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2013, Vol.9, No.7

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    The Theory and Research Directions of Enterprise Risk Management

    Kim Eun-sung | 2013, 9(7) | pp.1~16 | number of Cited : 4
    No adequate analysis of enterprise risk management(ERM) has been done in Korea in spite of recent growing attention of private and public enterprises. This article explores theory and research directions of ERM. It first compares bureaucracy and network governance with ERM built on new public management theory in terms of power, organizational capacity vs risk size, style and stage of risk management, trust, and science. Second, this article explores the recent trends of ERM studies such as assemblages of ERM theories and techniques in practice, audit culture, and failure of organizational risk management. Finally, stressing the importance of an inductive and descriptive approach to ERM, this article suggests future ERM studies on the performativity of ERM theories, micro-social and macro-social causes of ERM successes or failures, and the relationship between uncertainty and key risk indicators.
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    Propose of Crisis Management and Communication Expertise for Ensuring Education and Training Program

    백진숙 | 2013, 9(7) | pp.17~34 | number of Cited : 3
    This study is intended to ensure effective crisis management communication skills training program planning and management, improvement proposals. Crisis management and communication systems proposed are as follows: Firstly, The current representatives are people with little or no education opportunities were getting an education a year. Moreover, the vision is not working-level education, personal, Confucius's proficiency in both normal or less. However, education and training is mostly needed in response to the quantitative expansion of the opportunities for professional education and training urgent. Secondly, due to the characteristics of the workforce currently circulating, many problems cannot be solved in a short period of time the training manuals and course materials, you need to first of all creation. In other words, even though the crisis management personnel changes can be applied easily by anyone understanding. Thirdly, for the sake of the execution of crisis management must be strengthened, or the entire mindset-Department Manager, public relations teams to participate, such as education, the process of discussion is essential. Normally, crisis management through education about the importance of internal communications in the event of a crisis, should be enlarged empathy efficiently managed and talks. Fourth, to train personnel for crisis management professionals is desirable and no wonder it takes a lot of time and money, but education. External lecturer, taking advantage of the absence of an internal expert agents on a regular basis, the need for crisis management in a short period of time, either for evaluation and possible cooperation on education and training. Last but not least, the staff crisis management is very important in understanding the current one phase is low, the degree to which other departments are also very low. This is due to participate in the evaluation or training for the qualification examination system, it is necessary to grant professional certification. Regarding the curriculum of communication for crisis management, like the present theory-centered education reflect the opinion of the staff rather than by the need to enhance rather than practical. Moreover, crisis management, evaluation and follow-up of crisis management for the sector should be included.
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    The Role of U. S. Military Forces and Its Implication for the Korean Military during Disaster Management

    Park Dong Kyun | 조기웅 | 2013, 9(7) | pp.35~56 | number of Cited : 9
    During large-scale disasters, governmentstypically request military involvement. People now question the capability of the private sector, state and local governments to respond to emergencies following their poor response to Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. Due to the military’s efficient response, its role was expanded within disaster management. After Katrina, the U.S. government created theDefense Authorization Bill in 2007 which supports presidential power to employ troops at the state and local level for reinforcement while mitigating the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which prohibited the military from enforcing civilian law. The National Guard can be deployed into the disaster areas and the Coast Guard, with its clear chain-of-command has a prominent role in disaster management. They were active during many disasters including Hurricane Katrina, Sandy and the Oklahoma tornados. This praxis in the U.S. can be applied to the South Korean military’s situation of crisis and emergency management. However, the Korean military’s roles are limited compared to those of the U.S. Thus, Korea could employ ‘mobilized divisions.’ These divisions could be used during emergencies and disasters in a similar manner to ensure quick response times. In addition, we can employ the military's clear chain-of-command to be better prepared for disasters. However, the military is not in complete unity, meaning it needs to further cooperate with civil governments and private organizations. Given the armistice with North Korea, it is not easy to mimic the U.S. military’s role in emergencies. Thus, employing the military in disaster management should not influence the national defense against North Korea. In addition, the military should not be misused for political purposes.
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    A Study on the National Crisis Management Organization & Operation System

    정찬권 | 2013, 9(7) | pp.57~76 | number of Cited : 4
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the national crisis management system and to propose a improved organization & operation system. So, I suggest the following steps be followed. First, In order to carry out the control tower of national crisis management system, The National Security Council's secretary should to be restoration. Also the office of National Security and the office of foreign affair and national security have to integrate because of it's function overlapping and in-efficiency. Second, The organization of the civil defense, emergency preparedness and, Disaster is to reorganize as soon as possible. For example, The Agency of National Civil Defense & Preparedness, The Agency of National Disaster Management. Lastly, for more effective the crisis management system of local government is to change the unified organization & operation model and relevant laws and regulation should be revised. In conclusion, for more effective national crisis management, we need to reconstruct the related organization and operation system.
  • 5.

    Study of Plan for Introduction of Fire Fighting Officer Labor Union

    Jin Chae | 2013, 9(7) | pp.77~102 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to suggest policies on introduction and activities of fire fighting officer labor union and to provide theoretical background for introduction of fire fighting officer labor union centering on discussion over establishment of fire fighting officer labor union by covering discussion of labor union for establishment of fire fighting officer labor union and analyzing the actual condition of fire fighting officer labor union activities. This study aims to propose the following policy alternatives for introduction of fire fighting officer labor union. First, argument for introduction of fire fighting officer labor union should be harmonized with public interests and social security. Fire fighting officer labor union activities should consider the protection of citizens' life and asset and improvement of public order and welfare important. Second, it is well known that working conditions of fire fighting officers are poor and therefore the appropriateness of introduction of fire fighting officer labor union should be sought in scholarly basis such as constitutional interpretation. Third, when the need of labor union is described based on a recommendation of international organizations such as ILO, and OECD, the recommendation must be emphasized. Fourth, mature labor-management culture that places an emphasis on win-win should be created. Labor movement should be recognized as the legal fundamental human right that is guaranteed by constitution and law. Fifth, in the past, Korean society had a negative view of labor union activities such as collective bargaining and strike for improvement of working conditions due to the manipulation of public opinion by developmental dictatorship. The public awareness of labor union activities should aim for improving working conditions, developing organization and eradicating corruption after emerging from ideological approach.
  • 6.

    A Study on Institution of Private Investigation - Focusing on Reasonable Proceeding about Personal Information of Private Investigation -

    Shin, Kwan Woo | 2013, 9(7) | pp.103~122 | number of Cited : 3
    The purpose of this study is to derives reasonable plan for the processing of Personal Information’s collection․utilization․offer in the course of private investigation. To do this, Compare legislation related to private investigation looks at scope of work and investigation procedure, think about the relationship between Private Investigation and Personal Information Protection Act. And the Private Investigation Procedure of Personal Information’s consent, the degree of the collection of personal information, status and rights of information subjects examined, Through this, reasonable plan for the processing of Personal Information was envisioned. For reasonable process of Personal Information, The following methods should be taken. First, At least for the Private Investigation operators’ collection of Personal Information the bill should write in Specific method of consent, If the contract the private operator have to explain about consent, to give a contract documents, consent documents, documents for explanation by the private operator should be included in the bill. Second, after contract through basic Investigation Private Investigation operators’s obligations for investigation plan writing and Notifications should be included in the bill. Third, Private Investigation operators in order to submit a Investigation report, to limit Information subject’s the right to request deletion and to request prohibition of processing, Legal basis is needed
  • 7.

    A Study on the Resource Recovery Facility’s Conflict Management for Successful siting and Operation - The Case of Seoul and Busan -

    Rheem Sangkyu | 2013, 9(7) | pp.123~142 | number of Cited : 1
    In this study, I have focused on the conflict management plan for resource recovery facility’s successful siting and operation. To that end, I investigated the case of resource recovery facilities in Seoul and Busan. I have divided the stage of conflict stages into 4, such as conflict expression stage, conflict amplifying stage, conflict transformation stage, conflict end. In the process of listening to the opinions of local residents, a lack of democracy, conflicts are now appearing by the unilateral decision by the notification. Implications which is derived on the basis of these examples are as follows. First, it is the policy of promoting energy and waste reduction. Second, it is supposed to be an institutional device for community participation. Third, it is supposed to be specialized institutions for conflict adjustment. Fourth, training the conflict management personnel. Fifth, construction of cooperative governance for conflict adjustment. Finally, it is a shift of consciousness. These solutions should not be promoted individually to solve the problem, they must be approached all together. Also, what is most needed in the context of these public conflict, harmony and interaction between government and citizens are essential.
  • 8.

    A Study on the Improvement of Fire Safety in Gosiwon Against to the Arson Fire

    김해만 | 최민기 | Choi, Donmook | 2013, 9(7) | pp.143~162 | number of Cited : 0
    Recently, buildings became larger, higher and more complex. There were many changes by rapidly growing industrialization. Gosiwons with an interior structure of small room of hive form used by many classes are growing. They are used as dwelling purpose substantially. They are used by not only examinees but also young single workers, foreign workers and poor classes in a city. Strong crime is also increasing by deepening of many social conflict. Especially, many life damages are happening as a don't ask crime, and arson. It is increasing and intended for unspecified individuals. Therefore, this thesis is formed to present the improvement method of all stability through example analysis about prevention of fire in Gosiwons and exaltation of practical discernment ability. I investigated the example analysis about arson and discernment skill of the cause of arson. On the basis of this investigation result, I also investigated the danger of arson fire and surveyed about the improvement method like system, law, architecture and safety facility.
  • 9.

    A Study on the Construction of Efficient Policy Implementation in National Maritime Police Agency(Korea Coast Guard) - Focused on the Illegal Fishing Work -

    Jang Cheol-Yeung | 2013, 9(7) | pp.163~184 | number of Cited : 4
    The study examines how the diffused and overlapped distribution of the executive power of the National Maritime Police Agency(Korea Coast Guard) adversely affects its policy efficiency. The research is focused on the following subjects. Firstly, the types and characteristics of the maritime policy and the legal and institutional demands for the more efficient policy implementation, Secondly, the comparative research in the organization and power distribution of the National Maritime Police(Korea Coast Guard) in other countries. Thirdly, the status of policy enforcement of the Maritime Police(Korea Coast Guard) in the supervisory and managerial area of fishing works. Fourthly, the search for a more effective and efficient policy implementation and execution system. The study point out the following problems that are to be solved immediately: legal constraint in dealing with the illegal fishing boats, wasting of budgets due to the overlapped jurisdiction between the National Maritime Police(Korea Coast Guard) and the Sea Fisheries Supervision Office, the limit of independent operation of the Sea Fisheries Supervision Office, the organizational overload of the existing maritime administration with the expanding burden of coastal guarding service, and the low efficiency in dealing with the illegal fishing works due to the diffused organizational system in managing illegal fishing works. The study suggests that it is needed to integrative diffused functions and organizations to improve the efficiency of policy execution, secure the financial optimal and make best of the human resources on the national level. To meet the above mentioned requirement, it is recommended to integrative the relevant law enforcement agencies into the National Maritime Police(Korea Coast Guard).
  • 10.

    A Study on the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome of Special a Duty Trainee

    Kim,Taeyeol | 2013, 9(7) | pp.185~202 | number of Cited : 8
    The document has been performed to the support of veterans medical policy and a level analysis of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome of special a duty trainee. This study performed to post traumatic stress syndrome a level analysis about social domographic a special characters and Military experience of special a duty trainee by MMPI - PTSD scale. The purpose of the study is to offer the basic data to the veterans medical policy which concern post traumatic stress syndrome of special a duty trainee. The major result of the research were as follows; First, The significantly differents analysis of post traumatic stress syndrome of special a duty trainee. by social domographic special characters was shown significantly higher(P<0.05, P<0.01, P<0.001) the category of a generation family, a school graduate, employee status(P<0.01), marriage status, residence at their own house, assistance status(P<0.01), income status(P<0.001). Second, The significantly differents analysis of post traumatic stress syndrome of special characters and Military experience were reported in significantly differents. the category of a partiaipcition motive(P<0.05). Third, The effect a factors was reported in employee status(P<0.05), income status(P<0.05), partiaipcition period(P<0.001), major duty(P<0.05), a partiaipcition motive(P<0.01), visit frequencyP(<0.05) about post traumatic stress syndrome of special a duty trainee by multiple regression analysis
  • 11.

    The Resource Recycling Measures for Problem Solution Caused by Greenhouse Gas Emmisions: Analysis on Combustion Properties of Swine Manure, Poultry Manure and Mixture

    Chung, Yeong Jin | 2013, 9(7) | pp.203~212 | number of Cited : 0
    Large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions have increased manure annually. Therefore, measures for global warming is urgent. To solve this problem, due to the resource recycling-energy for renewable energy research is needed. In this study, three kinds of manure(swine, poultry, and a mixure) was selected. And to evaluate the potential use of renewable energy, their combustion characteristics were investigated. After the sample was dried to a constant weight, cone calorimeter(ISO 5660-1) was used to test the combustion. It was found that the mean heat release rate(MHRR) in the swine manue(33.73 kW/m2) was high due to the combustive properties compared with poultry manure(28.45 kW/m2). On the contrary, the mean heat release rate of the poultry manure is relatively low because it's mineral content is high. Thus, for the production of renewable energy, a lot of manure hydrocarbon content is expected to be recycled.
  • 12.

    An Analysis of the Effect Factors for the Formation of Senior Friendly Industry Clusters by Logit Model - Focused on the Comparison Analysis of Social worker’s and Public Officials -

    Sungjin Nam | 2013, 9(7) | pp.213~238 | number of Cited : 0
    South Korea's aging problem than the speed issue seriously is not recognized. In order to prepare for the Senior-friendly development and to the development of the industry is very important. In particular, Senior-friendly building industry clusters related to the Senior-friendly businesses for the consumer and professional products and services gives. Community facilities and community-wide network of cooperation by the operation are expected to participate actively. The purpose of this study is desirable future Senior-friendly building industry cluster factors verify.Senior-friendly build industrial clusters is to analyze the effectiveness factors. Logit model by utilizing the effectiveness Senior-friendly building industry cluster impact of private and public workers should make a difference. First analysis, Wald statistic result, material resources(-.910), market concentration(0.586), market potential(0.758), hinterland(-.453), public support(-1.283), significant levels of both p <. 05 employees in the social welfare was a meaningful impact. Second, B is the sign of '+', the value of a variable with a value of 1 inside the larger group(the public social welfare workers) are more likely to belong to. Friendly industrial cluster analysis as in the old building on the impact on a particular area of private and public social worker, depending on the importance of influence can be seen that the incidence. Thus, the public and private sectors to develop at the same time, the welfare of the developed supply system based on pluralism and social welfare systems, older-friendly development of the industry is required.
  • 13.

    Variation of TDS Concentration with Longitudinal Dispersivity in Coastal Aquifer Considering Infiltration and Pumping

    박재성 | Hojin Lee | 2013, 9(7) | pp.239~250 | number of Cited : 0
    In order to solve water shortage problem in coastal area, groundwater was developed and used. However, the unplanned groundwater development in coastal areas caused many problems, and the typical problem is seawater intrusion. Seawater intrusion where saline water infiltrates into the fresh groundwater system along the coastal aquifer. The purpose of this study were to estimate the temporal and spatial variations of seawater intrusion at a selected coastal aquifer site. The variation of TDS concentration with dipersivity in coastal aquifer is simulated by using FEMWATER model, which is developed to simulate water flow and mass transport through saturated-unsaturated media.
  • 14.

    Evaluation of Rainfall Characteristic and Design Rainfall in Gangwon Area

    Kim, Byung Sik | 임주호 | 황대주 and 1other persons | 2013, 9(7) | pp.251~266 | number of Cited : 1
    Recently, abnormal weather due to climate change is gaining more attention worldwide. The concern is arising about the future climate change phenomena and its effects, caused by accelerating global warming and disaster occurrences are increasing worldwide. In South Korea, yearly mean precipitation 1375.4mm in 2000 is increased by 19% compared to 1155.6 mm in 1910 because of the global warming caused climate change and torrential rainfall occurrence(more than 100mm per day) frequencies in last decade(1999-2008) 385 is increased by 1.7 times than the 222 of 1970-1980. Gangneung recorded maximum daily rainfall of 870.5mm during typhoon Rusa in 2002 which caused many damages. In 2011, 1285.3mm total rainfall was recorded due to torrential monsoon rainfall from early July to mid August and in July, Seoul and capital region's torrential rainfall exceeded the 100 year design frequency and flooding caused big property damages and deaths in the central region. Likewise, climate change is causing changes in the patterns of extreme rainfall occurrence frequency and intensity. IPCC report, extreme rainfall occurrence frequency increases because of the climate change. While planning for water resource structure, facts of climate change and extreme rainfall event is an important variable to be included in the flood defence infrastructure by water resource engineers since it is becoming reality now to consider climate change. This study is done to analyze the effect of climate change, especially, on rainfall in the Gangwon-Yeongdong area using the historical rainfall data and through interpretation of frequency analysis, the effect on designed rainfall is analyzed. This paper is arranged in the order by chapters: 1. Introduction, 2. literature review, 3. Methodology, 4. Application and results. finally, 5. Conclusion.
  • 15.

    Disaster Management and Role of Local Government: Lesson from Hull's Experience

    이현웅 | Hyun-jae Choi | Kim, Jong-Eop | 2013, 9(7) | pp.267~290 | number of Cited : 0
    In these times of escalating concern over global warming and its effects on weather patterns, as well as the size and frequency of natural disasters, it seems fitting to analyse and discuss how effectively governments are planning for disasters and whether they are responding to them appropriately. During the summerof 2007 the United Kingdom experienced some of the worst flooding in its history, with the city of Hull amongst the worst affected. An examination of the government handling of mitigation measures and disaster response in this instance raises comparisons to the 2011 heavy rain related flooding in Seoul, South Korea. These events are especially appropriate for comparison given the vulnerability of each city and general feeling of dissatisfaction among residents. This paper examines each event individually and presents a comparison of the actions and inactions of each local government. The result is a call for stronger and more decisive measures to combat climate change and protect vulnerable populations more efficiently against natural disasters.