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2014, Vol.10, No.7

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    Rent‐seeking Analysis of Budgetary Support System in Disaster Management - Focusing on the Process of Declaring Special Disaster District -

    JuHo Lee | 2014, 10(7) | pp.1~20 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study aimed at analyzing rent‐seeking activities in the course of declaring special disaster districts, that is to say, a representative budgetary support system of disaster management in a viewpoint of rent‐seeking theory focusing on media and internet broadcasted cases to present policy directions for problems and improvement that the budgetary support system of disaster management might have. The results of this study show that in case of Korea, special disaster districts are declared almost every year, and that in the process, it appears that suffering districts of disasters demand more of special disaster district declaration. It is analyzed that ways of making demands appear to be types of making statements and collusion of local self‐governing bodies, and that they are proceeded with the types of proposals for the National Assembly through Assembly members, leading to information perversion for damage restoration cost estimation, injustice of enforcement, decays and misconducts, which brings about a social waste. Accordingly, it is necessary to clarify procedural provisions about making proposals of special disaster district declaration regarding the system of special disaster district declaration, and to prepare solutions to protect rash demands for special disaster district declaration by granting compulsive power to the application of the system. Also, it is suggested that escaping from uniformly declaring types which indiscreetly include a small‐scale disaster district with a theory of equipoise when the declaration is made, it is necessary to prepare a reasonable system to asses according to the extent and dimension of disaster, and to reinforce management regulations for practicing monetary support.
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    Policy Suggestions for Disaster Response Activities by the Police Disaster Management Rules

    HoDae Cho | 2014, 10(7) | pp.21~32 | number of Cited : 10
    Responsible for functions such as order maintenance, crime control, stability maintenance management executive who mainly police. And police were charge to solve various environmental features and to promote a positive, proactive change and development in modern times. Therefore, I attempt to discuss the disaster response activities in disaster management rules and regulations in police. The factors to be considered in order to overcome the limitations associated with the activity of the police and the emergency. First, there is a need for adjustment of the organization and function of the emergency department. It is necessary to improve mission is to enable police regulations for disaster prevention activities. Second, police organization must strengthen disaster prevention and police training. The police are also in the disaster response training related to the riot, but require substantial training needs education. Third, they must establish a flexible partnership with relevant organizations.
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    Deduction of Social Risk Issues Using Text Mining

    Jin Young, Won | 김대곤 | 2014, 10(7) | pp.33~52 | number of Cited : 21
    The signification of the study which is about predicting future risk factors and responding to risks comes to the fore as the society has been rapidly changing. The foresight studies are almost conducted through expert panel, but in the case of the study targeting ‘disaster’ that implies the uncertainty and complexity, it could reach the limit for expert’s subjective judgment. In this study, main topic mining and the deduction of social risk issues were conducted using text mining targeting news data. Social risk issues were examined with climate change adaptation policy. So it was considered that the suggested method could supplement the expert’s opinion objectively. Most deducted social risk issues were matched to climate change adaptation policy. So, if the suggested methodology is modified and supplemented, the data based foresight studies for disaster will be conducted effectively.
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    A Study on the Disability-Inclusive Development Cooperation Strategy of Official Development Assistance(ODA)

    KIM SOUNG WAN | LEE KWANG WON | 2014, 10(7) | pp.53~73 | number of Cited : 3
    This study is significant as it is Korea, according to an expert's opinion survey, that leads the third of "Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons" program, the program was established to identify optimal strategies for conducting Disability-Inclusive Development Cooperation projects funded through Official Development Assistance(ODA). Experts have said that the development cooperation projects currently promoted by the Korean government are limited because their approach is resulting in on-off events or those only providing temporary benefits, rather than securing long-term development gains. The following strategies are therefore, required for Korea to strengthen its Disability-Inclusive Development Cooperation projects. First, national support needs to be put in place to establish the concept of disability inclusion. Second, progressive efforts are crucial to improve the effectiveness of assistance in Disability-Inclusive Development Cooperation. Third, in order to develop and cultivate the potential capacities and self-help skills of recipient countries, human resource capability and leadership needs to be developed. Fourth, the support of private sector organizations experienced in successfully promoting Disability-Inclusive Development Cooperation is required, and to attract this support, governance for disability needs to be established. This study reviews the direction of Korea's Disability-Inclusive Development Cooperation projects and the impact of these four strategies.
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    Study of Social Economy's support Corresponding to the Local Economy Crisis - Focus on the Intermediary Organization of Social Economy -

    Kim, Hak-sil | 2014, 10(7) | pp.75~97 | number of Cited : 19
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    This study is a social economy Intermediary support organization on the confrontation of local's social economy crisis. The institutionalization of the social economy is in rapid progress. However, the research of intermediary support organization is very rare. Hence, this research is focused on intermediary’s priority role considering viewpoint of participants that are involved in social economy organization (social enterprise, co-operatives, community business and etc). Expectations from social economy organization for intermediary support organization are high. Nevertheless, in reality, the recognition of intermediary support organization is well known as public administration’s delivery system and intermediary support organization’s role was limited to governments’ policy delivery, certification support and consulting. For the research, analysis methods have been chosen to be AHP, IPA. The results are shown below: AHP analysis, high-ranking are public procurement assistance and support market expansion. IPA analysis, the highest area of the difference between satisfaction and importance are expanding market sector(market expansion support, public procurement support, development of co-branded) and area of ​​capacity building(new participants training, development of best practices). As this study shows, the intermediary support organization’s role in preparation for market expansion is urgent. This research emphasizes on rebuilding role of intermediary support organization in social economy.
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    Curriculums Issues to Improve the Disaster Management Education and Training Systems - Focused on AHP Analysis of National Fire Service Academy -

    JuHo Lee | Ryu Sang Il | 2014, 10(7) | pp.99~117 | number of Cited : 11
    In order to improve disaster management education and training systems, this study analyzed priority in the revision of the curriculums through AHP analysis with experts, focusing on the curriculums and the contents of education at the National Fire Service Academy. According to the results, understanding the disaster site command system was considered the most important requirement, and the understanding and acquisition of standard operating procedure(SOP) applied at a disaster site for coping with the disaster was considered important by experts. Furthermore, the coping capacity of the police playing key roles at a disaster sites together with the fire‐fighting organization, and rescue management and medicine for saving the victims of a disaster were expected to be core areas for enhancing coping capacity at disaster sites through disaster management education and training processes. In improving disaster management education and training systems, accordingly, it is necessary to reinforce the sector of education and training for enhancing site‐centered disaster coping capacity. Particularly in order to help civil servants at various governmental organizations, central departments, and local self‐governing bodies to upgrade their understanding of disaster sites, integrated education should be given to education participants from major public sectors. Moreover, consideration should be given to the problem that there is no institution to educate the increasing number of disaster volunteers.
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    A Study on Early Childhood Teachers' Perception of Child Rights in Early Childhood

    Koo Meehyang | 황소영 | 2014, 10(7) | pp.119~137 | number of Cited : 22
    This study was aimed to identify the types of early childhood teachers' subjective perception on child rights in early childhood. And also this study investigated shifting views in teachers toward child rights before and after participating child rights education program. Using Q-methodology, 40 statements representing the child's fundamental rights enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child selected as Q-samples. The collected data was analyzed by using PC QUANL program. The major findings of the study were as follows; First, teachers' subjectivity on child rights before the child rights education program is implemented was formed in a single type. However, teachers awareness of child rights was divided into two types after implementing the child rights education program: Type 1 was named as "non-discriminatory life protection-oriented type", Type 2 was named as "respect of the views and development through the caring-oriented type". Third, 6 teachers' subjective recognition about child rights were changed after receiving child rights education.
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    Investigation of Flood Stage on the Upstream Waterfront Area in Floodplain Depending on the Operation Rule of the Nakdong River Estuary Barrage

    안상도 | 2014, 10(7) | pp.139~148 | number of Cited : 0
    This study investigates the effect of different operation rules of the Nakdong River Estuary Barrage on change in flood water level. We employ 1-D numerical model, HEC-RAS to predict the flood water level at each eco-park in the floodplain in response to increasing flood inflows. Numerical results show that flooding at the eco-park occurs when the expected size-floods range from 1.1-year to 3.0-year frequent. It means that flood damage would occur before the extreme flood events with flooding warning issued by the Korean Flood Control Office. Thus extension of the flood levels issued by the Flood Control Office(FCO) is recommended for the safety of visitors to the echo parks. We predict numerically the decrease of flood water level when all sluice gates in the barrage are opened. The results show that the decrease of flood water level approximately ranging from 10 to 20cm can be obtained when the all gates of Nakdong River Estuary Barrage are opened together to discharge flood.
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    Simulation of Debris Flow Considering Erosion and Sedimentation

    SungDuk Kim | Hojin Lee | 2014, 10(7) | pp.149~159 | number of Cited : 6
    The purpose of this study is to simulate the debris flow considering the erosion and the sedimentation. Currently, the effective method for studying and estimating the debris flow is to use numerical model. Most of numerical models in the published research do not consider the erosion and the sedimentation. In this study, the numerical simulation was performed by using Egashira’s method(1997) which is considered the erosion and the sedimentation. The erosion at the channel was dominant until debris flow was reached at the downstream of the channel. As the inflow was increased, the amount of peak erosion was increased, and the occurring point of it more moved down to stream of channel. The fluctuation of debris flow was disappeared after passing through the 40% point of channel length from the upstream.
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    A Direction of Planning Public Space in Specialized High School

    전희성 | Lee Kum Jin | 2014, 10(7) | pp.161~182 | number of Cited : 0
    The opportunity, provided for design method and strategies of public space for the revitalization of community in specialized high school through the experience of three cases on high school specialized animation, design and internet, is the purpose of this paper. Public space is an important issue in school architecture as it seeks to revive the public area in educational building as a multi-cultural entertainment space for interchange, discussion, collaboration and relaxation during students’ school lives. The latest works of school, however, which are evaluated as well as reflected the reality of educational patterns, are still deficient in that public elements in school are underdeveloped and inadequate. This paper reviews an assessment of the success in public space for the architecture of specialized high school with the space for community connected open space and concludes with the establishment of design method for the future building for specialized high school; extraction of the factors contributing to development of public space in educational building and proposal of design direction to make a use the existing classrooms for english, music and painting and public area such as lobby, corridor, bridge and terrace; implementation of school renewal with gallery, auditorium and mediatheque including public open space with nature for the creation of identity considering both of study and community.
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    The Utilization of Research Organizations for Ensuring Maritime Safety

    조민상 | HyunBin Jo | 2014, 10(7) | pp.183~204 | number of Cited : 2
    This study wishes to discuss about plan that can cope properly on people's request about marine safety organization by change of marine environment. Marine safety policing is examining plan to correspond strategically about environment change the future that is changing rapidly in many fields. Therefore, The purpose of this study is to present the Marine Research Organizations for the use of safety measures. 20th century was required member who adapt to honesty of purpose, loyalty, direction. But, 21th century that equip soft Information Technology power creative and new member of challenging style is required. Development speed of technology is gone very fast and it exerts very big influence on our society change. Therefore, suitable confrontation in scientific technique need very for police's activity strengthening and future development. In 2007, is operating establishing KCG research institute for marine police business support and research activities of various field such as research and development for marine environment improvement. But, it is true that support about strategy and study that can be to marine police and cope properly in change of new public peace demand is not achieved properly. Need development of technology and organization's change for capacity strengthening of marine police activity. Also, support about research is more necessary so that can correspond to such change.