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2014, Vol.10, No.10

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    Effects of Safety Education on the Public Safety Consciousness Index(PSCI) and Self-efficacy of the Emergency Response in University Students

    Ogcheol Lee | 2014, 10(10) | pp.1~18 | number of Cited : 16
    The purpose of this study was to identify the effects of safety education on the safety consciousness and self-efficacy of the emergency response in university students. The study design was single group, pre- and post-test quasi-experimental study. The participants were 63 students who were given 25 hours of safety education including cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR). The instruments were the Public Safety Consciousness Index(PSCI) and self-efficacy index. The data were analyzed by the t-test and ANOVA using SPSS 21.0 program, and 1-sample proportions test using the R version 3.02. The results showed that the average percentile score of PSCI was increased significantly from 59.20 to 67.20 which is moderate level. After receiving safety education, one third of the participants were promoted from moderate to excellent level. The average percentile score of the self-efficacy of emergency response was increased significantly from 51.16 to 80.95. The willingness to provide CPR to family(100%) and others(76.2%) were significantly increased. In conclusion, safety education raises the safety consciousness and increase the self-efficacy of the emergency response. Universities are recommended to provide safety-related subjects to encourage students to attain the excellent level of the PSCI. These results suggest that the government renew the PSCI tool, develop a life-cycle specific map for safety education, and provide a monitoring system.
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    Comparisons of Food Safety Perception and Competency between Korean, Chinese, and American Consumers

    Hyun-jung Yoo | So Hyun Joo | 2014, 10(10) | pp.19~43 | number of Cited : 8
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    Living in a globalizing society, securing food safety requires collaborations among the various trading parter countries. The food safety level of a country depends on the food self-sufficiency level, domestic consumers’ preferences as well as the food safety level of its trading partner countries. To better understand food safety in a society, it is useful to examine food safety issues in foreign countries. This study aims to understand consumer food safety perceptions and competencies of three countries: Korea, China, and United States. From an online survey of 2,000 consumers from the three countries(1,000 Korean, 500 Chinese, and 500 American consumers), the food safety perception and competency were measured. Among the three countries, American consumers’food safety levels were the highest and Chinese consumers food safety competencies were the highest. Americans perceive the food in their country are generally safe and Chinese consumers’ food safety knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors were food safety perception score for all three countries. The findings also showed differences in better than the other two countries. Food safety competency level scores were higher than the food safe perception on a item-base among the three countries. It is found that the food safety issue is closely related to the society’s current issue, culture, and social system. The research also examined food safety perception and competencies based on demographic and socio-economic characteristics of individuals. The factors that related to food safety perception and competencies were also identified.
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    The Study for Characteristics of Velocity of Erosion and Deposition of Sediment at the Slope

    SungDuk Kim | Hojin Lee | 2014, 10(10) | pp.45~59 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is to analyze the characteristics of the eroded or deposit sediment using Takahashi's method(1992) based on the Finite Difference Method(FDM), according to the variance of channel slope angle and suppling water discharge. For the case of low slope channel angle, erosion and deposition were occurred alternately at the upstream channel. For the case of high slope angle, erosion was dominant at the upstream channel. Particularly, if the slope angle exceeds 15 degree, which is low limit for the debris flow occurrences, erosion was more dominant than other cases. Whenever water discharge was more supplied into the upstream channel, there was equivalent at the upstream channel compared to low supplying water discharge. This is because the debris flow moves down rapidly to the downstream channel.
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    he Public's Evaluation on Authenticity of Crisis Communication - The Case of Airline Crisis -

    Seungho Cho | Hong Sook Yeong | 2014, 10(10) | pp.61~75 | number of Cited : 4
    This study examines the effect of authenticity in crisis communication on public evaluation by investigating airplane company's crisis. The previous studies in crisis management have mainly looked at how people perceive a crisis and how people's perception affect organizational responsibility of the crisis and blame toward the organization. This study suggested that authenticity is a critical factor in crisis communication during or after a crisis. To answer the research question, the study conducted survey and 125 residents in seoul participated in the survey. The results showed that severity and controllability among causal attributors significantly influenced the organization's responsibility and blame. More importantly, the lack of authenticity negatively affected the organization's responsibility, blame, and trust.
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    Study on Reforming the Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan throughout the Staff’s Perception Survey

    윤경호 | 최동식 | Jin Dong Shin | 2014, 10(10) | pp.77~102 | number of Cited : 1
    Transport Worker Union’s strike situation since the 2003, in order to provide uninterrupted service to the public, the government has explicitly designated management of the critical infrastructure to the Enforcement Decree of The Framework Act on The Management of Disasters and Safety. The Security and Public Department, in the legal basis of the law, it has presented the guidelines of system protection to protection of institutions(main institution 9, management institution 82). On the basis of this guideline, each institution, and developed the Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan, it is rated for this. However, pointed out that there is no expertise plan has been differentiated from other similar plan(National Important Facility, Target Facility of National Security, Specific Control Building and Facility, etc.). Also question for the effectiveness of the critical infrastructure protection plan have been raised steadily. In this study, we conducted a study of perception for interoperability between facilities as an alternative to this problems and it’s current status of protection plan for the person who critical infrastructure protection planner. Furthermore Based on the survey results, was presented to the short term and long term institutional reform proposal of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan.
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    Effects of Post Traumatic Growth of Firefighters -Focused on the D-city fire official-

    Hee Sook Kim | 남춘연 | 이호진 | 2014, 10(10) | pp.103~121 | number of Cited : 15
    Purpose: This study was conducted to identify the factors which influence on post traumatic growth of firefighters. Method: Participants in this study were firefighters from D city who were doing activities like extinguishing fire or rescuing sufferer at fire or accident scenes. Date was collected from January 13th to March 24th, in 2014. Research tools were post traumatic growth, problems-focused coping, communication ability, perception of job stress, self esteem. Data were analyzed , and included independent t-test, one-way ANOVA, and Scheffe post-hoc using SPSS IBM WIN 12.0. Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regression by stepwise selection were also conducted to identify factors influencing post traumatic growth. Results: Post Traumatic Growth was positively correlated with problems-focused coping, communication ability, self esteem. Effective variables were problems-focused coping(β=.53, p<.000), communication ability(β=.19, p<.021), and job grade(β=-0.12, p=.002), sex(β=-0.11, p=.003). These variables explained 56% of the variance in post traumatic growth. Conclusions: The results suggest that it is needed to improve on problem-focused coping and communication ability for the post traumatic growth of firefighters.
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    Study for Estimation and Developmental Dismantlement Plans of Departure for Tourism Police

    Kim, Jong-Oh | Jeon, Dae-yang | 2014, 10(10) | pp.123~145 | number of Cited : 10
    In 2012, as foreign tourist who visit to Korea passed beyond 1.1 million, the national concern of tourist industry have increased. Tourist industry in Korea have expanded rapidly, basic foundation intended to construct, but in convenience of foreign tourist have increased gradually, which have dropped a sense of satisfaction to tourism in Korea. Tourism police in Korea sailed out to help to the tourist industry at 16, October, 2013. Tourism police arranged in the spot for foreign tourist to search many noted places such as Myongdong, Itaewon, Insadong, Hongdae, Chenggyecheon, City Hall, who practiced various tourism service as tourism police. For example, there are crime prevention, unlawful act control, tourism inconvenience matters management, tourism guidance. It is Seoul to look for foreign tourist to the extreme in Korea. To make tourism Seoul is essential to develop tourism system well organized and to offer tourism service for foreign tourist. It is necessary to raise tourism image to execute an advance guard of playing an important role for tourism industry an to minimize inexpedience of foreign tourist to visit in Korea. There are questions to allot many role about tourism police. Tourism police unit consisted of 101 police persons. It’s hard to tell how they meditated and what they have vision and object obviously. This paper presented estimation and overall and developmental dismantlement plans of tourism police. The authorities should be worry necessary system about tourism police, not to interest public relations and administrative record of tourism police.
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    A New Social Change and Responding Improvement of Community Social Service

    HONG SUNG WOON | 2014, 10(10) | pp.147~171 | number of Cited : 4
    The Ministry of Health and Welfare started 'Community Social Service Investment' which had a purpose of development of social service and making qualifiable job corresponding local condition and demand. Community social service has been grown rapidly quantitatively just in a few years since 2007. Based on this growth, community social service investment has been changed from individual subsidy to comprehensive subsidy in 2012. In consequence, it can be possible to manage business in response to local demand and financial autonomy. In this respect, this study is purposed to examine the management of current community social service, and divides analysis unit into supply and demand to achieve this goal. This study analyses the present providing condition of service, the managerial difficulty on the side of supply and the current access of service, satisfaction, and producing new business on the side of demand. According to this result, it is needed that the supply must discover various recipients and businesses based on local need, develop model building, agree on selecting criteria, create standard manual and the demand need more active information to increase choice, producing standard manual and the demand need more active information to increase choice, producing new business for diverse target, extending per-user in order to making voluntary market. All of this is needed to ensure and actualize locality and autonomy of community social service.
  • 9.

    Study on Building a Disaster Management System Responding to Future Disaster - Using Expert Survey Method -

    Joon-Young Hur | JuHo Lee | 2014, 10(10) | pp.173~195 | number of Cited : 21
    How to forecast and properly prepare for large-scale disasters has become one of the top priorities not only in those countries where such catastrophes used to occur, but also in developed countries in general. To find the answers to these questions, this study adopts the methods of future research such as the environmental scanning method, delphi survey, and scenario method. On the basis of them, it is examined whether the current Korean system of catastrophic disaster response can be improved with respect to disaster laws and institutions, governance structure, practical manuals and disaster education. The conclusion drawn from the analyses can be summarized as follows: Catastrophic disasters include not only traditional disasters(out of natural, man-made and social causes). But they should also include new types of disasters(hybrid disasters), which with the scope of its socio-psychological impact go often far beyond the capacity of an average national disaster management system and thus seriously affect the economy, politics, culture and society. To cope with such disasters the understanding of a catastrophic disaster should be enhance, the focus of response should be shifted from the treatment on the spot to continuous measures based on the basic national function, an integrated national disaster management system mobilizing all national capacities should be prepared.
  • 10.

    Estimation of Resistance Bias Factor for Shallow Foundation on the Weathered Soil Ground

    김동건 | Park Byung Soo | 2014, 10(10) | pp.197~211 | number of Cited : 2
    Recently development of standardized design code is needed to enhance the international competitiveness according to demand of opening construction market by international treaty. Research on the limit state design method in the filed of structure foundation is in progress as follow the global trend. Analysis of probability statistics about the data base of literatures and reports of construction and design collected was performed to quantify the uncertainty about property of weathered soil ground in designing the shallow foundation. Appropriate ultimate bearing capacity was evaluated by comparing the existing methods of estimating this value and the nonlinear regression method and values of resistance bias factor and COV of weathered soil could be analyzed quantitatively through this process.
  • 11.

    The Empirical Study on Patrol of Local Police and Police Service Satisfaction - Focused on Changwon -

    신원부 | Lee, Haeng-Jun | 2014, 10(10) | pp.213~232 | number of Cited : 4
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the relation of police patrol and security satisfaction, and to suggest the methods for improving citizens satisfaction. This study conducts the survey on 208 citizens. By factor analysis, the speed and visibility of patrol, differential response, contact with patrolmen, and trust in patrolmen are grouped as the variables and security satisfaction of citizen. According to the result, the police service quality-empathy, responsiveness, confidence and reliability have significantly positive effects on the police service satisfaction. Based on the results, the policy implications for enhancing the citizen’s police service satisfaction are discussed. The results of this study reveal that security satisfaction are related to the response of patrolmen and the use of CCTV. Therefore, police department must make the effort for increasing contact with patrolmen, and trust and enlarge the response of CCTV. To increase the kindness of patrolmen, police department must assess the applicants kindness thoroughly, involve the kindness of patrolmen at performance appraisal, activate the foot patrol, and facilitate the joint patrol of policemen and citizens.
  • 12.

    The Study for Safety of Insular Breakwater with Partial Reflection

    SungDuk Kim | 2014, 10(10) | pp.233~242 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to investigate diffracted wave height at the vicinity of insular breakwater. And it is to estimate the effect of the wave reduction under the condition of the various incident wave angle and reflection ratio. The numerical simulation is performed by using the solution of the Green function based on the boundary integral equation. When the channel is dredged on the seabed, the effect of wave reduction at the wave field is to be investigated. With the reflection and the dredge, the wave height is reduced and the wave height patton is mild. The results of this study can give an information for the layout and design of insular breakwater, and it will be informed to understand the hydraulic factor for safety of breakwater.
  • 13.

    Consumers' Confidence and Purchase Intentions for Product Recalls Based on Recall Spontaneity and Communication - Interaction Effects of Product Types and Consumers Sociological Characteristics -

    JUN SANG MIN | 최은실 | 2014, 10(10) | pp.243~263 | number of Cited : 11
    In order to find successful product recalls for both consumers and businesses, this study tested the level differences of consumers’ confidence and purchase intentions for product recalls according to recall spontaneity and communication. We also tested the interaction effects of product types and consumers’ sociological characteristics upon the consumers’ confidence and purchase intentions for product recalls. A web-based survey was conducted among 1,000 Korean consumers for car, industrial product, and food recalls. It was found that the levels of consumers' confidence and purchase intentions for spontaneous recalls are higher than that of mandatory recalls among all product types. The purchase intention levels for spontaneous recalls among the lowest income brackets is lower than that of higher income brackets. Additionally, the levels of consumers' confidence and purchase intentions for public recall communication is higher as compared to that of individual recall communication and closed recall communication. The levels of consumers' confidence and purchase intentions for food recalls is higher than that of car and industrial product recalls. People in their twenties have higher purchase intentions for individual and closed communications among industrial product recalls, and people in their forties and fifties have higher purchase intentions for public recall communications among all types of products than other age groups. Men have lower confidence levels on closed recall communications , but have higher confidence levels and purchase intentions on public recall communications than women among car recalls. Our results provide useful data for government agencies, businesses, and consumer education agencies on recall implementation plans which enhance the levels of confidence and purchase intentions for product recalls.