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2013, Vol.9, No.8

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    Role and Support System of Social Economic Organization in Disaster Recovery Process - Focused on Flow of Relief Funds for Great East Japan Earthquake -

    Nemoto Masatsugu | 2013, 9(8) | pp.1~20 | number of Cited : 7
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    The one of the most important role of social economic organization for disaster recovery is to prevent gentrification, minority exclusion and various problems of sustainable development. This study analyzed the role and support system of social economic organization for disaster recovery related with government fund and individual donors at disaster stricken area of East Japan Earthquake. As a result, government fund can provide large scale subsidy but its term is limited. In other hand, donation by individual can build sustainable relationships between social economic organization and regional society includes donors because of the long term supporting system with intermediary organization. In Japan, certificated NPOs and donors can receive tax benefit under some required conditions. Thus it is worth considering to promote intermediary organization and tax benefit law for donor and social economic organization also in Korea.
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    The Difference of Fire Department Activation between Real and Movie(Tower & Banchangkko)

    Kim Hye Sun | Ho Jung Kim | 정석환 | 2013, 9(8) | pp.21~32 | number of Cited : 0
    To suggest the proper role of fire department to people with the difference of fire department activation between real and recent movie(Tower & Banchangkko, South Korea. 2012) Methods: We selected recent 2 korean movies set in fire department, which more than 1,000,000 peoples had seen. We enrolled the each scenes compared with the property of real activation using by 5 likert scale, related law and references. Initially, we selected total 30(19 Tower & 11 Banchagkko) scenes and excluded 17 scenes with 5 scale. Finally, 13(9 Tower & 4 Banchagkko) scenes were enrolled and compared with real fire actions. Instrument, protection, duty and field action were main differences and main subject material such as volunteer fire department also was used differently. We found that, In disaster and emergency care, fire department would perform the different role with famous movie. Therefore, emergency physicians and the fire community should correct the fault scenes and stories in movie.
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    Desirable Reorganization Direction of Firefighting Administration - Focusing on Democracy and Efficiency -

    Ryu Sang Il | Lee, Min-kyu | 2013, 9(8) | pp.33~46 | number of Cited : 4
    The purpose of this study is to review the desirable reorganization direction of firefighting administration focusing on democracy and efficiency from the perspective of monoism or dualism of politics and administration, in other words from the perspective of paradigm shift of science of public administration regarding the question of the future of current metro firefighting system to go to local government controlling system or to national firefighting system. Conclusively, the core of the discourses regarding the reorganization of current metro firefighting system leads to the question if we want to enhance the democratic characteristics or to enhance the efficiency of firefighting administration.
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    How Do they Manage Personal Information in Hospital? - A Survey Study for IT Governance in Hospitals -

    정혜정 | Nam-Hyun Kim | 2013, 9(8) | pp.47~66 | number of Cited : 2
    IT governance aims at risk mitigation and business value delivery. Human resources are important assets of organization but also can be key factor of the threat and vulnerability which may harm that system. Personal information has two sides as the most valuable asset of organization and the target to be protected by the privacy law. The law strictly restricts use of personal identifiable information and sensitive information within narrow limits. To achieve the primary goal, medical treatment, healthcare organizations must deal with personal information. This study is to investigate inherent vulnerability through research survey of hospital staffs who manage information and to examine whether personal health information is safe from threat. 70% of respondents use weak password and one third of them share their password with others. 50.6% of respondents set password for access operating system and only 31.2% log out when not in use. 48.5% save confidential information in their personal storage and only one fourth execute encryption.
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    The Importance of Private Investigation Education, Status and Direction

    Sunggu Jo | Kim, Dong-Je | 2013, 9(8) | pp.67~86 | number of Cited : 6
    This study is done in the country phonetically for the education of the private investigation business explores were discussed on the basis of the study. First, the importance of education in the private investigator business specificity factor 23(36.5%), quality 14(22.2%), professional training 11(17.4%), bisexual nine(14.2%), on-site business center 3(4.7%), institutionalized training 3(4.7%) were categorized as. Second, the private investigator a result of examining the status of education and training provision absence of training 33(52.3%), differences in the ability of companies exist, 12(19.0%), level of functionality for customers 10(15.8%), four vocal problems of operation(6.3%), and need to retrain four(6.3%) were categorized as. Third, the private investigation training certifications direction of the 21(37.5%), higher education 18(32.1%) of the legislation passed six(10.7%), the importance of personal information, 5(8.9%), national training 3(5.3%), co-developed and three(5.3%) are categorized as the most important certifications were granted. Based on the findings of a private investigation private investigation training for the comprehensive look at the training that is important due to the uniqueness of the work displayed, and due to the absence of a legal basis in the country of training was that the provisions at issue do not. The future direction of private investigation training private investigator in the capacity of a nationally recognized qualification and training to be carried out accordingly was that.
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    Analysis of Searching Methods about Emergency Medical Informations According to the People Who Admitted In Emergency Department

    Kim Hye Sun | Ho Jung Kim | 2013, 9(8) | pp.87~94 | number of Cited : 0
    Purpose: To search how public people take the emergency medical information. Methods: We enrolled the people who admitted to our emergency department as patient or family or visitor. Prepared requesting paper was gave and collected to them who was signed after explanation about this study. All data were analyzed with statistical program. Results: 180 peoples(104 female, mean age 38) were enrolled. In searching method, 79 health broadcasting program was larger than others(61 internet, 27 medical book, 13 others). 'Naver' was larger than others(37 'google', 27 'NATE', 24 'DAUM', 5 others) in internet site comparison. Smartphone was largest in internet method. In TV program, 42 'Risk Rescue No. 1' and 34 'Vitamine' were larger than others( 27 News, 26 others, 24' Achim-Madang', 15'Saeng-Saeng-Jeongbotong', 12 'Live oneulachim'). Couclusions: On searching emergency medical information in the public, TV medical information program was largest method and 'Risk Rescue No. 1' was best. Smart phone was mostly used to access the internet and 'Naver' was often visited in internet site.
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    Ultralight Flying Device of Potential Threats Analysis and Counter-Terrorism Strategy

    채병민 | 류지연 | 2013, 9(8) | pp.95~114 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this research is the use of air as a means of leisure sports, but the device was recognized ultralight flying air attacks by terrorists in the future as a means of analysis of the emergence and the virtual one potential threat of terrorism is to research the exploratory strategy. The research presented in this ultralight flying devices from the point of view of the pre-emptive counter-terrorism strategy, the implementation of international terrorism is almost impossible to predict the future by considering the environmental situation in the country as part of crisis management should place an active review time of need.
  • 8.

    A Study on the Diagnosis and Improvement of Managing for Fiscal Emergency in Local Government

    Park Jung Min | 정민석 | Ryu Sang Il | 2013, 9(8) | pp.115~138 | number of Cited : 7
    The current study aims to address predictable variables affecting the financial crisis of local government and to further suggest more efficient ways of improving the financial management, specifically focusing on the Jeollanam-do province. To this end, this study analyzes the operating state of the management system for the local government's financial affairs, and then seeks alternative and ideal plans so as to overcome the local government's financial crisis. It can be possibly assumed that the fundamental contributors of fiscal emergency may occur primarily due to two factors. First of all, more recently, economic recession as well as tax reduction policy done by central government could cause the decrease of local financial income. Furthermore, as the ration of financial burden in local autonomous government, for instance, social welfare expense, event planning, and wasteful expenditure, is mostly increasing, issuing of local debt has, in turn, been raised. From a prior crisis management perspective, nevertheless, functions of the early warning system are somewhat insufficient, and more effectiveness for measuring financial soundness are also needed in a post- crisis management perspective, along with a precise understanding of the current management system of local financial crisis. Taken as a whole, in an attempt to verify the best means of improving the fiscal emergency in local government, it would be argued that analyses of local finance, reinforcement of systems for safety diagnoses, improvement on the early warning system, enhancement of efficiency for finance, materialization of financial burden between governments, avoidance of operating local finance with soft budget constraints, and modification of a system for local finance management are indeed required to aid as well as maximize the improvement of fiscal emergency in local government.
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    The Application of Small Scale Rainwater Harvesting System for Securing Water of Highland Agriculture

    Jun Kye Won | Chang Deok Jang | 정승권 and 1other persons | 2013, 9(8) | pp.139~150 | number of Cited : 1
    Recently, drought and rainy season are getting more serious. It is getting hard to forecast about drought because drought frequency is getting shorter than before. In 2009(winter) and 2012(summer), Taebaek-si was suffered from enormous damage due to the drought. Particularly, in 2009, cost of damage due to drought and restriction on water supply for 87days were estimated daily life sector 134 billion won, industry sector 338 billion won, the public sector 47 billion won, mental and social damage 1,430 billion won. The other big issue of Taebaek is decrease in products of Highland Agricultural caused by the drought. Highland chinese cabbage which is the most important agricultural product in Taebaek-si account for 95.9% of all agricultural production of Taebaek-si and account for 86.6% of all gross area. For this reason, chinese cabbage of Taebaek-si is tropical agricultural product and is in charge of supply cabbage definitely. It is considered that if small scale rainwater harvesting system would be installed in highland agriculture area, it could reduce damage of drought at low cost and damage of cabbage would be decrease by system. For this study, We have researched regarding current status of Small Scale Rainwater Harvesting System of Highland Agriculture area in Taebaek-si and have compared with the amount of damage and installation cost in case of drought for the beneficial effects of Small Scale Rainwater Harvesting System, flexible supply of water and damage minimization of agricultural products.
  • 10.

    Implementation Strategies for Module Organization of Korean Civil Defense System - Focused on Disaster Management System -

    Mi-jeong Lee | 2013, 9(8) | pp.151~168 | number of Cited : 5
    This study examines a proposal for module organization in Korean civil defense system, which based on integrated disaster management system in FEMA. The study ends by suggesting short and mid-long term implementation strategies for module organization in civil defense system in Korea. To carry out the proposal, the study concludes that it is necessary to have to be preceded as follows; First, unification between National disaster management system and civil defense system, reinforcement cooperativeness and organicity of inter-agency assigned responsible for disaster management, and establishment integrated disaster management system to sustain liaison between central-local government. In short term, construction the Incidence Command Post in community to control disasters, maintenance of unification between disaster administrative organization and civil defense organization in local government. In mid-long term, organization a variety of form of civil defense to concern of community specification and vulnerability, and enforcement the competency of the disaster management to involve citizen and promote people with special skills and abilities.
  • 11.

    An Introductory Study on the Necessity of Firefighting Day's Alteration

    seongcheon woo | 채진 | 2013, 9(8) | pp.169~192 | number of Cited : 1
    Anniversary means the day to remember and celebrate what should be congratulated or honored every year based on government's regulation about all kinds of anniversaries, etc. On the dates, each institution significantly improves meaning of the anniversaries and seeks new development and maturation by holding the anniversary event or other events. However, if looking back on the history of anniversary event for the 50th firefighting day on Nov. 09, 2012, we cannot help being doubtful if Nov. 09 is significant day as a firefighting day. The purposes of this research are to shed new light on the time, reason and object of firefighting day historically, examine changes of firefighting day so that it can be significant day like all of national anniversaries(legal anniversaries) or firefighting day of other countries in spite of repenting of the missing a chance and suggest the necessity to alter firefighting day which is suitable for firefighting day firefighting officers can possess pride and rewarding by seeing the anniversary suitable for firefighting day and new firefighting day. For the enactment of firefighting day by each institution and each country, there are sufficiently objective reasons and motives which can celebrate by the institution and each country. But, this research suggested that new firefighting day of matured firefighting organization should be altered to firstly the day to use the word of firefighting in our history, secondly the day when Korean firefighting organization(government office) was established for the first time, thirdly the day Korean National Emergency Management Agency was inaugurated, etc. by indicating that our firefighting day was enacted by only the reason emergency number is 119.
  • 12.

    An Empirical Study on Organizational Behavior of the Street Level Fire Service Officials - Focused on the Relationships with Self Leadership, Organizational Commitment, Innovative Behavior, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior -

    Dae-Young An | 서강현 | Jeong, Hong-Sang | 2013, 9(8) | pp.193~210 | number of Cited : 14
    This is an empirical study on organizational behavior of the street level fire service officials, focused on the relationships with self leadership, organizational commitment, innovative behavior, and organizational citizenship behavior. As a data collection method, we commissioned a questionnaire survey to find out the relationships with self leadership, organizational commitment, innovative behavior, and organizational citizenship behavior. The respondents for our study were the street level fire service officials in Gyeongsangbuk-do. In order to analyze the data, we used such statistical techniques as Cronbach Alpha Coefficient, and Structural Equation Modeling. On the basis of such data analyses, the study shows that self leadership, which is mediated by organizational commitment, could positively affect innovative behavior, and organizational citizenship behavior directly or indirectly in the case of the street level fire service officials.
  • 13.

    A Study on the Consciousness of Veterans Related to Security Crisis of University Students

    Kim,Taeyeol | 2013, 9(8) | pp.211~229 | number of Cited : 2
    The study has been performed by the promotion of patriotism and veterans Consciousness of University Students. This study suggest to level analysis of Veterans Persons Recognition, a Memory day, Facility and Community about University Students. The study questionaque methods was performed by Likert five point scale major focus was social domographic a characters of University Students. The purpose of the study is to offer the basic data to the promotion patriotism and security spirit which concern University Students. The major result of the research were as follows: First, The significantly differents analysis about Veterans Persons Recognition of University Students by social domographic special characters was shown significantly higher(P<0.05, P<0.01, P<0.001) the sex(P<0.001) the category of a generation family(P<0.01), a special study division(P<0.001) study grade division(P<0.05) veteran subject experience(P<0.001). Second, The significantly differents analysis about a memory day of University Students by social domographic special characters was shown significantly higher(P<0.001) the sex(P<0.001), a special study division(P<0.001), study grade division(P<0.001) veteran subject experience(P<0.001). Third, The significantly differents analysis about Veterans Facility and Community of University Students by social domographic special characters was shown significantly higher(P<0.05, P<0.001) the sex(P<0.001), study grade division(P<0.05) veteran subject experience(P<0.001).