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2013, Vol.9, No.11

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    Introduction of Trends in Reporting Science Technology Risk by Korean Media - Focusing on Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Nanotechnology in Major Daily Newspapers -

    SONG, HAE RYONG | Hang Min Cho | 2013, 9(11) | pp.1~18 | number of Cited : 3
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    This study explored the reporting trends related to advanced science and technology by Korean media with a specific example, nanotechnology. In fact, this study derived various discussions and suggestions by analysis of newspaper coverage of nanotechnology in major Korean daily newspapers. The main study results are as follows: First, according to the general trends in reporting nanotechnology, there were not many articles compared with the importance and public concern. Second, according to the empirical analysis results of the articles, most of the Korean newspaper coverage related to nanotechnology was quoted from the research presentations of university professors and researchers in Korea. It was shown that most of the themes stagnated at the level of 'basic technology/studies' and 'business market/economics'. Moreover, there were remarkably few profound themes dealing with social adaptability of nanotechnology such as 'risk' and 'society/morality' and problems caused by the risk. Furthermore, there was a strong tendency to publish articles with emphasis on the positive aspects of nanotechnology than dealing with possible problems caused by it or negative aspects. Third, according to the observation results of risk themes, there was remarkable health-related risk caused by nanotechnology. However, it was shown that there was a tendency not to mention the countermeasures that can solve actual risks in the process of dealing with the risk themes.
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    A Case Study for the Slope Face Collapse and Occurrence of Debris Flow According to Heavy Rain

    Park Byung Soo | 서흥석 | 2013, 9(11) | pp.19~30 | number of Cited : 3
    This is a study about the analysis of cause of landslide and rainfall characteristics for the slope face and debris flow occurred in Hoengseong Gangwon Province in the year 2013. From the results of field test for the one artificial slope face and two mountain area, it was found that thinning-out trees laid everywhere in mountain area interrupted the drainage and catched rain water. Therefore, it affected slope failure. Furthermore, slope failure was occurred because of no drainage facility and compaction failure in somewhere. By the way, the maximum rainfall intensity, day rainfall amount, and accumulated rainfall amount were exceeded the limit of landslide watch in Korea Foreset Service. It could be determined that sharp slope area was collapsed by heavy rain and saturated by long term rainfall.
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    A Study on Standard Research Classification of Disaster/Safety Research Arena

    Keum Ho Oh | 유병태 | SangHyun Park and 1other persons | 2013, 9(11) | pp.31~48 | number of Cited : 4
    In 2002, National Science and Technology Standard Classification System(NSTSCS) is enacted in order to manage efficiently budget, information, human resources and research projects related on national science and technology. NSTSCS has a foundational role for directing the national research strategies, which allocate efficiently the limited resources and maximize effectively the research accomplishments. Disaster/Safety Research Arena has got a significant attention from the people with the expectation of realizing the safe and happy society, so that the R&D budget related to Disaster/Safety has increased continually. Nevertheless, Disaster/Safety Research Arena is not accepted as a branch of national research areas and its sub-fields are sporadically allocated to sub-divisions of other research fields. This situation causes the difficulty to grasp the state of Disaster/Safety R&D projects and guide the consistent strategy for research investments. It does not agree with the national goal that is realizing ‘safe and synthetic society’ through activating Disaster/Safety research and developing useful technologies for disaster preparedness. In order to systemizing the national disaster/safety research area, it is necessary to make a disaster/safety area branch in the NSTSCS, which will be a helpful foundation for establishing the identity of Disaster/Safety area and operating systematic management of research projects. In this study, the historical development directions of NSTSCS is researched and the problems on operating the national Disaster/Safety research projects is investigated and analyzed. The conceptual frame for selecting sub-divisions of disaster/safety area is considered. Finally, the standard research classification of disaster/safety research area is suggested.
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    Impact Analysis of Flood Discharge of Han River Basin under Climate Change

    Kim, Byung Sik | 2013, 9(11) | pp.49~64 | number of Cited : 1
    This study examines and analyzes how climate change affects flood discharges in the Han River basin. In order to consider climate change, this study uses the RCP 8.5 climate change scenario and predicts the probable rainfall for each frequency. In order to analyze flood discharges in the Han River, this study chooses the areas around the Soyang Dam, the Chungju Dam, and the Paldang Dam, and uses the HEC-1 model to predict the rainfall-runoff for each. The analysis reveals that the amounts of flood discharges in the areas around the Soyang Dam, the Chungju Dam, and the Paldang Dam will increase in two of the future periods(i.e., Future 1, from 2011 to 2040, and Future 3, from 2071 to 2100) in comparison to the reference period(i.e., 1981-2010), after showing a slight tip in Future 2(i.e., 2041 to 2070). As for the probability flood discharge, the amount is likely to increase overall throughout the experiment period(i.e., 2011 to 2100) in comparison to the reference period. In particular, the margin of increase will be especially greater around the Soyang Dam than around the other two dams. The increase in flood discharges reflects the increase in the amounts of rainfalls predicted according to the RCP 8.5 climate change scenario. Climate change, in other words, is expected to increase the future magnitude of flood discharges significantly, posing a significant challenge to the water management policy for rainy seasons.
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    Numerical Analysis and Hydraulic Model Experiment for Structural Behavior of Geotexitile

    Shim Do Sik | Lee Jongho | 2013, 9(11) | pp.65~76 | number of Cited : 0
    The objective of this study is to investigate coastal applicability of geotextile through numerical analysis and hydraulic model exeperiment. Hydraulic model exeperiments were conducted in three cases: gexotile installed, normal geotextile installed, and modified geotextile permeability. Test result shows that installation of geotextile has prevention effect for costal erosion. Furthermore, in numerical analysis results to investigate behavior of geotextile in case of sand filing, shear stresses concentrate and increse the lateral direction under the geotextile as effect of overburden load. Also, shear stresses increase under the backface of backfill structure and displacement was occurred the maximum value at the side flexure as influence of backfil load.
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    Countermeasure of Maritime Police against HNS Disaster Accident

    yung-hyun yu | 2013, 9(11) | pp.77~92 | number of Cited : 4
    Like Herbei Spirit oil spill accident on December 7, 2007, accidents with HNS with marine transport may cause huge human and physical damages as a catastrophe if any. Accordingly, this study analyzed HNS accident control system of foreign countries and in Korea followed by a proper measurement to intensify. As countermeasures, integrated instruction and cooperative system establishment of various associated institutions, reinforcement of HNS accident prevention facilities, development of HNS response information support system and systematic management of the object of priority control by marine police are required. However, more than anything else, it is utmost essential to make every effort to prevent HNS accidents.
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    Effects of Crisis Responsibility and Crisis Communication Strategies on Acceptance and Public Relationship in Case of Blog Crises

    정혜승 | Yung Wook Kim | 2013, 9(11) | pp.93~114 | number of Cited : 8
    This study aims to examine to what extent crisis responsibility and crisis communication strategies adopted are accepted by the public when a power blog copes with a crisis and their effects on the public relationship. The experiment scenario took into consideration of the level of crisis responsibility and the type of crisis communication strategies. Blog crises were categorized into high and low responsible crises based on attribution theory and crisis communication strategies included the rebuild, diminish, and deny strategies based on the Situational Crisis Communication Theory(SCCT). The results indicated that crisis types and crisis communication strategies had main effects on the level of acceptance, but the interaction effect was not found. People had favorable attitudes in case of a low responsible crisis and the usage of the rebuild strategies. The interaction effect on the public relationship was found, but the main argument of linking crisis types and crisis communication strategies in the SCCT was not verified. Also the diminish strategy got the lowest score on the acceptance of crisis communication strategies and the public relationship, which is contrary to the SCCT argument. These results implied that the SCCT should take into account other variables when applied in the Korean situation. Theoretical ramifications were discussed based on the results.
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    A Comparison of Police Administration Major Graduates' Gender Qquality Consciousness and Conventional Wisdom toward Sexual Harrassment and Those of Other Major Graduates'

    Chol Eun Ha | 2013, 9(11) | pp.115~132 | number of Cited : 5
    A comparison of police administration major graduates' gender equality consciousness and conventional wisdom toward sexual harrassment and those of other major graduates'. This study aims to enhance sex awareness through a comparison research on police administration major graduates' gender equality consciousness and conventional wisdom toward sexual harrassment and those of other major graduates'. The matter of what to major in a university or a college affects a great deal on any undergraduate' career path in the early stage of his or her adulthood and furthermore the level of a police administration major graduate's sex awareness can be understood as an aspect of occupational socialization in police organization culture. Accordingly, It is natural to say that gender equality consciousness and conventional wisdom toward sexual harrassment are indirect scales that can be used in measuring the level of consciousness of police organization in the future. Presently, sex awareness sensibility has been demanded more highly than ever to the police due to female officers' expended hiring and role diversification in the long time existing male oriented organization culture, therefore awareness of sex human right must be cultivated to keep pace with this trend. Thus while most universities and colleges have endeavored to job professionalization and characterization, now is the high time to pay attention to sex human right education.
  • 9.

    Factors Affecting the Suicide Ideation and Attempted Suicide of the Elderly at Risk for Depression - Focused on Chungcheongnam-do -

    EUISEONG SOHN | Soo Kyung Moon | 2013, 9(11) | pp.133~154 | number of Cited : 25
    This study examines factors related to suicide ideation and suicide attempt caused by depression for elderly who are living in Chungcheongnam-do, an area with the highest suicide rates in Korea. Based on the result of this study, the way of preventing suicide among elderly is suggested. The participants of this study are elderly suffering from depression and over 65 years old. Among the 7,310 participating respondents, 25.1% experienced suicide ideation and 4.6% attempted suicide. According to the result of logistic regression analysis, elderly under 74 years old living in urban area, with high level of education, low level of physical function, high depression and stress level, and low level of family relationship and social relation were more likely to have suicide ideation. And elderly under 74 years old living in urban area, with high depression and stress level, low level of family relationship and suicide ideation were more likely to attempt suicide.
  • 10.

    A Exploratory Study on Safety of Personal Assistance Services at Home - Focused on Mistreatment Experiences of Severe Disabled-

    Kim Dong Ki | Susie Park | 2013, 9(11) | pp.155~172 | number of Cited : 2
    This study analyze a influence of service agency and service consumer characteristics, on the essential standard "safety from mistreatment", in a provision of personal assistance service for disabled. For this purpose is used as a secondary date 「A survey on personal assistance service for disabled』, which is investigated by Ministry of Health and Human Service in 2012. As a results is founded influences of the following, also age, education, physical disability and depression, as service consumers characteristics. On the service provision side, the followings affect on "safety of service consumer from mistreatment", also, thoughtful attitude and gender of service provider, service hours and adequately answer the emergency call, as service agency characteristics. Finally, it suggests a regular monitering of service, reinforcement of education for service provider, improvement of service price, presentation of personal size as implications for a attainment to security of "safety from mistreatment" in a provision of personal assistance service for disabled.
  • 11.

    The Study on National Crisis Management through the Efficient Activation of Civil Defense

    sim min suk | 2013, 9(11) | pp.173~200 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Taking advantage of national civil defense system to overcome the national crisis is very efficient. Improvement way of the civil defense system is to redefine the concept of civil defense in accordance with an integrated emergency management system(IEM), is to organize a dedicated agency, is to be run civil defense training in the school, is to reform the civil defense organization.
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    A Study on the Process of Policy Agenda Formation - Focused on the ‘Act on Medication Treatment of Sexual Impulse of Sex Offenders’ -

    LEE DONG KYU | 손현태 | 안경찬 | 2013, 9(11) | pp.201~220 | number of Cited : 4
    Public interest in sex violent crime has been increases over recent years, as evidenced by the growth. In order to prevent other types of sex offender from repeating their crimes, this study has focused on the agenda setting processes of ‘chemical castration’ based on historical facts. A particular process by the lead group, as well as public interest in the agenda setting process. The results of the case study reveal that there are three types of agenda setting processes in chemical castration policy by Cobb & Elder, Ross & Ross. The first round was established in inside access model of agenda setting by congress. The second round was renewed in outside-initiation model of agenda setting. The third round was decided in new consolidation model between inside access model and outside-initiation model of agenda setting. Agenda setting process of chemical castration has been changed consolidation model with issue initiator as a policy provider and publics.
  • 13.

    A Study for the Foot-and-mouth Disease Burial Site Monitoring Well Installation Guideline

    전상미 | Park,Jae-Hyeon | Park, Chang-kun | 2013, 9(11) | pp.221~238 | number of Cited : 1
    Between January 2010 and March 2011, Foot-and-mouth disease was occurred in the whole country; about 3.5 million livestock were destroyed which the burial site reaches more than 4,600 places. In this study the present state of burial site(locaional characteristics of burial site, vulnerability, existence of mositoring well etc.) by types was analyzed and establish the GIS Database was established so as to solve the livestock burial site problem accurs on a large scale. 143 burial sites were selected as a sample surbey and performed a field inestigation. As well as to prevent secondary environmental pollution(groundwater pollution and river pollution etc.) by leachate, the monitoring well installation guideline was proposed and apply to sample survey sites. The results show that 11% of the whloe burial sites(based on 4216 sited locations) are installed on the mountain, 17% are beside the river and 72% are on the plain site. Only 32.7% of the survey sites have a monitering well. As the results of applying such the monitoring well installation guideline to the sample surbey 143 sites, more than 39 sites were installed without relating with groundwater flow or lacked of monitering well number and only 27 sites are appropriate for the monitoring well installation guideline(monitering well location , numbers etc.).
  • 14.

    A Study on the Status of Pharmaceutical Quality Management System in the Persepctive of Recall Issue of Children’s Antipyretic Oral Suspension and Introducing Advanced Management Model in Korea

    김정연 | KyengHeeKwon | 2013, 9(11) | pp.239~272 | number of Cited : 2
    Despite progresses since the Korea GMP in 1994, there still appears deficiencies such as the recent recall issue of children’s antipyretic oral suspension. To overcome this limitation, those countries like US have introduces Quality by Design and Quality Risk Management, which Korea needs to adopt yet. This study compared the GMP and the relevant regulations of Korea with those of US, EU and ICH. The result suggests as follows; first, strategy for establishing infrastructure for QbD and QRM, Second, draft GMP revision to adopt risk management. Third, draft approval regulation for QbD/QRM products, Fourth, the need for introducing risk-based approach, fifth, industry’s early adoption of QbD/QRM.
  • 15.

    Perception of Patient Safety Culture and Safety Care Activity among ICU Nurses

    LEE JI MIN | Hong, SungJung | Park Min Hyang | 2013, 9(11) | pp.273~290 | number of Cited : 19
    The study findings suggest that in order to improve the nurses perceived level of patient safety culture and safety care activity, the hospitals need to establish communication system and patient safety committees. and need to be improved through continuous education, evaluation and researches.
  • 16.

    Comparative Study on Responsibility Span of Firefighting Facility Inspection Area - Comparing with Electricity Facility Area -

    오상환 | Yoon Myongo | 2013, 9(11) | pp.291~308 | number of Cited : 0
    To prevent a fire accident for the protection of precious human life, the first thing is to combine building design, construction supervision and maintenance into one like the trinity system. This study reviewed the rationality of construction supervision codes about firefighting facilities with comparing electricity supervision codes. First of all, the supervision’s spasticity of firefighting facility area is higher than electricity area. Second, The span of responsibility is wider and severity of punishment is stronger than electricity supervision codes. Because of these regulations, supervision specialists of firefighting facility area perceived that the codes are irrational and overly regulated. Survey revealed that irationality of the codes leads to high anxiety level of supervision specialists.
  • 17.

    The Expansion of the Electronic Monitoring System and the Prohibition of Retrospective Punishment

    Jeong Cheol Ho | Kwon youngbok | 2013, 9(11) | pp.309~328 | number of Cited : 0
    Electronic Monitoring system was introduced to prevent the specific crimes in high recidivism rate and that arouses irrecoverable invasion to legal interests such as sexual crimes, murders, and kidnaps of under-aged person. In the initial stage of it's introduction, there were controversial arguments on the possibility of violation of the principle of double punishment prohibition. In the meantime, based on the public opinion, the legislators provided the supplementary provision on 15 of April in 2010, which allows retroactive application to ex-convicts who commit a crime before the enforcement of the act of attachment of electronic device for position tracking. Due to this, there was another argument which doubts about the fact whether retroactive application of Electronic Monitoring system violates legal security, protection of trust of criminals and then the principle of legality and the principle of non-retroactivity of punishment. On this argument, there is certain perspective discrepancy between the theoretical view point and the judicial precedent. The main stream of the theory consider Electronic Monitoring system as a measures of security in the characteristic of punitive sanctions so that this system is against the principle of legality and the principle of non-retroactivity of punishment. Meanwhile, the judicial precedent considers Electronic Monitoring system as a measures of security which is not for punitive sanctions, but for securing society through the prevention of crime, so that the retroactive application of the system is not against the principle of legality and the principle of non-retroactivity of punishment. In this study, we consider the electronic monitoring system as measures of security, limiting basic human right for the protection of public interests, not as a punitive sanctions or securing society through the prevention of crime. We take on the approach that the retroactive application of the system corresponds with the principle of retroactive prohibition as the general principles of law, not the principle of non-retroactivity of punishment derived from the principle of “nulla poena[nullum crimen] sine lege”. Therefore, we tired to solve the problem of allowance of the retroactive application of the system through the principle of proportion and careful measurement between the invaded interest and the possibly protected interest by the retroactive application.
  • 18.

    The Effect of Fire Safety Education for High School Students' Safety Behavior - Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior -

    Myung Sun Lee | 이송이 | 김선혜 | 2013, 9(11) | pp.329~344 | number of Cited : 18
    This study investigates the effect that fire safety education reaches to safety behavior was studied, the variable of the behavioral theory(Theory of Planned Behavior: TPB) planned as the model for an outcome and add knowledge variable were based. The survey was conducted in a high school located on Seoul by studying. its 204 first graders from May 6, 2010 to May 27, 2010. 102 students of the subjects were given a 50-minute fire safety education per. week for three weeks and the others were not given any education. 1.Variables of the Planned Behavioral Theory between before and after of Fire Safety Education intervention showed that as to the influence that it attains to Fire Safety Behavior, in case group was enhanced in the post survey so that the total score could note in comparison with control group. 2.Factors affecting firesafety behavior and safety of the significant variables are intended to act. Explanatory power was 64.2%(p<.05), the relative influence is 64.9%. In other words, the higher' the behavioral intention fire safety' 'fire safety behavior' can be seen that the execution of the higher. 3.Variable is affected fire safety behavior among a significant variable was intended to the Explainability was 64.2%(p<.05), the relative influence was 64.9%. A damage due to accident is a study problem that prevention is possible. Therefore, it has to induce the right knowledge, attitude, and change of a behavior through the safety education in which the safety-related accident of a teenager is moreover systematic and which is effective.
  • 19.

    The Influence of Adolescents' Smart Phone Addiction on Aggression

    shinseongchul | 백석기 | 2013, 9(11) | pp.345~362 | number of Cited : 80
    This study was conducted to investigate how adolescents' smart phone addiction affect agression. In order to achieve the purpose of this study, Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do students enrolled in a survey. Correlation and regression analysis was performed by using SPSS program. The result of this study is that adolescents' smart phone addiction affect on agression significantly. It means that oversuse of smart phone can bring high aggression against person and things to adolescents.
  • 20.

    The Study on the Crisis Management System -Focused on the HACCP Program-

    Park Soo-Kyung | 2013, 9(11) | pp.363~385 | number of Cited : 0
    In spite of the established institutional strategies related with food in Korea, an overview of effective counter plans in each level on the perspective of crisis management has been significantly important today when the interest for safe foods has been increased. Due to the frequent import and export of food, the origin and channel of manufacturing and distribution of food has highly been long and complicated. According to this characteristic of the food, hazard factors are more likely to occur along these channels ever. Thus, it is necessary to retain information of each channel so that consumers can have right to make a safe decision on their food. In addition, due to the increase of international trading hazard of food is not limited to only one area but can be extended to any areas which share channel of distribution. Therefore, it is necessary to establish emergency alert system which allows the information of hazard food in one particular area to be shared in other areas. Since December 1997, Korea has established applicable regulations for HACCP from Processing of Livestock products Act, introducing HACCP and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure(SSOP) in slaughter house and livestock workplace and preparing and running self criteria according to HACCP practice statement of CODEX. The purpose of this study is to analyze management status of Korean livestock based on stage model of crisis management and to provide policy proposal by drawing improving plan for establishing crisis management system. The results of this study provide that it is required to add programs for follow-up after analyzing crisis management in each level of HACCP, which shows a strong tendency of precaution. In addition, it is suggested that the contents of existing programs should be closely reviewed along with designed plans and examination. Also, based on institutionally alternative seeking for safe food, improved education and training are required as well as changing recognition of attaining safe food, which will lead to feasibility of the strategy of ‘From Farm To Table’in which safety of food is secured comprehensively from the level of produce to that of consumption. To sum up, an overall precaution should be reacted against hazard factors of food by establishing risk analysis system and applying precautionary principle based on scientific findings to make sure of enhancing customers’ trust by considering transparency of decision making process.