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  《Journal of Chinese Language and Literature(中國語文學)》 is an academic journal published by Chinese Literary Society of Yeungnam, registered in the National Research Foundation of Korea. It deals with research papers, translations, book reviews, reports on academic activities and research data on Chinese literature and Korea-China comparative literature, publishing original papers with creativity and academic values, which meet the format of academic paper, translations and annotations based on new interpretations of Chinese literary classics or academic writings with an urgent need to be introduced to the Korean academic world. Since a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is given to the paper published in our academic journal, anyone can search and cite that very easily from all over the world. It is published three times a year, at the end of April, the end of August and the end of December, and the 85th volume was published in 2020.
Chan-Soon An

(Kyungpook National University)

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Current Issue : 2023, Vol., No.93

  • Kong Anguo's Shangshu Ph.D. status and related issues review

    GAOZHENGZHENG | 2023, (93) | pp.5~18 | number of Cited : 0
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    It is common knowledge in the academic circles that Kong Anguo(孔安國) served as the doctor of JinWen “Shangshu”(今文≪尚書≫), and this is also a major problem in the history of Confucian classics. Based on many documents such as “Historical Records: Biography of Scholars”, this article re-examines this issue from different perspectives. This article points out that Kong Anguo did not hold the post of doctor of Shangshu during Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, but took the post of doctor of Lu Shi, about 30 years old at the time. It was also during this period that I met Ni Kuan(兒寬) who had mastered the Jinwen “Shangshu” and came to the school to study. At that time, the scholar of Jinwen “Shangshu” who was a doctor with Kong Anguo at that time should have experienced the two dynasties of Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty and Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.
  • Evaluations on Su-Shi's poetry in Goryeo poetry talks

    Wu Wenshan | 2023, (93) | pp.19~36 | number of Cited : 0
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    When evaluating domestic poets, Goryeo Poetry talks(高麗詩話)often compares them with the poetry of ancient Chinese poets. It’s not only preserving the essence of domestic poetics, but also evaluating many famous ancient Chinese poets and poems. In the context of the rise of the “Dongpo fever” in Goryeo Dynasty, the evaluation of Su –Shi’s poetry was particularly important. Goryeo critics summarized the characteristics of Su's poetry as “The spirit of bold and generous, the style of rich and luxuriant”, and provided theoretical explanations from the dimensions of spirit(氣), way(法), and mind(意). These distinctive reviews not only showcase the literary trends and poetic characteristics of the Goryeo dynasty, but also provide an “exotic eyes” to understand Su’s poetry from another dimension.
  • Some Aspects of Quoting Su Shi(蘇軾) in Kim Soohang(金壽恒)’s Poetry

    LIU SO JIN | 2023, (93) | pp.37~72 | number of Cited : 0
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    As a result of examining the aspect of quoting Su Shi(蘇軾) in Kim Soohang(金壽恒)’s poetry, I found that even though he had a hostile relationship with Su Shi because he was ideologically inclined to absolutely regard Zhu Xi(朱熹), but he often borrowed the words and phrases used in Su Shi’s literary works and he also frequently used some episodes related to Su Shi when he wrote poems. And most of them were very closely related to Su Shi’s poetry in terms of creative background and creative motivation. Kim Soohang was able to use Su Shi’s literary works in the right place because he usually enjoyed reading Su Shi’s literary works and liked them so much. In particular, Kim Soohang enjoyed reading Su Shi’s literature even more whenever he faced various hardships, such as political frustration caused by exile or personal trials caused by his children’s premature death. He even showed his admiration for Su Shi in his poems, and he also showed a tendency to identify himself with Su Shi, I think that he tried to overcome trials and frustrations and heal the pain through this identification process. In other words, it can be said that Su Shi was a true friend who understood him more than anyone else to Kim Soohang, because Kim Soohang desperately needed warm comfort and someone to share his heart to overcome his hardships and frustrations, and Su Shi’s literary works were excellent prescriptions for healing his pain.