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2017, Vol.13, No.7

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    A Study on Multicultural Acceptability for Preventing Military Accidents among Active-duty Soldiers

    Cheol Ho Yang | Sang Rok Park | 2017, 13(7) | pp.1~15 | number of Cited : 4
    This study aims to identify the level and status of multicultural acceptance within the military in Korea rapidly turning into a multicultural society, which can provide basic data to be used by the military to prevent accidents involving multicultural military personnel by developing the level of social integration. The survey results are as follow. First, no significant difference was found in multicultural acceptability index according to age, educational level, class, and years of service. Second, multicultural experience characteristics such as education experience, travel experience, event participation and frequency of contacts or military characteristics such as class and working year have positive influences on active soldiers and affect multicultural acceptability index. Third, both multicultural experience and the number of education have a significant effect on multicultural acceptability index, while multicultural awareness has a partial significant effect.
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    The Development and Effectiveness of an Integrated Management Program for PTSD among Firefighters

    Jung Min Mo | Bae Jeong Yee | Minyeong Kwak and 3other persons | 2017, 13(7) | pp.17~33 | number of Cited : 5
    This study intends to develop an integrated program to prevent and manage post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) firefighters may suffer, which enhances their mental health based on their working level (individual or group). It examines the effect of this program on post-traumatic stress, depression and sleep disorder of 170 firefighters working at a fire station in Y city in Korea. The data were analyzed with SPSS (Win 18.0) utilizing frequency, percentage, average and a paired t-test. The results of the study showed that the post-traumatic stress, depression and sleep disorder scores were significantly decreased after the program. Therefore, the integrated management program for PTSD among firefighters can effectively maintain psychological stability through systematic and continuous engagement with psychological support activities. Firefighters can also be useful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, preventing progression to PTSD, be useful in alleviating the secondary pathologies, and prevent the ripple effect of your organization through systematic management.
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    Residents’ Behavioral Patterns in Siting Locally Unwanted Facilities - Focusing on Conflict Cases on Waste Treatment Facilities -

    Hyoungjoon Jeon | 2017, 13(7) | pp.35~49 | number of Cited : 3
    This study examines 20 environmental conflict cases that are related to waste treatment facilities. Nowadays it is highly recommended for local government officials to engage local residents in the process of siting and constructing NIMBY facilities in order to prevent and manage conflicts. The results of this study show that local residents protested against the decision of local governments in many cases. However, there were also many cases where local residents participated in communication with the officials in negotiation, mediation, Dutch reverse auction, and citizens’ jury. On one hand, the participation of local residents helped the officials design a better policy in implementing the facilities. On the other hand, their participation in the communication were also favorable to themselves since it helped diminish their concerns on toxic gases and provide appropriate incentives for the local communities.
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    A Case Study on Improvements of Crime-Safety Index in Ulju Gun in Ulsan Metropolitan City

    Seong-Kyung Kang | Young Jai Lee | 2017, 13(7) | pp.51~65 | number of Cited : 0
    Recently, the frequency of disaster and accidents has been rapidly rising and the public awareness and needs have also been increasing. The Ministry of Public Safety and Security in Korea publishes the regional safety index every year, reporting the evaluation results of traffic, crime, suicide, infectious disease, fire, safety accidents, and natural disasters. This research analyzes the current safety index of the Ulju region in those categories and suggests the strategies for improvement. We first analyzed core indicators and spatial information based on statistical data, and then selected vulnerable crime locations (Onsan-Eup, Duk-Shin Park) through both interviews with related organizations and GeoPros, the map of crime analysis and prediction. We also conducted the field inspection that evaluates vulnerability of the park areas with regards to lighting, usage, layout and appearance. The evaluation suggests the needs of infrastructure projects improving overall indoor facilities of the park, along with safety culture activities.
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    An Empirical Study on Retirement Management of Firefighters

    Ryu Sang Il | Jung Woo Nam | Seong Cho and 1other persons | 2017, 13(7) | pp.67~76 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of this study is to provide basic data for improving the retirement management system of fire-fighters by examining their own retirement management activities. To investigate occupational activities after retirement of firefighters, I investigated in Busan city. It is evident that all firefighters were concerned about their lives after retirement, particularly financial concerns such as living expenses and education costs, followed by personal health issues and psychological stress. Due to their insufficient economic preparation, most of them were interested in re-employment after retirement, and thus requested the support programs of developing and providing various occupations for re-employment. Therefore, it is necessary to settle the re-employment system for firefighters through the development of retirement management programs and to promote the supporting network and organizations for their retirement and re-employment.
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    Analyzing the Association between Heavy Snowfall Risks and Disaster Effects in South Korea

    Kim Geunyoung | Kim Heejae | Sun Young Kim | 2017, 13(7) | pp.77~87 | number of Cited : 0
    The risk of heavy snowfall has increased in Korea due to global climate change, but the local governments’ tasks of estimating such risks would be complex. The tasks include a number of methods and techniques for risk assessment handling relevant data sets. They also require the decision-making process of identifying heavy snowfall hazards, computing the vulnerable likelihood of heavy snowfall events, and analyzing consequential impacts of heavy snowfalls. The objective of this research is to analyze the association between heavy snowfall risks and disaster effects for local governments. This research evaluated risks using the point-based heavy snowfall risk assessment method developed by previous studies. The technique was applied to identify the association between 7 point-based snowfall risks and 52 heavy snowfall disaster loss datasets.
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    An Integrated Approach of China’s Cyber Security Strategy

    Cho, Hyun Suk | EUNMI LEE | Kim, Dongwook | 2017, 13(7) | pp.89~107 | number of Cited : 4
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    This research argues that China's cyber security strategy needs to be analyzed from a different approach than the strategy in the United States. On the other hand, it is necessary to investigate national security and economic development in an integrated analysis framework. This study thus analyzed ideology, goals, organization, institution and cyber competence as important components of China's cyber security strategy. They are based on nationalism and socialist ideology, pointing out that it includes the power domination and legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party, the pursuit of political and social stability, information technology innovation and economic development. In addition, China 's cyber security strategy has significantly changed since 2014, both organizationally and institutionally. It is also found that China has gradually improved its cyber competence along with technological innovation.
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    An Assessment of Continuous Streamflow Simulation at Imjin River Shared by South and North Korea

    Moo-Kyeong LEE | Hyosang Lee | Jang Suk-hwan and 1other persons | 2017, 13(7) | pp.109~118 | number of Cited : 0
    Imjin River is shared by North and South Korea. As Imjin river flows from North Korea to South Korea, reliable estimates on the observational flow of the North Korean catchment are essential for water resource management in South Korea. Since such hydrological information is not shared with South Korea, there is an increasing risk of failure in flood and drought prevention in South Korea. This study simulates a long-term continuous streamflow at Imjingyo catchment, one of the upstream catchments of Imjin river. It also estimates the effect of Hwanggang dam in North Korea on the South Korean catchment in Imjin River. A Probability Distributed Model (PDM), which is a conceptual rainfall-runoff model, is applied to hydrological data from 1998-2015 at Imjinkyo catchment. The model estimates 8% reduction in streamflow in 2011-2015, which may result from the changes in runoff characteristics after the construction of Hwanggang dam. Further study should focus on validating the results of this study and obtaining the reliability of its runoff estimation using additional data on the North Korean catchment.
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    Specializing Fire Administration Organization Incorporating the Local Contexts - An AHP Analysis for Chungnam Fire Administration -

    Sang Dai Han | JuHo Lee | Bae Jeong-Hwan | 2017, 13(7) | pp.119~131 | number of Cited : 1
    The motivation of this research is to make the Chungnam community safer and more resilient than other areas in Korea by securing operational excellence in the fire administration and firefighting system in Chungnam Province. An AHP analysis shows that fire administration is the most important factor followed by organization operation, budget operation, firefighting equipment operation and response capability. 81.8% of the respondents answered positively on ‘rescue and emergency facilities are needed’ and 77.3% of the respondents agreed with ‘set up a department exclusively for fire service’. It is also found that reorganization needs to be considered for effective organization operation. In conclusion, reinforcing workforce in the fire administration division is necessary for specializing the Chungnam fire service administration, whereas organizational expansion and reform would be needed for improved initial response capability and effective management.
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    An Assessment on Cadastral Map Update Technologies in Nepal

    Gajendra Sharma | Gopal Narayan Bhujel | 2017, 13(7) | pp.133~142 | number of Cited : 0
    This paper provides background information on the cadastral system in Nepal. It discusses the technique of cadastre surveying available for preparing and updating cadastral maps. It mainly focuses on contemporary international trends for cadastral map updating techniques, highlighting their pros and cons, and then summarizes the present scenario of cadastral map update in Nepal in order to determine a suitable way of cadastral update. The cadastral boundary survey has vital significance in the procedure of public cadastral service. The Land Administration Office (LAO) of Nepal has two distinct offices including the Survey Office for handling spatial component and the Revenue Office for maintaining administrative attributes of the cadastre. A complete cadastral map update with advanced technology is one of the main visions of the central mapping agency of Nepal. Since physiological diversities of Nepal do not support any particular technology for cadastre update, hybrid techniques such as photogrammetry and digital cadaster would be recommended.
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    The Second Transition of Political Elites in China: A Response to National Crisis

    Joo, JangHwan | 2017, 13(7) | pp.143~155 | number of Cited : 0
    This study aims to characterize the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It argues that, after the first transition of Chinese political elites from revolutionary cadres to technocrats in the post-reform era, the second transition occurred in the 18th Central Committee of CCP with a shift from technocrats to ‘generalist cadres’. The latest leading elite types of generalist cadres in CCP tend to be college graduates in humanities and social sciences with work experience in the Party or government-related organizations. The emergence of this new leading elite type indicates that China has entered a new post-revolution and post-industrialization era. Unlike the ‘lions’ in the revolutionary era or the ‘foxes’ in the industrialization era, the new leaders tend to maintain more generalist characteristics than elitist or populist in order to resolve the crises of national disparity and imbalance.