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2015, Vol.11, No.4

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    A Study on the Improvement of Laws and Ordinances Related to Crisis Management

    Ryu Sang Il | ChanGwon Jeong | Kim Tae-Jin | 2015, 11(4) | pp.1~25 | number of Cited : 2
    This study was conducted in order to suggest directions on how to improve laws and ordinances for enhancing the efficiency of crisis management in Korea through analyzing distributed laws and ordinances related to crisis management. The findings of the analysis are as follows. First, the concepts of crisis were diverse from emergency to civil defense situation, integrated defense situation, and disaster among laws and ordinances. Second, wartime crises such as emergencies and integrated defense situations were mixed with peacetime crises such as natural and social disasters, and therefore, wartime laws and ordinances were not properly connected to peacetime ones and the boundary between the two was unclear. Third, in the staged application of crisis management as well, some laws and ordinances were applicable only at the stage of crisis response, and some to the entire process of prevention, preparation, response, and restoration, and this may confuse systematic crisis management activities. Fourth, the jurisdiction of crisis management was divided among several departments including the Prime Minister, National Security Agency, and Ministry of National Defense, and this may cause redundancy and void of works resulting from the decentralization of crisis management functions.
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    Recognition of Public Officials for Disaster Management System

    이선범 | Jaehyun Shim | 2015, 11(4) | pp.27~49 | number of Cited : 6
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the recognition of central and local disaster management officials to operate the disaster management system systematically. To do this, a survey was conducted for examining the recognition of the officials in charge of disaster management and 164 data which were collected by the survey were analyzed in this study. The results are as follows: First, central disaster management official had more positive recognition for jab satisfaction than local disaster management official. Second, in order to improve job satisfaction and human resources, the results showed that additional points for promotion, financial incentive, law-related education and regular education would be needed. Third, disaster and safety management basic act is selected to be improved. Fourth, for the improvement of disaster management, it would be needed to increase the number of the staff in the stage of the prevention and preparedness and the strengthen general command capabilities in the stage of the response. Moreover, there is the necessity of strengthening of Public-Private partnership in the stage of recovery. Fifth, central disaster management official had more positive recognition for the support and cooperation between central and local governments than local disaster management official. Sixth, for the improvement of the system in Ministry of Public Safety and Security, it is necessary to develop following things; establishment of an integrated emergency management system, increase of the budget and human resources, strengthening of the professionalism, and integration of the organization.
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    Exploring Effective Factor and Analysing a casual relationship for Disaster Management about Anti Terrorism in South Korea

    박주혁 | 박진희 | 2015, 11(4) | pp.51~68 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of this research is to explore a effective factor and to analyze a casual relationship of disaster management about anti terrorism. For this research, it discusses about theory of the new terrorism and changing strategic of U.S. Furthermore, it is how to construct anti terror system and disaster management in South Korea to compare with U.S. So, it conducted that it has professional advice to deduce critical factors about anti terror disaster management in South Korea. Then, First effective factors(independent variables) classifies four factors such as disaster management working process, governance factors, organization of cooperation and organization capacity etc. Second disaster management(dependent variables) classifies three factors such as preparedness, prevention, recovery etc. In conclusion, it conduct multi regression analysis between disaster management and effect factors. So it result that it appears to casual between disaster management and effect factors. Commonly, disaster management is influenced by organization of cooperation and organization capacity. But preparedness is influenced by disaster management working process, governance factors. Among others, preparedness is negative disaster management working process. Except for that, it is positive. so, critical variables of disaster management is organization of cooperation and organization capacity and it is improved disaster management working process.
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    A Study on Selection of the Risk factors for Urban Disaster of Deajeon Metropolitan City using Delphi and AHP

    Lee, KyungSu | 김태형 | 강현구 and 1other persons | 2015, 11(4) | pp.69~84 | number of Cited : 9
    The household population of Daejeon Metropolitan City is decreasing, but the entire population is increasing, so the population density of Daejeon is rising sharply. Therefore it is expected that when a sudden disaster occur, then there may a lot of damage in a short time because of the linkage effect. And, in order to prevent the disasters in advance, they suggested an evaluation index by making and prioritizing the order of urban risk factors suited to regional characteristics at this study. According to the results of ‘The Delphi Analysis’ the preparations of forest fire, industrial accident, scorching heat were excellent(1 or 2 points), and it was ordinary(3points) or poor(4points) against the damages of wind and flood, drought, lightning, traffic jam, building collapse, fire explosion, infectious disease poison caused by environmental pollution. But it was very poor (5points) in case of the earthquake. According to the analysis results of AHP, in case of the Natural misfortune disaster, the preparation for the flood, storm and earthquake damage were important. But in case of the Society misfortune disaster, the provision for the forest fires and the building collapse were very important. They suggested of the Value index and Scorecard of disaster risk factors of Daejeon Metropolitan City at this study. If we use this kind of Value index to the right time and place when making safety program and disaster preparation manual, we will be able to cope with the urban disaster more effectively.
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    Folk studies coping with socio-cultural conflicts in Germany

    Myun Kim | 2015, 11(4) | pp.85~98 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This research study aims to show how the culture of the immigrants was part of the wider German culture, and thus to expand the original concept of folk culture to include the immigrants as a vital part. In other words, the diversity of the immigrants' culture were acknowledged as an enriching element of German culture. In the age of globalization, it is actually difficult to discern unique features of one's own culture. As cultures in various countries all over the world are in the process of mutual and permanent exchanges, it is requisite to reevaluate the concept of folk culture in accordance with a changing world.
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    Evaluating the Rebuilding Policies for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

    LEE DAL BYUL | Jung, Juchul | 2015, 11(4) | pp.99~121 | number of Cited : 0
    Recognizing the importance of rebuilding New Orleans, this paper aims to analyze the rebuilding policies for New Orleans and compare those with an alternative policy which can make the city more sustainable, less vulnerable and more equitable. For this comparison, it analyzes four rebuilding policies as follows: Urban Land Institutes's Policy, the Bring New Orleans Back Commission's Original and Revised Policy, and Policy of Cherokee, IA. It is important that rebuilding New Orleans means not only rebuilding homes but also the lives and futures of people who haslived in the city.
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    A Study on Public's Credibility, Risk Perception and Effectiveness of Nuclear Power Plant - Focused on comparison between the degree of risk and fear

    SONG, HAE RYONG | wonje kim | Chanwon Kim | 2015, 11(4) | pp.123~140 | number of Cited : 9
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to examine the public's credibility, risk perception and effectiveness of nuclear power plant focused on comparison between the degree of risk and fear. For the purpose, participants were classified as low-risk vs. high-risk in the degree of risk. Also, participants were classified as low-fear vs. high-fear in the degree of fear. The results revealed that high-risk group showed high scores on risk perception and effectiveness. And low-fear group showed high scores on credibility about supervisory authority and scientists associated with nuclear power plant, high-fear group showed high scores on risk perception about nuclear power plant. Second, low-fear group showed high scores on credibility about supervisory authority. And high-risk group change from low-fear to high-fear showed low scores on credibility about scientists, low-risk group change from low-fear to high-fear showed high scores on credibility about scientists. Also, high-risk group showed high scores on risk perception, high-fear group showed high scores on risk perception.
  • 8.

    The Legal Status and Training of Aircraft Security Personnel

    정상헌 | Sunggu Jo | Kim, Dong-Je | 2015, 11(4) | pp.141~156 | number of Cited : 1
    Lately, Korean Air's so-called “Nuts rage” Incident has been reported one after another in the media and ripples spreading this fall. This incident happened on a KE086 flight bound for Incheon International Airport from New York’s JFK International Airport on Dec. 5, 2014. This flight went to the run-way in order to take off. But suddenly it returned to the boarding gate, which was called ‘ramp return’. Through the above incident, interest in aviation security surged. It is an prime example to evaluate the national aviation security system. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to research the legal status and training of in-flight security personnel from the 148 subjects, who are in-flight crews. The results of this study say : First, the adequacy of the legal status of in-flight security personnel is ‘very appropriate’ (7.4%), it is ‘appropriate’ (22.9%), ‘usually’ (27.0%), ‘inappropriate’ (39.0%), it is ‘very inappropriate’ (3.3%). The total of ‘inappropriate’ and ‘very inappropriate’ accounted for a high proportion of 42.3%. Second, the training status of the in-flight security personnel is ‘very complete’ (2%), it is ‘complete’ (15.5%), ‘so-so’ (27%), ‘lacking’(41.8%), ‘very lacking’ (13.5%). The total of ‘lacking’ and ‘very lacking’ accounted for a high proportion of 55.3%. It points out the problem of training of the in-flight security personnel. Taking together these research results, the awareness of the legal status and training of in-flight security personnel is high in negative side. And we should rethink the influence of the incidents connected to the airline terror during the cursory operation of the in-flight security personnel to meet the conditions of the visa agreement with the United States in 2008. And then we should prepare for the rapidly increasing airline terror through the adoption of the in-flight security personnel system in the developed countries.
  • 9.

    Reservoir failure monitoring and identified by the UAV aerial images

    Park Jinki | Park, Jong-hwa | 2015, 11(4) | pp.157~169 | number of Cited : 10
    The Gueyon reservoir, situated at Yeongchon region, Kyongbok, is prime water storage facilities for agricultural purposes. This reservoir, built by earthen dam and managed by state authority, suffered an embankment failure on August 21, 2014. Every year during monsoon, heavy rainfall causes deterioration and collapse of small earthen dams possess a serious threat to the safety and wellbeing of surrounding rural areas. It may also weaken the soil and lead to a piping and structural failure. This paper discuss the use of low cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based remote sensing system for post-disaster assessment and monitoring of reservoir embankment failure. For reservoir management, a software was developed for acquisition, post processing and analysis of UAV-based aerial imagery. It used a streamline workflow comprising flight planning, data-acquisition, post processing and finally with precise topographical information an accurate Arial image and ortho-rectified map has been created. Product of UAV aerial imagery work are truly beneficial and content richer information which can be more helpful for decision support system.
  • 10.

    The Study of Consumer's Perception toward Authenticity of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) after a Multinational Company's Crisis

    Seungho Cho | 2015, 11(4) | pp.171~185 | number of Cited : 8
    Abstract PDF
    This study examined a consumer's perception toward authenticity of CSR activity after multi-national company's crisis by using Toyota case. The research considered corporate image and crisis responsibility as main factors influencing consumer's perception toward authenticity of CSR. The findings showed that crisis responsibility and corporate image significantly affected participants' perception toward authenticity of CSR activity. In addition, a corporate image worked as moderate variable between crisis responsibility and their perception toward authenticity of CSR activity.
  • 11.

    Assessment of flood Characteristics due to land use changes in Chueongju - Mushim river, Chungbuk

    Hyungjoon Chang | Hyosang Lee | 조국희 and 1other persons | 2015, 11(4) | pp.187~207 | number of Cited : 1
    The changes of land use influence on the flood characteristics, which depend on rainfall runoff procedures in the catchment. This study assesses the changes of flood characteristics due to land use changes between 1997, 2005 and 2018. The catchment model(HEC-HMS) is calibrated with flood events of 1990s and 2000s respectively, then the design rainfall of 100,200,500 year return period are applied to this model, which represent the catchment in 1990s and 2000s, to assess the flood peaks. The results of comparison between 1990s and 2000s shows that the flood peak of 2000s is increasing and time to peak of 2000s is decreasing comparing to those of 1990s :3% to 7% increase in flood peak and 10.2% to 16% decrease in time to peak in 100year return period flood. It is due to decreasing of the farmland area(2.18%), mountainous area(8.88%), and increasing of the urbanization of the area (5.86%)). This study also estimates the effects of the recent housing development plan in Cheongju, 2018. The effects of this plan shows that the increasing of the flood peak and time to peak comparing to 2000s. However, the effects on flood characteristics is marginal compared to 2000s: flood peak increasing of 0.23 to 0.73% in 100 year return period. These results of the study can be used for basic data of further studies related to flood management at Mushim river.
  • 12.

    A Study on Determining Priority of the Important Factors on Functions of River Spatial Restoration

    임주환 | Lee, Hee Chan | Kim Ji-Sung and 2other persons | 2015, 11(4) | pp.209~227 | number of Cited : 3
    The objective of this study is to analyze priority and important factors of river functions expected to generate in terms of spatial, mainly in the river and floodplain, restoration. In order to meet the goal, this study examined factors represented in previous reference literatures. This study used Delphi technique and AHP. The expert survey was conducted twice to collect data for the analysis. The results show that important functions and factors are different with each land-use type around river. The ecological function of river is more important in rural areas. Otherwise, the water purification and waterfront function is more important in river across urban areas. The results could be a useful basis for policy alternative and direction in the river restoration and utilize reference of a follow-up study about the river spatial restoration.
  • 13.

    Development and Application of Hydrological Safety Evaluation Guidelines for Agricultural Reservoir with Multilateral Risk Factor

    Park Jong Seok | RHEE, KYOUNGHun | 심춘석 and 2other persons | 2015, 11(4) | pp.229~245 | number of Cited : 0
    In this study, an alternative hydrological safety evaluation method for agricultural reservoirs was proposed by examining diverse factors for the hydrological safety of agricultural reservoirs and selecting the optimal evaluation items, and by developing a digitized model. For each evaluation item, this model had the scores, which were quantified within the probabilistic range, and the separate importance values, which were derived from the analytic hierarchy process. Below conclusion was acquired based on the study done. Firstly, the results of the study indicated that in the short term, improving the safety check condition evaluation grade will be useful to improve the hydrological safety of the agricultural reservoir because it can be performed immediately. The improvement effect is limited, however, and the overall remodeling of the agricultural reservoir, which secures the discharge capacity of the spillway and adjusted to the freeboard of the levee body, is the efficient method in the long run. Secondly, according to the evaluation purpose and evaluator's need, the index section could be to allow the subject fall within the highest grade A and lowest grade E.
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    University Students' Perceptions on Social Enterprise - Using Photovoice Methodology

    Hyunju Lee | 2015, 11(4) | pp.247~272 | number of Cited : 21
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to explore the perceptions of social enterprise by university students who have studied social enterprise. 3 sessions were conducted every 2 weeks at C university in Chungbuk with 4 university students who wish to participate using Photovoice. The participants chose the following three themes in social enterprise to take and present photos, and discussed: ‘A social enterprise is’, ‘Success and failure factors of social enterprise’, ‘Future of social enterprise’. Results are follows. First, the participants perceived social enterprise as a family-like organization, offer job opportunities and social services to the vulnerable social groups and the quality of products and services of social enterprise aren’t recognized properly, since society's prejudices and stereotypes. Second, they perceive links and collaboration through network and listens to customers‘s voice as success factors of social enterprise and financial support as failure factor of social enterprise. Third, they perceive social enterprise will be in equivalent positions and compete with commercial enterprises and will go resemble each other. And, it will be exist as vitamins and essential to the future society, but focusing on quantitative growth of social enterprise as it is now, then it will be culled. Based on these results the ways to raise awareness and sustainable growth of social enterprise are suggested.
  • 15.

    Analysis Basic Experiment of Reduction Effect of Tree Roots Type on Debris Flow

    Won Jun Tak | Jun Kye Won | 2015, 11(4) | pp.273~282 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to find out the answer to the question "which forms of roots are more effective in reducing debris flow?" based on the tree roots' function of slope stability among their engineering functions to reduce disasters from debris flow, which is one of disasters taking place in mountainous areas. For this purpose, this study made simulated models of tree roots and compared debris flow taking place in simulated debris flow experiments. As the result, it turned out that experiments using trees had less debris flow than the ones without trees and the model with deep-rooted tree species had better reduction effect than the one with shallow-rooted tree species. In addition, in a same simulated trees miniature model, the form with more root branches had better reduction effect than the one with less root branches.
  • 16.

    Terror Crisis, and the US Anti-terrorism Approaches for Eradicating North Korean Acts Supporting Terrorism

    LEE, HUN KYUNG | 2015, 11(4) | pp.283~297 | number of Cited : 0
    There are no exception on the targets that are a civilian population and national governments, and hence no one in the world is not free from terrorist threats. Under the circumstances, the world nations should fight against terrorism and terrorist organizations. In order to do so, they need not only anti-terrorism cooperation, accords, and acts without being restricted by politics and ideology but also the collection and exchange of information across borders. In particular, the role and efforts of the United States as a world corp and a main victim country of terrorism. In the process, the multilateral approach is desirable to curb terrorism including a state-sponsored terrorism. North Korea is regarded a typical country as the state sponsor of terrorism. It conducted terrorist acts with the view of causing political and social chaos in the South. It also has ties with terrorists group, even providing training a variety of terrorist groups, and sold missile parts and technology to the antagonistic Middle East countries, much more nuclear cooperation with Iran. To eradicate North Korean acts supporting terrorism and preventing the expansion of mass destruction weapons, the U.S. ought to work together with international community. Such works and efforts can contribute to eradicating terrorism, maintaining public order and peace, and extending range of harmony and cooperation.
  • 17.

    A study of the Citizen Evaluation of Administration Service Satisfaction

    신원부 | 이원희 | 2015, 11(4) | pp.299~323 | number of Cited : 0
    This study investigates citizens' satisfaction with public services of affiliated agencies of Suwon, which daily interact with residents. Suwon has taken surveys of citizens' satisfaction with public services provided its affiliated agencies every year and tries to increase citizens' satisfaction by announcing survey results. By discovering factors which encourage or discourage satisfaction of citizens, a survey of citizens' satisfaction is used when governments make improvements and efficiently implement customer-oriented strategies. Also, by examining environmental changes around a government or a public agency, the survey can suggest implications on how to reform internal management system and increase their competency of a government or a public agency. To sum up, the implementation of the survey is able to benefit customers or residents more than before and result in improvement of internal management system. So, this study provides political implications on how to increase citizens' satisfaction of local governments.