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2015, Vol.11, No.5

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    A Study on the Disaster Control Tower from the Boundary Spanning Units

    Chung Si Gu | 2015, 11(5) | pp.1~25 | number of Cited : 6
    In this article, the problems in the domestic disaster control tower were identified through the type of activity and a function of the boundary spanning units. A study on the boundary spanning units is to analyze a variety of activities that take place in a very active and dynamic inter-organizational relations, it happened very actively in the United States in the 1980s. The disaster management control tower is also located in the heart of the disaster management system of the country and required the analysis of very dynamic changes in the level of change and innovation. Here, A study on the disaster control tower through the boundary spanning units in inter-organizational boundaries is a meaningful thing. Typical features of the boundary spanning units include a resource securing function, an information processing function, a public relations function, adjustment of inter-organizational relations such as. These features will need to be running flexibly in the disaster control tower. And the four types of disaster management connected with control tower include regular-routine type(Ⅰ), irregular-routine type(Ⅱ), regular-nonroutine type(Ⅲ), irregular-nonroutine type(Ⅳ) etc. We can be study on a disaster management control tower from these types of boundary spanning activities, typeⅣ is the most dynamic type among four types, so a research for the disaster management control tower should be focus on typeⅣ. The most important thing in disaster management control tower is not an exaggeration to say the site response speed and management professionalism. When the emergency disaster occurs, it is very important that various disaster demonstrated well in the sinking accident of Sewol ferry that took three hundreds of lives. It was the result from the worst human disaster. Also this case had shown a lot of problems with cross-talk between the relevant departments to rectify the accident. In a accident and disaster and emergency management field, the control tower that can oversee the boundaries of the organization is operating the installation in order to avoid such problems in the advanced country. This study will contribute to extend the theory of the control tower by analyzing the disaster management system through the function and activity type of boundary spanning units.
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    A Study on Analysis and Deduction of the Development Strategy for Experience-Oriented Safety Education Centers

    조성일 | Kim Byung Jo | Bae Jeong Yee | 2015, 11(5) | pp.27~47 | number of Cited : 6
    The purpose of this research is to present the management methods and introduce Korea’s experience-oriented safety education centers, as well as analyze the problems of Korea’s safety education by experience by comparing the national experience-oriented safety education centers and those of other counties. After analyzing the situations of the national and foreign experience-oriented safety education centers, we concluded that Korea has 5 experience-oriented safety education centers according to the local governments, but Japan has centers throughout the country that are managed according to local districts. Secondly, although Korea’s experience-oriented safety education centers only have prevention experience education and training purposes, Japan life safety learning centers not only have experience-centered education functions, but they also have multiple functions that allows the center to have a role as the center of regional disaster prevention by constructing a network with prevention related centers. Thirdly, although Korea’s experience-oriented safety education centers have participants ranging from 20 to 150 people, Japan has an increased quality of education by restricting the number of participants by 20. Fourthly, there are many cases in Korean experience-oriented safety education centers where there has to be support from nearby fire stations and it is hard to get management human resources, thus having employment periods of less than a year. However, in Japan has a higher quality of management resources since there are volunteers from the fire stations, dispatched staff and other volunteers as management resources who work for a longer term with 1 to 3 years of service. Therefore there should be experience-related safety education centers with multiple functions in each region that have experience education for all ages to settle the safety consciousness of the citizens and to allow the citizens to have proper reactions in times of natural disasters. Proper management of experience-oriented safety education centers will contribute realistically in an increase in the national consciousness on preventive natural disasters and make our society safe overall.
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    Investigation on the Characteristics of the Media Coverage of the Crisis in the Nation - Focused on DDos -

    SONG, HAE RYONG | Hang Min Cho | 2015, 11(5) | pp.49~67 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This theme of this research is the national main daily news reporting(The Chosun Ilbo, The Dong-A Ilbo, The Hankyoreh, The Kyunghyang Shinmun) and IT daily reporting(Electronic Times and Digital Times), noting the quantity, frame, source of the article relating to the DDos(Distributed Denial of Service) epidemic. The results are as follows: First, All newspaper were mainly focused on reporting ‘Specific issue’ and were found to be most ‘Straight’. Second, a result of DDos source analysis, all newspaper had a low number of sources per article and sources of government there were many among them, in particular. Third, a result of DDos frame analysis, all newspaper’s content frame was focused on epidemic prevention. Thus, it is shown that it is not a role that can be National daily newspaper and IT newspaper predicts the crisis situation.
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    Enhancement Plans of Safety Management of Firefighters at a Disaster Site - Focused on Recognition of Firefighters of 7 Metro-politan Cities and Provinces in Korea -

    유현희 | 전병순 | JuHo Lee and 1other persons | 2015, 11(5) | pp.69~94 | number of Cited : 3
    The purpose of this paper is to prepare safety accidents of firefighters at the disaster site and to explore policy measures that can be made fire-fighting activities in a safe environment. In order to achieve this purpose we empirically analyze the recognition of the safety consciousness, safety behavior and safety management measures of the firefighters. The results of a comprehensive analysis are as follows: first, for the safety management of firemen of the individual level at the disaster site, the awareness-raising of the necessity of safety education for is required. In addition, considering the safety behavior level, firemen have to manage intensively reinforcement of field response proactive systems, safety management guidelines and the use of safety equipment, etc. And when we evaluate safety management, we need to consider a measures such as fire personnel expansion, equipment improvement, and plan to design education and training so that you can experience real effectiveness of education for safety management. Second, considering each age group, career level, and position and so on, junior ranks such as fire fighter and senior fire fighter need to recognize the possibility of preparedness in accidents and to promote the importance of safety management. On the other hand, fire sergeant of the middle class need to enhance attitude of safety management at ordinary time. Third, considering the percentage of respondents, significant differences according to gender are not clear. But in terms of skills, women firefighters need to be well-acquainted with risk factor of the disaster site and to find ways to strengthen the prevention of accidents by grasping the problems of pre-read processing manuals of fire equipment and precautions. Finally, field centered response capacity by strictly separated the firefighting and administrative work is fully keeping and need to reinforce sustainable healthcare and safety management of firemen by installing dedicated department.
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    An Analysis of the Subjective Perception Type on the North Korean Nuclear Threat and Countermeasures Against It - Focused on Q Methodology -

    Jonghwan Eun | Lee, Siyoung | Park Eun Hyung | 2015, 11(5) | pp.95~118 | number of Cited : 1
    The main purpose of this study is to analyze Korean people’s subjective cognition on nuclear threats from North Korea and countermeasures against it. We seek to analyze the subjective cognition by using Q methodology; we compose a sample of statements for a Q sort based on news articles and preceding researches related to North Korea’s nuclear threats, and create P-samples of thirty-seven people according to Thomson’s Schemata. As a result, the cognition on North Korea’s nuclear threats are classified into five categories: pragmatic liberalist, jingoistic realist, nationalistic liberalist, cold-war realist and optimistic standpatter. These types show various levels of cognition on North Korea’s nuclear threats and their reponses to the nuclear problem varies according to their opinion on the reunification of the Korean peninsula and their preference for countermeasures. In policy decision-making to solve the North Korean nuclear problem, considering various types of population’s cognition and satisfying them can obtain more support from the population and thus enhance policy effects.
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    Estimating Probable Annual Maximum Daily Streamflow on Climate Change - One the Runoff Analysis -

    김형산 | Maeng, Seung-jin | Hwang, Man Ha | 2015, 11(5) | pp.119~133 | number of Cited : 1
    With the recent increase in frequency of extreme hydrological events due to global warming and climate change, the number of natural disasters especially by flood have rapidly increased in Korea. To prevent this damage, there is a need of proper flood flow designing for dams and hydraulic structures considering climate changes. In this study annual maximum daily streamflow was computed considering the climate change scenarios and in next study probable annual maximum daily streamflow was analyzed according to the future climate change. Past hydrological data was collected from 83 rainfall stations and 8 weather stations situated at Geum River watershed, temperature and daily precipitation data of the RCP scenarios was extracted from the year 2014 to 2100. Average relative error during the calibration of model at Geum river watershed for the year 2006 and 2007 was 10.5% and 9.2% respectively and verification result for 2004 was 9.2%. Finally, by using the determined parameters, annual maximum flood was computed at the main points corresponding to RCP scenarios that was further utilized for computation of probable annual maximum daily streamflow.
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    Estimating Probable Annual Maximum Daily Streamflow on Climate Change - On the Frequency Analysis -

    김형산 | Maeng, Seung-jin | Hwang, Man Ha | 2015, 11(5) | pp.135~149 | number of Cited : 0
    In this study probable annual maximum daily streamflow was computed through the frequency analysis of daily annual maximum flood and then further change in probable annual maximum daily streamflow was analyzed according to the future climate change by applying climate change scenarios. After the extraction of RCP scenarios and new greenhouse gas scenario from the selected meteorological station in the Geum River watershed, daily runoff was simulated by applying the SSARR runoff model. The independent test, homogeneity test and outlier test were conducted after configuring the existing measured annual maximum daily streamflow and annual maximum daily streamflow series calculated by the SSARR model. Results of L-moment ratio diagram and Kolmogorov-Smirnov test showed that among the Gumbel, Generalized extreme value, Generalized logistic, Generalized pareto, Generalized normal and Pearson type 3 distributions, Pearson type 3 distribution was found to be more appropriate compared to other probability distributions. Parameters of the PT3 distribution such as scale, location and shape were estimated by means of the L-moment method and then Probable annual maximum daily streamflow of the target watershed was designed by using the estimated parameters of PT3 distribution. Variation rate was analyzed using climate change scenarios at the major control points of Geum River watershed. The findings of this study are expected to be used as basic data required for the hydraulic structures at Geum River watershed to cope with climate change in the future.
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    Long-term Natural Flow Prediction Based on RCP Climate Change Scenarios in Geumho River Watershed

    HANNA KIM | Lee, Eul-Rae | 강신욱 and 1other persons | 2015, 11(5) | pp.151~166 | number of Cited : 4
    Climate change is expected to affect water resource management causing precipitation variation in the future. This study predicts the natural flow variation to manage the streamflow in Geumho river watershed for a long time by climate change. Based on SWAT model which is calibrated by observed inflow data of Imha Dam where artificial factors are excluded and RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5 scenarios were applied using HadGEM3-RA model which is one of the RCM(Regional Climate Model). For comparison on natural flow results in relation to climate change, natural flow amounts which is applied SWAT model from 2001 to 2010 was selected as a criteria for comparison. This study shows that natural flow tends to decrease across the Geumho river. Especially, the amount of tributary’s inflow was more decreased than main stream’s inflow. Furthermore, flow tends to increase during the spring season and decrease during the summer season. It will be essential to change the current river and watershed management due to the changed hydrological pattern caused by climate change. Finally, the results of this study can be used as essential data to establish structural/non-structural water management future plan in subwatershed.
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    A Study on the Process of Naver Portal Regulation Policy Process : With Focus on the Reapproachment to Kingdon’s Multiple Streams Framework Theory

    LEE DONG KYU | 김대영 | 김영형 | 2015, 11(5) | pp.167~194 | number of Cited : 3
    This study analyzed the portal regulation policy procedure to solve the problems that can be caused by the portal that has the overwhelming market share in the domestic portal market like Naver and the 3 bills on the regulation of the portals proposed in August and September 2013 by applying the analysis framework presented through the reapproachment to the MS model presented by Kingdon(2011). This study confirmed the research proposition derived from the reapproachment to the MS model by applying it to actual cases. The results of the analysis are as follows. First, it was confirmed that the policy participants recognized the problems through problem flow indicators, focused events, and reflux and defined the problems based on value, comparison, and category. Second, it was confirmed that the policy community of policy flow and its people chose the portal regulation policy alternatives based on technological practicality, value acceptability, expected future restrictions. It was confirmed that in the window of the problems opened due to problem flow, the political acceptability of alternatives fit together and policy alternatives developed into the decided agenda. Lastly, the activities of the policy entrepreneur in the process of developing into the decided agenda were confirmed.
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    Influence of Cyber Bullying Victimization on Cyber Bullying : Mediating Effects of Anxiety and Moderation Effects of Stress Coping Strategy

    Jinoh Choi | 2015, 11(5) | pp.195~214 | number of Cited : 23
    The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of cyber bullying victimization of elementary students on their cyber bullying behaviors, and the mediating and moderation effects of anxiety and stress coping strategies. Research data gathered from 970 4-6th elementary students were analyzed by structural equation modeling and hierarchical regression analyses. The major findings were as follows. First, cyber bullying victimization could increase anxiety and cyber bullying. Second, the mediating effects of anxiety and moderation effects of rational coping strategy were verified. The results indicated that in order for cyber bullying victim not to do cyber bullying behaviors, counselling to alleviate their anxiety and training about stress coping strategies are necessary for the victim.
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    Social Welfare Strategies for Decreasing Harmfulness Caused by Using Illegal Private Loans of Casino Gamblers.

    Young Ho Kim | Kim, Yong-Geun | 2015, 11(5) | pp.215~231 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the excessive gambling and illegal private loan problems by comparing two different types of casino visitors; gamblers who use illegal private loan to gamble and those who are not (normal gamblers). For this purpose, the data was analyzed by a survey <actual condition survey on casino gamblers> which was distributed at KLACC, to those who visited Kangwonland Casino during the month of June in 2013. As a result of the analysis, illegal private loan gamblers, compared to the control group, had certain characteristics ; a higher rate of males, residing in the Kangwon Province, Gambling Severity, misuse and abuse of drugs and alcohol, suicidal attempt, divorce, domestic violence, unemployment and lower life satisfaction. Based on these findings, this study presents the alternatives to decline the harm of gambling; regulation reinforcement on illegal private loans, intervention and the actual conditioned survey on Kangwonland Casino additcts, and the discussion of the policy of responsible gambling.
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    Job Competency Analysis for Construction Site Safety Manager - Focused on the P Engineering & Construction Company -

    박경환 | Hae-Deok Song | 2015, 11(5) | pp.233~254 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is diagnosing the demanded job competency of construction site safety manager (CSSM) to secure the construction site safety, and drawing up a plan for improving the proved competency. The purpose of this study was achieved through the following methods: At first, the Job competency group of CSSM was derived through a literature review and expert analysis. Secondly, the targeting 132 people in P engineering & construction safety officer conducted a survey on job competencies developed. Thirdly, this study shows that the priority comes from the analysis methods using t-test, Borich needs analysis formula, and The Locus for Focus model. Analysis results were as follows: At first, in the demand for the job competency of CSSM, there is meaningful difference between the current level and significant level, and the priority was to ‘'the construction characterization’ and ‘'the relevant laws and regulations understanding’. Secondly, the results in the need analysis of job competency according to the job titles have a difference by grade, and, statistically, ‘the relevant laws and regulations understanding’, ‘the construction characterization’, and ‘the establishment of safety management objectives and plans’ was found to be a high priority in common. Based on these results, the support measures to improve the job titles by relevance job competency of construction safety management, and further the National Competency Standards-related curriculum and qualifications development have been proposed.
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    Assessment of Water Quality Using The Multivariate Analysis at Xiao Qing River, China

    Zhang Chi | Hyonseung Dho | SungDuk Kim | 2015, 11(5) | pp.255~263 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the factors affecting the water pollutionat Xiao Qing river, Shan Dong Province, Northern China. Through the assessment of the water pollution, the water pollution will be predicted and the cause of the water pollution will be founded at the each localized areas. The environmental factors affecting the sewage, basic information on water pollution prevention, and restoration measures through identifying the specific values between each items by using statistical classification. The multivariate analysis in this study was used to investigate the characteristics between rainfall and river water quality at source of the four monitoring points in the Xiao Qing River.
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    The Effect of Report Reward System for Overcoming the Risk of Illegal Waste Disposal

    Doyoon Kim | LahTae Joon | 2015, 11(5) | pp.265~279 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This study aims to analyze the effect of report reward system for overcoming the risk of illegal waste disposal. To investigate the impact of report reward system on the sales volume of waste bags, eight years of panel data on 63 local governments was analyzed by the generalized method of moments(system GMM). The data was collected from Korean Freedom of Information System and Korean Statistical Information Service. The results indicate that the operation of report reward system and the number of reports per capita serve as incentives for residents to consume waste bags instead of disposing illegally, whereas the level of influence is modest. This study suggests that although the report reward system contributes to deter the illegal disposal to some extent, some improvements are required to enhance the efficacy of report reward system.
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    Ineffective Border Security and Role of Entrenched Migrants Networks - Focus on ‘Sulu Intrusion' into Sabah, East Malaysia -

    Dayang Suria Mulia | Wan Shawaluddin Wan Hassan | Kim, Jong-Eop | 2015, 11(5) | pp.281~295 | number of Cited : 0
    The Sabah borders milieu has been described as porous. Intrusion of about 200 armed Filipinos, followers of Jamalul Kiram III, the self-proclaimed Sultan of Sulu into Lahad Datu, Sabah, East Malaysia on 12th February 2013 have been viewed as a threat to the Malaysian’ security. It changed the Malaysian government’ security and enforcement strategies in dealing with the cross-border migration and other cross-border activities (such as cross-border kidnapping, smuggling and other criminal activities) between the Southern Philippines and Sabah, East Malaysia. This paper will also provide an insight and a critical assessment of the Malaysia’ borderlands security strategies.
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    Estimation of Base Flow Index at Geum River Catchments

    Hyungjoon Chang | Hyosang Lee | 2015, 11(5) | pp.297~308 | number of Cited : 0
    Base Flow Index(BFI) is a key catchment characteristic for water resource management. This study estimates the BFI at 24 Guem-river catchments with observed stream flow data and suggests the formular of BFI based on Catchment Characteristics. The results of BFI shows that BFI has wide variation in the value of between 0.08(Tanbu-gyo) and 0.72(Yongdang-dam). these results indicate that Hapgang, the catchment with large reservoir, has very high BFI values and the highland mountain catchment, such as Tanbu-gyo, has smaller values of BFI. The result of suggested formular is compared with estimates one at Seokdong catchment. It indicated that the suggested BFI formular has a potential in catchment characteristics for Guem river region.