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2016, Vol.12, No.6

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    Improving the Critical Infrastructure Protection against Catastrophic Disasters - Case of the U.S. National Infrastructure Protetion Plan -

    JuHo Lee | 2016, 12(6) | pp.1~14 | number of Cited : 3
    The purpose of this study was to search for development strategies for disaster and safety management as to variable and uncertain problems through a case study on the National Infrastructure Protection Plan(NIPP) as the system for the U.S. critical infrastructure protection, focusing on social overhead capital (SOC) protection and crisis management. Since the 9.11 attacks, the U.S. has established and operated protection plans for infrastructure and critical assets pertaining to international organizations and overseas governments,as well as federal, state and local governments, local associations and civil divisions. In particular, in order to establish protection plans for national infrastructure, the first priority should be given to evaluate risk factors threatening the target facilities for protection and share relevant information. In the process of information sharing, it is necessary to consider principles of integration and departmentalization.
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    An Analysis of the Commemorative Phenomenon about Traumatic Loss Caused by a Disaster - Case of Sewol Ferry Disaster -

    Hee Jeong Moon | Hyesun Joo | Hyun-nie Ahn | 2016, 12(6) | pp.15~31 | number of Cited : 7
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze the case of the Sewol ferry disaster and to explore how the responses of traumatic loss caused by a disaster have been revealed in commemoration events. For this purpose, those holding the commemoration events for the Sewol ferry victims are grouped into the three groups; the bereaved, a civic group, and a government organization in order to estimate the frequency of commemorations over time. The study also identifies the people’s emotions revealed in the commemoration events and their themes. Commemoration events were most frequently held in May 2014 and in April 2015 on the first anniversary of the disaster; the primary emotions found in the events are sorrow and anger; and the theme most frequently revealed is ‘memory’ of the disaster. In particular, since most of the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster were high school students, sadness about the fact that the adolescents who would have needed to be protected by adults died at their early age due to adults’ wrongdoing was frequently found in the commemoration events for the Sewol ferry victims.
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    Strengthening Military Environmental Education for Environmental Security

    Hyo Son Park | 2016, 12(6) | pp.33~51 | number of Cited : 0
    This study examines the actual conditions of military environmental education and analyzes its impact on environmental perceptions of military officers, in order to provide guidance on how to improve military environmental education in view of environmental security in Korea. The results are as follow. First, it is critical to determine the goals of environmental education for which the detailed enforcement regulations should be prepared. Second, the military environmental education should be expanded and developed. Third, the education system should be strengthened for training environmental experts. Forth, the military environmental day for each military unit should be established and consolidated to settle environmental safety culture. Fifth, various environmental activities in connection with experts and the environmental organizations should be widely promoted.
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    The Mediating Effect of Resilience in the Relationship between Social Support and Satisfaction in Major among Nursing Students

    Han, Miyoung | Kim, Young Suk | Min Kyung Jeon and 1other persons | 2016, 12(6) | pp.53~65 | number of Cited : 7
    The purpose of the study was to identify the effect of resilience in the relations between social support and satisfaction in major among nursing students. This study employed a cross-sectional survey of 205 students in three nursing colleges located in Busan and Yangsan. Data were collected from March 16 to April 10, 2015 through a self-report questionnaire survey, measuring variables such as social support, resilience and satisfaction in major. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA, correlation and path analysis. The findings of the path analysis were as follows. Both social support and resilience had a significantly positive effect on satisfaction in major. We found a partial mediating effect of resilience in the relationship between social support and satisfaction in major. The results of the study suggest that effective social support programs should be developed and implemented as a way to increase resilience and satisfaction in major of nursing students.
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    Analyzing the Lawmaking Process of the Sewol Special Law by Evolutionary Game Theory - The Flows of Social Disaster Issues and Policy - making Process of Responsibility Attribution -

    Seung Hyo Hyeon | Ryu Sang Il | Lee, Min-kyu | 2016, 12(6) | pp.67~81 | number of Cited : 2
    The sinking of the Sewol Ferry in 2014 sparked conflicts between various stakeholders in Korea. While the government, ruling party and conservative groups treated it as one of the common traffic “accidents”, the bereaved families and civic (liberal) groups argued it was a “tragedy” which the government should be solely responsible for. Although the opposition party represented the views of the families and civic groups, the bill of the Sewol special law was passed by the Congress in favor of the position of the government and ruling party. Why did the opposition party draft the bill that reflects that position? Why were the families and civic groups eventually forced to accept the agreement, contrary to their preferences? In this study, we reaffirm the preference asymmetry theory that the player with a narrow preference wins the game against the player with a wide preference. We then compare the evolution process with the result of preference asymmetry through the evolutionary game theory.
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    A Review of Research Trends in Disaster of Mental Health in Korea - Focused on the Language Network Analysis -

    Min Moonkyung | LEE NABIN | Soosang Lee and 1other persons | 2016, 12(6) | pp.83~102 | number of Cited : 10
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to analyze research trends related to disaster in the filed of Korean domestic mental health (i.e., Medicine, Psychology, Social welfare). To do this, 152 articles published from 1996 to 2015 were selected: 62 for Medicine, 48 for Psychology, and 42 for Social welfare. Then, a language network analysis is conducted by using the UNCINET program. The result shows that in Medicine and Psychology, the key words such as “noninfectious social disasters”, “victim”, “PTSD” have the high value of centrality, which indicates that the studies about psychiatric symptoms or psychological mechanism of the victims in specific disaster events are most frequently published in Korean academic journals. In the filed of social welfare, the key words such as “disaster”, “management”, “system”, and “organization” have the high values of centrality, which implies that most studies have strong interests in management systems when general accidents and emergency situations occurred. Based on this result, the direction of further research about the disaster management in mental health fields will be discussed.
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    Effects Analysis of Optimistic Bias on Anxiety among Food Consumers

    Hyun-jung Yoo | Song Eugene | 2016, 12(6) | pp.103~114 | number of Cited : 3
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of optimistic bias on the anxiety of consumers. The results of this study are as follows: first, the study categorizes food consumers into several groups. Based on this category, we find that most of consumers belong to the optimistic bias group because the proportion of this groups is greater than other groups; a non-bias group and a pessimistic bias group. Second, the study finds that the different types of consumers’ characteristics have the different level of risk appetite. The optimistic bias group has the stronger efficacy than the non-bias group. Moreover, the non-bias group shows the higher level of anxiety and more fear-related behaviors than the optimistic bias group. Finally, the study examines the moderating effects of optimistic bias on anxiety and finds that the optimistic bias has a negative effect on the anxiety of consumers.
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    Marriage and Family Life In Response to Declining Fertility - Case of Japanese Women -

    Yoonseock Lee | 2016, 12(6) | pp.115~124 | number of Cited : 3
    The rate of aging in Japan is fast compared to western countries. South Korea is expected to become one of the highest aged societies, almost at the same level as Japan. This rapid aging of the labor force may require different labor policies for East Asian women. This paper tries to find the determinants of getting married and parenting of young women in age between 20s and 30s of Japan, by analysing the data of family life, the social environment in order to find the factor associated with declining a birthrate. The findings of this study indicate that maternity leave and the level of sharing household chores have a positive influence on employment of Japanese women. However, a children’s allowance program has a little influence on the childbirth rate.
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    The Effect of a Simulation-based Integrated Clinical Practice Program on Problem-Solving Competence, Critical Thinking and Clinical Competence among Nursing Students

    Choi, Eunhee | Byun Hye Sun | Eunhwi Kim and 1other persons | 2016, 12(6) | pp.125~141 | number of Cited : 11
    This study examined the effects of a simulation-based integrated clinical practice program on problem-solving competence, critical thinking and clinical competence among nursing students in Korea. This research used a nonequivalent control group pretest-posttest design. We developed a simulation-based integrated clinical practice program taking 3 hours per session, once per week for 14 weeks. 193 undergraduate nursing students participated in the study including 86 in the experimental group and 107 in the control group. Data were analyzed by SPSS 21.0 for t-test and paired t-test. While problem-solving competency and clinical competence were significantly improved in the experimental group, no difference was found in critical thinking. Simulation-based integrated clinical practice program could be utilized as a learning strategy for improving problem-solving and clinical competency of nursing students.
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    Cultural Peculiarities and Risk Perception among Korean People - Focusing on the Mediating Role of Emotion and the Moderating Role of Risk Types -

    Jungeun Yang | KIM, SOO JIN | 2016, 12(6) | pp.143~160 | number of Cited : 7
    The study extends the current studies about the association between culture and risk perception by defining emotion as a mediating variable and risk types as a moderating variable. Our findings show that Koreans have emotional reactions when they face risky situations. We find that cultural peculiarities such as “Chemyon”, which means concerning their reputations, or “Uri ”, which means collectivism, are strongly associated with emotional reactions such as anger, sympathy, and fear under the risky situations. Among the emotions, fear is related to risk perception. The risk type moderates the level of influence of culture on emotion and risk perception. While if risky situations are understood as government-responsible, Chemyon plays a stronger role in initiating emotional reaction, if the risky situations understood as relatively less government-responsible, Uri plays a stronger role in emotional reactions.
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    The Mediating Effect of Drinking Behaviors on Relationship between Stress and Suicidal Ideation among Korean Adults

    Hee Jin Kim | Jeon, Hee-Jeong | 2016, 12(6) | pp.161~177 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    It has been reported that South Korea has the highest suicide rate among OECD member countries. This study examines the relationship between life stress and suicidal ideation and the mediating effect of drinking behavior among Korean adults. A sample of 400 Korean adults, who reside in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province aged between 20s and 60s, is analyzed. We find that life stress among Korean adults is positively associated with suicidal ideation and that relationship is partially mediated by their drinking behaviors. The other control variables such as age, debt status, and depressive mood are statistically significant in predicting the level of suicidal ideation. Based on these findings, this study suggests government interventions in order to reduce suicidal ideation such as deceasing the level of individual’s stress by regulating drinking behavior in Korea.
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    An Application of a Wind Pressure Sensor to Measure Wind Speeds of Bridge Members

    박재규 | Hong, Kee Nam | Jung kyusan and 1other persons | 2016, 12(6) | pp.179~189 | number of Cited : 0
    This paper tries to find the efficient way of measuring the wind speeds of bridge members with a prototype wind pressure sensor. We installed six wind pressure sensors at the tower and the girder of a bridge and calculated the average wind speeds per 10 minute of the northeast and the southeast winds. We used the equation for converting wind pressure to wind speeds and the Korean high way design code for revising the altitude of the tower and the girder. For the sensitive analysis of our measurement, we conducted the same test by installing the sensor on a car. From the test, we find that the winds are more likely to come from the northeast and the speeds converted from wind pressure are greater than one measured by wind speed sensors. However, there is no significant difference of wind speeds between two methods at CH3. Therefore, we argue that the method of measuring wind speeds covered from wind pressure is effective in evaluating the wind speeds of a bridge member.
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    Failure Modes and Effects Analysis of Electronic and Electrical Components at the Use Circuit of P-Type Receiver

    심요섭 | 송성호 | 2016, 12(6) | pp.191~201 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is aimed to reduce failure rates and failure modes through the arrangement of the list corresponding to the component of the electrical and electronic in the user circuit of a P-type receiver. This paper analyzes a user circuit of monitoring and alarm systems in buildings. In the user circuit, the heaviest failure modes are shown in cables. The results of a risk priority number (RPN) analysis shows that a total of 6 failure modes is shown in the parts of contact/intermittent (112) and arcing/sparking (121) of the cables. Moreover, a mechanical failure (301) and an intermittent/degraded operation (302) of On/Off switch, high contact resistance (401) of a capacitor, and a drift (501) of IC are the other modes of the failure. Consequently, we find that the part of frequent breakdown is the cable and verify that the defect of cable connectors causes lots of failures of user circuits such as contact/intermittent. We expect that these findings will contribute to increase the quality of firefighting supplies and their life-spans.