%) were categorized.
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    Policing to Prevent Home-grown Terrorism in a Multi-cultural Society

    Jaehun Shin | kim sang woon | 2013, 9(2) | pp.49~72 | number of Cited : 9
    Korea has been changing into a multi-cultural society since 2000. This change has enhanced the country by providing vivid examples of excellence, but has emerged as a serious problem in relation to crime occurrence in recent years. The reality is that due to a lack of government control and particularly due to cultural conflicts between Koreans and foreigners as a result of the sudden increase in foreign population, the risk of domestic terrorism has been on the rise. Of the various forms of terrorism, the type Korea is most at risk for is home-grown terrorism. Home-grown terrorism is a new type of terrorism. It is different from regular terrorism in the sense that this type of attack can cause more damage and it may be more difficult to find and disband this type of organization. Similarly, there may be a lack of time to respond to home-grown terrorism and fear may spread due to the mass media. In the face of these challenges, it is hard to say that the Korean Police Force has prepared an effective response. There is a lack of basic statistical information about foreigners in Korea and a lack of specialists in the field of home-grown terrorism. Therefore, this thesis looks into what an appropriate response to home-grown terrorism might be.
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    The Safety Condition of the School Bus Transportation in Kindergartens and Child Care Centers

    윤선화 | 2013, 9(2) | pp.73~94 | number of Cited : 11
    This study focused on analyzing the current safety condition of the school bus transportation in both kindergartens and child care centers, comparing the two facilities in terms of the actual safety condition of the school buses, and monitoring the operational condition of the school bus transportation in accordance to the times of dropping off and picking up children. The data were collected by 30 mothers divided into 15 monitoring groups of two, and the monitors had observed 401 early childhood institution vehicles on site. Chi-square test and t-test using SPSS 17.0 program were used to analyze the collected data. The results were as follows. 62.3% of the school buses run by early childhood institutions was mini buses seating up to 15 people, and the buses that met with the Vehicle Safety Standards (4 standards) were only 7.5%. The school buses that the safety assistant teachers were on board were 92.3%. While 83% of the safety assistant safely guided children's getting off from the buses, 25% of the schools drivers was found unsafe with their driving. 88.5% of motorists did not follow safety regulations for early childhood transportation. There were significant difference in safety devices equipped on the vehicles of kindergartens and child care centers in accordance to the Vehicle Safety Standards of Korea, safety driving behaviour of the school bus drivers, and in safety awareness of motorists traveling around the school bus. And there were statistically significant differences in not only whether the school bus safety assistant was on board or not, but also the school bus stop points in accordance to the times of dropping off and picking up children.
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    The Suggestion of Future Drought Reduction Using Rainfall Storage Techniques for Rainwater Control

    정승권 | Jun Kye Won | Jun Byong Hee and 1other persons | 2013, 9(2) | pp.95~104 | number of Cited : 1
    Recently, climate change has caused drought to become more frequent and is becoming one of the serious natural disasters, resulting damages in infrastructure facilities, economy and private property losses etc. Taebaek city of Gangwon-do lies in the northeast Korean Peninsula along the steep mountain slopes, all the way to the sea. Thu, this city exhibit the Marine Climatic Characteristics. During the past 10 years, the average rainfall of Taebaek city is 849.9mm/year, which is less than the average rainfall for the whole country (1,274mm/year). This means that the self-sufficiency of water supply is very low in Taeback city. In order to ensure the self-sufficiency of water supply of Taeback city, this paper aims to describe the implementation of Rainfall Detention Facilities in the open fields of primary, middle and high school as well as propose the plan of water resource demand and supply.
  • 7.

    Empirical Flood Risk Assessment in Mid·Small Catchments, Upper Geum River

    고아라 | SungDuk Kim | Park Sang Deog and 1other persons | 2013, 9(2) | pp.105~120 | number of Cited : 0
    The estimation of flood frequency in small and mid sized catchments has been remained as difficult problems due to lack of observed data. This study aims to develop the appropriate relationships between observed maximum peak Flood(Qobsmax0211) in the period of 2002-2011 and the Catchment Characteristics(CCs) for predicting stream flood at mid/small sized ungauged catchments. This study presents the relationships between 7 representative CCs(A, ALTBAR, Rf, D, SAAR8110, FARL, and CN2007) and the 16 Qobsmax0211, upper Geum River region. The linear regression model with Jackknife approach is employed using the SPSS program. The results indicate the best relationship(regression model) showing acceptable performances; 5 catchments have the -2%~5% of the flood estimation error and 3 catchments have less than 2% error rate. The validation of the derived relationship (Qobsmax0211-CCs) at the Sangyeo catchment shows an acceptable performance of 0.5% error rate in flood prediction.
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    Volunteer Activity System for Improving Disaster Victims' Welfare Service

    Kiwhan Sung | Il-Moon Choi | 2013, 9(2) | pp.121~146 | number of Cited : 3
    I reviewed preceding researches to volunteer activity system for improving disaster victims' welfare service. Viewed based upon organizational structure, management process, individuals ․ roles, I elicited implications through case studies of disaster. Then, policy suggestions are drawn for planning on the development of volunteer activity system. In terms of organizational structure, I proposed the community alliance of process base, the community alliance of function base, and the organization of hub function. In terms of management process, this paper discussed the quick survey of disaster victims' needs, improvement of disaster aid delivery system, establishing management process for the socially vulnerable, and strengthening sharing system of disaster information. In terms of individuals ․ roles, this paper described strengthening the ability of community members, establishing assigned role, development and dissemination of education and training program, and strengthening the role as facilitator of government. Significance of the study is that through case studies of Korea and advanced countries, this paper designed the system for the korean situation. I expect to contribute to the establishment of welfare service delivery system for disaster victims, if my suggestions are implemented.
  • 9.

    Parameter Estimation of Unit Hydrograph for Derivation of Probable Maximum Flood

    Chae,Soo-Kwon | Maeng, Seung-jin | 황주하 and 2other persons | 2013, 9(2) | pp.147~162 | number of Cited : 3
    In this study, optimum parameters of Unit Hydrograph for the systematic and reasonable derivation of PMF (probable Maximum Flood) were estimated using the HEC-HMS model as a rainfall-runoff model in Boryeong Dam watershed. As a result, the time of concentration was estimated to be 2.21 hr using the Kraven(Ⅱ) equation and the storage constant was estimated to be 1.92 using the Sabol equation. The CN was estimated to be 80 under AMC-Ⅲ as an antecedent moisture condition. The result of the sensitivity analysis was that the sensitivity of the time of concentration and storage constant was similar each showed a different parameter range. The experiment conditions were divided on time of concentration and storage constant, which affects the PMF regarding the Boryeong Dam watershed. In the HEC-HMS model, the optimum parameter value on the Clark Unit Hydrograph was estimated. The result using Maximum Unit Hydrograph was that the time of concentration was estimated to be 1.68 hr and the storage constant was estimated to be 1.49. Therefore, considering the recent onset of climate change, in designing large scale hydraulic, it is better to use PMF estimated based on the "Maximum Unit Hydrograph" concept under the time of concentration and storage constant condition.
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    Analysis of Fire for Fire Embers, Sparks, and Fire Source Neglect

    김은경 | Chung, Yeong Jin | 2013, 9(2) | pp.163~176 | number of Cited : 0
    In general, our society is the fact that the extremely low interest and concern about the fire yet. This study was investigated for negligence of fire for fire embers, sparks, and fire source neglect. Inadvertently caused the fire will occur due to several causes, including cigarette butts, cooking food in, waste incineration, embers of flame. sparks, and fire source neglect. The survey by the National Fire Information System of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in the last five years (2007-2011), the statistics were analyzed. The result of a fire caused by the fire embers, sparks, and fire source neglect and annual average 827 cases accounted for 11.54% of the entire fire occurs, damage the lives of average annual 36 (14.48%), damage to property, the annual average 2,564,467 won (16.63%) of damage each year occurred. The fires occur mainly in residental areas or industrial facilities. We need to pay a little more attention and care for the indifference and negligence each year that occur as a fire.
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    National Security Environment Change and National Crisis & Emergency Management: Typology of National Crisis under the Concept of Comprehensive Security

    Lee, Jae Eun | 2013, 9(2) | pp.177~198 | number of Cited : 27
    The purpose of this study is to search for the newly emerging concepts and contents of comprehensive security and suggest the kinds of national crisis according to the change of national security environments. For achieving the goal, this paper reviewed some concepts of comprehensive security, human security, cooperative security or common security, and transnational threats. And the researcher has tried to find the changes of national security environments, for example, traditional military security environment change, emergence of economic security threat, importance of environmental security, significance of human security, etc. So, in this paper, national security from the perspective of comprehensive security can be defined as a state that protect a people, territory, sovereignty, and critical infrastructure from military and non-military crisis which threaten the sustainable development of a nation. In this context, national crisis can be classified as people living crisis, disaster crisis(natural and man-made disaster), traditional military crisis which threaten territory and sovereignty crisis, critical infrastructure crisis, etc.
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    Critical Review on the Korean Civil Participation in Criminal Trial to Overcome the Crisis of Peoples’ Confidence in Jurisdiction

    kwansig Choi | 2013, 9(2) | pp.199~214 | number of Cited : 7
    Civil participation in criminal trial has been introduced in Korean criminal trial system, but this system has many problems. The purpose that civil participation in criminal trial aims is that Peoples should participat7e in the fact-finding and the examination of an offense to certain degrees. These are not theoretical, transcendental problems but empirical, historical problems. Therefore to have more citizens-confidence in the criminal trial, right to decide throughly in the fact-finding and in some degrees in the examination of an offense should be given to the citizens(jury) in our advanced Civil participation in criminal trial. And in the Appeal Court of the Civil participation in criminal trial the second Civil participation in criminal trial should not be held because peoples’ will is only one, not two. Furthermore the Appeal Court of the Civil participation in criminal trial should be the structure of ex post facto review that prohibit appeal except serious defect having influence on the judgment. To the judgment, result of the Civil participation in criminal trial, the doctrine of prohibition of double jeopardy should be applied.
  • 13.

    A Historical Study on a Constitutional Crisis and Response: Focused on Constitutional Amendment of Rhee Syngman and a Political Upheaval

    Ja-Kyung Kwon | 2013, 9(2) | pp.215~246 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This study focuses on a constitutional crisis as a decision variable that build a nation under autocratic rule in South Korea. In the initial stages, constitutionalism secured democracy by establishing the constitution in order to protect the right of citizens from absolute monarchy, since then a crisis that a established constitution has invaded democracy has risen. After establishment of a constitution, Rhee Syungman President proclaimed martial law in Busan during the Korean War as he was losing his positions. Progressively, he made the selected amendment to the Constitution in 1952 and the rounding off to the nearest integer in 1954. Finally he used the method which was elected directly by the vote of the people with an aim of long-term seizure of power. This constitutional crisis caused imbalance of the power of the state and violations of basic human rights and it continues until now.