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2016, Vol.12, No.10

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    An Analysis of the Contents of Safety Education Based on Korean Age-specific Safety Education Map (KASEM)

    Ogcheol Lee | 2016, 12(10) | pp.1~14 | number of Cited : 1
    Enhanced personal safety competency through safety education will improve the quality of life and be a cornerstone of a safe society. The study aims to assess the current status of safety education contents in Korea, identifying the gaps based on the Korean Age-specific Safety Education Map. The data were collected by using inclusion and exclusion criteria to select and extract 2,366 contents from 53 web sites. The themes of these contents concentrated on life safety, public health safety, and crime safety, while public infrastructure safety was rarely found in the contents. 55.4% of the contents were related to toddlers, children, and adolescents, whereas only 0.7% pertained to the elderly and 21.4% was not age specific. In terms of quality, audio-visual contents including videos and applications was less than 40%. It is recommended that safety education contents be developed to fill the gaps identified by this study, which should be followed by further studies ensuring that these contents undergo appropriate quality control.
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    Government Trust and Policy Response - Application of Hirschman’s Exit - Voice - Loyalty (EVL) Concept -

    KIM, CHONG HO | Jaesun Wang | 2016, 12(10) | pp.15~37 | number of Cited : 1
    This study analyzed public trust in government and public response to nuclear energy policy in Korea, applying Hirschman’s exit-voice-loyalty (EVL) model. Especially, in order to complement the limitation of the existing studies, we considered trust in central government and local government separately. The results are as follows. First, various demographic variables affect positive perception on the degree of ‘Voice’, while the degrees of ‘Exit’ and ‘Loyalty’ are influenced by simple factors. Second, the possibility of ‘Exit’ was highest in the group of high-risk perception, while the highest possibility of ‘Voice’ was found in the group of low-risk perception. Lastly, the higher level of public trust in government, the lower possibility of ‘Exit’ and the higher possibility of ‘Loyalty’. In particular, we found that trust in local government is the core determinant of both ‘Exit’ and ‘Loyalty’ behaviors.
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    A Study on the Application of the Quartz Porphyry for Tap Water Safety

    Jung Soo Park | Hyonseung Dho | Sung-Duk Kim | 2016, 12(10) | pp.39~47 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the physicochemical, mineralogical and adsorption characteristics of the Quartz Porphyry as adsorbent instead of activated carbon, which is known as a porous and radioactive material. The adsorption test was performed to compare the removal efficiency of the material with that of activated carbon on same condition. The adsorption and removal tests for the heavy metals were also performed. In addition, the removal efficiency test of granular activated carbon (GAC) was performed in comparison with the Quartz Porphyry. The major components of the Quartz Porphyry were quartz, orthoclase and plagioclase and the size of its surface area was found 1.8431 m2/g. The result of leaching test of the Quartz Porphyry shows that Ca, Mg, K and Na were extracted. The removal efficiency of heavy metals (Pb, Cu and Cd) was almost as same as that of GAC in single phase.
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    A Study on Factors Influencing Daily Life Satisfaction among Elderly with Disability by Degree of Disability

    Un, Sun Kyoung | 2016, 12(10) | pp.49~65 | number of Cited : 2
    This study aims to inquire the factors influencing daily life satisfaction in elderly with disability and suggest practical policy alternatives for improving their daily life satisfaction levels. The 8th PSED was used to classify 922 elderly people with disability aged 65 and over into the two groups, mild and severe disability. It is found that the daily life satisfaction in elderly with disability was associated with the common factors such as educational level, spouse, economic participation, income, assets, self-esteem, physical condition, helpers, and discrimination. Specifically, debt and income affect elders with severe disability, whereas assets, educational level, and helpers affect those with mild disability. In order to improve daily life satisfaction in elderly with disability, a variety of methods should be developed such as providing economic support, expanding emotional and psychosocial health services, and reducing discrimination. Economic support is a key to support elderly with severe disability, while asset building is critical for elderly with mild disability.
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    A Study on Risk Factors of Elderly Suicide in Korea

    Cheung Sook Choi | han, Ji Woo | 2016, 12(10) | pp.67~85 | number of Cited : 2
    This study describes risk factors for elderly suicide by analyzing the survey data from 366 people who were over 65 years old in a city in Gangwon-do, Korea. A series of statistical methods were used, including descriptive statistics, Pearson’s correlation coefficients, and multiple regression analysis. First, the correlation analysis indicated that suicide rate was negatively related to qualify of life, friends/family/social support and perceived health. Also, we found a positive relationship between suicide rate and depression in population. Second, risk factors of depression, in order of importance, were qualify of life, perceived health and friends/family/ social support. Third, the multiple regression analysis confirmed the effects of all risk factors on elderly suicide and depression. This study highlighting the impacts of depression on elderly suicide suggests a need of developing a depression relief program for elderly as suicide prevention.
  • 6.

    A Numerical Model for Evaluation of Structural Stability of Void in the Buried Area

    Jin Woo Cho | Ju Hyung Lee | 이진형 | 2016, 12(10) | pp.87~97 | number of Cited : 0
    Due to the industrialization and overpopulation of cities, the facilities become bigger and taller and underground common use spaces such as subway, underground passages and tunnels are gradually expanding through the development of deep excavation technology. In the event of a collapse accident, huge damage may occur. When a collapse accident occurs, the member of framework supporting the buried void will be damaged as a result of initial collapse, showing unstable movements in comparison to their stable conditions. Therefore, the safety assessment of the support structure for void is essential in order to rescue a person isolated in the collapsed area. This study develops a numerical model that analyzes the support type for void in the buried area depending on cause of collapse and performs safety assessment of void in the buried area against a vibration that may occur at the time of excavation.
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    Exploring the Limitations of the System on Commander of the Workplace Reserve Forces in Korea

    Kwon youngbok | Jeong Cheol Ho | 2016, 12(10) | pp.99~113 | number of Cited : 1
    The two major fundamental components of the current reserve force management system in Korea are the civilian officers working in military and the commanders of workforce reservists. However, the roles and the status of the commanders seem quite ambiguous and have not been clearly identified. Their roles and the status are specified only by one instruction from the general administration department. Furthermore, some terms and conditions of their positions, such as prohibition of labor union participations, could violate people’s basic human rights against the principle of statutory reservation. Since the status of the commanders is basically ‘civilian’, it is inappropriate to delegate tasks from the government to the private sector, considering the importance of those tasks. Thus, there is an urgent need to legislate a new law specifying the status of the commanders and enhancing financial support for them.
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    The Policy Effects of Legal and Institutional Reforms in Rural Areas in Response to Climate Change - The Use of System Dynamics -

    Seo, Inseok | Chung Won Hee | 2016, 12(10) | pp.115~132 | number of Cited : 1
    This study was performed to predict the policy effects of the Fundamental Law on Climate Change (the legal and institutional reforms) on climate change that could adversely affect the agricultural sector. Since the climate change policy is difficult to determine its impacts compared to other large-scale government budget commitments, we selected the agricultural sector to simulate the impacts of the reforms on climate change. The results derived from the causal feedback map and simulation analysis are as follows. First, if the intensity is low, the policy could produce a problem in both agricultural productivity and local livelihoods. Second, a high degree of legal policy could not only increase agricultural productivity but also promote the economic conditions of the farmers, which could eventually contribute to local economic conditions. In addition, it promotes the economic conditions of the farmers. Therefore, the climate change policy was confirmed that can contribute to local economic.
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    Future Directions of Research on Crisis Management Using Big Data

    Kwon Seol A | Jee Eun Kim | Lee, Jae Eun | 2016, 12(10) | pp.133~148 | number of Cited : 2
    Big data can be considered a new paradigm not only in developing disaster prevention technology but also in the area of comprehensive crisis management. To keep in step with this trend, this research attempted to explore ways that can be used to establish a crisis management system by crisis type. Findings of this research suggest as follows: First, big data in the field of crisis management has been used on analyzing disaster area, that should be expanded to the non-utilization field. Second, the construction of sustainable infrastructure utilizing big data is of vital importance now. Third, social media such as Twitter, Facebook should be used to their maximum potential as utilizing big data. Therefore, it will be analyzed synthetically and scientifically if big data-utilized data processes such as simulation, and visualization by making use of large-scale and complex information can be implemented.
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    Reliability Analysis of Embankment Reflecting Spatial Variability of Soil Parameters

    Dongwook Kim | Kicheol Lee | Jin Ho Kim | 2016, 12(10) | pp.149~158 | number of Cited : 0
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    The evaluation of embankment stability was performed based on the results from a conventional deterministic analysis and a reliability analysis. The embankment used in the analyses was selected from real sites located at Goryeong area in South Korea. The Bishop simplified method was implemented to calculate driving and resistance moments of the embankment. In the reliability-based design, Gaussian random field theory was used to account for spatial variabilities of soil properties. The results show that the calculated factors of safety (FS) from the conventional deterministic analyses exceeded the minimum FS proposed in design codes. Also, the random field-based reliability analyses revealed that the probability of embankment failure assuming no water table was much lower than the lower bound of the proposed target probability of failure. However, under increasing levels of water table, FS drops and the probability of failure increases significantly.
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    Can Globalization Cause the Fiscal Crisis? - An Empirical Investigation of the Compensation Hypothesis -

    최정묵 | 2016, 12(10) | pp.159~170 | number of Cited : 0
    Among a number of studies on the effect of globalization on nation states and their domestic policies, the ‘compensation hypothesis’ posits a positive relationship between openness to world market and the size of government, thereby providing a link between globalization and fiscal crisis. It is based on the argument that the government tends to compensate people for their additional risks due to globalization such as rising inequality, but the empirical results of the existing literature are inconclusive. This paper investigates the validity of the ‘compensation hypothesis’ in a new empirical setting. It is found that economic globalization and trade openness variables have a positive and statistically significant effect on the debt-to-GDP ratio among the OECD countries, while social and political globalization variables show no significant effect. The results suggest that economic impact of globalization could have a profound impact on the fiscal soundness of a country, which may result in a fiscal crisis in the future.