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2014, Vol.10, No.3

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    An Empirical Study on Factors that Influence Social Acceptability of Nuclear Energy: Focusing on the Mediation Effectiveness of ROK-US Atomic Energy Agreement

    Kim, Ju-Kyong | Dae-Yoo Go | Kim Young-Gon and 1other persons | 2014, 10(3) | pp.1~24 | number of Cited : 6
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    This paper empirically analyzes the effect of understanding necessity, safety, economic benefits of nuclear energy and ROK-US Atomic Energy Agreement on degree of support on nuclear power generation, building on survey results from 313 college students in Republic of Korea. As a result, we have found that understanding necessity, safety, economic benefits of nuclear energy have a positive effect on degree of support on nuclear power generation, and level of knowledge about ROK-US Atomic Energy Agreement plays crucial intermediary role in raising support. In order to increase people’s acceptability of nuclear energy, we have proposed to provide transparent and sufficient information, accurate estimate of economic benefits establishment of economic rewards system and a resolution for spent nuclear fuel reprocessing.
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    Set the Direction of the Competent Authorities of the Private Investigation Business

    Sunggu Jo | 박주상 | Kim, Dong-Je | 2014, 10(3) | pp.25~39 | number of Cited : 6
    This study investigated the domestic private sector against the direction of the competent explores Agency was set, in order to achieve these objectives in the current interim private investigation companies have more than 50% are concentrated in the metropolitan area of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and local police in the private investigation business game closely related with the police officers and 57 patients have recently developed a program utilizing Nvivo8 was analyzed. Studies in the future to be introduced at the private investigation business setting direction competent authorities and private police agencies were needed to be set. security and Other Protective Services and the police to be the association 32(65.3 %), the police and the cooperation 14(28.5%), police work, and the similarity 3(7.1%), respectively. private agencies to be entrusted to the professionalism and efficiency, 24(64.8 %), privatization, 8(21.6 %), lack of police force five(13.5%) were categorized. A comprehensive study of the competent authority when the domestic private investigation business to be in Police security and Other Protective Services and the relevance of the existing private sector is because the size was, on the other hand, private sector agencies to be entrusted to the competent authority a professional private professional organizations to the conclusion that because of the size and efficiency are derived.
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    Relationship between Catchment Characteristics and PDMM Rainfall Runoff Model at Geum River Catchments

    이소정 | 조원호 | Hyosang Lee | 2014, 10(3) | pp.41~60 | number of Cited : 3
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    Hydrological disasters such as typhoons, floods, and droughts are rapidly rising all over the world due to extreme weather and climate changes. This study aims to analysis a relationship between catchment characteristics and the Probability Distribution Model with Macropore response(PDMM) at Geum river region. PDMM is applied to 18 subcatchments of Geum River. The Rainfall Runoff Modelling Toolbox(RRMT) and Monte Carlo Analysis Toolkit(MCAT) are used for modelling environment. The periods of 2001-2005 and 2006-2012 are applied for validation and calibration respectively. The Nash Surcliffe Efficiency(NSE*) objective function is employed for performance measure. The model simulates the observed hydrograph acceptably well; ten catchments shows acceptable performance in calibration(less than 0.3) and validation(less than 0.5). The relationships between catchment characteristics and PDMM model are not clear. however, PDMM shows a consistently good performance for midium sized catchment. It shows that the PDMM model is a potential model for Geum river region.
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    Analysis of the Erosion/Deposition in Debris Flow Using Terrestrial LiDAR Data

    Jun Byong Hee | Jun Kye Won | Lee Soung Chul | 2014, 10(3) | pp.61~71 | number of Cited : 7
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    This study was carried out to estimate the behavior of the debris flow, which was occurred at Umyensan-area in Seoul, Korea in 2011. In this study, we surveyed the topological change by debris flow using terrestrial LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) at Umyensan area. For the LiDAR measurement, the terrestrial laser scanning system consists of a highly accurate and fast 3D scanner associated GPS system and high-resolution digital camera were used. The bed slope of the most upstream has the range of 15-25° and kept high slope over 10° until run-off distance of 500m. however the slope decreased to the range of 0-10° at the midstream of debris track. The numerical simulation was performed by using the Finite Differential Element method (FDM) based on the equation for the mass conservation and momentum conservation and erosion/deposition velocity which was proposed by Takahashi. The erosion was increased steeply in high bed slope area within 500m and the deposition was dominant at the downstream of 1,000m. From the comparison with measured data and simulation result, this model was thought to be able to apply to the hazard map
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    Establishment Way of Northeast Asian Cyber Crime Center for International Cyber ​​Crime

    Jaehun Shin | kim sang woon | 2014, 10(3) | pp.73~93 | number of Cited : 2
    From the late 20th century, the human race create Cyber Space for more wider ideas and activities out of the existing physical space, endless imagination and thoughts to create a place where you can get action with the spread of globalization was widespread. Cyberspace has typical characteristics that is temporal, physical and spatial unconstraint, Because of this, it has a number of advantages in daily life such as real-time processing tasks to do. But recently, Illegal practices that take advantage of cyberspace is creasing and has become a serious social problem. In particular, today's cyber crime across borders without the physical movement of criminals and to be able to commit a crime and it takes on the nature of international crime. As a result, cyber criminals can not be processed in the country. Because of the international criminalization of cybercrime, beginning with the Council of Europe Criminal matters in 1985, through a lot of international conference to aware about cybercrime and the severity. Until now, the world are trying to resolve the problem through Interpol and Europol, through each of the related institutions. Among them, the Europol Cybercrime center opened in 2013 and taking action against international form of cybercrime which is raised in Europe. In this study, we suggest Northeast Cyber ​​Crime Center recognizing the problem of increasing international cybercrime, to solve Cyber ​​international cybercrimes occurring around the world and in China and Taiwan, and Korea. Especially, rather than such agency as Interpol for simply sharing information, we suggest Northeast Cyber Crime Center that has expertise and real-time information sharing, investigations of the grant, which can be substantial international cooperation.
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    The Effects of Functioning and Social Barriers on Perceived Stigma of the Disabled: Using WHODAS-Ⅱ

    Shin, Eunkyoung | 탁순자 | Shin,Hyung-Ik | 2014, 10(3) | pp.95~118 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The aim of this study was to analyze the effects of functioning and social barriers of the disabled on perceived stigma using WHODAS-Ⅱas an assessment instrument based on ICF by WHO. In individual perspective, functioning of the disabled-understanding and communicating, moving and getting around, self-care, getting along, life activities, and participation-was regarded as independent variables. For another independent variable, in environmental perspective, there was the social environment for the disabled to experience in their community. Having control over characteristics of socio-demographic and impairment related information, this study was to examine the effects of independent variables on perceived stigma of the disabled as a dependent variable. 421 persons with external body functioning disability over 18 selected as subjects of this study. As for method of research, descriptive analysis, Pearson correlation coefficient analysis and hierarchial regression analysis was used to identify the individual and environmental factors affecting on perceived stigma of persons with external body functioning disability. The major results of this study were as follow. As a result of examining, functioning such as understanding and communicating had an influence on perceived stigma of persons with sensory disorder, functioning such as get along had an influence on perceived stigma of the physically disabled. Also life activities affected perceived stigma of persons with sensory disorder and of persons with external body functioning disability, and participation affected perceived stigma of persons with external body functioning disability and of the physically disabled. In accordance to the results of this study, the strategies of policy and practice in social welfare for the disabled can be suggested to include all that factors, between individual factors and environmental factors, decreasing perceived stigma.
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    A Study on Establishment of Institutional System to Increase Safety of Levees and Drainage Culverts

    강태욱 | Sangho Lee | Nam-Kuk Lee | 2014, 10(3) | pp.119~134 | number of Cited : 1
    Levees and drainage culverts are very important facility because they protect the landside from floods. The levees and drainage culverts, however, have not been managed adequately in safety through a law and institutional system in Korea. The purpose of the study is to propose an institutional system that can effectively manage the levees and drainage culverts and to increase safety of them. The current study aims to introduce the levee certification system connected with flood insurance program that is being implemented in the USA. A phased establishment of the system, however, was proposed, since our current technical skill for safety evaluation of the facilities is low and people are unfamiliar with a certification system linked with flood insurance: a safety evaluation project to determine a priority of repair for levees and drainage culverts was proposed in the shot term; and a certification project connected with the flood and storm insurance was suggested in the long term.
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    A Study on Identity of Fire Science and Possibility of Convergence Study

    Ryu Sang Il | 고은별 | Yang Gi Geun | 2014, 10(3) | pp.135~147 | number of Cited : 4
    Although the fire-fighting has a long history, the academic history of fire science which aims to understand and explain the fire phenomenon from scientific standpoint dates back to very recent times. It was not until late 1980s that the fire science began to be studied and taught as an academic part in the universities nationwide. Since 1990s and early 2000s, the departments related to the fire science began to open in universities across the country. The academic identity of fire science is premised on the fire phenomenon, and is determined by whether it provides theoretical framework for systematic/scientific analysis and explanation of such phenomenon to some degree. To develop a study into an independent study, a paradigm is needed which may be the conceptual framework that the members of academic group commonly understand and share. This researcher intended to present the direction for development after looking into the issue of establishing the academic paradigm and identity of fire science. Particularly, this research identified the greatest characteristics of fire science from the convergence study and intended to explore the possibility of convergence study in relation to the direction for development.
  • 9.

    The Protection System for Children of Disaster Management with the Case of the U. S. and Its Implications for Korea

    Park Dong Kyun | 2014, 10(3) | pp.149~163 | number of Cited : 5
    Children suffer disproportionately from the impacts of emergencies and major disasters and need protection from physical harm, psycho-social distress, family separation, and denial of access to quality education. Physical security is important for protecting children from harm and ensuring that appropriate medical care is available for children injured in disasters. A child's emotional stability can be easily disrupted by a disaster event, and care must be taken in identifying the symptoms associated with a child traumatized by a disaster event. Family, schools, child care providers and care givers, critical community infrastructure, social services, and classmates and friends all play a role in the daily life of a child. A key to reducing these impacts on children is to adopt and implement mitigation measures that make their homes and their communities more resilient from disasters. Reducing the impacts of future disasters is the key to successful mitigation practices. School officers and child care providers must develop emergency plans in advance of future disaster, and the shelter operators must be aware of the needs of children and provide the appropriate resources to meet these needs. Programs in schools, summer camps, and child care facilities can help build confidence and resiliency in children as they prepare for the next disaster.
  • 10.

    A Study on Improving the Provisional Budget System for Non-Establishment of Budgets: Focus on the Case Study of COSMOS Corporation

    Chunsoon Kim | LEE DONG KYU | 2014, 10(3) | pp.165~192 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to discuss the necessity and limitation of the provisional budgets system and to find a proper point of balance. For this purpose, various cases in America and Germany will be reviewed with a focus on the structure of the budgets as well as their reviews and approval. Also in this study, we will examine what kind of measures are taken in case of budget is not established to ensure continuity in the nation's operation and how such measures acquire democratic justification. It is also the aim of this study to clarify the interpretation of Korea's constitution and examine possible measures to be taken to overcome various problems in planning and appropriating the provisional budget. The main study method will be documentary reviews of literature on provisional budgetary systems in Korea and other countries. To be more specific, various academic papers, books, policy reports, and relevant laws and regulations will be reviewed in order to examine how budget planning and approval are carried out, and, in case of non-establishment of budget, what kind of measures are taken to ensure operational continuity. For this purpose, we will examine the operation of the provisional budget system of Korea and review the cases of Germany, where the constitution provides for the provisional budget system, and America, where there is no relevant statutory law but the problems are solved successfully by means of a continuing resolution or by other means.
  • 11.

    A Study on legislation of the Fundamental Act on National Crisis Management

    이채언 | 2014, 10(3) | pp.193~211 | number of Cited : 5
    This study is to suggest the way to enact the Fundamental Act on National Crisis Management. The legislation system for the National Crisis Management Act in Korea has been legislated for each case of crisis accordingly without any mother law and is with separated application for wartime and peacetime. Due to this unintegrated legislation system, it is difficult to cooperate and control between ministries concern, unclear to prioritize to apply each individual law. The existing the National Crisis Management Fundamental Guideline is a Presidential Directive and limited to provide integrated management over individual acts systematically. To meet those requirements, this study suggests the needs and the ways to establish the Fundamental Act on National Crisis Management. There are many ways for the legislation of the Fundamental Act on National Crisis Management such as, to supplement to proposed bill, to proceed the bill proposed by government again and to enact existing the National Crisis Management Fundamental Guideline. This study recommend that the way to enact existing the National Crisis Management Fundamental Guideline through motions by assemblymen as the most feasible measure.