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2013, Vol.9, No.12

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    The Analysis of Food Service and Accommodation Activities Workers’ Safety Behavior in Small-scale Workplaces

    박예진 | Myung Sun Lee | 2013, 9(12) | pp.1~22 | number of Cited : 1
    Nowadays, as the portion of service activities in Korean industrial structure increases, it becomes the social problem that the rate of industrial accident gets higher. There are many kinds of businesses in services activities. However, Food service and Accommodation Activities has the highest rate of industrial accident among them. Given this situation, the aim of this study was to provide the fundamental data that helps to make the Food service and Accommodation Activities workers perform safer, or lead them to behave safer in their workplace. This study recognized the safety behavior of Food Service and Accommodation Activities workers in small-scale workplaces, applying to Health Belief Model(HBM), and analyzed the factors affecting the safety behaviors. The target of this study was the Food service and Accommodation Activities workers in the small-scale workplaces with under 50 employees, located in Gyeong-In(Seoul-Incheon) district. Visiting the workplaces, a self-administered questionnaire survey was conducted from October 17, 2012 to November 7. Totally, the questionnaires of 320 workers were fully filled out. The data was analyzed by means of frequency, percentage, t-test, ANOVA, Pearson Correlation Coefficient and multiple regression analysis. In the result, the average score of health belief was 3.25 points out of 5.00 points. While the average score of the perceived susceptibility was the lowest among the components of health belief, that of the perceived benefits was the highest. On the other hand, the average score of safety behavior was 3.36 points out of 5.00 points. The subjects who was in the position of the owner in the workplace got higher Health Belief score than the subjects who were the average workers, and it was statistically significant(p<0.01). In case of safety behavior, the older the worker were(p<0.001), the higher the score of safety behavior was. Futhermore, according to the score, the owners behaved safer than the average workers(p<0.01), and regular workers performed more safely in the workplaces than the non-regular workers(p<0.001). The health belief were significantly correlated with the safety behavior(p<0.01). At the last, the factors that affected to the safety behavior were perceived benefits(β=0.287, p<0.001), age(β=0.221, p<0.001), cue to action(β=0.164, p<0.01), the type of employment(regular worker or not)(β=0.143, p<0.05), perceived barriers(β=0.142, p<0.01). In the conclusion, if the Food service and Accommodation Activities workers in the small-scale workplaces perceive the benefits of safety behavior, are away from the barriers to safety behavior, and are motivated to behave safely by surroundings(family, coworkers, etc.), they work safely in their workplace. It is very important in that the occupational safety education program can be developed, based on these results. However, further study is needed to specify the plans to form the positive cognition of safety behavior and lead to safety behavior in the workplace.
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    A Study on the Performance of Anti-Corruption Policies for Strengthening Local Government Crisis Management - Focused on Official Perception of Report Reward System for Irrationality in Local Government -

    Kim Heung Ju | Pan Suk Kim | 2013, 9(12) | pp.23~54 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    This study is intented to analyze official perception of report reward system for irrationality as a instrument of anti-corruption policy for strengthening crisis management of local government and Primary purpose is to identify the effectiveness of report reward systems for officials absurd as looking into what impacts on the performance of policy. 300 officials responsible for audit in whole regional rated local government(Seoul․Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Chungcheong, North and South Jeolla, Yeongnam, Jeju) enacting and legislating the ordinance and rule of report reward systems for officials absurd were surveyed. The results of study suggest that the assessment of anti-corruption policy in the civil service in terms of policy effectiveness is more or less positive. Especially, Awareness of the effects of anti-corruption policies are more positively evaluated by the male civil servants than female civil servants and North and South Jeolla, Yeongnam areas compared to capital areas more negatively evaluate against the performance of anti-corruption institutions. the results of regression analysis for anti-corruption show that feasibility of the policy, the department's independence, and the chief's commitment and support are most significant, and simplicity of reporting procedures and citizen participation are partially significant.
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    Improving the Crisis and Emergency Management System for Efficiently Managing the Atomic Disaster

    Lee, Jae Eun | 2013, 9(12) | pp.55~78 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of this study is to suggest some policy alternatives and implications for improving the crisis and emergency management system for efficiently managing the atomic disaster. Atomic disaster can be occurred from terrorism or natural disaster. To establish and improve the crisis and emergency management system to prevent atomic disaster, this paper proposes some suggestions as follows; First, positive residents' participation, partnership establishment, and transparency enhancement; Second, establishing the crisis and emergency management to efficiently manage the atomic disaster; Third, the role and function of local government for effectively mobilizing the necessary resources and taking a measure for managing the atomic disaster; Fourth, education and exercise system to perform the disaster site activities effectively; Fifth, establishing the legal preventive control system and far more strict punishment rule to the atomic related corruption and irregularity; Sixth, swift evacuation system and residence restriction of residents in case of atomic disaster; Finally, neighboring states' and global society's participation to the atomic crisis and emergency management system.
  • 4.

    Analysis of Flood Reduction Effect using Decentralized Rainwater Retention Facility in Urban Area

    전상미 | Park,Jae-Hyeon | Sangho Lee | 2013, 9(12) | pp.79~96 | number of Cited : 2
    Abnormal climate phenomena and urbanization recently causes the changes of the hydrological environment. To consist with the green grow policy of the government a fundamental solution such as decentralized rainwater management system and Low Impact Development(LID) techniques should be needed. In this study, urban runoff models for urban flood prevention, SWMM 5, was used to analysis the effects of decentralized stormwater retention. Wolcheon stream watershed localted in Changwon city was selected as the study watershed. SWMM 5 modelling was applied to analyze the runoff characteristic of urban stream with various methods of LID techniques(Permeable packaging, small rainwater storage tank, large rainwater storage tank). The runoff variation characteristics resulted from each of the methods of LID techniques were used to estimate at other places. It was estimated that the permeability of packaging materials and detention storage at the basic floor have high effect to discharge duration curve. And the initial rainfall retention at the rainwater storage tank effected to reduce the flood peak was estimated. These kind of data could be the advantage in the future for securing and maintenance discharge in the river and could use as the basis data for urban flood prevention facilities.
  • 5.

    Use of Terrestrial LiDAR for Analysis of Estuarine Hazard Areas

    Jun Kye Won | Jun Byong Hee | Lee Soung Chul | 2013, 9(12) | pp.97~108 | number of Cited : 1
    Mountain streams in Gangwon-do are characterized in that quicksand rapidly moves downstream in torrential rain because they are steep and have short channels. In particular, there are various topographic changes according to the river flow characteristics and flow at the mouth of the river which meets the east coast of Korea. In addition, estuary closure caused by an increase in sand deposits forms hazard areas in the fluvial environment. Therefore, this study analyzed the effects of changes in topography at the mouth of the Gagokchen in Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do with the use of terrestrial LiDAR used for geomorphology, changes in coastline and fluvial morphology and research of disaster site recently. As a result, height analysis of the topography showed the variation trends of each erosion and deposition site according to the estuary closure.
  • 6.

    Analysis of Hydraulic Characteristics by Stream Control Frame at River

    김형산 | Maeng, Seung-jin | 이승욱 and 2other persons | 2013, 9(12) | pp.109~124 | number of Cited : 0
    In this study, the stability of the Stream Control Frame constructed in a river to improve the environmental features of the watercourse was analyzed. The main functions of the Stream Control Frame are to induce a linear stream and to reduce the flow rate, thereby preventing the erosion of the river bank and hillside slopes and helping form small irrigation ponds that will serve as home to many aquatic organisms. To maintain these functions, the stability of the Stream Control Frame according to the changes in the flow rate of the river needs to be analyzed. As in the analysis through hydraulic-model experiments there is a limitation in determining the results of cases with various time and cost conditions, one- or two-dimensional numerical simulation is currently being applied. In this study, to apply two-dimensional numerical simulation, the simulation discharge was calculated using the rainfall-runoff models SSARR and HEC-HMS, and the elevation was estimated using HEC-RAS, a one-dimensional numerical analysis model. Hydraulic analysis was carried out using the RMA-2 model, to simulate the two-dimensional flow shapes before and after the construction of the Stream Control Frame under the conditions of maximum flood(775.1㎥/s) and normal stream flow(6.18㎥/s). From the analysis of the flow rate distribution around the Stream Control Frame, the simulated maximum flow rates before and after the construction of the Stream Control Frame were found to be 4.11 and 3.65m/s in the case of the maximum flood, and 0.24 and 0m/s in the case of the normal stream flow. Considering that the acceptable-limit flow rate of the Stream Control Frame constructed within the analysis section is 4.0m/s, the Stream Control Frame is judged to be quite stable because the maximum flow rate after the construction of the Stream Control Frame turned out to be 3.65m/s. The analysis data on the physical characteristics obtained via hydraulic/hydrological analysis of Stream Control Frame is expected to be utilized for making basic materials required for the operation of the Stream Control Frame that will be constructed in the future.
  • 7.

    Comparative Study on Korean Standards and International Standards of Fire Extinguisher to Improve Performance and International Competitiveness

    오주희 | 최진종 | 2013, 9(12) | pp.125~140 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is to improve the performance and international competitiveness of Korean fire extinguishers by comparing Korean standard with UL and ISO standards. Fire extinguishers can be sold in the conditions to meet「Korean standards for approval and inspection of portable fire extinguishers」. Annually, 2.2 million fire extinguishers are sold in Korea only if the quality meet minimum legal requirements. The problems of korea-made fire extinguishers are in excessive price competition, lack of new technology development, limitation of international common usage, and lock-in effect of newcomer products. The results of comparison UL, ISO standards with Korean fire extinguisher standards, 5 new items need to be introduced and 8 items need to be revised in Korean standards. To improve quality and international competitiveness, the standard of fire extinguisher should be revised to meet international standards. Futhermore, it is needed to get international certification and develop high quality fire extinguishers itself.
  • 8.

    Desirable Improvement Direction of Disastrous Marine Pollution Prevention System

    yung-hyun yu | 2013, 9(12) | pp.141~158 | number of Cited : 2
    Like past pollution accidents of the Sea Prince or the Hebei Spirit, it is possible bigger disastrous pollution accidents than this one would occur in the country in the future. Based on experiences of prevention of domestic and overseas disastrous pollution accidents, objective of this study is to seek scientific and efficient improvements in problems of marine pollution prevention system. As preventive measures on such kind of accidents, it is required to establish positive vessel traffic system, materialization of defense resources mobilization plan on national emergency prevention plan, disasters prevention equipment mobilization system according to waters characteristics; and, as responsive recovery measures, it is also required to establish disasters prevention development ability and system improvement by local governments and the Marine Environmental Management Corporation, professional education/training system as per prevention of disasters, reasonable disasters prevention closing criteria, voluntary service control system; and as follow-up management measures; it is required to establish reasonable measures including scientific verification system for damage compensation, conflict solutions, and others.
  • 9.

    Study on the Awareness of Samcheok Local Residents on the Need for Forest Fire Prevention Education

    전수영 | Lee Si Young | 2013, 9(12) | pp.159~178 | number of Cited : 2
    This study provids a basic resource for forest fire prevention education by analyzing through a survey on the awareness of local residents of Samcheok city, Gangwon province, regarding the need for forest fire prevention education, and the results of the study are as the following. First of all, in terms of the need for forest fire prevention safety checks, 55 respondents(61%) answered “Not at all”, “Not so much”, “So-so”, which indicated that the awareness of the local residents is low and therefore education is needed. Secondly, in terms of whether being aware of forest fire fighting methods in case of a forest fire, seeing that 68 people responded “So-so” and “Not at all” which makes up 75%, it was researched that the local residents’ awareness on forest fire fighting methods is low. Therefore, education on how to fight forest fires is needed. Thirdly, the answers to the question on whether directly fighting forest fires that occur near one’s home, 44 replied “Very much(49%)” and 30 replied “Yes(32%)” which makes up a total of 81%(74 respondents) that answered they will fight the fire in person. Therefore, when selecting a forest fire prevention education program, there is a need to reflect specific contents on forest fire fighting methods. Fourthly, regarding the question asking if whether one knows how to evacuate in case of a forest fire, 20 people answered “Very much” and “Yes” making up 21%. This means that only 1/5 of the respondents are capable of carrying out the proper response measures in case of a forest fire, and so a forest fire evacuation training in accordance with each age group is needed. Fifthly, when designing a forest fire prevention education program for Samcheok in the future, the local residents' opinions regarding practical helpful contents such as forest fire fighting methods, evacuation methods in case of forest fires, evacuation locations, first aid for burns, how to use fire extinguishers, forest fire related laws should be reflected. Sixthly, when selecting trainees for future Samcheok forest fire education, not only government employees in charge of forest fires, forest rangers, and forest fire fighters, but also trainees should be expanded in a long-term perspective, and local residents(farmers, pre-school children, elementary/middle/high school students) should be included to manage and promote a continuous education process.
  • 10.

    Analysis of the Injury Incidences of the Elderly for Crisis Management of an Aging Society - Centered in Busan Metropolitan from 2001 to 2011 -

    조성일 | Kim Byung Jo | 이태식 | 2013, 9(12) | pp.179~198 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is to provide a basic data for strategies to prevent injuries for the elderly and its policy making by establishing the problems and analyzing the incidences and the actual conditions of the injuries of the elderly, all in order to prevent injuries and negligent accidents of the elderly which were on the rise as important social problems through the overall aging of the country’s population. Methods: In order to apprehend the current conditions of main injury incidences of the elderly, there was an analysis based on the five injury data of different organizations, including the annual report on the causes of death statistics, 119 rescue report of the fire department, traffic accident statistics of Busan metropolitan police agency, the annual report on unnatural deaths of Busan metropolitan police agency and medical records of 4 emergency medical centers. The injury mortality rate of the elderly of Busan Metropolitan is 152.3 persons per 100,000 people in the population, which is much higher in comparison with the other age groups. The main causes of injury deaths were suicide, traffic accidents and falls. The suicide mortality rate is on a decreasing trend after 2004(88.1 persons), and the main causes of suicide were found to be somatic disease, psychological disease and economical problems. The traffic fatality rate was 20.6 persons in 2011, and within it, the number of traffic accidents was higher while walking than while driving. Although the falls mortality rate is continuously decreasing, the morbidity is still high. The main places of injury incidences for the elderly are at home, on the road and in public places. As well, there is a higher rate of death(2.0%) and hospitalization(35.9%) in comparison to other age groups. Conclusion: The injury of the elderly may increase the socioeconomic burden because it brings about serious physical and social problems. Therefore the government and related organizations should put the prevention of the injury of the elderly at the highest concentration and try to provide and develop a multilateral safety promotion program that can produce actual results.
  • 11.

    A Study on the Flame Resistance Management System -Burning Equipments-

    장정태 | 2013, 9(12) | pp.199~216 | number of Cited : 1
    The occurrence of a fire in an annual average Korea's recent five years(2008-2012), is 45,187 affairs, property damage 290 billion won and 2,227 people victims. In particular last year, the property damages increased 33.1 billion won(12.8%) and 361(19.4%) victims compared to in 2011. This paper presents the importance of disaster damage and reduce the victims by the flame resistance management. so, this analyses definition, principle, treat methods, our country's history, the status of manufacturers, test procedures, problems of measurement burning tester, a lot of countermeasures for the flame retardant system.
  • 12.

    The Effect of Sex Role Attitude on Female Correction Officers

    최은하 | 2013, 9(12) | pp.217~232 | number of Cited : 3
    Despite the change called 'correctiveness movement' according to which an educational ideology of modern times, the status of female correction officers is somewhat limited due to role playing stereotype. From this research, I am intended to explore those factors that affect the role recognition of female correction officers so that we can make use of them as materials for female resource development. In return, they can be actively utilized in terms of job training, personnel management and welfare policies for female prison officers henceforward. As I've examined research results, a meaningful difference has been found in task role and group maintenance role according to general characteristics, but it has not been found in individual role. As I've performed multiple regression analysis to find out the influences that sex role attitude, cynicism of organizational culture and Androcentrism give to female correction officers' task role, group maintenance role and individual role. I've found that the less androcentric that there exists in a group of people and the lower academic background they are, they tend to have a higher task role recognition, and that female correction officers' task role recognition is much highly recognized by females as compared to males. In addition, it has been found that the less androcentric that there exists and the younger the age group is, the higher group maintenance recognition they have and that female correction officers' task role recognition is much highly recognized by females as compared to males. However, it has been impossible to have access to the one that influences female correction officers' individual role recognition.
  • 13.

    A Study on the Relationship between Commuting Behaviors and Residential Relocation

    Seo, Jong Gook | 2013, 9(12) | pp.233~250 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between commuting behaviors and residential relocation. Theoretical and empirical research on the leading hypothesis concerning on the relationship between travel behaviors and residence location choice was investigated, and set the hypothesis to test by this empirical study. Using Population and Housing Census Data for 2000 and 2005 binomial probit model was estimated for residential changes and travel mode. The results are as follows. In model of changes in residence and commute mode choice, individual socio-economic variables are statistically significant, while each positive (+) or negative (-) showed a consistent relationship. Changes in residence and commuting mode choice interact with each other as replacement variables for location pattern and travel behavior. The travel mode choice are depending on how individuals rate the vale on characteristics in the city. In addition, residence choice are depending on the preference of commuting mode. Commuters have taken into account the changes in behavior and residential choice at the same time that self- reinforcing.
  • 14.

    A Study on the Ideological Crisis in China & Response Devices of Chinese Government

    CHO BONGLAE | 2013, 9(12) | pp.251~266 | number of Cited : 0
    During the past 35years of reform and opening up, on a Dengxiaoping theory economic growth in China has actually increased. But, through a rapid change in policy, diverse new crisis factor has arisen. The object of this study is to research the ideological crisis in China and response devices of Chinese government. In a sense, the ideological crisis is the most inclusive & basic crisis. To carry out the purpose of this study, I considered the cause of ideological crisis around disappearance of integrated ideology, mammonism and fetishism, and state ideology which has indiscriminately suggested by Chinese government. Chinse government suggested ideological counterplan but it was less effective in problem solution. So Chinese government must look dispassionately at the realities that the suggestion of state ideology can’t be a clue to the solution of the problem, and they need drastic reforms.
  • 15.

    The Crisis of Governance and Disaffection of Middle Classes -Focused on Approval Rate on Roh, Tae-woo-

    Jeongmi Baek | 2013, 9(12) | pp.267~282 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The Approval rate about president is very important for governance. The approval rate about president is the cause and consequence of successful performance, and the opportunities and risk factors of the re-creation of the regime. And It is induce the crisis of governance. This study analyze the governing of president Rho Tae-woo and presidential approval rate of middle class. The president Rho Tae-woo that will going to work for the 'average person', achieve the democratization that is aspiration of the middle class. But, he suppressed the people for the interests of a few ruling class. And he made the middle class, leading class of 6․29, the enemy. This followed the decline of the presidential approval rate of the middle class. The decline of presidential approval rate leads to difficulty of re-creation of regime. The re-creation of regime will be realize only by the parties merger, namely, a alliance among the conservative forces.
  • 16.

    How to Overcome Some New Disastrous Events in Korea - Natural, Manmade, and Social Disaster -

    Lee, Jae Eun | 2013, 9(12) | pp.283~302 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this paper is to suggest some implications and measures to overcome the new disastrous events, including natural, man-made, and social disasters, in the future. This article reviewed some theoretical discussions such as definitions and characteristics of disaster, functions and strategies of disaster management, including mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery, analyzing the following four cases, such as typhoon Rusa in 2002, Hebei Spirit Oil Spill in 2007, Foot-and-Mouth Disease during 2010-2011, and Heat Wave and Power Crisis in 2013. This paper suggested five implications and measures to cope with the new disastrous events; securing transparency and integrity in safety management, international cooperative efforts, tight policy networks, enhanced professional leadership, increased social capital in disaster management.