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2015, Vol.11, No.1

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    Activating the Public Private Partnership in Disaster Management

    Sangkyu Rheem | Nam-Kuk Lee | 2015, 11(1) | pp.1~19 | number of Cited : 10
    Recently due to the size and complexity of the disaster, government centered disaster management system is facing the needs of public private partnership for more effective disaster management. In this study, it is desired to explore the policy alternatives for building a suitable public-private cooperation to suit changes in these disaster management paradigms. Therefore, We analyzed the situation of the public-private cooperation in disaster management in Korea and suggested the implications by comparing the USA and Japan cases. The main strategies for activating the public private partnership on the disaster management are as follows. First, it is needed to settle the voluntary participation in private sector. Second, it is needed to strengthen the linkage and coordination between civil society. Third, it is needed to intensify the training and education programs. Fourth, it is needed to build the quick and accurate information sharing system. Finally it is needed to change the recognition of the people which is to emphasize only the responsibility of governments.
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    Essay on the Safety Control of Public Facilities

    Park Jung Min | Ryu Sang Il | 2015, 11(1) | pp.21~37 | number of Cited : 11
    In recognition of the need to take higher interest in safety control for the places of local festivals and public facilities where many people gather, this study reviewed a number of cases, identified problems in current safety control, and suggested strategies for safety control. Problems derived from the case study were: i) insensitivity to safety; ii) lack of plans, human resources, and training for safety control; and iii) absence of a control tower for crisis management. Solutions for promoting the safety control of public facilities were: i) local governments’ enactment of by‐laws for prevention; ii) establishment of local governance for safety control; iii) development of standard safety control manuals and reinforcement of on‐site manuals in each facility; iv) development and education of crisis management and response programs; v) expansion of experiential education centers; and vi) the centralization of final responsibility to the central and local governments.
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    A Study on the Possibility Review of Civil and Government Oriented for Stable Supply of New and Renewable Energy - The Application of Barney’s VRIO Framework -

    MIN YOUN KYOUNG | LEE DONG KYU | 김지애 | 2015, 11(1) | pp.39~62 | number of Cited : 0
    The study proposed strategic orientation, effective and renewable energy supply system and the direction targets for stable energy supply and the possibility review of civil and government oriented on the basis of a much-discussed 5 major energy in the last five years focusing Barney(1991, 1995)’s VRIO(value, rarity, inimitability and organization) analysis model. The result, first solar radiation, water, bio energy is desirable a market-based development because rarity is low and inimitability is high. Furthermore, ocean, wind energy is desirable government lead supply system because rarity is high and inimitability is low. Finally, improving supply system from the strategic point of view, it will be available stable energy supply for gearing up the crisis of electricity.
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    Analysis for Drought Resilience of Monoculture on Climate Change

    강현중 | 정승권 | Maeng, Seung-jin and 1other persons | 2015, 11(1) | pp.63~81 | number of Cited : 0
    Damage occur frequently around the world on climate change, and Korea is no exception. Drought of natural disasters caused by climate change is having a significant impact on crops. Therefore, established for adaptation measures of drought are needed. Recently resilience concept is based on the study to analyze the natural disaster has conducted actively. Uses a different definition for each researcher because of the complexity of resilience concept on the studies of the natural disaster and commonly contains the meaning of "Ability to resist changes in pressure by external force. In this study, the cabbage-growing areas in the Chungcheong utilizing Statistical Annual Report(2013) from past 2007 to 2012 were analyzed by region per unit area yield of Chinese cabbage. Determination of the occurrence and intensity of the drought were utilizing SPEI(Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration). Configure the drought scenario was based on the result that SPEI index, cabbage yield per unit area(kg/10a) analyzed the regional drought resilience for a single crop by comparison. As a result, the average Chinese cabbage yield per unit area is the same when drought occurs Cheongyang, YeSan, SeoSan, Asan, GongJu, CheongJu came out in the order, Chungnam Chinese cabbage yield(kg / 10a) was higher than 10% of the value of Chungbuk.
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    Perceptions of Patient Safety Culture of Hospital Nurses

    Kim yoon lee | Lee Myung Ha | 2015, 11(1) | pp.83~99 | number of Cited : 6
    Purpose: This study is aimed to provide the fundamental data for building the patient safety culture by identifying the perceptions of patient safety culture of hospital nurses. Methods: This study was based by the questionnaire of the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture invented by Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality(AHRQ, 2004) surveyed by 284 hospital nurses. Results: In the dimensions of unit-level safety culture, the score of supervisor/manager expectations and actions was the highest of 3.72(0.49) and staffing was the lowest of 2.70(0.43). The correlation between the overall perceptions of safety and all dimensions except staffing showed a positive result (r=.16∼.48, p<.05) in the relationship among safety culture, level and event reporting system. The difference of p value of perception of the patient safety culture according to the characteristics of responders showed significantly high (p<.05), in higher education level, higher position, married status, and more than 15 years of service. Conclusion: Organizational learning and teamwork, communication openness, feedback and communication about error, active support of hospital management, and cooperation would be crucial to promote the overall perceptions of patient safety of hospital nurses and to improve the quality of the event reporting system.
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    Relationships between the Characteristics of Short Flood Events and Calibration of ReFH Model at Jeungpyeong Catchment, Korea

    Hyungjoon Chang | Hyosang Lee | Kazimierz Banasik and 1other persons | 2015, 11(1) | pp.101~113 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Rainfall runoff models have been used as main tool for water management in the catchment. The majority of the practical models in water managements are a type of conceptual models. This study aim to define relationships between characteristics of short term flood events and calibration of the ReFH(Revitalized Flood Hydrograph model). Ten flood events of Jeungpyeong in the period of 2000 and 2013 are analyzed with model performances and characteristics of flood, such as the maximum rainfall intensity, runoff ratio, peak rainfall-flood time difference and etc. the. The results indicate that a larger quantitative magnitude of the event(flood peak, maximum rainfall intensity, etc.) better performance in calibration. However, prior rainfall to flood events does not show a clear correlation. The calibrated parameters of the model(i.e., Cmax,) of flood events are consistent, which reflect the unique characteristics of the watershed. The results of this study are used as a basis for future studies of regionalization of rainfall runoff model for Geum river region.
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    Analysis of the Characteristics of the Behaviour and Damaged Facilities of Pohang Forest Fires

    염찬호 | Lee Si Young | 권춘근 and 1other persons | 2015, 11(1) | pp.115~130 | number of Cited : 1
    This study, as a result of conducting a field research on the weather conditions, topographic characteristics, analysis of the characteristics of forest fire behaviour, and facilities’ damages, in order to analyze the characteristics of forest fire behaviors of the forest fire that occurred in the Pohang city area, Gyeongbuk on March 9th 2013, in purpose of providing basic resources for the method of inspecting forest fire safety in areas with key facilities in forests, found out that when a forest fire occurs, Pohang city has weather conditions of strong Southwestern winds, and the initial forest fire spreading speed was about 2.3km/hr at steep slopes over 30°. In the case of facilities damaged by a forest fire, the average distance with the forest was 2.7m which was fairly close with the forest, and while the facilities located at the valley front of the direction of the movement of the forest fire were investigated to be damaged due to direct transition and spotting fire, the material of the facilities such as sandwich panels, etc. were analyzed to have damage on the facilities.
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    The Analysis of the Tendency from the Minister of the Gender Equality and Family in Terms of the Overcome of Gender Crisis - Focused on the Difference between Rho Moo-Hyoun and Lee Myung-Bak Administration -

    안혜원 | 2015, 11(1) | pp.131~144 | number of Cited : 2
    This study analyzed trends in policies on women observed in the women's policy trends of minister of the gender equality and family in order to overcome the gender crisis through semantic network analysis. Especially it is focused on the Lee Myung-Bak and Roh Moo-Hyoun administration. So it is founded out the change of the women's policies and it'll become academic foundations. First, the Keyword 'women' had high centrality in the every minister except minister Kim Keum-Lae. In case of Roh Moo-Hyoun administration, keywords 'women', 'problem', 'Irregular workers', 'international', 'human power', 'underprivileged' had high centrality in the inaugural speech of minister Ji Eun-Hee. Kewords 'new', 'childcare', 'society', 'nation', 'childcare paradigm', 'improvement of women's status' had high centrality in the inaugural speech of minister Jang Ha-Jin. In the case of Lee Myung-Bak administration, keywords 'policy', 'promoting', 'government', 'political problem', 'new administration', 'work' had high centrality in the inaugural speech of minister Byoun Do-Yun. And Kewords 'work', 'life', 'home', 'economy', 'achievement' had high centrality in the inaugural speech of minister Baek Hee-young. Keyword 'family' had higher centrality than other minister's speech in the inaugural speech of minister Kim Geum-Lae and keywords 'policy', 'gender', 'women', 'capability' had high centrality.
  • 9.

    The Characteristics of IMF Economic Crisis as a National Crisis

    Jeongmi Baek | 2015, 11(1) | pp.145~177 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    IMF economic crisis is a major turning point to distinguish the South Korea Society. Country can be defined as a Nation, Superstructure, Ruling blocks, Cohesion of social relation, Bureaucracy and legal system, Government, and Country Chief Manager. According to the definition of Country, the content, the method of explanation, and the objectives of crisis are different. First, IMF economic crisis can be seen as the National crisis, because it bring about the weakening of the external autonomy. Second, IMF economic crisis is the crisis of the Superstructure. Since there are change of capitalism-from the state monopoly capitalism to neo-liberalism, change of ideology-from development to liberty and equity, and change of the recognition of democracy. Third, IMF economic crisis is the crisis of Ruling class coalition in that it bring the conflicts within and between ruling classes. Forth, IMF economic crisis is the crisis of the Social relation cohesiveness. Because it bring about the social deviance, social conflict, and finally weakening of trust. Fifth, the bureaucracy institution is changed because of IMF economic crisis. Sixth, IMF economic crisis is obviously failure of government. Finally, IMF economic crisis leads to regime change.
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    Classification of consumer type according to the tendency toward safety and analysis of differences in the demands for food policies

    Hyun-jung Yoo | 2015, 11(1) | pp.179~199 | number of Cited : 3
    higher the knowledge of food systems, the stronger the will to improve food environment. Fifth, regardless of consumer type, all consumers strongly demanded guarantee of food safety, education and promotion related to food, and penalty for those engaged in illegal business activities and all consumers had the opinion that consumer safety education and promotion needs provided to children in their elementary or middle school years.
  • 11.

    Posttraumatic Growth and Narrative Reprocessing

    Ryu, Jeong | Namhee Choi | 2015, 11(1) | pp.201~212 | number of Cited : 6
    Posttraumatic stress disorder is a negative result of a traumatic event and posttraumatic growth is a positive result of traumatic event. We suggest that the focus on the term of posttraumatic growth. Posttraumatic grwoth is the experience of positive change that occurs as a result of the struggle with highly challenging life crises. It is manifested in a variety of ways including an increased sense of presonal strength, changed priorities and a external support continously and repetitively. It is difficult to understand of reality of the traumatic event itself because traditional knowledge systems are collapsed by traumatic events which never experience before lifetime. Therefore, it is necessary to change the lives of individuals as is the case with self-understanding in order to change the traumatic experienced by posttraumatic grwoth. We propose a intervention model the process of posttraumatic stress as narrative reprocessing which connect the traumatic events and individual experiences cases, including storytelling, mapping, review, self-empowering. It can be said the equal both of situations that trauma victims are more understading of traumatic event and that trauma narrative, a story about the experiences of traumatic event and that trauma narrative, a story about the experiences of traumatic event is a natural, increasing coherence, so that it comes to posttruamatic growth. It is important that longitudinal attention in order to support to trauma victims’ experiences change the posttraumatic growth.
  • 12.

    Study on the Establishment of the Concept of Terrorism using Semantic Network Analysis

    Lee Dae Sung | Ryu Sang Il | 2015, 11(1) | pp.213~226 | number of Cited : 2
    This study used semantic network analysis to analyze the scholars, governmental institutes and anti-terrorism laws to establish the concept of terrorism. First, the most frequent key words were commonly “goal”, “violence”, “politics” and “behavior”. The result shows that terrorism accompanies violence to achieve political goals differently from general crimes. Second, the concepts of “terror” and “terrorism” were used commonly. There could be some disputes as there were differences between groups in the aspect of purpose. Third, there were two aspects in the method. There were the same opinions on “violent behavior” in the physical aspect and “menace” and “terror” in the psychological aspect. Fourth, there were two aspects in the damaged ones. There were words like “nation”, “territory” and “government” in the aspect of objects and “individuals”, “lives”, “human beings” and “physical bodies” in the aspect of human beings.
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    A Study on Efficient Operation of Municipal Police System - With Emphasis on the Awareness of Municipal Police Officers in Jeju Special Self-governing Province -

    In Jong Ko | Younghoon Kang | 2015, 11(1) | pp.227~245 | number of Cited : 1
    This study was conducted to understand the awareness of Jeju Special Self-governing Province's municipal police officers for the efficient operation of municipal police system to derive priority on the parts to supplement or improve since the introduction of municipal police system. The areas of evaluation were human resources/organization, finance, operation, and law and systems for the efficient operation of municipal police system. Ten factors were selected for each area and AHP method was used to assess their relative importance and priority. As a result, it was found that the municipal police system has secured enough manpower and doubled the overall budget during the last nine years for a positive response overall, but the authority and performance of municipal police was still limited. Considering the weights and priority of policy part for the efficient operation of municipal police system, it was found that security of position in the Constitution, identity of Jeju Municipal Police Model, and amendment of related laws and regulations in the area of lawsㆍsystems were most important. In terms of the specific policies of each part, securing enough manpower was the priority in the human resourcesㆍorganization aspect, budget foundation in the financial aspect, expansion of municipal police's authority in the operation aspect, and the identity of Jeju Municipal Police Model in the lawsㆍsystems aspect. Considering the overall complex weights and priority, the identity of Jeju Municipal Police Model(lawsㆍsystems) was the top priority and the expansion of municipal police's authority(operation) was the second. Although Jeju Special Self-governing Province's municipal police is already nine years old, but it still needs to have a broad scope of authority by amending the laws and regulations to fit the needs of local region and requires active interest and support from the Central Government and the National Assembly to improve the lawsㆍsystems aspect as the Municipal Police System is still a toddler in the form of a pilot. Because the authority of municipal police is extremely limited with not much exclusive authority, municipal police is still executing assistant work subordinate to the national police.
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    Factors associated with stages of drinking behavior change among college students

    백경신 | 2015, 11(1) | pp.247~261 | number of Cited : 6
    This study was to identify the factors associated with stages of drinking behavior change of college students on the basis of the Transtheoretical Model. Data were collected from 610 college students using a self-report questionnaire. The factors associated with stages of drinking behavior change were self efficacy, pros of drinking, stimulus control, gender, major subject and religion. Strategies to enhance self efficacy, stimulus control and to diminish pros of drinking in college students will be an important intervention component to stop drinking in future studies.
  • 15.

    The Effect of Hand Holding on Anxiety, Pain, and Satisfaction under Local Anesthesia Patients During Surgery

    LEE JI MIN | 2015, 11(1) | pp.263~277 | number of Cited : 0
    This study was conducted to examine the hand holding effects on anxiety, pain, and satisfaction for local anesthesia patients in plastic surgery. The research design was the non-equivalent control group pretest-posttest design. It studied from May of 2012 to October of 2013. A total of 47 participants were underwent plastic surgery with local anesthesia. Those in the experimental group(n=25) were provided with nursing intervention of hand holding and conventional music therapy, whereas the control group(n=22) were received conventional music therapy. The main outcome variables were measured including pre-postoperative anxiety, intraoperative pain, and postoperative satisfaction of patients in both groups. The collected data were analyzed with the frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, paired t-test and t-test using SPSS/WIN 19.0 program. Those patients in experimental group showed significantly decreased state anxiety. Pain was significantly lower in the experimental group than the control group. And patients΄ satisfaction were significant higher in the experimental group. The results provided that hand holding was effective in managing pain, anxiety, and satisfaction for local anesthesia patients in plastic surgery. Therefore, the hand holding could be recommended as a nursing intervention for surgery patients.
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    Analysis of Design Flood at Buyeon Reservoir by using FCSR Method

    강현모 | Hyosang Lee | 2015, 11(1) | pp.279~297 | number of Cited : 3
    The failure of small reservoirs in rural communities in Korea, such as Keuyeon reservoir in 2014, have been increased in recent decades. Especially small reservoirs in rural area, which had been built before 1960, remain as a difficult situation which can not cover sharp increase of rainfall in recent decades. This study analyses the design flood of small reservoir( Buyeon which located in Chungbuk) with recently adopted Flood Estimation Manual of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport in Korea with FCSR(Flood Control System for Reservoir) method of Korea Rural Community Corporation. it aims to suggest a systematic analysis of the design flood for agricultural small reservoir, a evaluation method in accordance with the general catchment flood estimation method. This study estimates the design flood at Buyeon agricultural reservoir located in Chungbuk and compare the design flood(37.10 m3/s in 100 return period) in 1960 which was built in. Also the enhanced design flood and management regime in reservoir( in 200 year return period with 20% of safety increasing factor) is considered. The design flood of Buyeon is calculated as 42.2 m3/sec, 50.6 m3/sec with FCSR. It was the excess of capacity of about 5.1m3/s and 13.5m3/s compared to design flood in 1960 and enhanced design flood respectively. This study provides the basis for the foundation of a safe society in rural areas to estimate the design flood by enhanced recent flood estimation method.
  • 17.

    Unemployment Crisis Management in Cambodia - Employment Promotion in the Service Sectors -

    CHEASOKPHENG | 백인립 | 2015, 11(1) | pp.299~317 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper explores the potential effective policy inputs to promote formal employment in the Cambodian service sector labor market. It is argued that the current literature places much emphasis on the support policies to stimulate job creation. Since employment is determined by the labor transaction of demand and supply, this paper brings the wage and productivity factors into consideration and demonstrates a combined effect from all the factors in determining the employment rate. Five models of multiple regressions are run by subsequently inserting variables of various factors drawn from literature into a regression equation. Using data in Cambodia Enterprise Survey 2007, it is found that employment is positively and significantly determined by the growth in labor cost(including wage, bonuses, and social payments). As a recommendation, this paper brings more attention to the benefits of a minimum wage policy in promoting formal employment in the Cambodian service sector.