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2014, Vol.10, No.12

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    Establishing the Effectiveness of the National Disaster Legal System

    Lee, Jae Eun | 2014, 10(12) | pp.1~20 | number of Cited : 10
    The purpose of this study is to suggest some desirable directions for establishing the effectiveness of national disaster legal systems. For achieving this goal, this article reviewed the disaster management process, such as prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. And, based on theoretical backgrounds, this paper proposed five research variables including value, responsibility, field, expertise, and comprehensiveness and analyzed three acts, disaster and safety management basic law, civil defense basic law, and fire prevention basic law. As a research result, some major desirable directions for getting the effectiveness of national disaster legal systems are as follows; the universal value of human society, accountability and responsibility of nation and local government, command and control system in the disaster site, disaster management expertise, and management capability of new disaster types, and so on.
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    The Empirical Study on Local Government Disaster Management System’s Demanded Competency and Resilience

    Roh, Sungmin | 채은경 | Lee Chang-Kil | 2014, 10(12) | pp.21~39 | number of Cited : 7
    Disaster scholars have investigated the nature of organizational resilience, but extant research has not examined various strategies within provincial government system. The questions of how local government disaster management system’s demanded competency influence disaster resilience and sustainability remains unanswered. In this study, we analyze the current problems of disaster management system in demanders’point of view through survey and then address suggestions based on each entity's recognitions and understandings related. Results based on the data analysis demonstrated that 4 core competencies (responsibility, expertise, connectivity, responsiveness) are the most attributed (regardless of class) in the order based on competency demands. In addition, a great discrepancy between practical experience group and working inexperience group is also identified in the recognition of competency demands. The findings confirm that the coordinating role of the provincial governments is critical to the building of a resilient community in terms of inter-organizational collaboration, and demonstrate the steering role of the provincial governments with regard to resilience.
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    Characteristics of Local scour at Trunk Section of a Ruble Mound Breakwater with Inclined Slope

    조갑필 | KIM KYOUNG HO | 오현식 | 2014, 10(12) | pp.41~55 | number of Cited : 0
    A breakwater is a structure protecting an area from wave action. Scour is one of the failure modes of breakwater. Soundings reveal large potential risks. Scour at rubble mound breakwater is caused by the steady streaming induced by the standing waves. The steady streaming depends on the angle of the breakwater slope, , the incident wave height, H, the incident wave period, the water depth, , the bed roughness characterized by the sand-grain size, , the water density, and the water viscosity, . From dimensional analysis, the scour characteristics for the case of the no-suspension-mode transport can be found to depend on the number, , Shields number, , number. The scour depth in the equilibrium scour phase were analyzed by non-dimensional parameters such these. Especially the scour depth have good correlation with the KC number which includes the Irribaren number
  • 4.

    An Empirical Study on the Relationship Between Non-regular Worker’s Job stress, Problem Drinking, and Mental Health

    Soo Kyung Park | CHUNG-KWON LEE | 2014, 10(12) | pp.57~76 | number of Cited : 15
    This study examined the causal relationship between non-regular worker’s problem drinking, job stress and mental health focusing on the tension reduction hypothesis and intoxication hypothesis with self-report survey data based on 333 non-regular workers in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do in May 2015. The results showed that mental health appeared to have a complete mediating effect in the relationship between job stress and problem drinking, while the mediating effect of problem drinking in the relationship between job stress and mental health seems partial. That is, a high job stress resulted in mental health problem such as depression and/or anxiety, and mental health also affect problem drinking. Based on the results, the study discussed mental health interventions for non-regular workers to relieve job stress and problem drinking.
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    A Study for Flood Control of Namgang Dam with Flood Guide Curve in Flood Event

    강태욱 | SangJin Lee | 최선호 | 2014, 10(12) | pp.77~92 | number of Cited : 2
    Upstream area of Namgang Dam is mountainous and has steep channel bed slopes, so the flood hydrograph from a storm rises rapidly. Namgang Dam operators have difficulties in flood control every year because the dam has small flood control capacity for catchment area and there are some restrictions on upstream and downstream of Namgang Dam to store or release water. The purpose of the study is to propose a flood guide curve in flood event of Namgang Dam for effective flood control. We analyzed major historical 14 flood events and simulated them by the COSFIM(Coordinate Operation System for Flood control In Multi-reservoir) that is hydrological flood routing model. The flood guide curve of Namgang Dam was determined by estimating application time of the flood guide curve and operation guide stages & ranges in process of flood time. The flood guide curve may be effectively used in flood control of Namgang Dam.
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    A Conceptual Review of Resilience from a Disaster Perspective

    Jin Dong Shin | 김미선 | KIM TAE HYUN and 1other persons | 2014, 10(12) | pp.93~107 | number of Cited : 2
    This study aims to conceptualize resilience from a perspective of disaster management. To do this, we organized the concepts and principles of resilience from literature review. Furthermore, we analyzed the famine policies of Joseon Dynasty during little ice age based on the framework of 5Rs(Robustness, Redundancy, Rapidity, Resourcefulness and Regional competence) for enhancing resilience. The results show that Joseon Dynasty responded to famine, a kind of disaster due to climate change, comprehensively and systematically. The response of Joseon corresponds to the concept and the 5Rs framework of resilience. These results support that the concept and the 5Rs framework of resilience could be a new paradigm of disaster management through institutional improvement planning in the future.
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    Social Capital and Crisis Management of Public Health

    Kim SANG-WEON | 2014, 10(12) | pp.109~127 | number of Cited : 0
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    Relying upon recent social science and public health science literature on social capital theory, this study tested the hypotheses that areas with higher levels of social capital and social support will have lower mortality rates. Korea is a member of OECD with moderate mortality rates. Although its overall mortality is the lower rank among the OECD members, local rates of mortality vary widely. Similarly, the level of social capital provided by local government varies throughout Korea due to the level of development and financial condition. Utilizing data from Korean regions(n=229) and controlling for other structural covariates, Ordinary Least Squares(OLS) regression was employed to estimates the effects of social capital on regional mortality rates. As expected, the results provided some partial support for direct effects of social capital on mortality. The findings showed that regions exhibiting high level of social capital and social support were regions with lower level of mortality rates. The findings are discussed in the social context of Korean regional specific conditions and of the meaning of recent research of social capital and mortality.
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    The Research Trends of Counter-Terrorism through the Semantic Network Analysis - The Temporal Analysis of the Research Papers between Academia and State Agencies -

    Lee Dae Sung | Kim SANG-WEON | Ryu Sang Il | 2014, 10(12) | pp.129~146 | number of Cited : 4
    This study analysed the research trends of counter-terrorism by synthesizing of academic articles between academia and state agencies through the semantic network analysis. We found some significant results from the analysis. To Sum up, first, “terror” and “terrorism” were used key subject matter between 1981 and 2014. Second, there were discussions about “law” and “institutions” before 2000, and there were activating academic research about “policies” after 2001. Third, while the research focused “reaction” in terms of the response from terror before 2000, the research papers focused “preparedness” in terms of the prevention from terror after 2001. Forth, looking at the differences by the year, “the Olympics” and “Seoul Asian Games” were frequently addressed between 1981 and 1990 regarding of the Seoul Olympic games in 1988 and the Seoul Asian games in 1986. The research related to “World Cup” were increased between 1991 and 2000 for preparing 2002 World cup games. After that, research about “9.11 terror” were radically increased between 2001 and 2010, and the research topics were varied, such as “cyber terror”, “homegrown terrorism”, between 2011 and 2014. Fifth, regarding of policy toward North Korea, research related to the risk of state sponsor terrorism by North Sixth, Korea were main topics before 2000, and after that, these research topics were decreased. regarding of police intervention to counter-terrorism, the research related to the police’s role toward counter-terrorism were relative small. However, these research about the police’s role for counter-terrorism were consistently increased.
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    Improving the Response System for HNS(Hazard and Noxious Substance) Spill of Vessels in the Marine Environmental Management Act of Korea

    Jaeho Seo | Hee-Dong Pyo | 2014, 10(12) | pp.147~169 | number of Cited : 2
    Spills from ships in times of accident are extremely difficult to respond and the enormity of damages are beyond imagination due to extraordinary situations of the seas. The Marine Environment Management Act of Korea has been the framework act for the response of both spilt oils and hazardous and noxious substances(HNS) with focuses on spilt oil response. However, considering the high risk associated with the HNS to marine environment/ecosystem and human welfare as well as economic losses, revision of the existing law to fully cover the HNS response. According to the review of the existing policies and measures on preparedness and response to the HNS spill in accordance with the law, it would be extremely difficult to effectively respond to HNS emergency as the current law does not have clauses for preparedness and response for HNS, clauses for chemicals and equipment for response, and clauses for deploying the response vessels. In order to overcome the discrepancies of the current law which mainly focuses on oil spill response, this study suggests to revise the law to include the clauses for chemicals and equipment for HNS response and the deployment of HNS vessels.
  • 10.

    Effects of Organizational Effectiveness Management of the Conflict on the Soldiers and Military Junior Officer Influence

    김종서 | Hyo Son Park | 2014, 10(12) | pp.171~198 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of this research is to prevent accidents and to improve combat power by seeking efficient conflict management through research on conflict management and organizational effectiveness in military organization. The research is subjected to junior commissioned officers and soldiers who are doing mandatory military service. The research data were collected by survey method in empirical research based on this study. The questionnaire were conducted to randomly selected 330 men from four units of army and navy. Thirty of poor respondents were removed and 300 responses were analyzed. SPSS 18 statistics program was used to process the empirical analyzation using frequency analysis, validity and reliability test, correlation analysis, and multiple regression analysis. The results are following. First, conflict prevention plan showed strong positive correlationship with organizational effectiveness, conflict resolution plan showed distinctly positive correlationship with organizational effectiveness in the aspects of conflict management and organizational effectiveness. Second, personal and interpersonal conflict both showed strong negative correlationship with organizational effectiveness in the aspects of conflict type and organizational effectiveness. Third, conflict prevention and resolution plan decreases level of personal and interpersonal conflict, and stimulation plan increases level of personal and interpersonal conflict. Fourth, there was a difference on the recognition of conflict type, conflict management, and organizational effectiveness according to demographic traits, rank and job, of junior commissioned officers and soldiers. The implication of the result suggests practical ways of conflict management that can prevent accidents and increase organizational effectiveness, which increases combat strength, by efficiently managing the conflicts of junior commissioned officers and soldiers.
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    An Exploratory Study on the Current Economic Crisis and Solution to Re-employ Senior Consumer

    Yeon Jeong Kim | 2014, 10(12) | pp.199~221 | number of Cited : 2
    This study explored socio-economical needs to re-employment after retirement through the aged senior job's participation. Research methods involved applying contents analysis and Focus group interview and research problem analyzed economical participation factors, satisfaction degree of senior job's program, various socio-economical participation needs and participation intention of social enterprise. The result were as follows. The motivation of senior job's participation were labor income after retirement and participation social activity. Publicity and educational traits of senior jobs were very important factor and the aged had pride of professional job program and had strong attitude to communicate the job experience with former job program participant. A participants showed high credibility of public policy to enhance aged economic status and suggested emotional support by partner and children. They agree the publicity between senior job and social enterprise, social enterprise had more business profitability and job professionalism.
  • 12.

    A Study on Drinking Grade and the Influence of Parents' Problem Drinking and Codependency of General Social Worker

    Kim Hye Sun | 2014, 10(12) | pp.223~243 | number of Cited : 5
    This study was aimed to investigate the relation among drinking grade, the influence of parents' problem drinking, codependency and to get a idea dealing with the practical competence of general social worker in the fields which are many issues related to problem drinking. The subjects of this study consisted of 290 general social workers in Gangwon-do. The data were collected through self-reported questionnaires from Jun. to Oct. 2013 and were analyzed by Spss 18.0. 82.2% of general social workers were drinkers, high-risk drinkers were 37.6%, and problem drinking showed significantly in sex, age, religion, family income. 35.5% of general social workers were influenced by parents' problem drinking and parents' problem drinking showed significantly in age. Codependency showed significantly in age, religion and 55.1% of general social workers were moderate-severe level. The influence of parents' problem drinking, age contributed significantly to codependency. Based on the results, I suggest that the need to enhance appropriate program drinking prevention and invention strategies for general social workers
  • 13.

    Urban Planning and Waterfront

    Seo, Jong Gook | 2014, 10(12) | pp.245~262 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to find ways to solve urban renewal which is one of the problems in the city today through the waterfront. There is a paradigm of urban planning toward a future-oriented city, historical and cultural city, residents participate in the city, eco-friendly eco-city of the customer center. As a space having history of the city and state-of-the-art building, waterfront is an essential environmental factors that promote population health as a critical environment which have direct impacts on human lives. Sustainable urban waterfront regeneration can carry out the role, making the city that people want to live in the physical, economic and socialㆍcultural aspects of the city. Integrally connected to urban planning and waterfront plan as a practical alternative to the techniques that can be applied to the actual city planning and urban regeneration follows: First, the city forms is to avoid the indiscriminate demolition of city buildings and facilities, and to coexist with the appearance of the old town and the modern city by preservation of the harbor with a long history and waterfront facilities. Second is to maintain of the city edge that has the ability to maximize city function and is to secure living space allowing the flexibility to take advantage of the city limits. Third, the city features for post-modern waterfront community is built to commercial and residential, commercial and hotel complex at the same time possible. Finally, waterfront oriented post-modern city is an attractive city to live all by visually convey the diversity and vibrancy of the city through a new image.
  • 14.

    Tendencies of Orientations in Women’s Policies and Policy Priorities for The Overcoming of the Gender Crisis - Focused on the Semantic Network Analysis by The General Plan of Women’s Policy -

    안혜원 | 2014, 10(12) | pp.263~277 | number of Cited : 1
    This study analyzed trends in policies on women observed in the 1st general plan of women’s policies through the 4th one in order to overcome the gender crisis through semantic network analysis. The results are as follows. First, keywords ‘women,’ ‘society,’ ‘activity,’ support,’ ‘improvement,’ ‘culture,’ ‘legal system,’ and ‘activation’ had high centrality in the 1st general plan of women’s policies from 1998 to 2002. Second, keywords ‘women,’ ‘equality,’ ‘participation,’ ‘expanding,’ ‘policy,’ ‘gender equality,’ ‘support,’ ‘enhancement,’ and ‘home’ had high centrality in the 2nd general plan of women’s policies from 2003 to 2007. Third, keywords ‘empowerment,’ ‘policy,’ ‘support,’ ‘employment,’ and ‘base’ had higher centrality than average in the 3rd general plan of women’s policies from 2008 to 2012. Fourth, keywords ‘empowerment,’ ‘enhancement,’ ‘establishment,’ ‘support,’ ‘competence,’ ‘policy,’ ‘home,’ and ‘gender equality’ had high centrality.
  • 15.

    Elderly Driver's Perceived Driving Ability and Driving Behavior Associated with Traffic Accident Risk

    이미진 | Myung Sun Lee | 2014, 10(12) | pp.279~304 | number of Cited : 10
    This study was performed to investigate the elderly driver’s perceived driving ability and driving behavior associated with traffic accident risk. The target of this study was elderly drivers in driver’s license examination offices and senior welfare centers. A self-administered questionnaire survey was conducted from May 20, 2014 to Jun 7. Totally, the questionnaires of 220 elderly drivers were fully filled out. Men driver, longer the year of driver’s license issued, driving commercial vehicles, occupational driving, longer daytime driving hours, higher frequency of exposed violations were related with perceived driving ability(p<0.01). Having experience of active traffic accident were related with abnormal driving behavior(p<0.05). Accident risk is dependent on 65-74 ages, lower level of education, occupational driving, more frequency of exposed violations, more having experience of active and passive traffic accident(p<0.01). At the last, the factors that affected to the accident risk is situational adaptability(β=-.261, p<0.01), age(β=-.128, p<0.05), frequency of exposed violations(β=.237, p<0.01), having experience of passive traffic accident(β=.175, p<0.05). Based on the results in this paper, it can be concluded that, in order to prevent traffic accident by elderly drivers, there is a need to educate early elderly drivers and occupational drivers. It is also required to make elderly-friendly traffic environment for elderly drivers to drive easily.
  • 16.

    A Study on Introduction to Private Investigation System and Direction Through Predicting Demand

    Sunggu Jo | CHOI DONG-JAE | 박정환 and 1other persons | 2014, 10(12) | pp.305~320 | number of Cited : 0
    In Korea, private investigation business had been called as Heungsineop but it changed to messenger center from 1970s. Foreign private investigation agencies have started to run business as crisis management agency, consulting agency after Korea joined OECD in 1996. foreign private investigation agencies are still growing illegally by using similar names to private investigation business and today, these are covered doing illegal acting like shadowing, phone-tapping, even contract through media sources. Today, according to statistical data by the National Police Agency late 2012, messenger agencies are around 1574 in domestic and 939 of those are in the metropolitan area. Illegal types are uncovered as investigating personal life 27(68%), personal information offering 7(18%), location tracing 5(12%), illegal claim collection 1(2%) plus, clients for these company are uncovered as housewife 196(34%), company employee 152(27%), independent businessman 78(14%), profession 35(6%). Correctly present situation and dispersion of domestic private investigation businesses like security company because private investigation system has not been enacted in domestic, until now. Thus, this study try to analyze demand of private investigation for a proposal in legislation process which is pending in 19th assembly like Yun Jae-Ok's 「All Amendments Private Security Act」 and Song Young-Geun's 「Private Invstigation Act」 so we expect to that private investigation system is introduced to Korea as soon as possible.