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2015, Vol.11, No.6

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    Cooperation Measures for Optimizing Fire Service Resources by Wide-area Fire Administration System - Focused on 'Nara Wide-area Corporation for Fire Fighting' in Japan -

    JuHo Lee | PIAOYINGHUA | Nemoto Masatsugu | 2015, 11(6) | pp.25~43 | number of Cited : 7
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    This study analyzed wide-area fire administration system of a municipal corporation at Nara prefecture in Japan to educe management methods for optimizing fire administrative body. A 'Nara Wide-Area Corporation for Fire Fighting' is composed of its affiliate corporations for fire fighting which are financed by relevant municipalities such as cities, towns and villages. Then 'Nara Wide Area Corporation for Fire Fighting' is restructuring its cooperation network of fire stations, fire fighting officials and fire fighters to avoid duplication of facility investments among the existing affiliate corporations concurrently with to improve fire services more efficiently and rapidly in their areas. Thus not only increasing budget and improvement of working conditions, but also consideration to optimize fire service resources for its efficient, rapid and sustainable provision are requisite especially in local governmental level.
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    Study on the Characteristics of the Domestic Press’ Disease-related Risk Reports - Focusing on the News Reports of Ebola Virus -

    SONG, HAE RYONG | Hang Min Cho | 2015, 11(6) | pp.45~68 | number of Cited : 10
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    This study, targeting Ebola virus that is currently emerging as a risk issue over the world, analyzed the disease report trend of domestic broadcasting media(ground waves, comprehensive channels, and news report channels) in the level of risk communication. Specifically, report characteristics(depth of report, truth of report, coverage path of report, use of news sources in report, and directivity of report) and news frame characteristics(type of frame and content of frame) were examined. As a result of the analysis, both positive and negative aspects of the domestic press’ disease report could be found. First, the positive aspects of the domestic press’ Ebola virus report were that, regarding truth of report, reports were mostly ‘fact-based’ reports, and regarding coverage path of report, the press tried to cover issues by itself rather than to simply use external information. Next, regarding directivity of report, directivity was not deteriorated by the dichotomous logic of ‘positivity’ and ‘negativity’, but was made to keep the balance between them, and regarding type of frame, topic-oriented frame to find solutions considering the social environment was more importantly used than anecdote-oriented frame to analyze incidents in the superficial level. On the contrary, the negative aspects of the domestic press’ Ebola virus report were that the amount of report strongly tended to increase for specific issues(case of Ebola, spread of patients, etc.), the press focused only on fragmentary ‘case(incident)’ report regarding depth of report, and professional medical/science reporters rarely participated in report. In addition, use of news sources in report was mostly concentrated on domestic and foreign governmental institutes, and in the aspect of content of frame analysis, it turned out that ‘risk frame’ focusing on risks through the severity, statistics, and numbers of the Ebola problem was the mostly stressed frame.
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    The Research on Job Analysis of Emergency Preparedness Business Representatives by DACUM

    박경환 | Hyo Son Park | 2015, 11(6) | pp.69~95 | number of Cited : 2
    In this paper, there is a purpose to correct Emergency services Officers' duties and tasks through their job analysis for national emergency management regarding reinstating the Park Geun-hye administration's National Security Council(NSC). The subject of investigation is the government agency nominated by Safety executive and Emergency service officers of appointed companies for mobilization. To accomplish the purpose of this study, the emergency services officer's duty and task was drawn by utilizing the classic job analysis, I. e. DACUM, and the validity and reliability of the survey were verified. The results of this study are as follows. First, it was derived that 8 pieces of duties and 101 pieces of tasks about Emergency services officer, and 81 pieces of tasks and duties of a total of seven were organized after survey results and content validity study of the final expert panel. Second, there were high orders of the importance on the responsibility of Emergency services Officer; Establishment of emergency services office, Establishment of Choongmu plan, ulgi practice, Mobilize resources management, and Civil Defense Administration. In particular, challenges of twelve has been derived as a core issue of high priority in two duties of Choongmu plan and ulgi practice. This study show the necessity of the job analysis aimed to the job grade and affiliation of Emergency services Officers. And, we derive the core abilities of Emergency services Officer on the basis of these job analysis, furthermore, the development of a curriculum and qualification in conjunction with National Competency Standards is required.
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    The Relationship between Traumatic Events and PTSD Symptomes of Urban Fire fighters - Focusing on the Moderating Effects of Type D Personality and Coping style -

    신화영 | Hwang, Soon-taeg | 신용태 | 2015, 11(6) | pp.97~120 | number of Cited : 22
    The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between traumatic events and urban firefighter's PTSD symptoms: Focusing on the moderating effects of type D personality and coping style. Th Experiences of traumatic events, Post-traumatic stress Scale(PDS-K), Ways of Coping Checklist(WCC) and DS14 scales were administerd to 314 firefighters working in Chungbuk. The results are as followed. The level of PTSD symptoms of firefighters was not ignorable. The rate of the PTSD high-risk group in firefighters in this study was 9.7% using PDS-K, with an over 21-point cutoff score. traumatic events were powerful factors to exacerbate the level of PTSD symptoms. traumatic events were predictive of PTSD. Results have shown that Active coping and Passive coping style could influence PTSD symptoms through main effects. The traumatic events decreased PTSD symptoms through interacting with Passive coping style. Unexpectedly, Active coping style which are used by firefighters were not helpful to reduce the level of PTSD symptoms. Finally, implication and limitation of this study were discussed.
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    Effects of Trust through Risk Communications on Risk Perception - Focused on the Survey of Experts

    Chanwon Kim | SONG, HAE RYONG | wonje kim | 2015, 11(6) | pp.121~135 | number of Cited : 14
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    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of trust through risk communications on risk perception focused on the survey of experts about genetic engineering, nano technology and somatic cell clone technology. The results revealed that risk communication influenced positively on risk management group’s trust in genetic engineering, nano technology and somatic cell clone technology. Second, risk management group’s trust i influenced negatively on risk perception of genetic engineering, nano technology and somatic cell clone technology. Therefore, this study revealed that trust through risk communications was the determinants of experts’ risk perception on genetic engineering, nano technology and somatic cell clone technology.
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    The Effects of Social Capital on the Elderly’s Mortality Rates

    Kim SANG-WEON | 2015, 11(6) | pp.137~152 | number of Cited : 6
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    Based on recent sociological and political literature on social capital theory, this study tested the hypotheses that areas with higher levels of social capital and state support will have old people’s lower mortality rates. Korea is an Aging Society with the elderly’s high mortality rates. Although its overall mortality rates are relatively high among the OECD members, the elderly’s mortality rates vary widely in regions. Similarly, the level of social capital provided by local government varies throughout Korea due to the level of financial condition. Using data from Korean regions(n=229) and controlling for other structural variables, Ordinary Least Squares(OLS) regression was employed to estimates the effects of social capital on the elderly’s regional mortality rates. As expected, the results provided some partial support for direct effects of social capital and(or) social support on the elderly’s mortality rates. The findings showed that regions exhibiting high level of social support or social capital were regions with lower level of the elderly’s mortality rates. The findings are discussed in the sociocultural contexts of Korean regional specific circumstances and of the meaning of recent research of social capital and the elderly’s mortality.
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    Risk Analysis of Seoraksan National Park Cheonbuldong Valley Trail

    Oh ChaeYeon | Jun Kye Won | 2015, 11(6) | pp.153~162 | number of Cited : 1
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    The introduction of the five-day workweek system and substitution holiday law increased people’s leisure time as well as the number of visitors in mountain regions such as the National Park. For that, safety and the prevention of accidents have risen up as a crucial issue. In this study, the researchers investigated and analyzed hazard zones from the trail area in the basin that includes Cheonbuldong Valley in Seoraksan National Park-where several accidents occur every year due to landslides and rockslides-through disaster history and field study, and also carried out the GIS-based SINMAP analysis and Buffering analysis of the trail area to grasp the risks of the area. As a result, most of the Cheonbuldong Valley trail area appeared to be high risk, and there is an urgent need to immediately take safety measures for the visitors.
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    A Studies on Crime Fear of Married Immigrated Women in Korea

    chosanghyun | Jung, Yook Sang | 2015, 11(6) | pp.163~181 | number of Cited : 4
    The foreign such as foreign marriage immigrant women who become numerous in Korea become part of development across the Korean society and play their given role. People including scholars need to know their difficulties such as crime victimization and find the solutions because foreign are part of our culture and history and partner who lead our national prosperity The purpose of this study is to examine the factors of fear of crime for foreign marriage immigrant woman through empirical research method based on prior studies. This study uses the research model that use victimization experience, interpersonal trust, community adaptation, community policing as independent variable and fear of crime as dependent variable referring prior studies. The result indicates that culture conflict, direct victimization, in-direct victimization have positive relationship with fear of crime. Community policing, interpersonal trust have negative relationship with the fear. In short, when the woman have serious culture conflict, direct victimization and in-direct victimization, the woman’s fear of crime becomes high. Also, when trust about the police and people is low, the woman have high fear of crime. These findings implies the need to promote the social integration to improve the quality of life for foreign marriage immigrant woman.
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    The Crisis of Local Politics and the Possibility of Change of Political Cleavages - Focused on the Regional Cleavage Structure of Busan -

    In Suck Joo | 2015, 11(6) | pp.183~206 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of political cleavages in Korean politics on the local politics in Busan and the possibility of change of previously existing political cleavage structure. This study also tries to find legal-institutional and political reform proposals for normalization and vitalization of Busan’s local politics. In nation-wide level, we can see some surprising electoral results which overcome the strong ‘Yeong-Nam vs. Ho-Nam regional cleavage.’ In Busan, we can witness that the traditional basis of regional cleavage structure has been eroded. From local election to presidential election, for example, the vote mobilization rate of conservative party and candidates has been declined. In contrast, the support for opposition party and candidates has been increased steadily. For a vitalization of local politics in Busan, first of all, political actors have to develop intended strategies to overcome the traditional regional cleavage structure. Especially, the central organization of the opposition party has to build its local party organizations and to provide them with long-term, personnel and material supports. Second, the proportional representative(PR) has to be widely adopted and applied to each election from local to presidential election. This seems to lead the existing two-party competition based the regional cleavage structure to a multi-party competition in local politics.
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    An Exploratory Study on the Safety Needs as a Motivation of Citizen’s Safe Behavior - Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory of 5 Basic Needs -

    Jaeho Seo | 2015, 11(6) | pp.207~226 | number of Cited : 7
    The first responsibility of disaster prevention is citizens themselves, so citizens’ personal knowledge and behavior as to risk and safety is very important in disaster management. Because motivation theory says that safety needs is strongly related safe behavior, to promote safety in a society as a whole a study on the safety needs and safety behavior is inevitable. Based on this theoretical background this study surveyed citizens who living in Busan metropolitan city and measured the important basic needs using Maslow’s hierarchy of 5 needs. The result showed that physiological needs was the most important needs among 5 basic needs and safety needs was the second important. People living in Busan considered belonging needs the most when they decide daily life. To find out the influencing factor of the safety needs this study built 3 regression model questingly. The result showed education, income, family size influenced on the citizen’s safety needs. Based on this result this study proposed several further research topics.
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    How Will a Consumer Sentiment Index on Unsafe Imported Foods Affect Willingness-to-Pay More for Local Foods and Satisfaction with Level on Dietary Life? - Focusing on Agricultural, Fishery, and Livestock Products -

    JUN SANG MIN | 2015, 11(6) | pp.227~243 | number of Cited : 6
    This study examines how a consumer sentiment index on unsafe imported foods influences willingness-to-pay more for local foods and satisfaction with dietary life. The study also investigates the moderating role of socio-demographic variables in the above-mentioned relationship. Using food consumption research conducted by the Korea Rural Economic Institute, this study shows that a consumer sentiment index on unsafe imported foods positively affects willingness-to-pay more for local foods, and this in turn positively influences satisfaction with dietary life. A consumer sentiment index on unsafe imported foods does not significantly affect satisfaction with dietary life, and the mediating role of willingness-to-pay more for local foods was is fully supported. No socio-demographic variables moderate significantly the relationship between the index information and willingness-to-pay more for local foods. Only age significantly moderates the relationship between willingness-to-pay more for local foods and satisfaction with dietary life. The results provide useful data for safety supervision concerning imported foods, enhancement of competition in the local food industry, and safety education for consumers.
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    Review on the Inspection System of Facilities Handling Hazardous Chemicals under the Chemicals Control Act

    신창현 | Chung Soo Lee | 강재은 and 4other persons | 2015, 11(6) | pp.245~262 | number of Cited : 15
    For the efficient prevention of chemical accidents, the inspection systems of the facilities under the Chemicals Control Act which have being implemented since January in 2015 has been improved, compared to the previous Toxic Chemical Act. The completion inspection of the facilities which finish being installed must be conducted to check if those are suitable according to the safety standards of the facilities from the inspection agencies. Moreover, The regular or irregular inspection of the facilities must be conducted to check if the legitimately installed facilities are suitably operated. The safety diagnosis must be conducted for facilities which are vulnerable to chemical accidents or which created chemical accidents. The newly applied safety inspection system is expected both to reduce chemical accidents and to have significant effects on settling down the safety culture. But, for more efficient operation of the inspection, additional researches must be conducted to avoid duplicated inspection and make advanced inspection methods regarding the amount of hazardous chemicals.
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    Analysis of Efficiency of Evacuation Time according to Installation Location for the Detector of Fire Protecting System

    류호철 | Kim, Doo-hyun | 2015, 11(6) | pp.263~273 | number of Cited : 0
    By analyzing the operation characteristics according to the installation location of the heat detector and the existence of crossbeam, the purpose of this study is to figure out how they affect to the safe evacuation time. For this, the operation time of the detector was measured in case of general fire and oil based fire, respectively, applying 3 parameters of the open and closed conditions and the existence of crossbeam. In the general fire, the results showed 7 seconds difference between open and closed conditions, and 150 seconds of operation delay in maximum depending on the existence of crossbeam. In the oil based fire, the results were similar in two cases of the open and closed conditions, but there were 20 seconds difference in maximum depending on the existence of crossbeam. In case of general fire, the spreading speed of fire was slow, but the spreading speed was fast in the oil based fire, which resulted in these differences. In addition, the number 5 detector which was close to the wall operated most slowly and it was possible to confirm that the existence of wall and crossbeam affected the operation time of the detector. Thus, to secure the safe evacuation time effectively, it is highly required to review the national fire safety code(NFSC) on the clearance distance and design direction of the wall and the crossbeam.
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    Effective Maintenance and Management of Sewage System

    Park Jong Seok | RHEE, KYOUNGHun | 오창주 and 2other persons | 2015, 11(6) | pp.275~289 | number of Cited : 1
    In South Korea, usage of water expanded as living standard has improved and population grown while economy grew rapidly since 1960s, and subsequently, pollution material has increased. Therefore, importance of sewage facility to prevent leak of polluted material into public water is being emphasized. Recently, recognizing the importance of sewer pipe, South Korean government is pursuing more balanced sewage project through maintenance of sewer pipe. However, maintenance of sewer pipe has positive nature of improving individual citizens’ and society’s living environment, but at the same time, it is difficult to measure the quantitative effect because the outcome is underground even though it costs trillions of won. Therefore, in this research, as for the function of sewer pipe, not only preventive perspective for elimination of rain water but also the importance of prevention of water quality pollution is being recognized, so status of existing sewer pipe is studied, and measures to maintain outdated and defect pipe facilities effectively, and manage the installed large drain pipes effectively are suggested.