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2014, Vol.10, No.8

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    The Relation of Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver's Fatigue and Traffic Accident

    조가희 | Myung Sun Lee | 2014, 10(8) | pp.1~14 | number of Cited : 4
    Commercial motor vehicle accident incidence and mortality is very high compared to other vehicles. The main cause of this accidents are drowsiness, fatigue and other human factors. Therefore, the aim of this study was to analyze the relations of commercial motor vehicle driver's fatigue and traffic accidents. The target of this study was Korean male commercial motor vehicle drivers. Visiting the expressway rest areas and work places, located in Gyeong-ki or Seoul district. a self-administered questionnaire survey was conducted from May 8, 2013 to May 31. Totally, the questionnaires of 200 drivers were fully filled out. Higher monthly income, larger vehicle, harder smoking and drinking, irregular breakfast were related with driving fatigue(p<.05). Higher age, larger vehicle, shorter sleeping hours, harder drinking irregular break fast were related with general fatigue(p<.05). Traffic Accident is dependent on Monthly income and outcome, working hours, frequency of exercise, sleeping hours(p<.05). Night driving, working hours, sleeping hours are highly regulated with drowsy driving(p<.01). At the last, the factors that affected to the traffic accident were sleeping hours(β=0.193, p<.01),monthly outcome(β=0.243, p<.001), general fatigue(β=0.220, p<.01), drive fatigue(β=0.372, p<.01), exercise(β=0.193, p<.01), working hours(β=0.082, p<.01). In the results, commercial motor vehicle driver's level of health behaviors was lower than other drivers. And their working hours and night driving are higher than other drivers. Due to these properties, commercial motor vehicle driver's traffic accident and drowsy driving experience is higher than the other drivers. However, commercial motor vehicle drivers who take enough sleep felt less fatigue, and showed a low level of drowsy driving and traffic accidents experience.
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    A Study on the Private Security Industry Private Investigation Institutions Influence

    손동운 | Sunggu Jo | Kim, Dong-Je | 2014, 10(8) | pp.15~27 | number of Cited : 1
    Korea private security industry forms large scale market which has around 150,000 workers and over 4,000 companies but inadequate treatment and environment for private security guard still don't attain qualitative growth than quantitative growth. Private investigation which has grown a kind of private security has began to came from foreign country to korea since Korea joined OECD and thereabout legislation was tried in assembly to make a legal basis of private investigation but until now it hasn't enacted so private investigation company conducts illegality like a contract, tail and tap for high profits. Past march growing new job plan was issued in cabinet meeting so member of the National Assembly, Yoon Jae Ok's 「All Amendments Private Security Act」 and member of the National Assembly, Song Young Geun's 「Private Investigation Act」 are getting power. This study intended for examining effect of adopting private investigation on private security industry's prospect in exploratory. Results of study show 'very prospective business'(39.7%), 'prospective business'(25.7%), 'average'(12.1%), not prospective business(14.3%), not very prospective business(7.9%) so usually respondents think adopting of private investigation should make private security industry to prospective business. Plus respondents show that prospective business categories are made by limitation of public power, growing of crime, growing of large security company, expansion of customer, privatization policy and application of society at large and non-prospective business categories are made by qualification system, illegal operation, specified user class and supply of capable person.
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    A Study on Reform of the Disaster Management System after Sewol Ferry Disaster

    신용식 | 2014, 10(8) | pp.29~50 | number of Cited : 23
    The intent of this study is to analyze various opinions of experts regarding building a new disaster management system after Sewol Ferry Disaster. Its goal is to review what are the main points of opinions of the experts in various disaster management fields and problems of such opinions. For analysis, this study collected and analyzed expert opinions posted at major internet portal sites from April 22 to May 23, for 32 days after Sewol Ferry Disaster. The results are as follow: 1) Most of expert opinions are focused on response phase among disaster management processes including prevention, preparation, response, and recovery. 2) Expert opinions are centered more on improving hardware, adopting new disaster management organization rather than on software aspect related to improving functions of disaster management system. 3) Directions of discussions are toward reinforcing control tower function of the central government rather than that of the field in local areas.
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    Analysis of Runoff based on Unit Hydrograph using XP-SWMM

    이진영 | Jun Kye Won | 2014, 10(8) | pp.51~62 | number of Cited : 0
    Model assessment for discharge rate at Seo-cho pump station and discharge rate by each method draw the proper unit hydrograph. The discharge is estimated by time series analysis of elevation relationship at beginning and end time of pump operation and calculation of reservoir elevation-volume polynomial regression equation. As a result of study on the least deficiency is found at Time-Area method from each rainfall time series comparison of discharge volume. Kerby formula is more effective. Result of this study could be used for base data of runoff analysis at urban basin.
  • 5.

    A Study on Forest Fire Risk Factors near Facilities within Forest Areas

    권춘근 | Lee Si Young | 염찬호 and 1other persons | 2014, 10(8) | pp.63~80 | number of Cited : 2
    In this study, a field investigation was conducted on 5 categories including locational conditions, forest conditions and separation distances with forests, existence of forest fire prevention facilities, forest caring, and accessability related factors regarding facilities which is a key facility within forest areas in order to provide a forest fire safety diagnosis system and a basic resource of forest fire damage reducing technology regarding facilities which is a key facility within forest areas. Study results show that facilities with coniferous forests, medium hard wood areas, tree heights less than 10m, higher surrounding forest densities, shorter separation distance with surrounding forests, without forest fire prevention facilities, without forest care, and one entrance with width less than 7m for fire extinguishing support had a higher possibility of suffering damage in case of forest fires.
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    A Study on the Improvement for Safe Consumption of Wet Tissue - Focusing on Consumer’s Subjective Safety Assesment and Labeling Condition -

    Hyun-jung Yoo | HWANG, HYE SUN | Song Eugene | 2014, 10(8) | pp.81~97 | number of Cited : 4
    The risk of wet tissues has been a subject of controversy since a series of deaths of pregnant women and children due to the humidifier disinfectant in the spring of 2011 and the detection of the problematic humidifier disinfectant in wet tissues. Although consumers are aware of the risk of wet tissues, they show behavior different from the common consumer behavior such as trying to purchase safer wet tissues instead of reducing their usage. This study thus set out to investigate consumers' subjective safety evaluation and information reliability of wet tissues, preferred source of information, and actual labeling of wet tissues and propose improvement measure for consumers' safe uses of wet tissues. The research findings were as follows: first, the government should be more active with its management and supervision of product safety and try to restore consumer reliability in a long term. Secondly, measures should be taken so that consumers can use wet tissues safely such as active promotions of harmful substances and disclosure of safe products. Finally, there is a need to reinforce the labeling information criteria for wet tissues. The labeling criteria should be especially reinforced around the unification of product and model names, addition of cautions with usage including electric shock and allergy, indication of the recommended expiration date, usage of Korean and application of the Korean labeling criteria for imported wet tissues, provision of the major labeling information on the front of the package, and increased readability of major safety information through pictures and letters for consumers.
  • 7.

    Health Right and Labeling System of Drugs for Convenience Store

    손성구 | KyengHeeKwon | 2014, 10(8) | pp.99~117 | number of Cited : 7
    According to the Constitutional Law, people have the right to be guarded by their country in matters that relate to public health and the country has the responsibility to guard the health of their people. Filtering bad products and setting a standard of testing the products in advance of public distribution is an important guarding activity of the country, which is executed through many regulations. Especially, Food and drug have the biggest effect on human health because they are used to influence the body’s physiological function. Therefore, there are strict regulations on them. The safety of ingredients of products is important, and providing information so that consumers can utilize this information properly is important as well. It is the label in a product that provides this important information. It is necessary to provide information about risks which are intrinsically included in a drug. Since the label is meant to be user friendly, the regulation on the drug label is very strict compared to other products. But, general consumers without professional knowledge about medicine and pharmacy have difficulty in understanding the risks and preventive method by using only the label. For that reason, the country forces experts to intervene between the consumers and the drug companies to protect consumers against potential drug risks. There have been 2 groups of drugs until the new system allowed for the selling of drugs in the CV store out of the pharmacy area. This means that there is no expert to protect the consumers against potential drug risks between the consumers and the new group. Eliminating experts intervening needs corresponding protection measures can be interpreted as discarding the country's duties towards people's health.
  • 8.

    Analysis of Runoff Characteristic Using Rainfall-Runoff Model

    김태우 | Maeng, Seung-jin | 최현수 and 2other persons | 2014, 10(8) | pp.119~134 | number of Cited : 3
    Due to the recent unusual changes in weather, extreme floods and droughts are becoming more frequent. Moreover, with the advancements in the social economy and the resulting increase in river and environmental water demand, the utilization conditions of water resources are worsening. In these inadequate circumstances, the runoff-model, which is used for more appropriate water management, takes on different forms according to the different objectives of a low flow season versus a high flow season. Thus, this study analyzes the river basin characteristics of the Geum River basin, divides it into standard unit watershed, selects precipitation observatories, and calculates the Thiessen coefficient and the daily mean rainfall per standard unit watershed. Moreover, for water management during the low flow season, the continuous rainfall-runoff model, the SSARR model, is used. Furthermore, through the use of the model’s sensitivity analysis, parameter calibration, and parameter verification, the runoff characteristics of Yongdam Dam, Daecheong Dam, and Gongju water level station are analyzed.
  • 9.

    A Study on the Improvement of Knowledge Management System in Police

    CHO MIN SANG | 2014, 10(8) | pp.135~151 | number of Cited : 2
    It is from the early 1990s began to emphasize this aspect of knowledge management. Now it is part of the discussion is extended to the members of the organization share knowledge based on recognition of the importance of knowledge management to utilize the knowledge and knowledge activities. Currently, the police organizational knowledge management system is constructed some. However, it represents a limitations in terms of training and motivation for the organization. Therefore, the discussion of the knowledge that is required to the new resources of the police organization, in order to solve. This study attempts to analyze suggestions for the improvement with the situation of the system related program activities and knowledge of police organization. The police system is built to work on individual knowledge management activities but operational limitations were found. First, it needs to be improved the convenience utilization of the field-oriented knowledge management system. Second, there is a need for improvement of the knowledge sharing channel for ensuring reliability. Third, it is necessary the establishment of exclusive departments. Fourth, the incentives must be improved ways for knowledge adopted. Fifth, there is a need for ways to utilize knowledge of police retiree.
  • 10.

    North Korean Nuclear Crisis and Further Approaches for the WMD and Missile Non-proliferation

    LEE, HUN KYUNG | 2014, 10(8) | pp.153~168 | number of Cited : 4
    North Korea's military acts with a pattern of a long-range missile/rocket test launch fulfilled before a nuclear test were worsened the problem and security environment in a region, which shows Pyongyang's unwillingness to give up the nuclear and missile development and proliferation. Such a provocative attitude included political purposes, which presents the Clusewitzian sense with Pyongyang's creating crisis and "menace-for-compensation strategy" as well as "brinkmanship strategy," bearing in mind of a 'zero-sum game' and a 'chicken game' in opposition to Washington, in a process of obtaining the nuclear armed missile. Meanwhile, other pending military issues such as missile and bio-chemical weapons problem in a six-party talks framework were disregarded. Their issues should be dealt with for the purpose of not simply the WMD and missile non-proliferation but easing tension phase and being more stable security environment in the Korean Peninsula. The best way for complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement on North Korean nuclear and ballistic missiles is to adhere to the mutual agreements consented to at the six-nation talks in pursuit of corresponding steps, simultaneous response, and step-by-step approach based on the Joint Statement with a principle of "commitment for commitment" and "action for action." For chemical and biological weapons non-proliferation, the North has to enter into “Chemical Weapons Convention,” and both the US and the DPRK simultaneously should agree and keep punishment for violation in a framework of “Biological Toxin Weapons Convention.”