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2013, Vol.9, No.6

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    The Effects of Structural and Behavioral Changes in Organization during Crisis Overcoming Process on Organizational Commitment and Organizational Competences ‐ Focusing on Fire Accidents in Boryung Thermoelectric Power Plant -

    JuHo Lee | Yang Gi Geun | Ryu Sang Il and 1other persons | 2013, 9(6) | pp.1~20 | number of Cited : 20
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of structural and behavioral changes in organization during crisis overcoming process at fire accident in Boryung thermoelectric power plant on organizational commitment and organizational competences empirically and to find policy alternative to induce desirable organizational changes from such crisis experience. First of all, crisis experience itself can be an important driving force of organizational changes although organizational changes can be made while organizational experience is converted to knowledge through cognitive course and such organizational changes may be shared by organization. Especially, it was tried to verify the assumption that in crisis overcoming process, perception would bring positive changes to organizational commitment and organizational competences through empirical analysis. According to analysis, it was found through language network analysis that crisis overcoming process made effects on the perception of organization members and it brought structural and behavioral changes. Additionally, when standard multiple regression analysis was performed to identify the effects of successful crisis overcoming process on organizational commitment and competencies based on such changes of organization, it was found that structural and behavioral changes in organization through crisis overcoming process made direct effects on organizational commitment and coherence of the members, and organizational competences. There was an inclination that experience of ‘normal accident’ such as fire had was interpreted as organizational failure from the dimension of an organization and had been perceived as a negatively affecting factor. In crisis management field, discourse on organizational learning had focused on efficient crisis management method through knowledge transition and sharing rather than the effects of the crisis experience itself on the organization. However, as shown in this study, changes in perception of organizational members and structural changes of organizations induce positive changes on organizations and such organizational changes make positive effects on organizational commitment and organizational competencies.
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    A Study on Disaster Reports of the Korean Media - Focused on Daily Newspapers' Analyses of Typhoon, Heavy Rains and Heat Waves -

    Hang Min Cho | 2013, 9(6) | pp.21~44 | number of Cited : 16
    This study aims to analyze some main daily newspapers' report attitudes toward meteorological disasters having brought about a great deal of damage in 2012, such as typhoons, heavy rains and heat waves, out of all the disaster reports of the Korean media. As a result of analyzing the characteristics of reports, this study discovered that the Korean media tended to focus on reports about disasters during the period of a particular disaster, and most of the repots about disasters were basic information-centered 'Straight' type reports rather than in-depth reports. As a result of analyzing report contents, this study found out that the Korean media failed to provide sufficient information about disaster prevention and countermeasures for future similar disasters since most of the reports were focused on 'information about disasters' and 'damage extent'. As a result of analyzing news frames of disaster reports, this study found out there was no large difference in frame type of disaster reports between news media, and the majority of reports had 'damage/countermeasure information frames' substantially needed for readers having read news articles.
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    Spatial Analysis of Flood Damage Characteristics of Small and Medium-sized Cities and a Study on Urban Planning Methods for Flood Risk Reduction

    Byoungjae Lee | 김원현 | 송주일 and 1other persons | 2013, 9(6) | pp.45~64 | number of Cited : 4
    The primary cause of 2012 floods is the torrential rains fell in a short period of time, but urban development which did not take into account the risk of disaster damage weighted the flood damage. Especially, in the small and medium-sized cities which are in the status of the lack of disaster prevention budget and infrastructure, the damage was relatively bigger. Therefore, in this study, we examine the developmental and spatial characteristics of Korean small and medium-sized cities, conduct the spatial analysis and on-site investigations for Kunsan, Mokpo, Yeosu City which are damaged by flood in 2012, and analyze the flood damage charateristics. Based on flooded area spatial analysis, two types of flooded area characteristics are derived. One type is the funnel-shaped type which has the steep catchment area in a small area. And, the other type is the bowl-shaped type which has the gentle slope catchment area in a large area. For derived two types, urban planning adaptation methods which are the way for delaying and dispersion of runoff(funnel-shaped type) and the way for reducing runoff(bowl-shaped type) are proposed.
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    Strategy to Improve Operation System for Systematic Disaster Resource Mobilization

    Wooyoung Jung | Lee Chang Hee | JANG DAE WON | 2013, 9(6) | pp.65~80 | number of Cited : 5
    The damage caused by natural and human disasters has been increasing year by year. Yet, the maintenance and/or mobilization of disaster prevention resources for preventing damage from disaster have not yet been systematically established. In general, disaster cannot be completely prevented. However, National prevention and control measures could prevent from the huge casualties and property damage in the event of disaster. Current domestic disaster prevention system applies “top-bottom” operating system, controlled by Central Government branched with other cooperative system. Consequently, local governments are strongly dependent on the Central government system in the event of a large disaster. Therefore the rapid and efficient resource allocation is not efficiently in place. This system is different from disaster support system, where “bottom-up” approach is applied in the resource mobilization. This study focused on the efficient resource managements and operating plans for improving disaster resource mobilization. The result from this study will construct the advanced disaster resource mobilization system, and propose the administrative system for disaster prevention resource mobilization.
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    A Study on the Urban Disaster-Prevention Methods and Analysis of Flooding Characteristics of 4-Way Intersection Areas

    김원현 | Byoungjae Lee | 김재호 and 1other persons | 2013, 9(6) | pp.81~94 | number of Cited : 2
    Urban disaster risks have been increasing by climate change. Road surface runoff has markedly increased and it can aggravate flood damage in the city. Especially 4-way intersections should be managed against flood because of the reason of geographical conditions. The characteristics of flood hazard in 4-way intersections are related to a mixture of gentle and steep slope. It should be investigated for the purpose of reducing flood damage. Study area is a Kang-nam Station and the result of analysis is shown in 3 reasons. First, flood damage occurred within 3 hours, road surface runoff increased because of slopes and 1st floor of buildings were in the risk of flooding. Analysis is carried out focusing on land use, infrastructure and buildings through the GIS analysis and the field investigation. As a result, steep slope are has needed the measures to slow runoff speed and gentle slope area required as much as possible area of basin being newly obtained by using infrastructures. The improvement of road system against flood and strategy of land use for the purpose of a taking the detention basin are suggested. Lastly, a strategy of passage reservations in flood situation is checked.
  • 6.

    Case Analysis of Gas Fire Accidents

    홍지훈 | Chung, Yeong Jin | 2013, 9(6) | pp.95~110 | number of Cited : 0
    The gas as a fuel is a dangerous substance that can cause serious major disaster because this substance has hazardous properties: explosive and flammable. Fire occurs due to gas whose usage gradually has increased as an alternative energy source for oil, as analyzed in this study. As a results of the analysis of the statistics of the last five years(2007-2011) through the National Fire Information System of the National Emergency Management Agency(NEMA), fire due to an accident of gas has accounted for 9.2% of the entire fire: the annual average was 4,243 cases and the casualties was 282 persons(12.4%) in average. Its property damage was 26,555 million won in average(9.4%). Most of the causes of the gas fire accident are the negligence of operators as shown in many accident cases. To prevent these careless practices, this study will provide the information about the circumstances that may trigger accidents by analyzing characteristics of gas fire accident cases that have occurred in recent, and at the same time to raise awareness about the potential dangers that gas might cause in hopes that it would be helpful for precaution.
  • 7.

    Research on Protection Statement and Improvement of Personal Information

    신원부 | 김태훈 | 김종업 | 2013, 9(6) | pp.111~140 | number of Cited : 10
    Information & Communication Technology(ICT) is constantly evolving and providing new digital devices and services, such as smart-phone, SNS and cloud computing. "Smart Mobile Revolution" as called "the 4th Revolution has brought various conveniences more than we had previously thought. However, the Revolution has led to pressing questions like hacking & leak of personal information at the same time. In other words, with cloud computing and big data, the digital revolution has now brought smart working, but hacking & leak of personal information are soaring day by day. Protection of personal information will become even more important because of increase of smart phone use, SNS and cloud computing. At the same time, the use of information is directly linked to national competitiveness, so the leak personal information is the biggest stumbling block and issue. Therefore, central government should plan to introduce the protection system and technology of personal information. This study explores the statement and improvement of personal information focused on public sector. The study used the literature and empirical research method.
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    A Study of Directions of Development for the National Crisis Management Fundamental Law(Draft)

    김인태 | 2013, 9(6) | pp.141~166 | number of Cited : 6
    The National Crisis Management Fundamental Law, which was pursued in order to effect a swift coping mechanism to national crises in the wake of the 2010 sinking of the warship Cheonan, has been spinning its wheels three years since. If north Korea carries out localized provocations similar to its 2nd shelling of YeonPyung-Do, which governmental department should manage such a crisis under which legal basis? How should the Ministry of National Defense(MND), Ministry of Security & Public Administration(MOSPA), and other relevant Ministries, Agencies, and Local Governments respond? In the event of a national security crisis threatening the survival of the nation, the absence of an overarching parent law, a "National Crisis Management Fundamental Law", makes an organic and comprehensive national response difficult. The problem is that we poses neither a control tower that would prepare for a sequence of north Korean provocations, nor a comprehensive legal system that serves as a basic for such an organization. Therefore, this paper, agreeing with the necessity for enacting a National Crisis Management Fundamental Law, analyzes the current draft's shortcomings which include a fragmentation across governmental departments and conceptual redundancies. This paper focuses on resolving such shortcomings to enable an integrated legal system capable of effectively responding to complex crisis situations.
  • 9.

    A Study on the Characters of Sexual Crime and the Suggestion of Crime Prevention in Swimming Beach - Focus on the Cases Haeundae Swimming Beach in Busan -

    Kim, Jong-Oh | Hahm, Hye Hyun | 2013, 9(6) | pp.167~182 | number of Cited : 3
    In swimming beach which is pronominal avoiding summer heat during summer season, photographing as hidden camera and body touch inappropriately under seawater against women are criminal behaviors. In Haeundae swimming beach, 13.64 million people visited from June 1 to August 29 in 2012, overall 18 cases were arrested by investigating authorities of Maritime Police Agency about photographing as hidden camera and sexual infamy under seawater. Last year 8 cases were arrested, this year the trend of sexual crime is increasing. Especially foreign criminal is growing up and changing variously since Korea come to near multi culture society fundamentally. This paper analyzed materiality and characteristic of sexual crime occurring particular surface as summer swimming beach and looked around prevention countermeasures.
  • 10.

    A Study on Analysis of School Violence Governance

    KIM YOUNGJAE | 정상완 | 2013, 9(6) | pp.183~200 | number of Cited : 7
    Governance has become the most commonly used concepts in contemporary social science. This concept remains in many ways understood within the discipline. It is advocated to provide both more effective and democratic form of governing. Governance defined complex process through relation of school violence actor with interests interact in order to formulate, promote and management. They achieve shared goal by mobilizing, exchanging, negotiating and making rules. The study is analysis aims of school violence protection and solution governance. It consists of youth characteristics problem(mental and body) and harmful effect to personality. So public agencies concentrate the problem according to civil actor(corporation and NGO). This study method was based on literary researches and reviews through summarized main policies and theoretical study. And I construct model of Governance that aims to protection and solution school violence. For reviewing governance plan of school violence. Firstly, many public agencies campaign protection methods to student constantly. Secondly, relation of agencies shared damaged student personal information and connect to interactively. Thirdly, They use social network service on internet, exchange information school-ministry of education, make a specific program to teaching student, increase of teacher authority and so on. Lastly, police agency manages school violence solution actively and learned inter-disciplinary professional advice. Governance reflects general concerns about school violence in Korea how to understand the changing role of policy field. And solution about school violence governance in the public sector is about steering and management social problem through collaborate governance actor(police, education, law and so on) that aims to achieve common goals.
  • 11.

    Comparing Standards or Guidelines of Medical Devices Reimbursed by Longterm-Care Insurance in Korea, Japan, and Germany

    Young Ran Chin | Kim KwangByung | 2013, 9(6) | pp.201~224 | number of Cited : 7
    After long term-care insurance was introduced, about four years had passed. Among these benefits, medical devices benefits referenced the Japan's and German's extremely much before setting the benefits up. These two nation's standards or guidelines of medical devices benefits had focused on seven core points, those are facilities & manpower, subjects & the limit of benefit price, items of medical devices, service delivery types(lending, selling), offering payment, cleaning & disinfection of the devices, and quality management. The purpose of this study is comparing standards or guidelines of medical devices benefits in Korea, Japan and german, which is focused on the seven core points. Therefore, this study find out how the guidelines or standards will be revised for improving the quality of medical devices benefits. Our standards or guidelines had some shortcomings in manpower, monitoring of cleaning & disinfection, quality control of medical device itself, and counselling services. Besides, we need to diversify our medical device products so as to meet subjects demands and to develop quality control methods.
  • 12.

    Experiment of Geotube for the Prevention of Beach Erosion

    Park Byung Soo | Jeong, Gil-Soo | Shim Do Sik and 1other persons | 2013, 9(6) | pp.225~236 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is experimental research according to sand injection about the deformation and debris yield characteristics of geotextile tube which is focused as an alternative prevention method of beach erosion recently. Model of 1/40 scale to prototype was made to analyze the behavior of geotextile tube according to filling rate. At the beginning of experiment, stress deformation was increased at the upper tube when the sand was deposited at the bottom of tube. Load was uniformly distributed and the rate of coarse particle was high when the filling rate was low at the beginning of experiment. However, rate of fine particle was high when the filling rate was high. Furthermore, it was found that stress deformation was occurred at the bottom of tube from the beginning of filling. Bottom of tube was settled and compress deformation was occurred when the amount of filling sand was increased.